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Auckland City Stamps Public Auction 25 – NOW CLOSED


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Lot # Description Estimate
1*/**/UA BOX LOT 12x Plastic Folders incl Malaysian, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, South Africa plus a World Range Stamps & Covers. Many Modern Sets. Huge Range (1000’s)$500
2CBANANA BOX 1960’s/1990’s New Zealand First Day Covers. Also noted some Pacific Islands, Australia & Canada. Odd Commercial Mail. NZ Post Office Year Packs etc. Condition varies (100’s)$150
3*/UBANANA BOX Full of World (No NZ) Albums, Stockbooks, Covers etc (1,000’s)$200
4CBANANA BOX New Zealand Special Cancels & First Day Covers 1940’s/1980’s in 4x First Day Cover Albums plus some Commercial Mail & Loose FDC’s. Mixed condition. Hours of Work. (100’s)$150
5UBOX Large Carton with World Mix of loose stamps, Covers, 2x Stockbooks of Australia. Real Mixture. Hours of Fun (100’s)$200
6*/UBOX LOT 1855 Onward World Collection in 3x Albums with Denmark, Mauritius, Burma, Netherlands, Cape of Good Hope (2x Triangles), Natal, Transvaal, South Africa, Russia, Ireland (100’s)$300
7*/UBOX LOT Accumulation in small Old Stockbook of British Commonwealth countries most periods but strong in 1920’s-30’s, mixed condition Mint & Used, odd parts sets to 5/-, worth checking for specialised, SG Cat £1800 simplified. Then 3 more World Albums Early to Modern. (100’s)$500
8*/UBOX LOT Albums of World, GB, Canada, NZ, Australia in Mixed Condition (1,000’s)$150
9*/UBOX LOT All World Collection on pages in 3x binders with Europe, Asia, British Commonwealth, Africa, South America, West Indies. Briefly noted China 1897 1c/3c Red Revenue with faults SG 68 Cat £375, Hong Kong 1941 Centenary Set Mint Cat £90 etc (1,000’s)$500
10*/UBOX LOT Australia & States in Small Stockbook, Accumulation Bird stamps in file box with old catalogue, Guernsey Sets, NZ Covers, 1983 Challenger Space Flight Cover, GB in packets etc in Large Carton (quantities)$100
11UBOX LOT Australia Accumulation 1913 onwards on pages, in packets and loose, some bulk used, few pages of early Australian States (1,000’s)$125
12UBOX LOT Australia Album 1913/2000 with many Fine Used Sets plus 14x Small Albums of FDC’s up to the year 2000. Also 5 pages Early Australian States (100’s)$200
13**BOX LOT AUSTRALIA Decimal Sets, singles & Min Sheets Unhinged mounted in Hingeless Pockets. Also odd PNG in Shoebox. Plus Australia & PNG Decimal sets cut from First Day Covers. Good Range. Great for an internet seller (1,000’s)$250
14UBOX LOT AUSTRALIA Large Box of Stamps Earlies to Modern in 3x Albums & Stockbooks. Some FDC’s & PSE’s in 5x Albums. Album Aerogrammes. (100’s)$200
15*/**/UBOX LOT AUSTRALIS with 2x Seven Seas Albums Mint & Used 1913/1993 noted 1913/46 Roos to 5/- with various wmks Used, KGV Range incl OS’s Used, 1931 Kingsford Smith OS Used, 1932 5/- Bridge Used, 1937 Robes both papers etc. Also AAT Range. Small Box Used with odd World in packets. (100’s)$500
16*/UBOX LOT British Commonwealth Mint & Used Range in 5x Stockbooks Earlies to Modern noted Australia, NZ, Pacifics. Useful Range (100’s)$100
17CBOX LOT Carton World Covers Mixed lot incl Great Britain & Europe First Day Covers. Some useful covers (100’s)$100
18CBOX LOT Carton World Covers odd Earlies to mainly Modern Range. Mixed Condition (100’s)$100
19*/**/UBOX LOT Cathedral Album of World circa 1900/1950, Tokelau 1973/90 Complete in Blocks of 4 SG Cat £345, Box NZ mostly Blocks 1935/80 Unhinged ACS Cat $800, 1983 Commonwealth Day Collection (quantities)$200
20**BOX LOT Charles & Diana 1981 Royal Wedding Collection Countries A-Z Unhinged Mint in 2 Volume SG Hingeless Album, incl many scarcer sets and miniature sheets, plus SG Catalogue and checklist. Also album of Diana 21st Birthdays sets (100’s)$250
21*/**/UBOX LOT CHINA Retired Dealer’s Stock 1900’s/1970’s Mint & Used Range Sets & singles in 5x Stockbooks & Folder. Also 7x Yearbooks/Special Books noted 1995/97 Yearbooks, 1997 Hong Kong Return to the Motherland Album, 2007 & 2009 Albums, Also 9x Folders incl 3x 2008 Olympics & 2009 Year of the Ox Sheetlet (100’s)$500
22*/UBOX LOT Collection Worldwide Early to Middle Period in 3x Warwick Albums, noted France 1849 20c Ceres Cat £1200 etc (100’s)$250
23*/UBOX LOT Collections of Switzerland and Czechoslovakia in Albums, Stockbook of Mint Australia, Samoa, Norfolk Island, Fiji, Tonga & Hong Kong etc (100’s)$200
24UBOX LOT Covers of Germany, GB, UN, a few 1893/1901 European Postcards, Ross Dependency Covers (Cat $400), Sri Lanka (SG Cat £90), duplication. (many 100’s)$200
25*/UBOX LOT Early World Collection 1840 onward in Mixed condition in Rapkin ‘Challenge’ Album (produced 1920’s) noted GB 1840 1d Black with 4 Margins. The Album of Africa, Rhodesia, Nyasaland (these SG Cat £1800) earlies onward. Hours of Fun (100’s)$750
26*/UBOX LOT Early World Collection 1870’s in Red Springback Album, pluss two lesser World albums (100’s)$150
27*/UBOX LOT EPHEMERA Range with 3x Stockbooks, 4x Stockfolders, Mint Sheet Book Noted USA Christmas/TB labels, Stockbook World Revenues & Cinderellas, USA Revenues with some on documents, USA Official sealed labels, USA Poster stamps, Book with GB & French Company Crests etc. Interesting Range. Needs work. (1,000’s)$150
28UBOX LOT Estate Accumulation of Africa FDC’s circa 1960’s with Rhodesia, North & South Rhodesia, Rhodesia & Nyasaland (1960/63 complete), Malawi, Zambia. Swaziland etc. Covers with toning and duplication, best soaked for Fine Used Sets. SG Cat £200 (quantity)$50
29*/UBOX LOT Estate accumulation with black album World A-Z, 1937 & 1953 Coronation Albums, other Omnibus Sets in Albums, Shoebox of World in envelopes, all in a large carton. (1,000’s)$400
30UBOX LOT Estate surplus with Small Albums, bulk in envelopes, covers, some World but largely NZ (qunatities)$100
31*/UBOX LOT Europe, Pacific, NZ, Packs, Covers, Sheets & part sheets, 1938 Tonga Tin Can Mail Cover, 1983 USA Space Shuttle Flight Cover etc (quantities)$200
32*/UBOX LOT French Colonies in 5x Springback Albums Earlies to Modern mostly Used. Good Range and mostly good condition. (100’s)$1250
33UBOX LOT Great Britain 1840/2000 Collection incl 1840 1d Black with 2 Margins, Range other Victorian then ranges of Modern, Officials, 1999 Timekeeper FDC with £5 Coin, Channel Islands, Lundy & Herm locals, Calf of Man, 1971 Postal Strike 3 pages of interesting local delivery labels, Albums of Covers (100’s)$300
34*/UBOX LOT Great Britain 1854/1994 Collection with dozens of 1d Red Plate Numbers floating loose in bad stockbook, perf 2d Blues and other Victorian onward. Then another album incl 1948 Silver Wedding Mint and sets up to 1994 Mint or Used, plus ranges of Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man. (100’s)$200
35UBOX LOT Great Britain Accumulation: Old Album pages with 2x 1840 1d Blacks with 2/4 Margins, pages of 1d Red Plate numbers, page early postmarks back to 1836, two tobacco tins of Used QV, Album 1841/2005 period, stockbook of surplus, stamps in packets etc (100’s)$400
36*/**/UBOX LOT Great Britain Collection in 3x Printed Albums with Mint & Used Range 1880’s to 1996. Also 1991/2003 Collectors Packs. Plus 1x Stockbook & Folders with Sets & singles. Also Definitive & Regional Packs (100’s)$250
37*/UBOX LOT Great Britain Estate Accumulation 1858/1999 in Albums, Ring binder, packs and covers. Noted 1948 Silver Wedding Mint (100’s)$150
38**BOX LOT HONG KONG 1992/1995 & 1998/2001 Filing Box of Presentation Packs, 40 different incl 1992 Definitives (42)$250
39*/UBOX LOT includes World Collection in Old Senator Album, Earlies to Modern Austria & Belgium in Album, Australia Collection 1913/2002 in 2 Volumes, 1987 America’s Cup Collection with 23 carat gold winner’s stamp etc (quantities)$200
40UBOX LOT Large incl Canada 4x Warwick 55 Albums 1940’s-1999 Used & Covers Range, Box of Canadian Covers plus various other Countries, Box of NZ Stamps on paper. Also Bags of NZ & World Off Paper Used. Other Miscellaneous items (100’s) PHOTO-PLATE 11$250
41*/UBOX LOT Little Box of Horrors - World Covers, Stockbooks etc (quantities)$100
42*/UBOX LOT Mad mess of everything in large carton (quantities)$150
43*/UBOX LOT Netherlands 1864/2000 Collection in 2x Albums Mint or Used, Mixed condition with some toning, also Netherland Indies on pages. SG Cat £3000 (100’s)$300
44*/UBOX LOT New Zealand 1862/1999 Collection Used, Mint or both in 2x Binders, mixed condition (Cat $3500), Green Springback Album 1901/1970 better condition incl 1931 Red & Blue Boys Fine Used, 1958 2d Stars Error Mint & Used etc. (Also Cat $3500), then 5x Stockbooks 1960 Pictorials 1/2d to 10/- Mint in quantities mixed condition with flaws & varieties, counter coil pairs etc. Plus old CP Catalogue (1,000’s)$1250
45*/**/UBOX LOT New Zealand 1873/2000’s 6x Stockbooks Mint & used Range Noted 3x 1874 1/- First Sideface Used, 2nd Sideface, 1898 Pictorials, KEVII & KGV, Healths etc. Condition varies but some useful high value stamps. Worth inspection (1,000’s)$300
46*/UBOX LOT New Zealand 1873/2007 24x Springback Albums with a duplicated Range with Definitives, Commemoratives, Christmas, Health, Postage Dues & Life Insurance. (1,000’s)$500
47*/**BOX LOT New Zealand 1900’s/1970’s 12x Plastic Folders with singles, blocks & sheets Noted Healths, Christmas, Definitives & Commemoratives. Mixed condition (1,000’s)$300
48*/**/UBOX LOT New Zealand 1915/1937 Period in Mint Blocks of 4 in 2x Old Stockbooks, some good valuyes but most impacted by gum toning. Also Collection 1882 onward in CP Album. Cat $2500 (100’s)$200
49*/**/UBOX LOT New Zealand 1955/2006 Hingeless Album with a Range of Mainly Used to 1930’s and then Mint & Used from then to 1960 and onwards noted 1855 Imperf FFQ 2d,3d,6d,1/- Used, Odd Perforated FFQ Used, 1925 Dunedin Exhibition Used, 1931 Red & Blue Boys Used, 1898 Pictorial Officials to 2/- used, 1926 2/- Admiral Official Used. Decimal Face Value = $1270. Condition varies. Some First Day Covers. High Catalogue Value (100’s)$1250
50UBOX LOT New Zealand 1982/2010 Range of Fine Used Sets, all different. Cat $1200 (100’s)$100
51UBOX LOT New Zealand 1999/2010 Sets Fine Used direct from NZ Post in 130 original mailers, cost around $600-$1000 (100’s)$100
52CBOX LOT New Zealand 225 different First Day Covers 1995/2011, many still in original point of sale packaging. ACS Cat $2700 (225)$350
53*/**/UBOX LOT New Zealand Accumulation of 11 Albums in Large Carton incl Red Springback with 2d Orange FFQ unused, Imperf 6d Black-Brown FFQ unused with fault, mint specialised 1915-1935 period, Healths 1931 Red & Blue Boys Good Used, green album old pages FFQ onward with odd revenues etc, Seven Seas Albums 1953-2000, Stockbook of QEII Mint Blocks with small plate flaws, page Social Security stamps and so on. Cat $11,500 (1,000’s)$1500
54UBOX LOT New Zealand Album 1855/1990 incl 7x FFQ 2d to 1/- (with 2d Imperf joined pair), 1925 4d Dunedin Exhibition cancel, Healths 1929/38 Used incl ‘31 Red & Blue Boys Fine Used, Arms Type Revenues up to £30, a few Social Secuirty etc. Another NZ Album 1882-1990, bag Modern Fine Used Sets, choc box of surplus. ACS Cat $4500 (100’s)$750
55**BOX LOT New Zealand Annual Yearbooks 1993/2002 All Fine & Complete plus 1990 Emerging Years, 1998 Pictorials & 2001 Queen Mother Books. Face Value = $1062 (10)$500
56*/**/UBOX LOT New Zealand Collection 1874/1996 in 2x Tasman Albums, Album 1957/75 Health Miniature Sheets Unhinged, File Box CALS, Packs, Maxicards, RNZAF Covers. Cat $1500 (100’s)$200
57*/**/UBOX LOT New Zealand Collection in 3x Stockbooks plus 1x Lighhouse Folder with a Mint Range 1874-2000’s incl 1882 2nd Siedeface, 1898 Pictorials, KEVII & KGV incl Officials, 1920 Victory, 1935 Pictorials, KGVI onwards. Mixed condition but some useful stamps. Also QV 2/- & 5/- Officials Mint. First Day Cover Album with Health Min Sheets Mint & Used noted 1958,1960,1963,1967,1969. Some Multiples. Some Decimals with a Face Value = $1100. Odd Covers. High Catalogue Value (100’s)$2500
58CBOX LOT New Zealand Corban Commercial Range of Cover 1930’s-1960’s Period. Huge Range (15kg)$300
59*/UBOX LOT New Zealand Estate surplus from Imperf 2d FFQ onward (can you find it?) Album of Sets 1906 Christchurch Exhibition fine used onwards, other albums, covers, bulk Mint 1938 onwards in envelopes, bulk used in boxes etc in Large Carton (1,000’s)$500
60CBOX LOT New Zealand First Day Covers 1970/2016 Period all different and unaddressed incl Scarce Full Sheetlet FDC such as 1995 Americas Cup, 1995 Jakarta (Cat $75), 1996 Southpex, 1997 QEII Anniv, 1999 Rugby, 2000 New Dawn, 2003 Uniforms. Also Scarce and Uncatalogued FDC’s such as gutter pairs for 1997 Cattle, 1998 Cats, 2005 Animals, 2006 Dogs. Cat $5000 in 3 File Boxes (100’s)$600
61**BOX LOT New Zealand Lighthouse Printed Albums Up to 2020. Has stamps from 1873 incl 1898 Pictorials & Officials Set, 1900 Pictorial Officials, 1907 Pictorials & Officials, 1913 Auckland Exhibition Set, 1920 Victory Set, 1926 Admiral & Officials, 1931 Red & Blue Boys, 1931/35 Airmails, Officials KGV Recess & Surface, Arms 5/- Vertical, 1935 Pictorials, Also Arms 1940 Overprints, 1960 Pictorials incl 4d Chalky Paper & 6d No Wmk. Fine Condition. (The Albums Cost $6500 alone) Total Catalogue Value of $50,000+ (100’s)$12500
62*/UBOX LOT New Zealand Mint & Used in 2x Premier Printed Albums with useful Range Sets & singles, 2x Folders & Stockbook incl Decimal Range 1979/1994. Also 1995 & 1998 Annual packs. Face Value = $500. Also Box Off Paper Early to Modern (100’s)$300
63UBOX LOT New Zealand Old Bulk Used 1882-1935 in envelopes, tobacco tins and containers. Total size a small shoe box (1,000’s)$50
64UBOX LOT New Zealand Old Bulk Used 1938-1968 in envelopes containined in 2 Shoe boxes (1,000’s)$50
65CBOX LOT New Zealand Postal History Range Earlies to Modern incl WW2 Military, Postal Stationery, Airmails, First Day Covers incl 1968 $2 Multi Geyser, 1936 Chamber of Commerce & 1940 Centennial First Day Covers some illustrated, Special cancels. Mostly good condition. Suit Internet Seller (Several 100)$250
66CBOX LOT New Zealand Silk First Day Covers (176) Also Australia (28) & Great Britain (57). All different in 5x Binders. Fine Condition (261)$500
67*/UBOX LOT Old World Album, AAT 1957/1997 period on pages, couple pages Australian States, Album Pitcairn Is Unhinged Sets, World Covers, Packs, all sorts (quantities)$150
68CBOX LOT PSE’s Australia Mint & Used. Noted Postmark interest (690)$50
69UBOX LOT Range of World on Pages, Covers or in Packets. NZ Charity Kiloware in a box, West Germany in a Stockbook. Real Mixture. (100’s)$150
70*/UBOX LOT Rather Mixed World Collection 1850’s-1990’s in 3 Albums and 1 Folder noted Cape of Good Hope 1853/63 Triangels SG 3a, 4, 5a, 18b Cat £1195, Switzerland 1850 10r Cat £170 etc (100’s)$400
71UBOX LOT Several NZ Albums 1882 onward plus surplus in envelopes, covers etc. Cat $2000+ (quantities)$150
72*/**/UBOX LOT Stockbook Hong Kong QE Period Mint & Used Sets & Odds, Various World Stockbooks mostly Used, Thai 1989 Year Pack, Taiwan Year Pack etc (Several 100)$150
73*/UBOX LOT Switzerland 1850/1952 Collection on several old album pages, plus nice range 123x Postal Stationery items circa 1890/1920. SG Cat about £4000 with stationery (A few 100)$750
74*/UBOX LOT United States of America 1882/1990’s Collection in 2x Albums in Mixed conditon Mint & Used (100’s)$125
75*/**/UBOX LOT United States of America 2x Printed Albums 1870’s/1970’s Mint & Used incl Liberty Album. Also 4x Stockbooks, Useful Earlies to Modern Mint & used. A few Year Sets plus Miscellaneous Pages. Hours of Work. (1,000’s)$200
76*/UBOX LOT with 2x Scott International Postage Stamp Printed Albums No’s 4 & 5 with Countries from Denmark to Guadeloupe. One Album with 3,000+ stamps incl Denmark, Netherland Indies, Finland & France. The other strong in Greece, Great Britain & French Colonies. It has over 1700 stamps. Good Range (4700+)$500
77*/UBOX LOT with a Large World Range in 26x Small to Medium Albums noted an Old Lincoln & Triumph Albums plus 3x Stockbooks. Also Filing Box World Off Paper plus miscellaneous Covers. Hours of Fun. (1,000’s)$200
78*/UBOX LOT with Stockbooks - Great Britain & Channel Islands (4), USA (2), Europe (5), Africa (2), Asia (6) incl India & China. Huge Range (1,000’s)$250
79*/UBOX LOT World Collection Earlies to Modern Mint & Used mounted in 14x Medium Albums plus 2x Other Albums plus a box of stamps on paper. Good Range (100’s)$250
80CBOX LOT World Commercial Covers mainly QE Period with Asia & Pacific Islands etc. Odd First Day Cover. Huge Range. Suit Internet Seller (10kgs)$250
81UBOX LOT World noted NZ & GB On Paper Charity Kiloware, 8x Small to Large Stockbooks with World incl Pacific Islands. NZ On Paper and in packets. (100’s)$200
82*/**/UBOX LOT World noted Stamps & Covers from USA, NZ & GB. Also Pacifics in Stockbooks. Mixed Range (100’s)$150
83*/UBOX LOT World Range in 5x Folders, 5x Sotckbooks & one other folder. Earlies to Modern noted USA (1,000’s)$150
84*/UBOX LOT World Range Mint & used in 8x Albums & 11x Stockbooks plus 7x Small Books. Worldwide Range. Hours of Fun (1,000’s)$250
85*/**/UBOX LOT World Retired Dealers Stock housed in 2x Large Folders, 2x Plastic Containers with packed stockcard range Mint & Used. Large World-wide Range. Also 1x Australia Benham Silk Royalty Covers. Suit Internet Seller (1,000’s)$250
86*/**/UBOX LOT World Stamps & Covers in several Albums, Small Boxes & Tins Mint & Used Range. Noted NZ Album 1862/1960’s incl 1898 6d Green Kiwi Used, 2/- Milford x2 Used, 1931/34 Airmails Used, 1931 10/- Arms with KW14 cancel, 1960 5d Pictorial 9x stamps with a colour shift, 1929/34 Health used (no 1931’s), Odd QV Revenues. Also Great Britain Covers Range 1820’s to 1900’s. Also GB 1967 Mail Tag to BNZ with 12x 5/- Castle stamps. Mixed condition. Hours of Work (1,000’s)$300
87UBOX LOTR Huge Carton NZ Kiloware 1935 to Modern mostly on paper, noted 1940’s-50’s Commemoratives etc (1,000’s,8kg Carton)$100
88*/**BOX New Zealand Predecimal 1930’s/1960’s in Blocks & Strips noted Definitives, Commemoratives, Healths & Christmas. All packed in. (1,000’s)$100
89CBOX World Covers Commercial & First Day Cover from various Countries from 1940 to Modern noted European, Asian, South African, Canada. All priced to sell. Suit Internet Seller (347)$200
90CBOX World Large incl Old Tin with World, Box NZ & Canadian Covers, Australia Charity Stamps On & Off Paper, Packet of USA 1930’s Covers some medium to large, Stockbook with Range of Mexico Used, PNG 1986 & 1988 Yearbooks etc (100’s)$200
91CBOX World Mixed Lot Cover noted Great Britain, Europe, USA & Canada (100’s)$150
92*/UBRITISH COMMONWEALTH Box Lot with 6x Albums & a Large Stockbook with 1x Imperial Printed Album & 1x Indian & States Album. Earlies to Modern. Good Range of better values. Mostly Used. (1,000’s)$500
93*/UFEDEX BOX with 7x Small Stockbooks of World Mint & Used, Some Stock Pages, Tin of loose World Used, Odd World Covers (100’s)$100
94CFRANCE BOX LOT 1800’s to Modern Range of Covers/Entires noted 18x Prestamp Covers/Entires, 82x Pre 1900 Range with various adhesives noted odd front, 1900 to Modern incl a few First Day Covers (71). Condition varies but useful range (171)$250
95*/**/UFRANCE Box Lot with Stamps, Postcards, Booklets & Covers Earlies to Modern incl Modern 1990’s/2000’s Sets & Min Sheet Album. Stockbooks with a used range. Nice lot with a good range (100’s)$500
96*/UFRENCH COLONIES Collection in 16 Page Black Stockbook, Range on Album Pages, Bundle of  Stockcards with a Mixed Range Mint & Used Earlies to Modern. Also SG 2016 French Colonies Catalogue (100’s)$300
97CHONG KONG 1953/2002 Collection in 14 Albums on First Day Cover Album Pages mostly with Commemorative Covers (some duplication). Also Definitives 1973, 1982, 1987, 1992 First Day Covers. Odd Min Sheet, PSE’s etc. Cost $5000+ (100’s)$1500
98**/CHONG KONG 1968/2000 Range of mainly First Day Covers (some duplication) in a Wine Box noted some Min Sheets & Booklets incl 1990 World Stamp Exhibition Auckland 2x Min Sheets Unhinged & 4x First Day Covers. Also Postal Stationery (100’s)$500
99**HONG KONG 1985 Historical pack, 1991 History of the Post Office 1841-1991 x 2, 1992 Definitive Book/Pack x3, 1992 Olympic Games Special Set x2, 1994 Yearbook, 1997 Return Pack, 1999 Lunar 12 Year Pack, 1999 Yearbook, 2001 Year Pack (12 different) - (24 items)$250
100*/**/UISRAEL BOX LOT 1949/2005 Collection in Lindner Hingeless Albums with a Comprehensive Range from the 1950’s with some early gaps. Also 2x Albums with Covers plus other miscellaneous items (100’s)$450
101UKILOWARE Great Britain Charity Mix On Paper with values to £5, NZ Charity Mix on Paper, NZ in Packets, World Off Paper, Shoebox Australia,NZ,GB & USA Off Paper, 5x Icecream Containers with World Offpaper. Hours of Work. (5kg)$200
102**/CNEW ZEALAND 1980’s North Otago Society Large Stock of Cinderella Sheets & First Day Cover Sets. (1,000’s)$100
103**NEW ZEALAND 1993/2003 Collection in 11x Small Stockbooks with Sets & Min Sheets Unhinged. Face Value = $925 (100’s)$450
104**/CNEW ZEALAND 1993/2003 Collection of Sets, First Day Covers, PSE’s, Booklets in 10x Albums with First Day Cover Album Pages. Face Value = $900 High Catalogue Value (100’s)$900
105*/UNEW ZEALAND Box Lot with Stockbooks & Albums mainly with a duplicated used range from Full Face Queens to Modern. Noted some QV Stamp Duty Revenues & Arms. Also Bag of Kiloware (1000’s)$250
106CNEW ZEALAND Corban Correspondence 1930’s-1960’s Large Range Commercial Mail. (1,000’s) - 8kg$200
107CNEW ZEALAND First Day Covers Large Box 1960/2010 with a large range housed in 20x First Day Cover Albums. Clean condition. High Catalogue Value (100’s)$400
108CNEW ZEALAND POSTAL HISTORY 1980’s-1990’s North Otago Philaelic Club Covers. Good Range (100+)$100
109CNEW ZEALAND Postal History Box all Price 1900’s to 1990’s. Much commercial. Useful range. Condition varies (275)$250
110CNEW ZEALAND POSTAL HISTORY Box Lot 1930’s-2000’s Period All Price to Sell with Commercial & First Day Covers. Condtion varies. Suit internet seller (300)$250
111CNEW ZEALAND POSTAL HISTORY Shoebox 2nd Sidefaces to 1960’s noted 1886 Nelson to Ricmond Cover, 1970 Marua cancel on 1907 Postcard, 4x 1934 7d Trans-Tasman Flight Covers, 1903 OPSO Treasury Cover, 1967 Ross Dependency Cover, Health Illustrated FDC’s, 15x 1931/35 Flight Covers. Mostly good condition. All priced to sell. Suit Internet Seller (250+)$500
112UPostcard Lighthouse Albums x FIVE for 400 Postcards each album.  Never been used and in near new condition.  Each album contains 50 bound clear sheets and each sheet can hold 8 postcards if used on both sides.  Retail is $280 (5)  $250
113UPostcard Lighthouse Albums x FIVE for 400 Postcards each album.  Never been used and in near new condition.  Each album contains 50 bound clear sheets and each sheet can hold 8 postcards if used on both sides.  Retail is $280 (5)  $250
114UPostcard Lighthouse Albums x TWO for 400 Postcards each album.  Never been used and in near new condition.  Each album contains 50 bound clear sheets and each sheet can hold 8 postcards if used on both sides.  Retail is $280 (2)  $100
115CWORLD Airmail Covers Range 1930’s-1990’s Noted some New Zealand noted 1930’s incl 7d Trans-Tasman 1934 Cover (100’s)$100
116UWORLD PERFINS Range from Australia, Great Britain, Germany Earlies to Modern. Also USA Precancels Range all in 2x Folders. ex Retired Dealer’s Stock. (100’s)$100
117**/CWorld Widlife Fund 7x Albums with Stamps & Covers (100’s)$300
118*/U(French) 1924/1956 Collection Mainly Mint on Hagner Pages with sets & singles. Cat £776 (390)$300
119*/U1860’s/1980’s Mint & Used Range in 16 Page Stockbook noted 1863/67 QV 1d SG 6/7 & 6d SG 8/9 Used, KGV 1921/29 £1 SG 61 Unhinged Mint, 1938 KGVI Range to £1 Used. Some QE Sets & Odds. A little duplication. (Several 100)$250
120**1963/2011 Hingeless Collection of Sets on a Lindner Hingeless Pages (A few 100)$250
121U1884/2012 Collection on pages plus Antarctic Range. Cat £600 (685)$125
122U1913/2020 Collection on pages Good Range to Modern. Also odd States and Antarctic stamps. Cat £3453 (1803)$500
123U1927/1978 Collection on pages, noted 1964 £2 Navigator, also 4 pages Australian Antarctic. SG Cat £450 (100’s)$125
124**1937/1980 Year Collections professionally produced in limited numbers by Sherwood Philatelics for the years before the Australia Post Year Albums. All samps Unhinged in presentation folders. Seen advertised on ebay for A$1300 for 1937/52, $850 for 1953/65 and $25 for 1966/80. Total Retail A$2250 (quantity)$400
125CModern Postal Stationery Range including Large envelopes Mint & Used in a Filing Box (100+)$50
126**1957/80 Collection professionally produced in limited numbers by Sherwood Philatelics for the years before the Australia Post Year Albums. All AAT stamps 157/1980 Unhinged in a folder. See on ebay for A$499 (1 pack)$100
127*/U1860/1954 Range in 16 Page Stockbook noted 1860 QV 1d Imperf SG 2 Mint, 1863/77 QV Range to 6d Used, 1863/80 QV 1d,4d,1/- Used, 1942 Columbus Set Used, 1948 KGVI Definitives Set Mint. Useful Range (A few 100)$150
128*/U1850’s/1990 Range Mint & Used in 3x 16 Page Stockbooks with useful Range QV Imperf & Perf Used, 1892/1903 Range to 10d Used, 1905 6d Used & 2’6 Mint, 1912/16 KGV Set to 2/- Used, 1920/21 Victory Set to 3/- Mint, 1921/24 Set to 3/- Mint plus later KGVI/QE Sets & odds. Some Duplication. Useful Range (100’s)$250
129*/UBasutoland & Bechunaland Collection in Stockbook Mint & Used range noted Basutoland 1933 KGV Set to 5/- Mint, 1938 KGVI 5/- & 10/- Mint, 1948 Silver Wedding Mint & Used, 1961/63 Definitives Set Mint; Bechunaland QV to KGV Overprints. A little duplication. Good Range (A few 100’s)$300
130U1860’s/1900’s Stockbook with a Range Imperfs plus Railway Parcel Stamps noted some cancels. Some duplication. Useful earlies (Several 100)$150
131*/**/UBELGIAN CONGO 1894/1959 Collection on Pages Mint, Unhinged or Used noted 1923 to 5f Grey Unhinged or Mint, 1931 Set Mint, 1938 Tourism Congress Min Sheet, 1947 Set Mint (a couple of iddle values used) etc. SG Cat £775 (200-250)$250
132*/U1865/1980’s Collection in 2x 16 Page Stockbooks noted 1865 QV to 1/- Used, KGV 12’6 Grey & Orange Mint, 1938/53 KGVI 2/-,2’6,5/-,12’6 & £1 Used, 1953 QE Definitives Set Unhinged, 1962/68 Buildings Set Used. Alittle duplication (100’s)$200
133**1989/1992 Range of Sets Unhinged plus a few inlisted Miniature Sheets. SG Cat £111 (quantity)$75
134C1913/1975 Collection of FREE FRANK COVERS Mostly 1960’s-1970’s but noted 1913, 1925, 1937, 1938 Covers. Range of cancels and markings. (53)$1500
135*/U1916/1959 Collection Mint & Used on Hagner Pages with sets & singles. Good range. Cat £1257 (310)$500
136UCollection on pages Range from 1977 to Modern. Cat £430 (510)$90
137*/U1860’s/1949 8 Page Stockbook Range mainly Used with some higher values noted. Cat £884 (226)$250
138*/U1860’s/1970’s Mainly Duplicated Range Sets & singles with a Small Range QV, KGVI to 5r, Some QE. Range Telegraph Revenues. All in a Stockbook (100’s)$100
139*/U1922/1930 Collection Mainly Mint on Hagner Pages. Total 70 stamps Cat £392 plus French Equatorial Africa Collection Mint & Used incl 10f on 2f50 Surcharge SG 161 Used. Total 180 stamps Cat £614. Sets & singles. Total Cat £1006 value (250)$400
140**Yearboos for 1989, 1992,1995 & 1996 plus 1989 Yearpack (5 Books)$150
141**1958/1999 Collection in Mixed condtion, many useful modern Fine Used and Unhinged Sets. SG Cat £400 (100’s)$150
142**1969/1999 Collection in Mixed condtion, many useful Unhinged or Fine Used 1984/99. SG Cat £400 (100’s)$150
143*/U1892/1971 Collection on Hagner Pages includes Anjouan, Great Comoro, Mayotte & Moheli. Mainly Mint noted Mayotte 1892 5f Used & Moheli 1906 45c Used. Cat £1252 (150)$500
144*/U1902/1984 Collection Mint & Used in Mixed condition (some toning) and similar ranges of Aitutaki, Niue & Penryn. SG Cat £700 (100’s)$200
145*/U1890’s/1990’s Stockbook Mint & Used Range noted 1934 Pictorials Set Used, 1938 KGVI Definitives Set to £1 Mint & Used, 1955/60 QE Set to £1 Used. A little duplication (A few 100’s)$150
146*/U1892/1940 Collection Mint & Used on Hagner Pages noted Benin 1892/94 25c Used, 1893 25c Mint, Postage Dues 1894 5c Mint & 10c Used. Cat £1208 (175)$500
147*/U1879/1958 Collection on Pages Mint or Used, ranges of Mint Sets from 1926 onwards. SG Cat £885 (350 to 400)$250
148**1989/1996 Sets Unhinged almost Complete including Miniature Sheets. SG Cat £375 (quantity)$250
149**1997/1999 Sets Unhinged almost complete including Miniature Sheets. SG Cat £308 (quantity)$225
150*/U1870/1999 Collection starting with damaged 1870 1d Fiji Times Unused (assume reprint), mixed condition. Useful Fine Used 1980/99 Sets. SG Cat £1200 (100’s)$400
151**1990/1993 Appears complete Range Unhinged including Booklets. SG Cat £440 (quantity)$300
152*/**/U1849/1960’s Extensive Mint & Used Collection in 32 Page Black Stockbook incl a Good Range of Ceres Issue incl 15x Bordeaux stamps Cat US$3725, 1900 2f Mint Cat US$1100, Good Range Definitives & Commemoratives with duplication of some issues noting some shades. Has Postage Dues, Railway, Fiscals, Cinderellas, Franks Range. Very High Catalogue Value. Condition varies. A great lot to expand (1000’s)$3000
153U1850’s/1980’s Collection on pages Earlies to Modern. Good Range. Cat £1064 (996)$160
154*/U1853/1962 Collection Mint & Used in Old Album, Mixed Condtion. SG Cat £1200 (100’s)$200
155*/**1955/1998 Range on Hagner Pages noted SG 16,17,18 Mint, SG 68/69 & 78/79 Unhinged. Odd tone. Cat £1000 (48)$400
156*/U1859/1943 Collection on Hagner Pages Mainly Used Noted 1871/72 80c Carmine Used, 1871/76 20c Blue Used, 1877/78 75c Carmine Used. Mostly fine. Cat £1447 (80)$600
157*/U1892/1942 Mint & Used Range on Hagner Pages. Cat £536 (181)$200
158*/U1892/1947 Mint & Used Range on Hagner Pages. Good Range. Cat £812 (285)$300
159*/U1891/1955 Collection Mint & Used on Hagner Pages. Good Range. Cat £419 (338)$175
160*/U1894/1928 Collection Mint & Used on stocksheets incl China, Crete, Egypt, Zanzibar. Also Indo-China noted 1892/96 25c Mint & 1907 5f Mint. Cat £1631 (158)$600
161*/U1893/2015 Collection Mint & Used on Hagner Pages includes Tahiti & Oceanic Settlements noted 1893 Tahiti 75c Inverted Overprint Used. Good Range. Cat £3458 (600)$1250
162*/U1892/1962 Collection Mint & Used on stocksheets includes Obock & Djibouti, Somali Coast & Afars & Issacs. Good range. Cat £1058 (200)$400
163*/UAlexandretta, Cicilia, Ethiopia, Fezzan, Free French Forces in the Levant, PO’s in Tangier and PO’s in the Turkish Empire 1885/1949 Range Mainly Mint on Stocksheets. Total Cat Value £1045 (130)$400
164*/UFrench Congo 1892/1933 Mainly Mint Range Total 70 stamps Cat £280; French West Africa 1945/1958 Mainly Mint Range Total 93 stamps Cat £215; Mauritania 1906/1944 Mainly Mint Range Total 104 stamps Cat £234; Niger 1921/1959 Mainly Mint Range 117 stamps Cat £234. All Collections with sets & singles. Mostly fine. Total Cat £963 (384)$400
165*/UFrench Indian Settlements 1892/1954 Mint & Used Range on Hagner Pages. Good range. Cat £572 (200)$250
166*/UFrench Sudean 1894/1942 includes Senegambia & Niger, Upper Senegal & Niger Mint & Used Range on Hagner Pages. Cat £702 (152)$300
167*/ULatakia includes Alaouites & Rouad Island, Lebanon & Syria 1919/1940 Mint & Used Range on Hagner Pages. Noted Rouad Island 1916 5c Mint, 10c Used & 25c Used. Also Syria 1919 TEO Overprints SG 1,2,2a,3,3a Mint. Some Scarce stamps. Cat £8068 (145)$3000
168*/UUbangi-Shari 1915/1931 Collection on Hagner Pages Mint & Used. Useful Range. Cat £294 (70)$125
169*/U1904/1932 Collection Mint & Used on Hagner Pages. Good range. Cat £470 (129)$200
170*/U1874/1953 Collection in 16 Page Stockbook Mint & used noted 1874 QV 4d Used, QV Range Mint incl 1898/1902 Set Mint, KEVII Range Mint to 2’6 & another set to 3/- Mint, 1912/22 KGV to 5/- Mint, 1921/22 KGV Script Set Mint. Good Range (A few 100)$200
171*1938/19454 Third Reich Collection of Mint Sets, quite comprehensive incl Occupation Sets for Bohemia & Moravia, Alsase, Lorraine, Poland, Ukraine, Luxembourg. A few others sets back to 1934. SG Cat £560 (100’s)$150
172U1949/1968 Range on pages with Definitives & Commemoratives. Cat £455 (509)$100
173*/U1906/2000’s Range in Stockbook Mint & Used noted 1906 KEVII 2/- Mint, 1912/24 KGV £1 Mint, 1971 & 1972 Decimal Sets Unhinged. Useful Range (A few 100’s)$200
174*/U1987/1954 Mint & Used Range in 2x Stockbooks noted 1884/91 QV Mint & Range to 2/-, 1892/1902 QV 2/-,5/-,10/- Used, 1928 Definitives Set Used, 1948 10/- Silver Wedding Mint & used. Also Range Ghana. A little duplication. Good Range (A few 100’s)$250
175C1770’s-1940 Prestamp Cover range with many Scottish Covers noted mileage marks, 1/2d Tax marks etc. Mixed condition (55)$200
176U1840/1970 Definitive Collection Range on Album Pages noted 5x QV 1840 1d Black’s with mostly 2-3 Margins, Range QV Surface issues to 5/- in mixed condition, KEVII/KGVI Range of shades & printings. High Catalogue value. Condition varies (100’s)$500
177*/U1880/2020 Collection on pages mostly Used Earlies to Modern with a Good Range of Machins & Recent Commemoratives. Also some Channel Islands. Cat £921 (1027)$200
178**/C1979/2007 Collection of Presentation Packs in 2x Royal Mail Albums plus some Prestige Booklets noted 1988/97 Castle Definitive packs. Odd duplication plus 2x Albums Royal Mail Postcards. Also a folder & stockbook of miscellaneous items (Several 100)$500
179**/C1995/2008 Collection of PNC (Stamp & Coin Covers) in 2x Royal Mail Albums noted 2001 St George & The Dragon, 2000 Queen Mother, 2001 Queen Victoria, 2002 Golden Jubilee, 2005 Trafalgar (Cost Price £500). Also 2006 QEII 80 Glorious Years Limited Edition Silver Stamp Showcase (Cost Price £80), 2001 Festival of Britain Crown & Silver Ingot Set in Special Pack (Cost Price £50), 2005 Castle 50th Anniv Stamp Ingot Set (Cost Price £100) plus other year packs (100+)$500
180UMachins & Regionals Range on pages. Good Range. Cat £444 (290)$100
181**1988/1995 Sets Unhinged almost complete with Miniature Sheets noted 1992 100k Lars Moller. SG Cat £340 (quantity)$250
182**1995/1999 Sets almost Complete with Min Sheets. SG Cat £270 (quantity)$200
183*/U1861/1980’s Mint & Used Range in a 16 Page Stockbook noted 1861 1d SG 1 (cnr thin) & SG2 Used, 1863/71 6d SG 7/9 Used, 1913/22 KGV to 5/- Mint, 1922/31 KGV 10/- Mint, 1934/36 KGV Set Mint, 1951 Definitives Set Mint. A little duplication (A few 100’s)$200
184*/U1876/1947 Collection on stocksheets mainly Mint with useful sets & singles. Total 205 stamps Cat £512 plus Martinique Collection 1886/1945 Collection noted SG 6 & 18 Mint. Sets & singles. Total 129 stamps Cat £725. Mostly good condition. Total Cat Value for the 2 Territories = £1237 (334)$500
185**1941/1982 Collection mostly Unhinged in Hingeless Album incl 1941 Occupation issues, various specialised, Postage Dues etc. Also Jersey range. SG Cat £475 (100’s)$175
186*/**/U1881/1959 Collection on Stock Pages with a Mint & Used Range. Cat £340 (330)$200
187*/U1863/2000’s Collection in 16 Page Stockbook Mint & Used noted odd QV & KGV, KGVI Range to $10 Used, Good Range QE Commemorative Sets & Min Sheets Mint Unhinged, Odd Used (100’s)$150
188UEarlies to Modern Range on pages plus odd Singpaore. Cat £241 (449)$50
189*/U1865/1970’s Mint & Used Range in 2x Stockbooks noted 1895 QV 5r Used, 1911/23 KGV Range to 25r Used plus Range States - Bhopal, Jaipur, Tranvancore, Indore etc. Also India Officials. A little duplication. (A few 100’s)$150
190UCollection Earlies to Modern on pages. Cat £266 (588)$50
191*/UIndia States & Ceylon 1890’s to 1970’s Collection in Album (100’s)$75
192*/U16 Page Stockbook duplicated Range Mint & Used from earlies to 1946. Also Cambodia & Vietnam Used Sets & singles. Good Range (A few 100’s)$150
193*/U1886/1946 Collection Mint & Used on stock pages incl Cochin & Japanese Occupation. Cat £820 (270)$350
194*/U1901/1942 Collection Mint & Used on Hagner Pages incl General issues, Canton, Hoihau, Kwanchow. Useful range. Cat £1156 (200)$475
195*/**/U1922/2008 Mint & Used Collection in 2x Davo Albums with a good range of Definitives & Commemoratives. Also 2x Folder duplicated used. (100’s)$500
196UCollection on Pages Earlies to Modern. Cat £333 (153)$65
197*/U1892/1960 Mint & Used Range on Hagner Pages. Good range. Cat £560 (160)$200
198*/U1860’s/2000’s Collection Mint & used in 3x 16 Page Stockbooks noted QV values with different A cancels, KGV Mint values to 10/-. Many odd values and some duplication. Useful Range (100’s)$200
199U1870/1995 Collection mostly Used in mixed condtion, many useful Fine Used Sets 1980’s-90’s. SG Cat £850 (100’s)$250
200*/U1898/1950 Mint & Used Range in 16 Page Stockbook noted 1905 Japan/Korean Postal Services Mint & Used, 1915 Emperor’s Coronation Set Used, 1919 Peace Set Mint & Used, 1934 Red Cross Set Mint & Used, 1935 Emperor’s Visit Used, 1947 4y Railway Service Min Sheet Mint, 1947 2nd National Athletic Meeting Set Mint, 1948 Philatelic Exhibition Exhibition 2x Min sheets, 1948 Third National Athletic Meeting Set & Block of 4 Mint, 1948 5y Philatelic Week 2x Mint & Min Sheet Mint. Useful Range (Several 100)$250
201*/U1895/1960 16 Page Stockbook noted 1895 values to 5r Mint, 1898 2a SG 35 Used, 1896/1901 values to 3r Mint, 1922 KGV duplicated range Used incl £1 Fiscal, KGVI Range Mint & Used to £1, 1948 £1 Silver Wedding 2x Used plus later range. Odd blemishes. (100’s)$250
202*/U1924/81 Collection on Pages from SG 1 in Mint & Used Condtion noted 1944 President 500p Brown Mint No Gum. SG Cat £400 (A few 100)$150
203*/U1890/1956 Collection Mint & Used on Hagner Pages incl Diego-Suarez & Nossi. Good Range. Cat £3515 (344)$1350
204*/U1892/2000’s Collection in Stockbook Mint & used with a Good Range of Sets & odds with a little duplication. Useful lot (A few 100’s)$150
205C1890’s-1930’s Postal History Collection in a Cover Album mostly to India noted 6x QV Covers from Singapore, others from Kedah with different values. Also odd 1950’s Cover. Odd Postal Notes 1980’s. Interesting Range (46)$150
206C1930’s-40’s Range Covers Noted 1936 Uprated Registered Cover to Penang, 1940 Censored Cover from India with 1c & 8c Dues, Range 1945/46’s Stampless RAF Mail, Postal Stationery plus odd Malaysian FDC’s. Also Range Malaysian States 1957/60 Definitives Sets Unhinged. Interesting lot (100 Covers & 195 Stamps)$1000
207C1940’s Japanese Occupation 9x Covers & 16x Part Covers/Fronts with a Range of values & markings. Also 2x Thailand Covers incl Censored one to Penang. Range 15x Malaysian First Day Covers & 5x North Borneo FDC’s in a blue container (47)$200
208C1940’s-50’s First Day Cover Album with Postal History/Postal Stationery noted 1949 Registered AR Cover Penang to Kedah, 2x 1945 Stampless Free Postate Covers, 3x Japanese Occupation Covers, various Registered Covers to Singapore (60)$250
209U1900’s Duplication Definitive Range to $2. Noted 1904 $1 & $5, Odd Postage Dues in Stockbook (155)$200
210*/U1860’s/1970’s 16 Page Stockbook Mainly Used incl GB 2 1/2d & 4d postmarked A25, 1863/82 1/2d 1x Mint & 2x Used, 1885/90 to 1/- Used, 1926 1’6,2/-,3/- Mint, KGVI 2/6,5/-,10/- Mint, 1956 £1 QE Mint, 1925 Dues Set Mint. Range of postmarks. Some duplication. (A few 100’s)$250
211*/U1885/1990’s 16 Page Stockbook Mint & Used with useful Earlies. Noted some Mint Sets (Several 100)$150
212C1890’s-1950’s Range of Covers & Postal Stationery with different stamps & markings (54 items) plus Gibraltar 1930’s-50’s Range Cover incl Censored Mails (35 items) Good Range (89)$500
213UCollection Earlies to Modern on pages. Cat £563 (347)$150
214*/UNetherland Indies 1870/1949 Collection on Album Pages Range Mint & Used Cat £1067+ plus a few Covers noted 1935 Inwards 5c printed Postcard to NZ with 1d NZ Due tied, 1938 First Flight Cover Java-Australia. Range Postage Dues. Condition varies (100’s)$300
215*/U1860/2008 Collection Mint & Used on Stock sheets noted SG 4 Mint. Good range earlies. Mostly in good condition. Cat £2732 (440)$1000
216*/U(French) 1908/1979 Collection on Stocksheets Mint & Used Range. Good range. Cat £578 (110)$250
217U1855/1872 Full Face Queen Collection mounted in hawid mounts on Album Pages - Imperfs x 73 incl SG 2,3,4,5,6,8,8a/11,12/15,16,17.Then 33/46,54/58,85,86,96/100; Perforated 1d to 1/- with a good range of shades plus later issues 1d,2d,6d noted SG 137,138,141.Also SG 142. 138 Perforated in total incl 2x Accidental Imperfs plus Pairs of 1d Brown, 2d Orange & 6d Blue Strip of 3. Condition Good but odd hidden faults. Cat £41,500 (2014) - (211)$10000
218U1855/1882 16 Page Stockbook incl Imperf Full Face Queen 2d Blue SG 10 Pair, 6d Black-Brown SG 41 x2, Perforated FFQ’s incl 1d Red,2d Orange Pair,2d & 6d P12 1/2 NZ Wmk,3d Mauve,4d Yellow, First Sidefaces incl 5/- Grey Fine Used, 2nd Sideface Range noted a few Adverts. Odd faults. (Several 100)$250
219U1855/1882 Specialised Collection on Album pages - Imperf Range x 43 incl SG 2,3,4,5,6,8,9/11,13/15,16,17,33/45,51/56,81/86,97/100and SG 104; Perforated FFQ x 37 incl P13 2d & 3d, SG 110/25 plus later 1d,2d & 6d issues. Also Range 2nd Sideface Printings noted 11x Adverts. Condition Mixed. Mostly with 3/4 Margins. High Catalogue Value (145)$5000
220*/U1855/1967 Collection in KABE Album incl Imperf FFQ (12) noted SG 8,9,16,33,36,40,43,45; Perf FFQ (30) noted SG 112,107,133,113. Then SG 117,124,136 with variable margins & mixed condition. 1874 Set Complete 2/- Fiscal, 1882 Sideface, 1898 Pictorials good ranges 5/- Fiscal & Used. Complete Christchurch,Auckland, Dunedin Exhibitions Mint, 1920 Victory Set, Good Range KGV Mint & used. 3/- Admiral x 2 Mint, 2x 1931 Red & Blue Boys Used. QE & Officials Unhinged. QV Long Types Fiscals 20x Unpunched/Punched. Postal Fiscals 32 noted with some punched. 22/- & 35/- Ovpts Unpunched.High Catalogue Value. Mixed condition. ACS Cat $15,000+ (100’s)$8000
221*1855/1968 Collection of Mint in Lighthouse Hingeless Album with 22x Unused FFQ incl Richardson Imperf 1858/61 1d,2d,6d faults (SG8,9,13), Davies Imperf 5 values 1d to 1/- with 3/4 Margins (SG35/45) with the 2d & 6d with New York/German certificates, 1d Vermilion P13 SG 68 (thinned corner), Imperf 1d NZ Wmk SG 97 with 4 Close Margins, P12 1/2 Range 1d to 1/- (SG 110/136). Then Mixed 1874 First Sideface to 2/- (small thin), 1882 Sidefaces Set, 1898 Pictorials to 5/- various perfs/papers, 2/- Official, 6d Large Kiwi Official, KEVII & KGV, ranges 1935 Pictorials etc. CP Cat $52,000 for FFQ if fine and $12,00 for the rest = $64,000 Total$7500
222*/**/U1855/1970’s Mint & Used Collection in 16 Page Stockbook noted Imperf FFQ 1d Orange,2d Blue,6d Black-Brown,6d Red-Brown & 1/- Green Used, Perforated FFQ Set (No 4d Rose) Used, 1898 5/- Mt Cook Official Mint, 1906 CH Exhibition Set Mint, 1909 KEVII Officials Mint, 1913 AK Exhibition Set Mint, 1915 KGV 8d & 9d Officials Mint, 1926 3/- Admiral Mint, 1958 2d Stars Error Unhinged, Healths 1931 Red & Blue Boys 2x Sets (1x Fine, 1x Slight toning), 1960 £1 Geyser Plate Block, Arms noted 7/6 Grey Mint, 1975 5c Christmas Missing Brown Unhinged. Condition varies. High Catalogue (100’s)$1250
223U1855/1972 Collection Used to Fine Used in CP Illustrated Album incl FFQ Imperf Set of 7 with 3/4 Margins, the 1/- Blue-Green SG 17 Cat £1800, FFQ Perforated Set of 11 (1d Brown Pair), 1874 6d to 5/-, 1882 Sideface Set, 1898 Pictorials Set to 5/-, 1907 Pictorials Set & 6d Official, 1909 KEVII & Officials Sets, 1915 KGV Recess Set, 1926 Admirals & Officials Set, 1938 KGVI Sets, 1953/54 QE Sets, 1906 CH Exhibition 1/2d to 3d, 1920 Victory Set, 1925 Dunedin Exh Set, Health 1929/38, 1903 Express, 1931/35 Airs, Life Insurance 1899 to 3d, QV 1882 £1 Rose, 1931 Arms 7/-,7’6,8/-,9/-,15/-,30/-,£2,£3,£5. ACS Cat $11,250 (100’s)$2500
224*/**/U1855/1978 Collection in Premier Album with Imperf FFQ 2d,3d,6d,1/- all with 3 Margins, Perforated FFQ Set of 11 Used (4d Rose Fine Used), 1874 Set to 6d, 1882 Sideface Set Used, 1898 Pictorials Set Used, 1900/1907 Used, 1906 CH Exh Set Mint, 1909 KEVII Used, 1915 KGV Recess Set Mint, 1920 Victory Mint, 1925 Dunedin Exh Set Mint, 1931/35 Airs Mint, 1935 Officials Set Mint. 1940 Centennial & Officials Mint, 1953 QE Set Unhinged plus 2/6 to 10/- in Imprint Pairs Unhinged, 1958 2d Stars Error Unhinged, Range Healths from 1929. Cat $9000 (100’s)$2000
225U1855/1980 Collection in Tasman Album incl 4x Imperf FFQ 2d to 1/- (faults), 1862 Perf FFQ Set of 11, 1874 Sideface 1d to 1/-, 1913 Auckland Exh 1d to 3d (rounded corner), 1920 Victory 1/- Orange Block of 4 FU/CTO, 1926 Admirals, Healths 1929/1975 Complete, Officials, Life Insurance, Honey Seals etc. Cat $8875 (100’s)$800
226U1867/1999 Back of the Book Collection on pages, most value in 1882 QV Postal Fiscals Mint with toned gum 2/- Blue to 6/- Rose, 8/- Blue, 10/- Brown-Red, £1 Rose & 2/- Officials. ACS Cat $4800 for the QV Fiscals alone (about 200)$500
227U1873/2000’s 32 Page Stockbook Good Range with Useful values noted 1874 1/- Green, 1920 Victory Set, 1929 & 1933 Healths, 1931 7d Brown Air, 1935 Pictorial Officials, 1938 KGVI & Officials. (100’s)$375
228U1882/1970’s Folder with Mainly Early Used low values on Hagner/Stock Sheets noted 2nd Sideface, 1d Universals, 1d Dominion, KGV Recess & Surface, 1d Field Marshal. Also Range Life Insurance & Postage Dues. (100’s)$150
229U1882/2000’s Collection in 16 Page Stockbook incl Christmas, Health and some Alternative Posts. (100’s)$250
230*/U1882/2009 Collection in 8 Page Stockbook incl Min Sheets. Odd blemish. Useful Range.(A few 100)$200
231U1898/1915 16 Page Stockbook duplicated range with 1898 Pictorials to 5/- (4, 2 fiscals), 1900 Pictorial Range, 1d Universals, 1906 Christchurch Exhibition 1/2d to 3d, KEVII & KGV Recess. Mostly in good condition (A few 100)$500
232U1900/2018 Collection on pages Earlies to Modern Range incl odd Mint Sheet. Cat £1702 (1198)$250
233*/**/U1901 1d UNIVERSALS Collection housed in 4x Multi-ring Albums showing an Extensive Re-entry Range on London Prints, Pirie, Basted Mills, Cowan No Wmk & Wmk, Reserve, Dot, Waterlow & Royle Plates all annotated. Also noted London First Day Cover, 2x Booklet Panes Ex Panes 22 & 23, Dot Plate Mixed Perfs Block of 4 & Block of 8 on piece, Waterlow Plate Proof Blocks of 4 & 6 in Black, Plate W1 & W2 Blocks, P14 Imperf Horiz Block of 4 Mint, Royle P11, Mixed Perfs, R1 & R2 Plate Blocks. Some Covers & Postcards. Also 2x Stockbooks (100’s)$3750
234*/**/U1909 1d DOMINION Small Range of Printings Mint & Used noted 2x Booklet Panes (with lught gum toning), Cover with Misplaced Design in a Vertical Pair Posted at Devonport, Also Extensive Collection of Plate Flaws from both Plates 12 & 13 all on album pages and annotated. (100’s)$500
235*/**1915/1950 Stockbook Sparse Range from KGV noted 1920 3d Victory x 2 Mint, 1925 Dunedin Exhibition Set in Pairs with 4d Row 9 1&2 Unhinged and another 4d Pair with POSAFE flaw Unhinged. Range 1940’s/50’s issues. A little duplication. (Several 100)$200
236U1915/1950’s 16 Page Stockbook noted KGV Surface Range, 1925 4d Dunedin Exhibition x2, 1926 Admiral Set, 1931 2d Blue Boy, 1931/34 Airmail Range, 1935 Pictorials Range Printings. Some duplication (100’s)$250
237*/**1925/2013 Two Large Mint Sheet Folders noted Some Pre-decimal Health Blocks & Sheets, 1925 1/2d Dunedin Exhibition Sheet of 60 (toning), 1936 6d C of C Sheet of 48, 1960 Westland Set in Sheets. Also Modern Decimal Sets & Min Sheets plus Booklets. Also 2005 150 Years Album & 2013 Victoria Cross Book. Face Value = $1800 (100’s)$750
238U1939/1944 Datestamp Register for Waitepeka Post Office & Registered-Letter Record receipt and label for the same Post Office 1939/1941. Interesting items (2)$250
239U1977/2015 Collection on pages with commercial range. Cat £196 (480)$50
240U1982/1952 Collection with 16x Perf FFQ 1d to 1/-, Range Sidefaces, 1925 Dunedin Exh Set FU, 1931/34 Airs FU, Range Healths 1929/52 incl 1931 Red & Blue Boys, Pigeon Post 1899 1/- Special Post Mint, 6d Blue Triangle (short corner). Mixed Condition. Cat $5500 (100’s)$600
241C1994/1997 10x Sets Illustrated Maximum Cards cancelled with the appropriate stamps. (10 Sets)$50
242**2004/2013 CALS Collection Unhinged starting 2004 ANZ Set, all 2005/06 stamp show CALS in Blocks or sets, Year Sets complete for 2007,2009,2010,2013 (CP Cat $395), and NZ Gardne Bird Series 2010/12 in Perf & Imperf Blocks of 4 plus CTO Blocks (100’s)$350
243C2011 First day Cover Pack Unopened ACS Cat $348 (1)$75
244C2012 First Day Cover Pack Unopened. ACS Cat $395 (1)$75
245C2013 First Day Cover Pack Unopened. ACS Cat $470 (1)$100
246C2014 First Day Cover Pack Unopened. ACS Cat $556 (1)$150
247**2015/2019 NZ Post Miniature Sheets (28 different) plus Best of 2018 Set Face Value = $370. Also 2017 Grow Your Own, Ross Dependency & Best of 2017 First Day Covers (41 items)$200
248**2015/2021 NZ Post Large Miniature Sheets 10 different (Face Value = $170) plus 2016 75 Years Navy Imperf Loyalty Points Sheets Complete. (Face Value = $275) Total Face Value = $445 (15 items)$200
249C2015/2021 Sets & Miniature Sheet First Day Covers ex Year Packs issued by NZ Post. Cat $2431 (194)$500
250*/**/UHEALTHS 1929/2008 Collection Mint & Used Range incl Blocks & Miniature Sheets Complete 1957 to 1976. Noted 1931 Red & Blue Boys Mint & Used, 1945 2d Peter Pan Photographic Proof, Odd shades and varieties. Clean lot STC $2000+ (100’s)$500
251COFFICIAL MAIL 1883/1906 On Public Trust Office 9x Stampless Covers both Small & Large plus 4x other OPSO Cover (1x Unused). Interesting Range of different Printed ‘On Public Trust’ Covers. Noted an Early 1883 Cover Posted at Wellington to Greymouth. Also 1890 Printed Letter & Receipt. (15 items)$2000
252CPOSTAL HISTORY Airmail Cover Collection 1939-2000’s Extensive Collection mounted on pages and written up noted 1939 Union Airways Inaugural Flights Auckland-Opotiki-Tauranga-Gisborne (5 different), 1940 Printed Amon Carter First Flights NZ-New Caledonia, NZ-Canton Island, NZ-Honolulu, NZ-San Francisco, 1941 5’9 Airmail Censored Cover to England, Good Range 1940’s/60’s Flight Covers. Some covers addressed to Douglas Walker. Antarctic Icecube Printed Covers. Hugh Range (100’s)$1000
253UPOSTAL HISTORY Folder with cancels on stamp, piece & on cover on SHIPMAIL noted looseleaf cancels, Marine PO’s on 1902 1d Universal Strip of 3, 1936 RMS Makura Crossing Equator Cover, Inwards 1868 GB to NZ Cover, 1936 Postcard to UK, 1940 2x 5’9 Rate Censored Cover to England, 1942 Censored Cover to India, 1942 Censored Reg Cover with 6d ‘35 to England, 1942 Clipper Cover with 4/- Arms to England. Also 16 Page Dtockbook NZ Postmarks on stamp/piece. (100’s)$500
254CPOSTAL STATIONERY Folder KEVII to QE Range on pages noted Postcards, Lettercards & Registered Envelopes. Odd faults on earlies but useful range. Mixture Mint & Used (89)$100
255UPOSTMARKS 16 Page Stockbook on piece or stamp noted Omihi, Otago Obliterator on Perforated 2d Blue FFQ Strip of 3, Paradise, Puekpito, Quarry Hills, Reidston, Ruseell’s Flat, Waipara. Part to good strikes (A few 100)$100
256UPOSTMARKS Auckland Post District Collection mounted on pages and written up in 5x Folders with postmarks on stamp, piece & cover noted Akaaka, Chelsea, Cowes 1909 Postcard, Freeman’s, Grey Lynn-Arch Hill 1909 Postcard, Pine Island, Karekare, Kumeu Flat, Little Barrier Is TO, North Albertland, A/Onehunga/4 on 6d Perforated Red-Brown FFQ, Pakatoa, Paparata, Pukekawa 1917 Postcard, Ravensthorpe MC 1945 Cover, Razorback, Seagrove AF, Tawharanui, Waitakerei etc (100’s)$600
257UPOSTMARKS Christchurch Postal District in 16 Page Stockbook with postmarks on stamp or piece noted Allandale, Aylesbury, Barrhill, Bealey Flat, Birdling’s Flat, Domain Fete CH, Flaxton, Hawkeswood, Irwell, Kyle, Long Bay Road, Marshland etc. Some duplication. Good Range (Several 100)$200
258UPOSTMARKS Collection mounted on pages and written up in 1x Folder with Post Office cancels K-L postmarks on stamp, piece & cover noted Kakepuku, Katikati 1895 Lettercard to Germany, Kaimaqumaqu Cover, Kauri, Khadallah 1898 2 1/2d Wakitipu Cover, Kopuawhara 1936 Reg Cover, Limestone etc (A few 100)$375
259UPOSTMARKS Collection mounted on pages and written up in 2x Folders with Post Office cancels from letter U-W with postmarks on stamp, piece and cover noted Umutaoroa, Waikereu, Waipapkauri, Waipapkauri MC, Waitoitoi, Waterfalls, Whakamara, Whangape, Whangarei Heads, Wharepoa, Whatoro, Whetukura. Some different types of cancels (100’s)$300
260UPOSTMARKS Collection mounted on pages and written up in 2x Folders with Post Office cancels from letters S-T with postmarks on stamp, piece & cover noted Sentry Hill, Shaftesbury, Shelly Bay 1950 Cover, Takahue, Tapapa, Tatu, Taumarere, Taumatatahi TO, Te Ngae, Te Paki TO, Tinaaruhe Rated 9, Tkoatea, Trentham Rifel Range etc. Some different tyeps (100’s)$500
261UPOSTMARKS Collection mounted on pages and written up in 3x Folders with Post Office cancels from Letter N-R with postmarks on stamp, piece & cover noted Nikau, Ohakune East, Ohangai, Okauia, Otonga, Pahautanui MC Relief, Parkvale, Pukearuhe, Purangi, Rehia 1906 Postcard. Some different cancels (100’s)$600
262UPOSTMARKS Collection mounted on pages and written up in 4x Folders with Post Offices from letter A to K with postmarks on stamp, piece & cover noted Anderson Park AF, Aponga, Ashurst, Awapunti MC, Babylon, Cunningham’s, Hatuma, Helena Bay, Hopelands, Wharera, Kaimanuka, Kaitawa Hydro. A good range of cancel types. (100’s)$600
263*/UPOSTMARKS Collection mounted on pages and written up in a folder with cancels on stamp, piece or cover on Auckland & Wellington Chielf PO’s. Many different cancel types noted 1909 Auckland FMB Postcard, 1898 QV 1d Blue Postcard with unclaimed markings, KGVI 1d/1/2d Provisional FDC with WN Late Fee cancel. (100’s)$100
264UPOSTMARKS Collection on Main Chief Post Offices all on pages and written up in a folder with postmarks on stamp, piece and on cover for Tauranga, Thames noted early Postcard, Masterton, Hamilton noted 1900 Cover, 1905 Postcard to Egypt, Hastings, Gisborne, Rotorua, Palmerston North, New Plymouth, Napier noted 1881 Cover, Wanganui noted 1887 QV 1d Postcard & Whangarei. Hige range of different cancels (100’s)$150
265UPOSTMARKS Collection on pages & written up in 2x Folders with Post Office cancels from Letters L-N with postmarks on stamp, piece & cover noted Maharahara, Maihiihi, Makara, Makomako J, Mangahao Hydro, Mangaroa AF Cover, Marangai, Mayor Island, Newbury 1909 Postcard, Ngaroto, Ngatira, Ngaturi 1907 Postcard. A good range of diffrent cancels. (100’s)$450
266UPOSTMARKS Dunedin Postal District on looseleaf pages Noted Maungatua, Whare Flat, Waipori, Clark’s, Wehenga TO, Barewood, Middlemarch 1943 Relief, Hyde Railway, Kyeburn Diggings, Beck’s, Drybread, Rough Ridge, plus a few Covers/Postcards. Part to good cancels. (63 cancels/37 Covers or Postcards) $500
267UPOSTMARKS Range on Stockcard - 14 items includes Romahapa, West Melton, Wallingford, Maungatapere, Poro-o-tarao, Taylorville, Wharekuri, Albany St, Kumara Junc, Pleckville & Taueru. (14)$100
268UPOSTMARKS West Coast Range of Postmarks, Covers & Postcards in a filing box Earlies to Modern on Cover, stamp or piece/ Noted C13 Nelson Creek Obliterator, Flat Creek, Okarito, Foxhill. Some Post Office photos (A few 100)$100
269CREGISTERED COVERS 1903/34 7x Covers with various stamps incl 1903 Te Mata to Tasmania, 1904 Westport to Tasmania, 1926 Dunedin to USA, 1934 Adelaide Road to Finland. Mostly good condition (7)$100
270UREVENUES QV Stamp Duty Collection on Album Pages 1867/1920’s with a Range of QV Imperfs (noted 2’4 Green & Brown Imperf Strip of 4), Perforated Die 1’s & 2’s, 1880 QV Range to £50. All unpunched. Condition varies. Cat Approx $3000 (157)$1000
271*/U1862/1944 Collection in Stockbook Mint & Used incl 1862 Imperf 1d Choc-Brown Mint, 1897 400th Anniv Range Mint & Used to 60c, 1897/1918 Royalty Mint & used, 1920 Surcharges Used, 1928/29 Part Set to 30c Used, 1932 Definitives Set Mint. Also odd Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island. Mixed condition with a little duplication (A few 100’s)$250
272*/**/U1948/1997 Collection Unhinged, Mint & Used in Mixed condition, some duplication. Useful range Fine Used 1980’s-1997. SG Cat £750 (100’s)$250
273*1947/1960 Collection of Sets & singles on album pages incl KGVI Set, 1948/57 Sets to 25r with different perfs. Also noted some falws. Clean lot. Cat £1500+ (A few 100)$400
274*/**/U1887/1964 Collection on Stock Pages with a Good Range Mint & Used incl Min Sheets. Clean lot. Cat £600 (400)$300
275**1991/1998 Range Unhinged Sets incl the Scarcer 1995 Overprints. SG Cat £200 (dozens)$60
276*/U(COLONIES) Good Range of Angola, Azores, Guinea, Cape Verde, Mozambique, St Thomas etc Mint & Used Range. Hours of Work to sort out (100’s)$500
277*/U1885/1973 Collection Mint & Used on Hagner Pages noted 1885/86 5c/40c Used, 5c on 30c & 10c/40c Mint, 1891 40c Mint. Good Range. Mainly good condition. Cat £2570 (375)$1000
278*/U1877/1989 Collection starting 1d,2d,3d Express (assume reprints0, mixed earlies Mint & Used, then mostly Unhinged Sets 1962 onwards (100’s)$100
279*/U1916/1949 Small Collection on Album Pages, Mostly Used. Useful Range. Cat £524 (136)$250
280*/U1892/1944 Mint & Used Range on Hagner Pages. Good Range. Cat £473 (164)$200
281*/U1870’s-1980’s Mint & Used Range with odd QV Mint & Used, KEVII & KGV Range Mint & Used, 1932 KGV Set to £1 Mint, 1948 £1 Silver Wedding Mint, some later Sets & odds. A little duplication. Useful lot (100’s)$250
282*/U1910/1954 Collection in Album (100’s)$75
283**1989/1999 Sets Unhinged appears complete with Miniature Sheets. SG Cat £315 (quantity)$225
284*/U1924/44 Mint & Used Range in 16 Page Stockbook incl 1924 Admirals Set to 2’6 Used plus 10d,1’6,2/-,2’6 & 5/- Mint, 1931/37 KGV values to 5/- Used, 1937 KGVI Mint & Used, 1953 QE Definitives Mint & Used. Also Revenue Range noted 1937 KGV to £20, 1952 Range to £50. Also Rhodesia 1966/1978 Range Sets & singles Mint & Used. Also Zimbabwe Range Mint & Used. Good Range. (100’s)$500
285*/U1885/1997 Mint & Used Range on Stock sheets. Useful earlies. Good Range. Cat £1900 (282)$750
286*/**/U1897/1970’s Collection Mint & Used in Stockbook with Sets & singles mostly in hawid mounts - noted 1897 Set Mint & Used, 1935 General Gordon Set Mint, 1941 Definitives Set Mint, 1951/61 Definitives Set Unhinged. Condition varies on earlies with some light staining. High Catalogue (100’s)$750
287**1988/1999 Range of Sets Unhinged incl Scarce 1993 Overprints Set (SG 510/514 Cat £84), 1995 World Cup, 1997 Poice, 1998 First Stamp, 1999 Battle, several handstamped overprints and Officials. SG Cat £360 (quantity)$250
288CStamps & Covers Collection with a Range Mint & used in a Stockbook noted 50pt Passport Revenue, Box of 37 Covers/Postal Stationery noted 1931 Imperial Airways to North Rhodesia, 1937 Cover to NZ, 1925 Postcard to NZ, 1926 Uprated Registered Cover to Syria, 1948 Official Cover to England, 1919 5m Printed envelope. Condition varies. A good lot to expand. (A few 100’s)$300
289**Year Packs 1985, 1993 & 1994. SG Cat £127 (3)$50
290*/U1921/1955 Mint & Used Range of Stock sheets. Good Range. Cat £422 (187)$175
291*/U1888/1956 Mint & Used Range on Stock sheets. Good Range. Cat £395 (261)$150
292*/U1865/1960’s 2x Scott Printed Albums with Mint & Used Range. Mostly clean condition (100’s)$500
293**1992/2004 Range of Min Sheets & Large Sheetlets in Glassine Bags noted 1998/2000 10x Celebrate the Century Set. Good Range (quantity)$200
294*/U1920/1931 Collection Mainly Mint on Hagner Pages. Cat £166 (64)$75
295*/**1920/2001 Collection on Stock sheets. Good Range. Cat £1080 (190)$450
296*/**/UAFRICA 1892/1970 Collection of non-Commonwealth Africa Mint or Used, good number of full sets, Angola, Mozambique, Nyassa, Ruanda-Urundi, Liberia, sudan. SG Cat £720 (100’s)$250
297UAFRICA Collection on pages incl South Africa, South West Africa, Nyasaland, Southern Rhodesia, Zimbabwe, Kenya etc. Cat £862 (658)$200
298UAFRICA Collection on pages with Ranges of Rhodesia, Kenya, Nyasaland, South Africa, Basutoland, Nigeria, South West Africa, Tanzania. Cat £1107 (533)$200
299*/UBRITISH COMMONWEALTH 16 Page Stockbook noted Bahamas QE Set, British Virgin Is Mint & Used, Cape of Good Hope Used incl 1855/1864 15x Triangles Good to Very Good Used plus later range Used. Also Belgium 1950’s-90’s Range. High Cat Value (100’s)$500
300*/UBRITISH COMMONWEALTH Africa 16 Page Stockbook Mint & Used Range noted Natal QV 5/-, Orange Free State, Transvaal & Zululand. Alittle duplication. A few postmarks (Several 100)$200
301*/UBritish Commonwealth Collections of Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Jamaica, Mauritius & Seychelles. Mostly Used. Cat £365 (479)$75
302UBritish Commonwealth On pages - Ceylon, Cyprus & Aden Range. cat £215 (139)$50
303CBRITISH COMMONWEALTH Range 1930’s-1950’s Covers/Postal Stationery from Gibraltar, Trinadad, Basutoland, Bechunaland, Natal, Jamaica, Sierre Leone. Also Malyasia 1979 Flowers Imperf Set Mint, Odd Postmarks, Range Tristan Da Cunha Sets & Min Sheets, Gibraltar Modern FDC’s & Sets (a Few 100’s)$300
304UBritish Commonwealth Range of Ireland (mainly), plus Gibraltar & Malta. Earlies to Modern. Cat £600 (448)$125
305UBritish West Indies Range on pages Earlies to Modern. Cat £290 (395)$60
306*/UEAST AFRICA 1903/1964 Collection Mint & Used incl East Africa, Kenya & Uganda, KUT, full sets or parts sets, mixed condition, some specialised. Noted 1938 50c ‘Rope not joined to Sail’ variety SG 144a Cat £350 (gum toned) Total SG Cat £950 (350)$300
307UEUROPE Stockbook Earlies to Modern Range incl Sweden, Switzerland, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland & Czechosolvakia. (100’s)$100
308UFRANCE, Belgium & Italy Ranges on pages. Earlies to Modern. Cat £788 (1549)$125
309UMIDDLE EAST Collection in a folder with a Range of Countries and reference information. Odd Cover (770 + 4 Covers)$100
310*/UPACIFIC ISLANDS 1908/1994 Collection on pages, Mixed condition Mint & Used incl Solomon Island, PNG, New Guinea, Papau, Gilbert & Ellice, Tonga, Nauru, Tokleau, Pitcairn etc. Cat £1000 approx (100’s)$300
311UPACIFIC ISLANDS 32 Page Stockbook with a good range of countries. Some sets on First Day Covers incl Cook Islands, Marshall Islands, Norfolk Islands, PNG, French Polynesia plus Range New Zealand. (100’s)$250
312*/UPACIFIC ISLANDS Range Mint & Used on Pages. Earlies to Modern. Cat £1078 (954)$200
313UPACIFICS Range on pages incl Fiji & PNG. Cat £383 (431)$75
314USCANDINAVIA 1867/1997 Used Collection on Pages with Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Netherlands (Many 100’s)$200
315*/**/USTAMPS on STAMPS Stockbook Mint & Used Range Sets & singles (100’s)$100
316USWITZERLAND, Austria,Belgium & Liechtenstein Range on pages. Earlies to Modern. Cat £448 (551)$75
317*/UWEST AFRICA 1869/1966 Collection Mint & Used Mixed condition in 3x Albums incl Gambia, Nigeria, Niger Coast, Somaliland, Northern & Southern Nigeria, Gold Coast, Ghana, Sierre Leone, Lagos. SG Cat £1075 (600)$350
318UWESTERN EUROPE 16 Page Stockbook incl Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway and Finland. (1400, 9 Cover & 5 M/S)$150
319*/UWORLD Folder Mint & Used Range incl Japanese Occupation, Phillipine Covers, NWPI Stamps, Malaysian Revenues, Renge British Commonwealth P/History, Range NZ with odd Earlies & Modern Sets. (100’s)$150
320*/**/UWORLD Folder Stamp Mint & Used & Covers from Pitcairn Island, Egypt, France, Japan, Finland, Indonesia Sets on Stock Pages, Samoa GRI 1914 3d,4d,6d,9d Used, Fanning Island on 1912 NZ 1d Dominion piece, Hawaii 5c postmarked Marine PO, Malta Dues Mint Set etc (100’s)$250
321*/UWORLD Imperial Old Printed Album Pre 1900 with an Extensive Range Noted France, China, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Malta, North Borneo, Straits Settlement, Austria, Norway, San Marino. Mint & Used with many better stamps. Cat £95.000+ (1,000’s)$37500
322*/UWORLD Old Album Good Range noted Great Britain incl QV 2’6 & 5/- Used, 1948 Silver Wedding Mint, Useful New Zealand. Many other countries (100’s)$100
323UWORLD Old Imperial Album Volume 2 Foreign Countries with a sparse range of used stamps (a few 100)$200
324*/UWORLD Printed Imperial Album British Empire with most stamps removed but has a Range of Indian States Mint & Used, odd Postal Stationery Cutouts, NZ WW2 6d National Savings Blcok of 6, Also New South Wales QV Fiscals. (376)$200
325*/UWORLD Range Earlies to Modern incl Ceylon, Portual, China, Japan, British Guiana, Luxembourg, Morocco Agencies, Gibraltar, Leeward Islands, Turkey. Hours of Sorting (100’s)$150
326**1970’s-1980’s Stockbook with Range of Sets & Min Sheets Unhinged (100’s)$250
327CCEYLON 2x 16 Page Exhibit well written up with 61 Topical Cards (some coloured) plus 120x Other Postcards with Real Photos, B&W, Coloured Scenes. A good lot to expand. (181)$250
328CNZ 22x Mainly North Island Postcards from Cambridge, Tarawera, Tikitere, Waikaremoana, Wairakei, Waitakarei, Wanganui, Whakarewarewa. Odd other cards with 3 featuring Maoris. (22)$100
329CPOSTCARD Album with Vintage Collection of Tall Ships mostly by A Dufty and Unused. Collected by D Nelson (a banker) from sailor friends circa 1905 (150+)$250
330CWINE Realted 9x Old Postcards noted several with advertising, 2x Modern Cards, 1x Advertising Algerian Card. Also NZ 1997 Vineyards Booklet & Maximum Card Set (14 items)$50
331CWORLD Christmas Card Box Mixed World Range noted Humerous, Animals, Scens (70)$50
332CWORLD Shoebox Pre 1920 Range with some Interesting European Street Scenes etc (520)$200
333CWW1 Daily Mail Official Picture Postcard of Anzacs in France in Sepia 6x Different with light ageing (6)$50