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Auckland City Stamps Public Auction 19


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Lot # Description Estimate My Bids
5001*/UA BIG RED SUITCASE Full of World Albums, NZ Albums, Covers, Boxes (1,000’s)$200
5002*/UA DECEASED ESTATE LOT with a Filing Box with Albums & Stockbooks incl Early NZ & Great Britain with Useful NZ from First Sideface onwards. Some Australia incl Postage Dues. Useful Range (1,000’s)$500
5003UA DECEASED ESTATE Lot with many Packets of mostly New Zealand Stamps with useful some items. Some bags of stamps on paper. Australian Modern Album etc. Hours of Fun (1,000’s)$250
5004*/**/UA SUITCASE LOT with Stockbook GB, Mint Sheet Folders with NZ Predecimals & Decimals Blocks & Part Sheets, Odd Pacifics, Australia Stockbook, NZ Year Packs, NZ 1941 Health FDC Jones H41.1B, 1934 NZ-Australia First Flight Cover etc. Useful Range (100’s)$250
5005*/UAN OLD SUITCASE with several Old World Albums 1850’s onward, Mixed Condition, Commonwealth, Europe, Asia, USA, Pacifics, everywhere (100’s)$300
5006*/**/UASIA & WORLD Box Lot with 10x Albums & Stockbooks. Good Range Mint & used (100’s)$250
5007*/**/UAUSTRALIA 1913-1986 Collection in 2x Warwick Albums, mixed condition, starting 1913 6d Kookaburra Mint & Fine Used, 1d KGV Recess range (SG17), but no other KGV, then 4 pages Kangaroos 1/2d to 5/- Used various printings, noted 1913 1/2d Inverted Watermark, 1916-20 1/- Die 2 and 2B in joined pair, then onward to 1986 Mint or Used sometimes both. SG Cat £2250 (100’s)$400
5008UAUSTRALIA 1913-1988 Bulk Used Collection neatly housed in 2x Stockbooks, Roos to 2/-, KGV to 1/4, small number of earlier states. Plus a few Mint from 2/- Roo to $4 Navigator & 1971 Xmas. (4000-5000 approx)$200
5009*/**/UAUSTRALIA 1913/1992 9x Warwick 55 Albums with Mint, Used & First Day Covers on Album Pages. Good Range (100’s)$500
5010*/**/UAUSTRALIA 2010/2018 Collection on Hagner Pages Mint & Used. Also a range of Covers from 1930 to Modern plus a few Philatelic Handbooks (1000 Stamps & Covers)$300
5011*/**/UAUSTRALIA BOX LOT 6x Albums & Stockbooks Earlies to Modern Mostly Used. Only 1x Stockbook Mint incl 2x 1971 Christmas Blocks of 7 plus AAT Range. Bundle of First Day Covers (100’s)$200
5012CAUSTRALIA Dealer stock of unaddressed First Day Covers 1979-1996 period, appears all different, priced up to Retail $2000 (approx 400 covers)$200
5013CAUSTRALIAN ANTARCTIC Collection of AAT Expedition Base Covers 1994-2005 period cancelled at Mawson, Casey, Davis and Macquarie Island Bases. Often full sets or sets in Blocks of 4. Covers mounted by small piece of tape on back. SG Cat £785 for the stamp value alone (85)$150
5014*/UAUSTRALIAN STATES 1856-1912 Collection of the 6 States in 2x Warwick Albums, mixed condition, specialised but the SG numbers are now out of date. Largely Used but a few Mint, odd Revenues, Tasmania includes range of datestamps on 1899 Views. (total about 1250)$400
5015*/**/UBOX LOT 16x Albums & Stockbooks with New Zealand & Great Britain Stamps & First Day Covers. Also 2x Lighthouse Albums with odd stamps. NZ Postcards & Covers Album, Ross Dependency Range. Good Range (100’s)$200
5016*/UBOX LOT 3x Small World Albums, two USA Albums back to 1870, USA 1983 Challenger Space Orbit Cover, other bits & pieces. (100’s)$100
5017*/**/UBOX LOT 5x Albums Mint & Used with a Range of Germany, Austria, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, France & Italy. Earlies to Modern Range (100’s)$200
5018**/CBOX LOT Accumulation 1960’s-80’s often still in Post Office envelopes with duplication of First Day Covers, Min Sheets, Life Insurance Plate Blocks etc. Also file box of 1980-2016 First Day Covers, all different. ACS Cat Approx $5000 (100’s)$450
5019*/**BOX LOT Album of Commonwealth early to 1960’s, Modern Norfolk Island Collection in folder, Shoebox of stamps in packets, 1987 Americas Cup items in folders, other bits & pieces (1,000’s)$150
5020*/**/UBOX LOT Arctic & Antarctic sets & odds in album, stockbook and folder, mixed condition. Falklands, FID, South Georgia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Ross Dependency, Peru, Korea, Greenland, Faroe Island, Aland etc (quantity)$100
5021UBOX LOT AUSTRALIA 1920’s-2000’s Large Stockbook & Decimal Album Used with a good range of Definitives & Commemoratives Used. Folder of Early Covers & Dragonflies Medalion Presentation Album (1,000’s)$225
5022*/**/UBOX LOT Australia Deimals, Great Britain 1930’s to Modern, USA Earlies to Modern in 9x Albums & 1x Stockbook. Useful Range (100’s)$250
5023*/**/UBOX LOT British Commonwealth incl African Earlies to Modern in 9x Albums & Stockbooks. Also Middle East Range (100’s)$250
5024*/**/UBOX LOT Collection of material from NZ Stamp Exhibitions 1980-2007. Includes Zeapex ‘80 Miniature sheets showing the small flaws, Awards Banquet ticket, menu signed by exhibitors including the Grand Award winner, other Zeapex souvenirs, 4 magazines and exhibition catalogue, 1980 letter from Buckingham Palace, 1982 Palmpex souvenirs, catalogue and menu with a printed napkin! 1983 & 1985 Stampex M/S, shoebox of NZ1990 cinderellas, lottery ticket, covers, Imperf Orchid M/S (Cat $100), stamped day passes for all 10 days of NZ1990, NZ2005 Souvenirs & CALs FDC, 2005 Catalogue, 2007 Mint CALs etc (quantities)$150
5025*/**/UBOX LOT incl NZ Post envelopes with new issues, NZ 1985 Yearbook, Old Lincoln Album. Some Covers. Real Mixture (100’s)$200
5026*/UBOX LOT includes 3x World Albums, 2 tins Mixed World, stock pages of World, Covers, USA, Romania quantities etc (1,000’s)$150
5027*/**/UBOX LOT Including 2 Old World Albums (about 1500 stamps), folder with full sheets of Germany & Austria, small Stockook USSR, stamps & covers in boxes & envelopes (1,000’s)$150
5028CBOX LOT Large Lot in Boxes with Great Britain & New Zealand First Day Covers. Stamps on Paper. Range of stamps (100’s)$100
5029*/**/UBOX LOT Large Lot incl Filing Boxes of NZ Related Items of Stamps & Covers incl Postal History. Also Australia related items. Hours of Fun. A great lot to break down (1,000’s)$200
5030*/**/UBOX LOT New Zealand 1920-67 Red Album Mint/Used Cat $650, Brown Album Fine Used 1994-2000 Cat $1250, two green Stockbooks NZ, Old Box full of First Day Covers 1935 onward (100’s)$300
5031*/UBOX LOT Old Persil Box with 3x Old World Albums, 2x Small Stockbooks, Australia & States on old pages, minor Great Britain on pages, several small boxes of World (100’s)$200
5032*/UBOX LOT Old Victory Album with 1500 World Stamps (odd Revenues), two lesser World Albums, Covers, stamps in bags & packets etc (1, 000’s)$100
5033*/UBOX LOT Old World Album dated 1927 (900 stamps), old pages USA, Israel Collection in Album, Stockbook South Africa surplus, Album of India. (1, 000’s)$150
5034*/UBOX LOT Old Wyndham World Album (1800 stamps) and Green World Album (500), World quantities on pages, notice USA & GB Album, stamps in boxes etc (1,000’s)$200
5035**BOX LOT Range of Year Albums and packs for various countries: USA, Canada, Japan, France, Netherlands, IOM, Ireland, Namibia, China, Thailand, Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong generally 1980-90’s period (quantities)$150
5036*/UBOX LOT Several small Old World Albums, World stamps in packets, covers etc, large carton (100’s)$100
5037*/**/UBOX LOT with 15x Albums & Stockbooks with a Range of France Mint & Used, Great Britain Benham First Day Covers, NZ Range of Pre-decimal & Decimals. Also Antarctic Range. Hours of Fun (100’s)$250
5038*/**/UBOX LOT with 16x Albums & Stockbooks incl NZ Stockbook from Full Face Queens Imperf & Perforated x 48 Used, 2nd Sidefaces, 1898 Pictorials to 2/- Used, 1906 Christchurch Exhibition to 3d Used, Some Blocks & Decimal Range. Also Pacifics in 2x Stockbooks from Earlies Mint & Used. Condition varies. Hours of Fun. Suit reseller (100’s)$1000
5039*/**/UBOX LOT with New Zealand 8x Stockbooks Mint & Used incl 1931 Red & Blue Boys Used, Health Min Sheets, Decimals, Odd Revenues. Also NZ 1984/1995 Yearbooks. Also Postmark Stockbook (100’s)$250
5040*/UBOX LOT World Collection in 2x Warwick 55 Albums, 3x Stockbooks of spares, 1953 Coronation Omnibus Set in Album, 1983 Commonwealth Day Collection, odd covers etc (100’s)$200
5041CBRAZIL Large Box of Modern Period First Day Covers (100’s)$100
5042*/**/UBRITISH COMMONWEALTH 7x Springback Albums Mint & Used Range noted GB incl 1918 ‘Damaged by Immersion in Seawater through Enemy Action’ Cover. A good range of Countries Earlies to Modern. Also Miscellaneous Covers & Stamps on Hagner Pages. (1,000’s)$500
5043*/**/UCANADA Banana Box with 10x Warwick 55 Albums with a good range on album pages of the QE Period with Mint, Used & Covers. Clean lot (100’s)$200
5044*/**/UCANADA BOX LOT 1852-1995 3x Albums & Stockbook with a Mint & Used Range noted some earlies incl 1852/57 3d Beaver Imperf Used, 1897 Jubilee 15c & 50c Used. Good Range with Modern Period in Large Stockbook. Useful Range. High Cat Value (100’s)$200
5045*/**/UCANADA BOX LOT 3x Large Stockbook 1984-2000 Period Mint & Used. Good Range (100’s)$100
5046CCARTON World Covers Early to Modern from Europe & Pacifics. Mixed Condition. Suit Internet Seller. Hours of Work (100’s)$300
5047*/**/UCARTON World Mix in envelopes Early to Modern. Some PNG. Hours of Fun on a Winter’s Night (1,000’s)$100
5048*COIN COVERS Small Collection PNCs with NZ 1915 Anzac, Great Britain 1983 £1 Coin Cover (seen retail £69), GB 2012 Diamond Jubilee, Austria 1991 Mozart 25 schilling & stamp Min Sheet, Australia 1997 Don Bradman Cricket, plus Australia 200 Years medal collection of 20 (6)$150
5049*COINS New Zealand Uncirculated coins in Presentation Packs: 1991 Rugby $5, 1992 Decimal Anniversary $5, 2002 Americas Cup $5, 1994 5c-$2 set incl 50c bi-metal (4 packs)$80
5050*/**/UCRATE LOT Messy NZ Accumulation with two small albums, stamps in packets, zillions of FDC’s to sort. Noted 1990 Orchids Imperf Min Sheet Unhinged (100’s)$100
5051*/UCRATE LOT Outstanding mess of NZ Albums, Covers, Envelopes, Boxes, Bundleware, Folder of Health Miniature Sheets 1957-75 Complete Unhinged (Cat $900), 1993 Royal Doulton cereamic plate! (limited edition of 1500), Weet-bix Cards Album Story of NZ in stamps, Shell Oil NZ 1960’s Collector cards set of 60 Cars of the World in book, part set 45 Racing Cars, full set 48 Aircraft of the World (1, 000’s)$200
5052CEUROPA Range of 98 First Day Covers Andorra to Turkey 1956-1970 period all different, mostly unaddressed (98)$100
5053*/UFILE BOX All sorts Earlies to Modern, generally with a European flavour (100’s)$200
5054*/**FILE BOX including World Album Early to Modern (2000+ stamps) various European Min Sheet & Sheetlets, Stamp Exhibition souvenirs, Israel & Belgium Year Packs etc (1, 000’s)$175
5055CGERMANY Box lot of Covers, First Day Covers & Postal Stationery, 1850 Stampless onward to 1982, a few Third Reich (100’s)$200
5056*/**/UGREAT BRITAIN 1840-2003 Box Lot Collection with useful Album 1840 QV 1d Black onward Mint & Used, another Album with Mint Blocks, and a vast range of First Day Covers. SG Cat £4000 (1, 000’s)$750
5057UGREAT BRITAIN 1840-2012 Collection including 2x Albums up to 1980 with the best stamp 1840 QV 1d Black Fine Used with 3 Margins. Then 12 heavy volumes of First Day Covers 1982-2012 period. SG Cat £2800 as used stamps (100’s)$400
5058*/**/UGREAT BRITAIN 2006/2020 Stockbook & Album with a Good Modern Range Mint & Used. Also First Day Covers & Others from 1931 to Modern. STC Cat $4000+ (1130 Stamps & 60 Covers)$600
5059CGREAT BRITAIN Box Lot Modern First Day Covers Large Range in Good Size Box. Good for Used Sets (500+)$350
5060*/**/UGREAT BRITAIN BOX LOT QV to QE in 2x Albums plus 6x Albums of First Day Covers & Presentation Packs in Large Filing Box. Good Range (100’s)$500
5061CGREAT BRITAIN Collection 1991-2012 First Day Covers all with typed addresses, all different, occasional adhesion on back. SG Cat £1150 for Fine Used Sets (184)$250
5062CGREAT BRITAIN Shoebox Covers & Postcards from Prestamp to QV 1d Red’s through to 1960’s First Day Covers. Interesting Range. Condition varies (260)$150
5063UGREAT BRITAIN with 2x Good Stockbooks 1930’s-2000’s with a large range of Definitives & Commemoratives with some duplication. Also 7x Folders Picture Old Postcards & Covers 1900-1920’s Period (100’s)$150
5064*/UHEAVY BOX LOT with 4x Small World Albums, hundreds of loose World in tin, NZ Stockbook, NZ 1984-2000 First Day Year packs (Cat $2000 in ACS 2008 Catalogue), USA folder of 50th Anniversary stamp souvenir pages, Australia Post Paid packs etc (1, 000’s)$250
5065*/UHEAVY JUNK CARTON Several Small World Albums, Folders, Stockbooks etc (Many 100’s)$100
5066*/**/UHONG KONG, SINGAPORE & MALAYSIA Box Lot in 5x Albums & Stockbook. Earlies to Modern Range (100’s)$250
5067UINDIA BOX LOT 2x Stockbooks & Album Mostly Used from Earlies. Also Bulk Range Early low values all in tins and odd boxes. (1, 000’s)$200
5068**IRELAND, Guernsey, Isle Of Man Range of Modern Issues on Stockcards in Shoebox Size Box Nice lot (Several 100)$200
5069CISRAEL Filing Box of Modern First Day Covers (250 approx)$100
5070*/**/UJAPAN BOX LOT with 4x Albums & Stockbooks plus 1995 Year Album. Also Scandinavian Album & Stockbook plus Switzerland Packet First Day Covers. Useful Range (100’s)$300
5071*/**/UMESSY BOX LOT Large Carton noted 1953 Coronation Album, Loose stamps in Packets, Range Covers. Hours of Fun (1, 000’s)$200
5072CNAMIBIA Collection 60x Unaddressed First Day Covers 1990-1999, SG Cat £133 for used (60)$75
5073*/**/UNETHERLANDS & COLONIES Range in Album & 2x Stockbooks plus odd First Day Covers (100’s)$150
5074*/**/UNEW ZEALAND 1855-1980 Accumulation in old Cathedral Album and 2x Stockbooks. Noted used FFQ 2d Imperf 4 Margins, Perforated 3d, 4d Yellow & 1/- Green, 1882 8d Blue 2nd Sideface, 1898 5/- Mt Cook, 6d Green Kiwi, 1915 KGV 8d Brown Official Fine Used, Health 1931 2d Blue Boy Fine Used, Mint 1906 Christchurch 1/2d to 3d, 1920 Victory Mint & Used, Airmails, Life Insurance, Page Coil Pairs 1938-69 etc ACS Cat $6000 (100’s)$1000
5075UNEW ZEALAND 1873/2006 Collection in 5x Warwick Albums mostly Fine Used sets including 1931-34 Airmails onward, modern sets often includes Min Sheets Fine Used, noted scarce Fine Used Gutter pairs for 1998 Cats, 1999 Pets, 2004 Zoo Animals, 2005 Farm Animals. ACS Cat $4500 (100’s)$600
5076*/UNEW ZEALAND 1920/1983 Somewhat Specialised Collection in 2x Albums Mint/Used, noted 1970 Booklet with Major Dark Green Veins colour shift on the 4c Moth pane (unlisted in CP), tidy lot (100’s)$250
5077*/**NEW ZEALAND Accumulation of Part Sheets and Plate Blocks in folders, small Tasman Album NZ Mint Cat $850, Stockbook Ross Dependency 1994-2012 Cat $310 (100’s)$200
5078CNEW ZEALAND Advertising Covers 1940s-1960s Good Range (250 approx)$100
5079CNEW ZEALAND Alternative Mail Large Carton with 45c + 50c Postal Rate Covers with a wide range of stamps. A great lot to work on. Heavy weight (1, 000’s)$150
5080CNEW ZEALAND Banana Box Lot with a good range of First day Covers, Postal Stationery. also some cancels on pages. Noted some useful items (100’s)$100
5081*/**/UNEW ZEALAND BOX LOT 1873-Modern with 6x Albums & Stockbooks Mint & Used with a good range plus some Postal History noted WW2 Covers. Useful lot (100’s)$150
5082*/**/UNEW ZEALAND Box lot Accumulation of Albums, Mint Blocks, Covers, Packs, Commemorative cancellations etc (100’s)$200
5083*/**/UNEW ZEALAND BOX LOT On & Off Paper in small boxes, Range First Day Covers, Literature noted ‘The Mails went Through, RPS 1d Dominion by Fisher, NZ Armed Forces Postal Services by Startup, NZ Postal Stationery Vol 1 Postcards, NZ 1911 Registered Mourning Cover with KEVII 2d & 1d Dominion Posted at Patea plus odd World Albums (100’s)$100
5084*/**/UNEW ZEALAND BOX LOT with 4x Albums 1998/2018 Mint & used with a good range incl an Album of Alternative Posts. Also 1990 Heritage Album. Odd handbooks. Nice Modern Lot STC $4300 (2500)$600
5085UNEW ZEALAND BOX LOT with 5x FG Peg Fitting Albums 1855/2000 Comprehensive with some Specialisation incl Imperf FFQ’s 1d Orange, 2d Blue (4, 1x on piece), 3d, 6d Yellow-Brown & 6d Red-Brown, Perforated FFQ’s Range to 1/- (68) incl 1x 4d Rose, Also 2x 2d Blue & 1x 6d Red Brown Perf FFQ Covers, First Sideface to 1/-, 2nd Sidefaces Range to 1/-, 1898 Pictorials to 5/- for London Prints, P11 No Wmk & Wmk and P14 Sets Complete, 2 1/2d Wakitipu dated 5 AP 98, 1d Universal Range, KEVII & KGV, 1906 CH Exh Set & Part Set to 3d with Exhibition cancels. Also RPSNZ Vols 2, 3, 4. Clean lot. High Catalogue value. DECEASED ESTATE (100’s)$2000
5086UNEW ZEALAND Box lot with 5x Stockbooks of bulk used surplus Earlies to Modern, some Alternative mail stamps (1, 000’s)$100
5087*/**/UNEW ZEALAND Box lot with the remains of what would have been a beautiful Unhinged Mint Collection 1898 onward in Stockbook but decimated by foxing (ACS Cat $2500), bundle 1980-1994 First Day Covers (Cat $1000) and small crate of bulk Used early to modern in envelopes (1, 000’s)$200
5088CNEW ZEALAND First Day Cover Collection 1950’s-Modern in 11x First Day Cover Albums (100’s)$100
5089CNEW ZEALAND First Day Cover Year Packs 1978-2012 & 2014 Complete (26)$100
5090CNEW ZEALAND FIRST DAY COVERS 8x Albums incl A Good Range noted Illustrated Health First Day Covers noted Jones H36.1I, H36.1EB, H37.1FA, H37.1VDB, H46.1DAB Rated 8. Useful lot (Several 100)$250
5091*/UNEW ZEALAND Heavy Carton with small Old Albums, stamps in boxes & packets, First Day Covers, Books etc (1, 000’s)$125
5092CNEW ZEALAND LARGE CARTON ‘CORBAN’ Correspondence 1940’s-1970’s with Postmark Covers from a large range of town cancels, Advertising Covers, Slogan Covers, Odd Cinderellas. Hours of Fun. Suit Internet Seller (1, 000’s)$100
5093*/**/UNEW ZEALAND Mixed Collection Mint & Used, includes 4x Imperf FFFQ, 7x Perf FFQ to 1/- Used, 1898 6d Green Kiwi Mint & Used (little toning), 1915 Official 9d Olive par GU, 1940 Officials Range to 1/- Unhinged, Range Health Min Sheets 1957-1975 Unhinged etc. Mixed condition in 4 Albums. ACS Cat $5000 (100’s)$600
5094UNEW ZEALAND POSTAL HISTORY 4x Shoeboxes with a Range of Cancels & Covers. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$200
5095UNEW ZEALAND POSTAL HISTORY 7x Warwick 55 Albums all related to NAPIER Post Office mounted on Album Pages noted 1870 6d & 2d Perforated FFQ’s on Long Cover to Waipawa, also 1870 & 1871 FFQ Covers. A good range of cancels and covers Earlies to Modern incl Advertising Covers. Also Warwick 55 Albums on Havelock North (2), Wairoa (2) & Greymouth (1) Nice lot. Suit reseller. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$1000
5096UNEW ZEALAND POSTAL HISTORY Banana Box with 7x Warwick 55 Albums all with HASTINGS Post Office related cancels, pieces and covers. A good range and suit reseller. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$500
5097UNEW ZEALAND POSTAL HISTORY Banana Box with Collections mounted on albums pages in Warwick 55 Albums Earlies to Modern from Post Offices - Waipukurau (2), Fielding (2), Waipawa, Foxton, Dannevirke (2) & Levin (2) Good range. Ex Keith Richards  (100’s)$250
5098CNEW ZEALAND POSTAL HISTORY Large Box containing mainly QE Period Covers plus odd QV to KGVI range. Some pickings. Ex Keith Richards (1000’s)$100
5099UNEW ZEALAND POSTMARKKS 3x Shoeboxes with cancels with the letter ‘N’ all on stamp, piece or cover with Closed PO’s QV to Modern noted Narrowneck MC, Newbury Postcard, Ngamatapouri, Ngatimote, Ngamoko, Ngapara, Nikau, Noble’s, Nokomai, North Avon 1938 Relief, North Head MC, North Taieri, No Town, Ngarua, Ngutuwera, Ngatamahine, Ngatoro, Ngatuna, Ngawaro Postcard.Good lot for a reseller. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$500
5100CNEW ZEALAND POSTMARKS - 4x Shoeboxes on the AUCKLAND Chief Post Office all on stamp, piece or on cover QV to Modern noted 1895 Colonial Sugar Refining Cover, 1932 Reg Cover with 1/2d Mt Cook & 3d 1898’s, 1946 Loose Letter Cover, 1938 Late Fee Cover, 1908 FMB Postcard, 1930 Rangitoto Real Photo Postcard, 1934 Royal Insurance Perfin on damaged cover, 1906 OPSO Treasury Cover, 1917 Censored Cover to Switzerland etc Great Range. Good lot for a reseller. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$200
5101UNEW ZEALAND POSTMARKS - NEW PLYMOUTH District Extensive Collection much on Album Pages with many Closed PO’s Noted Arawhata, Albert Road, Autawa TO, Mangorei, Miro, Meremere, Douglas 1935 Relief, Pehu, Piakau, Tuna, Hawera 1918 Paid Cover, 1894 On Public Trust Cover, 1934 Ulm Airmail Postcard, 1860 6d Imperf FFQ Cover. Many Advertising Covers & a few Cinderella pieces. (100’s)$2000
5102UNEW ZEALAND POSTMARKS 1x Crammed Shoebox all with cancels with the letter ‘B’ (BRO-BUR) all on stamp, piece and on cover with Closed PO’s QV to Modern noted Brookby, Broken River, Broughton Bay TO, Bruce Bay, Bruntwood, Bulls Squared on Postcard, Burke’s, Burkes’ Pass, Burnham TO. A great lot for a reseller. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$150
5103UNEW ZEALAND POSTMARKS 1x Shoebox all on HAMILTON Chief Post Office with a good range of cancels QV to Modern on stamp, piece or on cover noted 1897 Obliterator ‘10’ on Cover to Auckland, 1905 NZ telegraphic Cover with Squared cancel, parcel cancels, 1952 6d KGVI Registered Printed Cover, 1938 Calpurnia Crash Cover to Hamilton, 1944 Hamilton AF Cover. A good lot for a reseller. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$150
5104UNEW ZEALAND POSTMARKS 2x Crammed Shoeboxes all with cancels with the letter ‘B’ (BA-BR) all on stamp, pieces and on cover with Closed PO’s QV-Modern noted Babylon, Bald Hill Flat, Barewood, Barkley Village, Barrhill, Baton, Bell Hill, Bendigo, Beaumont 1944 Relief, Beautiful Valley TO, Benmore, Benwevis TO, Berlins TO, Bexley, Bideford, Big Omaha, Birchwood, Bridling’s Flat, Birkenhead 1932 Relief, Blackridge, Blackmount, Blackstone Hill, Black’s Point, Blandville, Bog Roy TO, Bombay 1938 Relief, Brightlands, Brixton. A great lot for a reseller. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$400
5105UNEW ZEALAND POSTMARKS 2x Crammed Shoeboxes all with cancels with the letter ‘F’ all on stamp, piece or on cover with Closed PO’s QV to Modern noted Fairburn’s Postcard, Favona TO, Fairlie Creek, Farewell Spit, Fareham-Delta AF Cover, Featherston MC 1916 Cover, Featherston POW Camp, Ferguson’s, Flat Creek Manuscript, Flaxbourne, Flaxton, Flemington, Forsyth, Frankton Junction PO Postcard, Frankton Junc TO, French Farm. A great lot for a reseller. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$400
5106UNEW ZEALAND POSTMARKS 2x Crammed Shoeboxes with cancels with the letter ‘C’ (CAB-CLEV) all on stamp, pieces and on cover with Closed PO’s QV to Modern noted Cabbage Bay, Cairnbrae, Cambridge West, Campbelltown Oblit on QV 1d Blue Pair, Canterbury Park MC, Cape Campbell TO, Carter’s Beach, Carnarvon, Caroline, Cass, Castle Hill, Caswell Sounds TO, Centre Island TO, Chasland’s, Chelsea, Cheltenham, Cheviot 1920 Reg Cover, Clarendon, Clark’s, Clarksville, Claris Airport TO, Claverley TO, Claybank TO. A great lot for a reseller. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$400
5107UNEW ZEALAND POSTMARKS 2x Crammed Shoeboxes with cancels with the letter ‘D’ on stamp, pieces or on cover with Closed PO’s QV to Modern noted Dairy Flat, Dalefield, Dalmore, Dawson Falls 1921 TO, Day’s Bay, Deep Bay TO, Deep Creek, Deep Water Cove TO, Denlair, Dillmanstown, Dipton West TO, Dorie, Douglas Road Postcard, Dreyertoin, Dromore, Drummond, Drybread, Duffers TO, Dunollie TO, Dunsandel Homemade Oblit Cover, Durie Hill TO, Dyerville. A great lot for a reseller. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$400
5108UNEW ZEALAND POSTMARKS 2x Crammed Shoeboxes with cancels with the letter ‘E’ on stamp, piece or on cover with Closed PO’s QV to Modern noted Ealing, East Chatton, Eastern Beach TO, Easter Show 1954 Relief Cover, Edendale North & South, Edgecumbe 1937 Relief Cover, Eiffelton, Eketahuna 1929 Relief, Elaine Bay, Ellesmere Postcard, Eltham PO Postcard, Eltham 1937 Relief, Endeavour Inlet, Epsom Early Red Seal piece, Esk Railway Works, Erina TO, Ethelton, Evansdale, Evans Flat. A great lot for reseller. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$350
5109UNEW ZEALAND POSTMARKS 2x Crammed Shoeboxes with cancels with the letter ‘M’ (MAB-MAU) all on stamp, piece or cover with Closed PO’s QV to Modern noted Mahau Manuscript, Mahia Manuscript, Maihiihi, Maitland, Makairo, Makahi TO, Maketu 1950 Relief, Maku, Malaghan’s, Mapuna, Mareretu 1954 Relief, Mareretu Tunnel. Great lot for a reseller. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$400
5110UNEW ZEALAND POSTMARKS 2x Crammed Shoeboxes with cancels with the letter ‘M’ (MAR-MAY) all on stamp, piece or cover with Closed PO’s QV to Modern noted Marima, Marshland, Marua, Marumaru, Mataipuku, Matarawa, Matawhero Cover, Matamateonga, Mauku, Maymorn Military Camp. Great lot for a reseller. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$350
5111UNEW ZEALAND POSTMARKS 2x Crammed Shoeboxes with cancels with the letter ‘M’ (MAU-MISS) all on stamp, piece or cover with Closed PO’s QV to Modern noted Mangaroa AF, Mangatina, Mangaramarama, Mangarawa, Mangaweka 1934 Relief Cover, Mangare, Merino Downs, Middlemarch 1942 Relief, Miko, Millburn, Miranda, Miro. Great lot for a reseller. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$400
5112UNEW ZEALAND POSTMARKS 2x Crammed Shoeboxes with cancels with the letter ‘O’ (OA-OM) all on stamp, piece or cover with Closed PO’s QV to Modern noted Oakleigh, Oamaru Paid 1912 Postcard, 1892 Oamaru OHMS Naval Artillery Postcard, Ohaewai A over 104 Obliterator, Ohakune Junction 1937 Relief, Ohanghai, Ohaupo 1935 Relief, Ohiwa, Ohnga, Ohura, Ohura 1948 Relief, Oio, Okonga, Omihi. A good lot for a resller. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$400
5113UNEW ZEALAND POSTMARKS 2x Crammed Shoeboxes with cancels with the letter ‘P’ all on stamp, piece or cover with Closed PO’s QV to Modern noted Packington, Paringa TO, Paetawai TO, Pahi, Pahautane TO, Pahautanui MC Relief, Pahiatua 1939 Relief, Pakihiroa, Paterson’s Inlet, Pleckville, Pollok Settlement 1939 Relief, Pomorangei TO, Portage, Port Albert Central, Port Craig, Port Hardy TO, Port Levy, Port Underwood. A good lot for a reseller. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$400
5114UNEW ZEALAND POSTMARKS 2x Crammed Shoeboxes with cancels with the letter ‘T’ (TI-TR) all on stamp, piece or cover with Closed PO’s QV to Modern noted Tikinui, Tikorangi, Timatanga, Tinline, Tira-ora, Tiriraukawa, Tirohanga TO, Tuapeka West, Tui, Tuna, Tussock Creek TO, Tutaekara, Tokata TO, Tokatoka Wharf, Trentham North TO, Trentham Rifle Range, Tripp TO. Good lot for a reseller. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$400
5115UNEW ZEALAND POSTMARKS 2x Folders on Gisborne Postal History with cancels, covers, photos and postcards (100’s)$200
5116UNEW ZEALAND POSTMARKS 2x Shoboxes with cancels with the letter ‘K’ (KE-KU) all on stamp, piece or cover with Closed PO’s QV to Modern noted Kenepuru, Kerikeri Inlet, Kereta TO, Kereru, Kihikihi 1954 Relief, Killinchy, Kimbell, Kimihia, Kirikau, Kohi, Kokako, Kokoamo, Komakorau, Komako, Komokoriti, Kopuriki, Korere, Korito, Koru, Kotuku, Kotoitoi Bay TO. A great lot for a reseller. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$400
5117UNEW ZEALAND POSTMARKS 2x Shoeboxes Crammed with cancels with the letter ‘L’ all on stamp, piece or covers with Closed PO’s QV to Modern noted Lower Rotoiti, Le Bon’s Bay, Levels, Lindis Crossing, Lindis Pass, Linton MC, Lismore Postcard, Little Grey Junc, Lowburn Ferry, Lottin Point, Lowburn Ferry. Great lot for a reseller. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$350
5118UNEW ZEALAND POSTMARKS 2x Shoeboxes with cancels with the letter ‘C’ (CH-CU) all on stamp, piece or on cover with Closed PO’s QV to Modern noted Clifden, Clifton, Closeburn TO, Coal Creek, Coal Creek Flat, Coatesville, Cobb River, Conical Hills, Conway Camp, Conway Flat, Coopers Creek Postcard, Courtenay, Crofton, Creighton TO, Croisilles, Cronadun, Cross Creek, Croydon Bush, Crushington, Cullenville, Cunningham’s. A great lot for a reseller. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$300
5119UNEW ZEALAND POSTMARKS 2x Shoeboxes with cancels with the letter ‘K’ (KAE-KAU) all on stamp, piece or cover with Closed PO’s QV to Modern noted Kaukura, Kaiaka Postcard, Kaiapoi PO Postcard, Kaihoka TO, Kaikohe 1935 Relief, Kaikora, Kaimanuka, Kaimaumau, Kaipara A over 1 Obliterator, Kaiparoro, Kairuru TO, Kaitaia A over 15 Obliterator, Kaitangiweka, Kaitawa, Kaipara, Kakahu Bush, Kakatihi, Kaukapakapa 1947 Relief, Kauroa, Kauwhata. A great lot for a reseller. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$400
5120UNEW ZEALAND POSTMARKS 3x Crammed Shoeboxes all with cancels with the letter ‘G’ all on stamp, piece or covers with Closed PO’s QV to Modern noted Galatea, Gapes Valley, Gebbies Flat, German Bay, Glade House, Glencoe Postcard, Glenfield South TO, Glenlee TO, Glenside, Glentanner TO, Green Island 1937 Relief, Green Street, Green Valley, Governors Bay, Guards Bay TO, Gunns TO, Guernsey Delta AF Cover, Grahams Beach TO, Granity Creek, Great Mercury Island, Golden Cross. A great lot for a reseller. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$500
5121UNEW ZEALAND POSTMARKS 3x Crammed Shoeboxes with cancel with the letter ‘M’ (MOA-MY) all on stamp, piece or cover with Closed PO’s QV to Modern noted Moengawahine, Moewhata, Moke Creek, Mokihinui, Moneymore, Morton Mains, Mornington 1953 Relief, Mt Beach, Mt Eden 1948 Relief, Motueka Wharf, Motupiko Rly, Moumoukai, Mourea 1953 Relief, Moturimu Cover, Muddy Creek A over 10 Obliterator, Muka, Murimotu, Murray’s Bay. Good lot for a reseller. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$500
5122UNEW ZEALAND POSTMARKS 3x Crammed Shoeboxes with cancels with the letter ‘H’ all on stamp, piece or cover with Closed PO’s QV to Modern noted Haast, Haast Pass Road, Hakana TO, Hakatere TO, Hamner Springs 1935 Relief Cover, Hapuku, Harakeke, Harben, Harewood TO, Harewood Road, Hau, Hauraki Road, Heao Valley, Hekeia, Helensville PO Postcard, Henderson’s Mill, Herepo, Hawera 1923 OHMS Cover, Hawkesbury, Hawkeswood TO, Hawkins, Huia Dam TO, Hunua Waterworks TO. A great lot for a reseller. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$600
5123UNEW ZEALAND POSTMARKS 3x Crammed Shoeboxes with cancels with the letter ‘S’ all on stamp, piece or cover with Closed PO’s QV to Modern noted St Albans 1940 Relief Cover, St John’s College Cover, Saltwater Creek, Sandy Bay, Scott’s Gap, Seagrove AF, Seaward Moss, Shaftesbury, Shag Valley, Shenadoah TO, Slope Point, Springlands, Staircase Creek TO, Stewart’s Gully, Streamlands, Sumner 1938 Relief Cover, Switzer’s. Good lot for a reseller. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$500
5124UNEW ZEALAND POSTMARKS 3x Crammed Shoeboxes with cancels with the letter ‘T’ (TA) all on stamp, piece or cover with Closed PO’s QV to Modern noted Table Hill, Tahatika, Tahere TO, Taiotea, Taipa, Taipo, Tamarau, Tamumu, Tangitu, Taonui, Tapuhi, Tapuwae, Tara, Tapuwaeroa, Taramoa, Tariki Hydro TO, Tautuke TO, Tawhere, Tauranga AF. A good lot for a reseller. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$500
5125UNEW ZEALAND POSTMARKS 3x Crammed Shoeboxes with cancels with the letter ‘T’ (TE) all on stamp, piece or cover with Closed PO’s QV to Modern noted Te Akatea, Te Arai Bridge, Te Awa 1930 Relief, Te Kohanga, Tekapo MC, Te Kopi TO, Te Ngae, Te Oneroa, Te Pu, Te Puke with 1887 Mail Seal piece, Te Rangaakaupo, Te Rehunga, Te Tua, Te Wharau, The Delta AF F & G Covers, The Key, The Muller TO. Good lot for a reseller. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$500
5126UNEW ZEALAND POSTMARKS 3x Crammed Shoeboxes with cancels with the letter ‘W’ (WAD-WAI) all on stamp, piece or cover with Closed PO’s QV to Modern noted Waddington, Waiaruhe, Waihao Forks, Waihi PO Real Photo Postcard, Waihopai, Waihungaroa, Waikawa Bay TO, Waikokowai TO, Waimai, Waimangaroa Junction, Waimauku 1950 Relief, Waiouru MC 1939 Relief, Waiowaka, Waipapakauri AF, Waitaki Hydro Cover, Waitane TO, Waitangi 1934 Relief. Great lot for a reseller. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$500
5127UNEW ZEALAND POSTMARKS 3x Crammed Shoeboxes withe cancels with the letter ‘R’ all on stamp, piece or cover with Closed PO’s QV to Modern noted Rakopi, Ranfurly 1935 Relief, Ranganui, Rangitata Island TO, Rapuwai TO, Raronui TO, Raumati, Ravensthorpe MC, Rockford, Rocklands, Rangahere, Rongokokako, Roto, Rotokino, Rough Ridge, Ruahine, Raupeka Island TO, Ruaroa, Runaruna. A good lot for a reseller. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$500
5128UNEW ZEALAND POSTMARKS 3x Shoeboxes all on DUNEDIN Chief Post Office with cancels on stamp, piece or on cover QV to Modern noted GB Inwards 1862 Cover, 4d Rose FFQ on piece, range of different cancels. Early Meter & Machine Covers, Registered & Unclaimed Covers. Nice Range. A great lot for a reseller. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$350
5129UNEW ZEALAND POSTMARKS 3x Shoeboxes withe cancels with the letter ‘O’ (OP-OT) all on stamp, piece or cover with Closed PO’s QV to Modern noted Opaki, Opio, Opitonui, Opunaki, Oraki, Oranoa, Oreti Plains, Orinoco, Oroua Bridge, Oruaiti, Otaihape, Otago Heads, Otapiri Gorge, Otangaroa, Otara, Otaua 1937 Relief, Otama, Otamakitai, Otewa. A good lot for a reseller. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$500
5130UNEW ZEALAND POSTMARKS 4x Shoeboxes crammed with cancels with the letter ‘A’ all on stamp, pieces and on covers with Closed PO’s QV to Modern noted Aohanga, Aohanga TO, Aokautere, Aongatete, Aporo, Aponga, Arakihi, Ararua, Arapae, Arapohue, Ardmore, Argyll East, Ararimu, Arno, Arthur’s Point, Asbestos Creek TO, Ashburton AF, Ashburton Forks, Ashley Downs, Ashwick Flat, Autawa TO, Avoca, Awa. A great lot for a reseller Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$500
5131UNEW ZEALAND POSTMARKS 5x Shoeboxes on WELLINGTON Chief Post Office with cancels on stamp, piece or on cover QV to Modern. A great range of cancels, machine cancels, railway related, unclaimed mails etc. A great for for a reseller. Ex Keith Richards (1000’s)$200
5132UNEW ZEALAND POSTMARKS Banana Box with 4x Shoeboxes noted Auckland Related Covers, mostly modern. Also box of different cancels on piece. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$100
5133UNEW ZEALAND POSTMARKS Banana Box with a Range of Covers including Closed PO’s, Some QE Period. Plus odd stamps. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$100
5134UNEW ZEALAND POSTMARKS Crammed Shoebox on NEW PLYMOUTH Chief Post Office with Range on stamp, piece or cover noted Oblit ‘9’ on FFQ stamp, 1905 Robt Lumsden Advertising Cover, 1944 New Plymouth AF Cover, 1904 New Plymouth Telegraph Registered Cover. Good Range of Covers. Good lot for a reseller. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$150
5135UNEW ZEALAND POSTMARKS Crammed Shoebox with cancels with the Letter ‘H’ on stamp, piece or on cover with Closed PO’s from QV to Modern noted Hillend, Hilton, Himatangi, Hindon, Hinemoa, Hinerua, Hira, Hiwipanga, Hoanga 1910 Postcard, Hohonu, Hokianga Heads TO, Hoteo North. A great for for a reseller. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$200
5136UNEW ZEALAND POSTMARKS Crammed Shoebox with cancels with the letter ‘W’ (WAR-WE) on stamp, piece or cover with Closed PO’s QV to Modern noted Warkworth 1928 Relief, also 1938 Cover, Wangarei heads, Wangapeka TO, Wayby, Weatherstone, Weheka, Wehenga TO, Western Spit, West Plains. Good lot for a reseller. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$150
5137UNEW ZEALAND POSTMARKS Crammed Shoebox with PALMERSTON NORTH Chief Post Office on stamp, piece or cover noted 1883 Z Obliterator Cover, 1910 Red Paid cancel on Postcard, 1940 Loose Letter Cover, 1931 Irregular Posted Registered Cover, 1929 Midland Motor Advertising Cover, 1940 Blue Pictorial Printed Cover, 1915 OHMS Cover, Palmerston North Military Camp Cover. Nice Lot. Good lot for a reseller. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$200
5138UNEW ZEALAND POSTMARKS Rammed Shoebox on GISBORNE Chief Post Office with cancels on stamp, piece or cover noted FFQ piece with Obliterator ‘8’ cancel, Post Office Real Photo Postcard, Star of Canada Ship Postcard, 1904 A over 57 Obliterator Cover, 1931 Airmail Cover, 1932 Gisbirne-Hastings Air Cover, Parcel cancels, Registered Covers. Nice lot. Good lot for a reseller. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$200
5139UNEW ZEALAND POSTMARKS Shoebox all on INVERCARGILL Chief Post Office with a good range of cancels on stamp, piece and on cover QV to Modern noted Post Office Postcard, 1865 2d Blue FFQ on piece, 4x Registered 1900’s Covers to Hobart, 1964 AR Registered Cover, 1931 Hotel Cecil Advertising Cover, KGV Parcel cancels, 1922 Postage Due Postcard, 1908 PO Telegraph Postcard, Invercargill Military Camp piece. A great lot for a reseller. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$200
5140UNEW ZEALAND POSTMARKS Shoebox crammed with NELSON Chief Post Office with a Range on stamp, piece & covers noted QV 1d FFQ tied on 1866 part cover, 1920 OHMS Lands & Survey Cover, Post Office Postcard, 1931 Postage Due Cover, 1940 Late Fee Cover, 1940 Non Transmissible Cover to Belgium, Nelson AF Cover. Good lot for a reseller. Ex Keith Richards (100’s) $150
5141UNEW ZEALAND POSTMARKS Shoebox crammed with WANGANUI Chief Post Office Range on stamp, piece or cover noted Post Office Real Photo Postcard, 1951 Postage Due Cover with 6x 1939 3d Dues. Also Wakanui, Wakapuaka, Wakapuaka Suburban & Walter Peak cancels. Good lot for a reseller. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$150
5142UNEW ZEALAND POSTMARKS Shoebox on BLENHEIM Chief Post Office with cancels on stamp, piece or cover noted Post Office Postcard, 1959 Marlborough Centennial Cinderella label on Cover, 1940 Public Trust NZ Printed Cover, 1893 OPSO Blenheim Rifle Volunteers Postcard, 1942 Telegram Cover. Also Blenheim AF Cover and cancels. Good Range and ideal for a reseller. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$150
5143UNEW ZEALAND POSTMARKS Shoebox on Masterton Chief Post Office with a good Range of cancels on stamp, piece or covers noted Post Office Postcard, 1914 OHMS Cover, 1914 Agricultural & Pastoral Assoc Printed Cover, 1907 Postage Due Postcard, 1928 McCracken’s Furniture Factory Advertising Cover. Good lot for a reseller. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$150
5144UNEW ZEALAND POSTMARKS Shoebox on THAMES Chief Post Office with a Range of cancels on stamp, piece & cover with cancels, postcards, Registered cover, Unclaimed covers, Trav PO Thames-Auckland Postcards. Good lot for a reseller. Ex Keith Richards (Several 100)$100
5145UNEW ZEALAND POSTMARKS Shoebox on WESTPORT Chief Post Office with a Range on stamp, piece or covers noted Post Office Postcard real photo, 1937 Illustrated First Day Cover, 1931 OHMS Unclaimed Cover, Official Paid Cacheted Cover. Also a Range of Whakatane Post Office cancels incl WAKATANE, unclaimed and slogan covers. Good lot for a reseller. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$100
5146UNEW ZEALAND POSTMARKS Shoebox with cancels with the letters ‘I & J’ all on stamp, piece or covers with Closed PO’s QV to Modern noted Idaburn, Ihurara 1909 Postcard, Ohakara, Inchbonnie, Inch Clutha, Incholme, Inglewood Real Photo Postcard, Trave PO Invercargill Postcard, Irwell, Jackson’s Bay, Jacob River, Johnsonville 1935 Relief, Jordan, Judgeford MC. A great lot for a reseller. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$200
5147UNEW ZEALAND POSTMARKS Shoebox with ROTORUA Chief PO items on stamp, piece or cover incl Post office real photo postcard, TH over 22 Bullseye Obliterator on 2d 2nd Sideface. Large range of cancels. Also Rotorua AF & Military Camp Covers & pieces. Good lot for reseller. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$150
5148UNEW ZEALAND POSTMARKS Shoebox with TIMARU Chief Post Office with a Range on stamp, piece or cover noted 1868 Inwards 3d FFQ Cover from Dunedin, 1949 AR OHMS Cover, Telegraph cancel, Parcel cancels, 1932 Timaru Airport Opening signed Cover, 1913 OHMS Unclaimed Cover. Good Range. Ideal lot for reseller. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$150
5149UNEW ZEALAND POSTMSARKS 3x Crammed Shoeboxes with cancels with the letter ‘W’ - (WH-WY) on stamp, piece or cover with Closed PO’s QV to Modern noted Whakamarino TO, Whakaranu, Whana, Whangakoko TO, Whangape, Whangarei Heads, Whangaripo, Winchmore, Wingatui MC, Woburn TO, Woodhill 1945 Relief, Woodville 1930 Relief, Whenuakura Rly, Whetukura. Great lot for a reseller. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$500
5150**NZ 1960’s-1980’s Sheets & Part Sheets Lot incl Commemoratives, Definitives, Healths & Christmas all in Mint Sheet Folders. Also some packs of blocks of various isssues. Face Value $4000 Approx plus Pre-decimals Clean lot (1000’s)$1250
5151*/UNZ TELECOM CARDS Filing Box with a Range of Packs & Folders (A Few)$50
5152*/**/UOLYMPICS 2x Boxes with 14x Albums plus a Large Box with Sets Mint & Used plus some Covers. World-wide Range (1,000’s)$500
5153CPACIFIC ISLANDS Archive Box 1970s-2000s First Day Cover Large Range of Covers. Nice Lot for used sets (100’s)$300
5154*/**/UPACIFIC ISLANDS BOX LOT with 5x Stockbooks/Albums Mint & Used with Earlies to Modern. Ex Dealer’s Stock. Huge Range. Suit reseller (100’s)$200
5155*/**/UPACIFIC ISLANDS BOX LOT with Range in 4x Albums & Stockbooks Mint & Used plus Some Covers incl Tongan Tin Can Mails. Useful Range (100’s)$250
5156CPACIFICS Small Box 1970’s-90’s Mainly Commercial Covers fro Fiji, Samoa, Solomon Islands & Tonga (350 approx)$250
5157*/**/UPAPUA NEW GUINEA 1935-1993 Collection in 2x Albums starting Papua 1935-39 Jubilee to Airmail Sets Mint, then PNG appears complete 1952-1979 Fine Used plus some extra Unhinged sets, then 1980-1993 Unhinged Mint appears complete. Includes 10x booklets, 2x Frama sets, Postage Dues first 5 values (no rare 6d), second set Unhinged. Tidy lot (100’s)$350
5158*/**/URAILWAY World Collection on Album Pages in 4x Large Folders. Great Range (1,000’s)$500
5159*/**/USOUTH AFRICA 1935-2000 Extensive Collection Unhinged and Fine Used Sets in 3x Stockbooks, sometimes in multiples, Year Packs 1995-2000, some Homeland issues, 2 Shoeboxes full of Unaddressed First Day Covers 1976-2000 (many 100’s)$750
5160*/**/USOUTH AFRICA BOX LOT with 3x 32 Black Page Stockbooks Earlies to Modern Mint & Used. Good Range (100’s)$100
5161USWITZERLAND Box Lot with 5x Stockbooks Used incl Pro Juventute issues plus an Album of Covers (100’s)$100
5162*/UTHEMATICS 16x Albums on the ‘TREE OF LIFE’ with a World Range on Albums Pages with Birds, Reptiles, Fauna & Fish themes etc (100’s)$250
5163*/UTHEMATICS Banana Box with 12x Warwick 55 Albums mostly with Butterflies World Wide Range on Album Pages. Also Stockbook and a box (100’s)$250
5164*/UTHEMATICS Banana Box with 12x Warwick 55 Albums with a good range noted Slania & Orchids (100’s)$250
5165*/UTHEMATICS Banana Box with a good World Range of themes in 14x Warwick 55 Albums. Large range (100’s)$200
5166*/**/UUNITED STATES OF AMERICA BOX LOT with 6x Albums & Stockbook mostly Used. Good Range (100’s)$200
5167**USA Filing Box of Modern Issues in Packets & on Album Pages (100’s)$150
5168CUSA Navy Cacheted Covers Large Range in 2x Large Boxes either in Folders or on Album Pages (100’s)$200
5169CUSA POSTAL HISTORY Bundle of 175 Commercial Covers 1937-1974 Airmail USA to Great Britain all to one address in Great Britain, various rates and stamps, mixed condition, noted 3 with censor tape 1940-42 (175)$100
5170CUSA Postal Stationery Collection of Postcards & Envelopes plus Christmas Seal Collection 1958/64 written up on 29 Album Pages (Several 100)$50
5171CWORLD AEROGRAMMES 7x Large Albums with plastic sleaves with a World Wide Range Mint & Used. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$150
5172CWORLD AEROGRAMMES 8x Large Albums with plastic sleaves with a World Wide Range Mint & Used. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$200
5173CWORLD AEROGRAMMES 8x Large Folders in plastic sleaves noted Great Britain, India, Belgium, Christmas & Cocos Islands, Some World Mint & Used. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$200
5174CWORLD AEROGRAMMES 8x Large Folders with plastic sleaves noted Pacific Islands, Hong Kong & some World Mint & Used. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$200
5175CWORLD AEROGRAMMES 9x Large Folders in plastic sleaves incl Australia, Malaysia, South Africa, India Mint & Used. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$200
5176CWORLD AEROGRAMMES Filing Box Noted Great Britain, Australia etc Mint & Used Range (250 approx)$100
5177CWORLD AEROGRAMMES in 8x Large Binders with plastic sleaves with NZ & a Range of World Countries Mint & Used. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$200
5178CWORLD AEROGRAMMES Large Box with 5x Large & 3x Medium Albums with plastic sleaves with a World Wide Range Mint & Used. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$150
5179CWORLD AEROGRAMMES Large Box with 8x Large Folders in plastic sleaves with a World Wide Range. Ex Keith Richards (100’s)$200
5180CWORLD AEROGRAMMES Medium Size Box with a Range on First Day Cover Album Pages with World Range and an Album of Australia (Several 100)$100
5181CWORLD BOX with 18x Photo Folders with a Wide Range Covers & Postcards with Useful Early USA, NZ, Canada, Maritime, Germany. Suit Internet Sellers (100’s)$450
5182**WORLD Box with World Miniature Sheets/Sheetlets with a good Modern Range including Thematic Related (250 approx)$200
5183CWORLD Carton COVERS Large Lot woth Commercial Covers & First Day Covers. Wide Range. Hours of Work. Suit Internet Seller (1200 approx)$250
5184CWORLD COVERS in Carton with a Good Range of NZ & Pacifics 1940’s to Modern. Some Commercial. Mixed Condition (100’s)$250
5185CWORLD COVERS Large Lot in Filing Box incl Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain etc Earlies to Modern. Condition varies. Suit internet seller. Hours of fun and work (1400 approx)$400
5186*/UWORLD Early to Middle Period Collection in 2x Old Favourite Albums stuffed full. Hours of hunting for gems (7000)$500
5187**WORLD Filing Box with a huge Range of World Miniature Sheets Unhinged. Good for Thematics and suit a reseller (100’s)$300
5188*/UWORLD Large Box with 16x Albums & Stockbooks with a World-wide Range Mint & Used (100’s)$250
5189*/UWORLD Large Box with 21x Albums & Stockbooks Mint & Used incl Australia, Great Britain, Asia, Belgium, USA etc (1000’s)$250
5190*/**/UWORLD LARGE CARTON Noted New Zealand & PNG in Albums, Mixed Covers, Loose stamps in Packets (1000’s)$250
5191*/**/UWORLD THEMATICS Collection of Stamps & Covers on WINE Theme includes a 16 Page Exhibit with other interesting range of countries and related material. A great lot to expand (100’s)$500
5192*/UWORLD THEMATICS in Stockbooks includes Covers & Postcards. Interesting Range in a Banana Box. (100’s)$100
5193CWORLD WILDLIFE FUND Collection of 1980’s sets on individual First Day Covers for 32 countries from Afganistan to Zil Elwannyen Sesel in WWF Album. SG Cat £230 as used sets (126)$100
5194**WORLD WILDLIFE FUND Collection of 1980’s Sets Unhinged for 38 Countries from Afghanistan to Zil Elwannyen Sesel in 2x WWF Albums with supporting literature about the animals. SG Cat £570 (150 stamps)$250
5195U1913/1980 Collection in Warwick 55 Album with a good Range. Odd duplication (Several 100)$75
5196U1913/2004 Good Range on Album Pages with Definitives & Commemoratives. Useful lot. Proceeds to go to a Charity (2500)$250
5197U1913/70s Collection on Printed Album Pages incl Roos 1st Watermark Set to 2/- Brown incl 4d Orange Yellow shade, 2nd Watermark Set SG 24/30, 3rd Watermark Set to 10/-, 1923/24 £1 Grey SG 75, 1931/36 £2 C of A SG 128. Some KGV & Commemoratives. Most Very Good to Fine Used Cat £3300 (140)$1250
5198*/U1926/30 KGV 4 1/2d Violet Collection of Plate varieties annotated on 12 Album Pages mostly Used. Good condition includes a few OS’s Mint includes an Imprint Pair. High Catalogue Value (100)$800
5199U1966/1985 Used Collection in Seven Seas Illustrated Album with slipcase appears complete Good to Fine Used (100’s)$125
5200U1986/1995 Used Collection in Seven Seas Illustrated Album with slipcase, appears complete mainly Fine Used. Sets in joined strips/blocks have an additional set of singles (100’s)$175
5201U1991/2001 Used Collection in Seven Seas Illustrated Album with slipcase, appears complete Fine Used. Noted high value ‘Internationals’ up to $20 CTO. Sets in joined strips/blocks have an additonal set of singles. (100’s)$200
5202U2001/2005 Used Collection in Seven Seas Illustrated Album with slipcase, appears complete mainly Fine Used. Sets in joined strips/blocks have an additional set of singles (100’s)$150
5203*/**/U1844-1930’s Sttockbook Mint & Used Range incl some Bullseye Stamps Nice Range Nice lot (100’s)$500
5204U1863/1926 Collection on Printed Album Pages incl 1860/76, 1889 Definitives Set SG 193/205, 1905/07 72c & 96c SG 249/50, 1913/21 KGV Part Set to 96c. Mostly in good condition. SG Cat £1500 (101)$500
5205U1907/31 Collection on Printed Album Pages incl 1907 Large Canoes 1d, 2d, 2 1/2d & 6d; 1908 Small Canoe Set SG 8/17; 1914/23 KGV Set (No 2d Grey) SG 22/38, 1922/31 KGV Set to 2/6. Mostly Fine Used Cat £1500 (46)$500
5206*/U(Japanese Occupation) 1942 Overprint 1a Purple-Brown (2), 3p Bright Violet, 6p Bright Blue & Official 6p Bright Blue Mint plus a few other issues and values Mostly Mint (21)$400
5207U1852/1927 Collection on Printed Album Pages incl 1852/57 Imperf 3d Red, 6d Slate Violet, 7 1/2d Yellow Green, 10d Dull Blue SG 5, 9, 12, 14, 15; 1868/90 QV Range to 15c, 1897 Jubilee Complete Set (the $1 to $5 with heavier parcel cancels); 1897/98 & 1898/02 QV Sets; 1903 KEVII Set Complete; 1908 Quebec Set. Mostly good condition SG Cat £14,000 (176)$3000
5208U1853/1904 Collection on Printed Album Pages incl a page of Triangles with a good range of shades & different printings incl 1861 4d Woodblock SG 14 with a Certificate Cat £2250, Also 1874/76 Surcharges, 1882/83 Set to 5/-. Mostly in good condition. SG Cat £8000 (90)$1500
5209U1857/1927 Collection on Printed Album Pages incl 1857 Imperf 1/2d Dull Mauve, 1857/59 Imperfs 1d(2), 2d, 6d & 10d, 1861/64 Perforated 8d Brown SG 24, 1863/66 4d Rose Carmine SG 52, 5d Yellow Olive, 1872/80 QV Set to 96c. Most Very Good to Fine Used. SG Cat £3738 (149)$1000
5210U1913/33 Junk Definitive Low Values Range in Packets separated into London, 1st & 2nd Peking Printings. Good Range (100’s)$200
5211*/UCollection Earlies to Modern Mint & Used Range on Album Pages (100’s)$100
5212*/UCultural Revolution Period Range on Album Pages mostly Fine Used incl 1967 Text 8f gold frame (SG 2350), 1967 Labour Day 4 values (SG 2354/57), 1967 Communist Party 4f, 35f, 43f, 1967 Our Great Teacher 8f & 10f (SG 2368/9), 1967 Poems 3 values, 1968 Literature & Art most values, 1968 Mao’s Anti-American Declaration, 1968 8f Directive (SG 2398), 1968 Thoughts of Mao, and other earlier issues. Also 1968 Mao’s Youth 8f Mint (SG 2403). SG Cat £1300 (dozens)$900
5213*/U1890s-1970s Collection Mint & Used on Album Pages in Warwick 55 Album (100’s)$100
5214*/**/U1892/1980’s Collection on Album Pages with Range Sets & singles. Mostly Mint. Useful early issues. (Several 100)$150
5215U1851/2010 Davo Printed Album incl 1854/57 Imperfs, 1864/68 Set. A good Range Definitives & Commemoratives. Clean lot (100’s)$375
5216**/CCHRISTMAS SEALS Collection on Album Pages with labels, sheets and on Cover/Postcards 1904-2000’s Range. Also surplus Stockbook & Reference Book (100’s)$250
5217*/ULOCAL POST Collection on Album Pages all annotated and with Maps (385 stamps+27 Cards) plus surplus stockbook (100-150). Also 2x Reference Books (500+)$250
5218U1903/22 KEVII & KGV Range on Stockcards & Hagner Pages Mint & Used incl KEVII Set SG 104/13, 1912 KGV Set to 5/-, 1922/27 KGV Script Watermarks Mint. Some shades. Cat £500 (110)$200
5219**1952/2010 2x Sevens Seas Albums with slipcases with a Complete Range of Stamps & Min Sheets Unhinged (100’s)$375
5220*/**COLONIES Large Printed Album with mostly a Mint Range Earlies to Modern with good ranges from Ivory Coast, Congo, Comoros, Cameroun, French Equatorial Africa, Dahomey, Indo-China, New Caledonia, Senegal. Mainly clean lot. Cat £9000 (100’s)$2500
5221*/U1880/1980 Collection on Album Pages Mint & Used. Proceeds to go to a Charity (524)$50
5222*/U1876/1938 Range Mint & Used on Album Pages incl 1889 1d on 6d Used, 1899 5/-, 10/-(2) & 20/- Used, KEVII 1904/06 2/6 Used, 1907/13 KEVII 2/6 Used, 1913/21 KGV 10/- x2, 1928 Set Used. Mostly Good Condition. Cat £1000+ (123)$375
5223U1840/1925 Collection on Printed Album Pages with a good range incl 1840 QV 1d Black (2) 7 2d Blue (2), 1856/58 1d & 2d P16, Embossed 6d, 10d, 1/-, 1855/57 to 1/-, 1862/64 to 1/-, 1867/80 to 2/-, 1867/83 5/- Rose, 1880/83 to 1/-, 1883/84 to 10/-, 1883 Set, 1902 KEVII to 5/-, KGV Range. Mainly Good Condition. SG Cat £23, 000 (283)$3000
5224U1858/1879 QV 1d Red’s Range in a 8 Page Stockbook with Plate Numbers mostly on piece but many with trimmed perfs. (Approx 1100)$250
5225U1930’s-2012 32x Page Stockbook with Definitives & Commemoratives. Useful Range (100’s)$100
5226*/**/U1950s-70s QE Wilding Range on Album Pages incl Castle issues both Mint & Used with Exploded Booklets, Covers etc Clean lot (100’s)$200
5227U1978/2010 3x Warwick 55 Albums with a good Range Commemoratives Fine Used (Several 100)$150
5228UMachins Good Range on Pages all identified. Mostly in good condition (Several 100)$100
5229UQV to Modern Range on Album Pages. Useful Range. Proceeds to go to a Charity (535)$50
5230UREVENUES Folder with a Range of Excise Revenue, Consular Service, Contact Note, Transfer Duty, Foreigh Bill, Chancery Court, Passport, Common Law Courts, National Insurance. Interesting lot (184)$150
5231UQV 1/2a Blue & 1a Brown Range mostly on pieces in 8 Page Stockbook noted a few mutiples and postmarks (Several 100)$50
5232U1891/1903 Collection on Printed Album Pages incl 1898 Arms Set SG 75/79, 1896 Jubilee Set, 1899 4c Overprints SG 102/110. No CTO cancels counted SG Cat £675 (71); North Borneo 1883/1923 Collection incl 1883 8c/2c Surcharges SG 2&3, Some Postage Dues. Some CTO but not counted SG Cat £1615 (100); Sarawak 1871/1928 Range incl 1918 Part Set to $1 (No 8c), 1923 1c/10c Surcharge Cat £352 (46). Good Condition SG Cat £2642 (217)$850
5233U1874/1905 Collection on Printed Album Pages incl 1874/75 3d & 1/-, 1876/79 Set to 1/- (No 3d), 1884/86 5/- Blue SG 28 Good Used, 1887/1902 Set to 10/- (No 2’6), 1904 KEVII 5/- SG 52. Good to Fine Used. SG Cat £1779 (36)$500
5234U(States) Collection on Printed Album Pages - Johore 1882/1928 incl 1896/99 Set to $1, 1904/10 incl $1, $3, $4, $5, $10 plus $100 Fiscally Used, 1919 $10 SG 102, Range Kedah, Kelantan, Negri Sembilan incl 1895/99 SG 5/14, Pahang, Perak, Selangor, Trengganu plus Federated Malay States incl 1900/01 $5 SG 25a. Mostly Good Condition. SG Cat £5520 (248)$1250
5235U1867/1927 Collection on Printed Album Pages incl 1867 SG 1, 3, 6, 8, 9, 1867/72 QV to 96c, 1883 2c/4c SG 61, 1884 4c/5c Blue SG 73, 8c/12c SG 74, 8c/12c SG 95, 1902/03 KEVII $5 SG 121, 1904/10 KEVII Range to $5, 1906 Labuan Overprints 2c, 3c, 4c(2), 8c & $1, 1921/23 KGV $100 Fiscally Used. Good Condition SG Cat £3260 (138)$850
5236U1858/1928 Collection on Printed Album Pages incl 1858 SG 27/29, 1859 2d SG 39, 1859/61 Imperfs, 1900/05 to 1r, 1910 KEVII 5r. Mostly good condition. SG Cat £3300 (161)$1000
5237U1852/2010 Davo 2 Albums with a Comprehensive Rate of Sets & singles incl 1869/71 Definitives, 1872/88 Set to 2gl 50c, 1891/96 Definitives to 5gl, 1899/1905 High values to 10gld, 1913 Jubilee Set, 1923 Jubilee Set. Odd blemish. High Catalogue Value (100’s)$1000
5238*/UCOLONIES 2x Albums - One Printed with Mint & Used Range of Netherland Indies, Curacao, Suriname; The other a Springback Album with Netherland Indies & Indonesia 1945/1984 Mint & Used. Condition varies but useful sets & singles (100’s)$200
5239*/U1851/63 Imperf 3d Bright Red & Dull Red SG 1&2, 6d Yellow SG 3, 1860/63 Range to 17c; Nova Scotia 1851/63 incl 1851/60 Imperfs 1d Red-Brown, 3d Bright Blue, 6d Yellow Green Used; Prince Edward Island incl 1861 6d Yellow Green SG 4 plus other Mint & Used. Good Condition SG Cat £4685 (42)$1250
5240U1960/69 Album Page of Fine Used incl 1969 100f Concorde, 1968 100f Murex Shell, other Shells to 21f, 1967 29f Butterfly etc. SG Cat £119 (21)$80
5241*/**/ULarge 32 Page Stockbook Earlies to Modern includes Oceanic Settlements & French Polynesia Mint & Used. Good Range (100’s)$200
5242*/**/ULarge 32 Page Stockbook with Vanuatu plus Range of PNG, Samoa & Tonga. Earlies to Modern Mint & used (100’s)$200
5243U1855/1926 Collection on Printed Album Pages with a Comprehensive Range of Full Face Queens from London Prints 2d & 1/- SG 2&3, 1855/58 1d to 1/- SG 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 13, 14, 16, 17, Large Star Watermarks & a few Roulettes, , Pelure Paper Imperf 2d, 6d, 1/- & 6d Roulette SG 88, NZ Watermark Imperfs SG 97/100, 1/- P12 1/2 SG 106, 1/- Roulette SG 104. SG Cat £33, 000. Also Range Sidefaces, 1898 Pictorials, 1906/1913 Exhibitions, KEVII & KGV Range, Postage Dues, Officials & Life Insurance. Mostly Good condition. SG Cat £40, 000 (330)$5000
5244*/**1855/1974 Mint Collection in Tasman Album, mixed condition. Includes Imperf FFQ 1d Red 3 Margins Mint, 8x Perf FFQ with or without gum 1d Red, 1d Brown, 2d Orange, 3d Lilac, 4d Yellow, 1/- Green mostly in good condition. Then 1882 Sidefaces 1d-3d and 6d, 1898 Pictorials 1d-4d, 8d, 9d, 1909 KEVII Set, 1920 Victory Set, 1931 Airs, 1935 Jubilee, 1935 Pictorials, 1940 Centennial, 1953 QE Set, Range of Health & Officials etc. ACS Cat $8500 (100’s)$1750
5245*/U1855/1977 SG Album with 2x Imperf FFQ, 7x Perf FFQ faults, 1974 5/- Grey Fiscal, 1898 1/2d to 2/- London Prints Mint, Healths 1930 Fine Used, 1931 Red & Blue Boys Good Used etc. Also file box First Day Covers up to 2001. ACS Cat $5000 not including the fiscally used (100’s)$600
5246*/**1855/1980 2x Stockbooks incl Imperf Full Face Queens 1d Red, 2d Blue, 3d Brown Lilac & 1/- Green. Also 6d Red brown NZ Wmk SG 99 with 3 Margins, Perforated Full Face Queens 2d Blue, 2d Orange, 3d Lilac, 4d Yellow (3, incl 2x SG 139), 6d Red-Brown NZ Wmk SG 108, 1/- Green, 1898 Pictorials to 5/-, 1906 Christchurch Exh Mint & Unhinged Sets, 1913 Auckland Exhibition Set Unhinged, KGV Recess, 1926 Admirals x 3 Sets Mint, 1931 15/- Arms unh, 1931/34 ASirs Mint, 1958 2d Stars x 2, Healths incl 1931 Red & Blue Boys, Officials 1907 6d Kiwi unh, KGV Recess Officials Set. Odd blemishes. High Catalogue Value (Several 100’s)$5000
5247U1855/1980 2x Stockbooks Noted Imperf Full Face Queens 1d SG4, 2d SG5, 1/- SG 3 with tiny pinhole (has RPSNZ 1979 Certificate, 1/- SG 16, 2d SG 39, 3d SG 40, 6d SG42, 6d SG 43, 6d SG 85, 1d SG 97; Perforated Full Face Set plus 3d Accidental Imperf, 1874 2/- First Sideface Fiscal, 1898 Pictorials to 5/-, 1906 Christchurch Exhibition Set, 1925 Dunedin Exhibition Set, 1926 Admirals, 1931 £2.10s Red Fiscal, 1931 Red & Blue Boys, 1898 5/- Officials x 2. Odd blemishes. High Catalogue Value (Several 100’s)$2500
5248*/**/U1855/1980’s Stockbook incl FFQ’s Imperf 1d Orange (3), 6d Brown & 1/- Green Used, Perforated FFQ’s values to 1/- (23), QV Long Types, Life Insurance, Postage Dues Used, KGV 1 1/2d Two Perf Pair in a Block of 8 Unhinged, QE 1954 Officials 3d+4d Plate Proof Pairs, 1d Universals Used. Also 2nd Sideface 1d, 2d, 2 1/2d Used. Odd faults (100’s)$1000
5249U1855/1983 Collection Used/Fine Used in Lighthouse Hingeless Specialised Album incl 7x Imperf FFQ 1d-1/- mixed margins, 15x Perf FFQ 1d-1/- incl 4d Rose, 1874 First Sideface 1d-1/- plus 2/- Fiscal, 1882 2nd Sidefaces Set, 1898/1907 Pictorials complete for different printings except only 1x 5/- which is fiscal, 1906 Christchurch Exh Set, 1913 Auckland Exh 1/2d to 3d, Most KEVII, Most KGV, 1920 Victory Set, 1925 Dunedin Set, 1926 Admirals, Healths 1929/83 (faults on 1931), 5 pages 1935 Picts, 1958 2d Stars Error. Some identification maybe not correct. No Officials/Back of Book. ACS Cat $11,000 for simplified (100’s)$2500
5250U1855/1986 Used Collection in Premier Album, mixed condition. Includes 4x Imperf FFQ 1d-6d, 1862 Perf FFQ Set of 11, several Sidefaces, 1898 Officials to 2/-, 1909 KEVII Set & officials Set, 1935 Pictorials Set & Official Set, Healths 1929-30, 1931 Red & Blue Boys, 1882 Postal Fiscals Range 1d to 15/- fiscally used plus £5 Blue on piece of document etc. ACS Cat $5700 ignoring the fiscals (100’s)$900
5251*/**/U1855/67 Pre-decimal Collection in Lighthouse Hingeless Album, mixed condition. incl 20x FFQ Used, 1882 Set Used, Advert 2 1/2d to 1/- one each, 1898 Picts Set Mint, 1898 Officials to 2/- Used, 1906 CH Exh 1d & 3d Mint, 1909 KEVII Set & Officials Mint, 1915 KGV Recess & Officials Mint, 1920 Victory Mint, 1925 DN Exh Mint, 1926 3/- Admiral Mint, 2/- Official Mint, Health 1929/1966 Mint plus Min Sheets, 1931/35 Airs Mint, 1935 Pictorials Mint & used with printings, 1958 2d Stars Error Mint. Life Insurance 1891 1/2d to 6d Used, 1905 Range Mint/Used. Postal Fiscals & Arms range to £2.10s Fine Used, £4.10s suspect cancel. ACS Cat $20, 000 (100’s)$4000
5252*/U1862-1949 Collection on Album Pages Mint & Used including Perforated Full Face Queens 1d Brown (2), 2d Orange (3) & 1/- Green, First Sidefaces to 1/- incl 3d Brown Fine Used, 1/- Green (2) one with a plate flaw, Range 2nd Sidefaces with different printings Used with the odd advert stamp, 1898 Pictorials Range to 2/- incl 2/- Milford London Print Used, KEVII Used Range incl 6d Red P14x13 1/2, 1935 Pictorials Range Mostly Mint to 1/- incl 4d P14 Unhinged, Odd Arms incl 11/- on 11/- Yellow Used. Condition varies but useful better stamps (426)$500
5253U1873/2000 Collection on Printed Album Pages with a Good Range. Noted Alf E Bowen 1/4d General Grocer Revenue stamp. Also Range Alternative Post issues. Proceeds to go to a Charity (1900)$150
5254*/U1874/1935 Small Collection on Album Pages incl First Sideface Set to 1/- Used, 2nd Sideface P11 Set Complete plus P10 Part Set to 1/- Used, 1898 Pictorials London Print Set to 1/- Used, 1920 Victory to 1/- Used, 1929 & 1930 Healths, 1935 Airmails. Mostly Used ACS Cat $1800 (87)$200
5255*/U1874/1970’s Dealer’s Surplus Stockbook with Range of Mint & Used noted 2nd Sideface Mint values to 1/-, 1898 Pictorials to 5/- Mint, 6d 2nd Sideface Plate Proof Block of 4, 1898 Pictorials Used to 5/- incl 2x 5/- Mt Cook, Range of Wage Tax Stamps on 4 pages, A few Advert stamps, 1931 Red & Blue Boys Mint, Arms Range Used. ondition varies (Several 100)$1000
5256U1882/1900 Second Sidefaces Specialised Collection Used/Fine Used all identified on pages in Warwick Album, range of printings & shades (no 8d value), several 1d plate flaws. Also page 1/2d Newspaper stamps. CP Cat $4300 (215)$500
5257*1882/1940 Mint Collection on 5 Old Album Pages, mixed condition & some perf toning in places. Noted 1882 Sideface 4d Green fine Mint, 1898 Pictorials Range 1/2d to 2/-, 1909 KEVII Set & Officials Set, 1915 KGV Recess Set & Officials Set, 1915 KGV Surface Set & Official Set, 1920 Victory Set, 1926 Admirals Set Fine Mint, 1935 Pictorials, 1940 Centennials & Officials etc. ACS Cat $4500 (145)$900
5258*/U1882/1948 Collection in Red Springback Album, mixed condition incl Healths 1931 red & Blue Boys Mint, Cat $2500 (250)$350
5259*/**/U1891/1988 Back of the Book Album including Life Insurance 1891 Set Used (Cat $750), 1905 No VR Set Used, 1891 1/2d & 1d Mint, 1905 No VR Set Mint (Missing the expensive 1d Blue & 2d Chestnut), further sets to 1981, Postage Dues range 1902-1939 Sets Mint & Used, Ross Dependency 1967 Set in Pairs Unhinged, Health 1939 Fine Used, 1931 2d Blue Boy Fine used, other Healths up to 1988 including Min Sheets, several Aramoana Cinderella Min Sheets etc. ACS Cat $3000 (100’s)$750
5260U1898/1908 Pictorials 1/2d to 2/- Spcialised Collection Used/Fine Used all identified on pages in Warwick Album, ranges of printings & shades. Noted 1900 1d Deep Crimson-Lake (CP Cat $500), 1907 1 1/2d Boer War P14 Fine Used dated 1908 (CP Cat $160), 7x 2/- Milford, pages 1/2d Green Mt Cook. CP Cat $3800 (200)$600
5261*/**1900 1/2d Mt Cook Specialised Collection all identified by CP listings including some Blocks noted CP F4a Cowan P11 Wmk 2x Mint. Also 13x Dickie Trial stamps. Odd Officials. Condition varies. Good Range (179)$500
5262U1901 1d Universal Range of Used Different Printings duplicated on 13 Hagner Pages incl Officials. Good for research. (530)$100
5263U1901 1d Universal Well written up Collection with a Range of Printings on 7 Album Pages all Used Noted Pirie P11 Carmine-Lake &  Deep Carmine-Lake shades, Basted Mills Mixed Perfs, Cowan No Watermark Mixed Perfs, Cowan Watermarked P14x11 & Mixed Perfs, Dot Plate P11x14. Some flaws and shades (152)$500
5264*/**1901/1977 Mint or Unhinged Collection in Warwick Album with 1901 1d Universal then KGV Range onward, some toning in earlier period but includes 1958 2d Stars Error Fine Unhinged. Many full sets. ACS Cat $2400 (450 approx)$450
5265*/**/U1906/1960 Small Range on Album Pages Noted 1906 Christchurch Exhibition 1/2d, 1d, 3d Used, 1925 Dunedin Exhibition Set Used, 1926 Admirals 2/- 4x Mint, 7x Used, 3/- 4x Mint & 3x Used, 1d Field Marshal Pages incl Jeyes Booklet Pane Mint, 1940 Centennial Set in Unhinged Mint Pairs, 1953 10/- Queen Plate 3 Block (1x lightly hinged). Also Range QV Lont types Revenues Range to £1 plus odd Railway Charges 9d, 1/-, 2/-(2). Condition varies (300)$500
5266*/**/U1906/1970’s Range on Hagner Pages incl 1906 Christchurch Exhibition Set Mint & Used Set in Vertical Pairs Fine Used, 1913 Auckland Exhibition Sets Mint & Used, 1915 KGV Recess Set Mint, 1925 Dunedin Exhibition Set in Blocks of 4 (2x Unhinged), plus Set Used plus Extra 1d(3) & 4d values, 1926 2/- Admiral Pair Unhinged (one stamp with a light tone), 1953 2/6 QE brown Block of 4 Unhinged, 1968 $2 Multi Geyser 38x Unhinged & 15x Fine Used, Healths with 1931 Red & Blue Boys 2x Mint Pairs, One No Gum. High Catalogue Value (300)$1250
5267U1909 KEVII & KGV Specialised Collection Used/Fine Used identified on pages in Warwick Albums, ranges of printings & shades. Noted KEVII 1910 3d Brown P14 Fine Used, Official 3d P14x13 1/2 Used (CP Cat $400), KGV Official 1916 3d Chocolate P14 Provisional Paper Fine Used (CP Cat $250), Official 8d Brown with light parcel pmk (CP Cat $400), several poor 2/- & 3/- Admirals not counted in the Cat value, Official 1 1/2d Orange-Brown 1929 P14 Fine Used (CP Cat $100) & 1934 P14x15 Fine Used (CP Cat $130). Total CP Cat $2800 (240 stamps)$475
5268*/**1909/1970 Mint Collection in mixed condition, including 1909 KEVII Set & Officials Set with gum faults (no 1d values), 1906 Christchurch Exhibition (6d edge nick), several 1915 KGV Officials, 1931-34 Airmails, 1938 KGVI various, 1953 QE Set, 1967 Pictorials Blocks of 4 Mint/Unhinged, 1967/69 Pictorial Blocks of 4 Mint/Unhinged. ACS Cat $2500 (210)$500
5269*/U1915/29 KGV Surface Collection Printings, remnants of Specialised Collection on Pages Mint & Used in mixed condition, various papers & perfs, multiples, duplication with some shades. CP Cat $800+ (139)$150
5270U1935 Pictorials Specialised Collection Used/Fine Used identified on pages in Warwick Album, many printings & shades, many used blocks, odd plate flaws and inverted watermarks. CP Cat $7000 (850)$1000
5271U1935/1983 Specialised Collection mostly Fine Used in Lighthouse Stockbook with a large range 1935 Pictorials (CP Cat $3000) noted 1d Kiwi P13 1/2 x 14 L2b, 4d Line Perf 14, 9d 1941 single wmk L11d x2, single watermarks of 2/- & 3/-, 1941 3/- P12 1/2 L14e, Official 1d P13 1/2 x 14 LO2b, Official 2d P12 1/2 LO4d etc. The 1938 & 1940 Sets & Officials, 1953 QE Set incl Scarce 1/- Die 2 Fine Used etc. Plus basic Fine Used sets up to 1983. CP Cat $3700 (100’s)$1000
5272*/**1938/1968 Counter Coil Pairs Collection: 6x KGVI 3d to 1/3, good range 27x QE 2d to 1/6, 1960 Full Set Red Numbers Unhinged, 1967/68 Full Set Mint. Total 30x Unhinged, 23 lightly mounted. CP Cat $1170 (53 Pairs)$400
5273**1938/1996 Range on Hagner Pages incl 1953 QE Definitives Set, 1954 QE Officials Set plus Decimals with a duplicated Range plus Blocks (Face Value = $1650) All Unhinged (100’s)$1000
5274**1954/1980’s Part Sheet & Blocks Noted 1955 QE 8d Brown Block of 60, 1954 2 1/2d on 2d Official Block of 80, 1962 8d Telegraph Sheet of 120, 1963 8d Cable Sheet of 48, 1965 2/- Parliamentary Conference x 102 in Blocks, 1967 $2 Pink Geyser Part Block of 40, 1972 Lakes Set in Blocks of 30, 1969 1/2c Moeraki Point Life Insurance Sheet of 100 etc. ACS Cat $4500 (1377)$500
5275**1954/1991 Booklet Range on looseleaf pages noted W23a(z), W23b, W34a(z) etc CP Cat $1700 (56)$400
5276**1967 Pictorial Counter Coil Sets Complete of all Values - CP ODC 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 13, 22, 24 Fine Unhinged. Also some coil leaders and ends. CP Cat $3800$1000
5277*/**1967 Pictorials (37 Blocks values to 30c) & 1970 Pictorial (28 Blocks) with Plate varieties annotated on Album Pages. Also 1970 Coil Ranges (A few 100’s)$200
5278**1970 Defintive Varieties - 7c Fish No Wmk Block of 12 with Yellow Colour Shift, 8c Fish No Wmk Block of 12 with a Black Colour Shift, 50c Headland Missing Right Green headland 6x Unhinged & 1x Fine Used. Also 50c Headland Missing Buff Colour 5x Unhinged & 1x Raised Left Dark Green Headland plus 18c with slight Black Colour Shift Unhinged (37)$250
5279**1970 Pictorial Coils Watermarked Sets - 3c, 4c, 5c, 8c, 10c, 20c plus 10c Unwatermarked Complete Unhinged CP Cat $600 (133)$150
5280*/**/U2004 Olympic Set Collection on 9 Pages written up for an Exhibition includes several Mint sets, 4x Commercial Covers, 2004 Olympic pin, and several stamps with the wrong lenticular image which we assume are forgeries: 45c with 90c image, 45c with $1.50 image, 90c with 45c image, 90c with $2 image (9 pages)$150
5281CAIRMAIL COVERS 1931-1970’s Album with a good range noted 1931 Airmail Cover to London with 3x 2 1/2d Wakitipu’s, 1931 Christchurch-Dunedin signed Cover, 1931 Hastings-Gisborne Dominion Airline Cover, Range 1931/1932 Flight Covers, 1932 Flight Covers to South Africa & Uganda, 1934 Trans-Tasman Flight Covers, 1934 NZ-New Guinea Covers, 1935 Flight Cover to Egypt, 1940 Registered Cover to London with 7d Trans-Tasman Block of 6, 1954 Singapore Crash Cover. Odd blemish (93)$450
5282UAlternative Post Large Stockbook with a duplicated range of DX Mail, Pete’s Post, Fastways, National Mail etc (100’s)$100
5283CFIRST DAY COVERS 1936/1981 Small Lot incl 1936 Chamber Of Commerce Registered Cover, 1937 Large Coronation Printed Cover with Set of 3 in Plate Blocks of 4 Jones C37.1FA (b) Rated 7, 1938 2x 1/2d Green KGVI Monarchy Covers, 1940 Centennial Long Plain Cover with light folds, 1953 QE Plain Long Cover with values to 3/-, 1969 Life Insurance Cover. Odd toning (12)$75
5284CFIRST DAY COVERS KGVI Period Range incl 1/2d Green Block of 4 Jones D38.1JA, 1/2d Green Imprint Strip of 4 plus 1d Red Imprint Pair on Jones D38.2DB and similar 1 1/2d Brown on similar cover Registered at Waitara, 1d Red Block of 4 on Registered Jones D38.2F & single on Jones D38.2J, 1 1/2d Brown on Cafler’s Pool, Whangarei Printed Cover, 2d Orange Jones D47.1D, 2d, 4d, 5d on Jones D47.1CA. Also QE 2 1/2d/2d Official & 2 1/2d on 3d Provisional Plain First Day Cover. Odd toning (10)$75
5285CFRAMAS Cover Collection from 1984 Trial First Day Cover. Then a good range of Map, Flag, Seaplane & 1990 issues all with different Post Office cancels. Some varieties. Nice Range (400)$400
5286CHEALTH FIRST DAY COVERS 1935/1970 Good Range incl 1935 Jones H35.1AA, 1936 Jones H36.1AA(2), 1937 Jones H37.1BBx4, H37.1A(2), also 2x 1937 Plain Registered with Corner Blocks of 4 one with Plate 1, 1940 Jones H40.1I, 1943 Jones H43.1A Duke Cover to England, 1944 Jones H44.1AA Registered Duke Cover to England from Whangaparaoa, 1945 Jones H45.1L x3 Covers, 1947 Jones H47.1AA Duke Cover to England. Odd blemish (41)$250
5287CHEALTH FIRST DAY COVERS 1936/1971 Range Noted 1936 Jones H36.1C, H36.1BC(a), H36.1FA; 1937 Jones H37.1A(1), H37.1L X3, H37.1AH Rated 9, 1942 Plain FDC tied by Tauranga Air Force cds, 1944 FDC to Miss W Yeomans, C/- High Commissioner for NZ, London, 1945 Jones H45.1GAA, 1955 JonesH55.1F, 1962, 1963, 1965 FDC’s Posted at Campbell Island plus a few extra covers (54)$250
5288*/**/UHEALTHS 1929/1951 Collection on Album Pages Range Mint, Used & odd Plate Blocks. Noted 1931 Red & Blue Boys Mint (1d with hinge remnant, 2d Unhinged with a light crease) & Used Pair Good to Very Good Used, 1938 1d Children Plate H1 Left & Right Blocks of 4 Mint Condition varies. (178)$250
5289UHEALTHS 1957/1982 Complete Set of Min Sheets Fine Used Including both 1957 Watermarks (Sideways & Upright) ACS Cat $2400 (45)$1250
5290CImperial Reply Coupons 2 1/2d x 5 1x Mint, 4x Used 1933/1946, 3d on 2 1/2d in manuscript 1954, 3d on 2 1/2d rubberstamped 1954; Commonwealth Reply Coupon 3d x5 1956/1961, 4d 1x Mint, 3x Used 1964/65, 4d on 3d in manuscript 1963, 4d on 3d rubberstamped 1964, 3c on 4d 1969, 3c x3 1968/70, 6c on 3c in manuscript 1975/77 and 6c on 3c rubberstamped x5 1972/75 (29)$100
5291CLEGAL DOCUMENTS 1927/1954 Range of Share Transfers, Deed, Power of Attorney Documents with various Revenue stamps etc (13)$150
5292**Limited Edition Miniature Sheets: 1995 Maori Language, 1995 Rugby League, 1996 Horses & Olympics, 1997 Vineyards & Trains. All Unhinged. ACS Cat $1050 (6)$350
5293**Limited Edition Miniature Sheets: 1998 New Begining, Peter McIntyre & Underwater World, 1999 Flowers & Scenic Walks All Unhinged. ACS Cat $1000 (5)$350
5294**Limited Edition Miniature Sheets: 1999 Imperf Yachting, 2000 Spirits, On the Road, 2001 Flowers, 2002 Fungi. All Unhinged. ACS Cat $1000 (5)$350
5295**Limited Edition Miniature Sheets: 2002 Arts Meets Crafts, 2003 Ballet, QE Coronation, Veteran Vehicles, 2004 Zoo Animals, All Unhinged. ACS Cat $1000 (5)$350
5296**Limited Edition Miniature Sheets: 2006 Gold Rush, 2007 Year of the Pig, 2008 Railway, 2010 Ancient Rertiles, 2012 QE Jubilee. All Unhinged. ACS Cat $1000 (5)$350
5297**Limited Edition with 15x Different Folders taken out of the Albums plus other miscellaneous item. Face Value = $1000 approx (100’s)$300
5298CPOSTAL HISTORY 1890/1940’s Range of Covers incl  1890’s On Public Service Only/Treasury (6) & 1x PASD Free Printed Parcel label, 1915 Colonial & Foreign Parcel Post Card with Wellington Parcels violet cancel, 1943 Illustrated Health First Day Cover Jones H43.1GA Censored to Dublin, 1940’s Airmail Censored Cover to England or Ireland with censors (6) & 1944 Airmail Lettercard to England with 8d ‘35 Pictorial. Condition varies (16)$200
5299CPOSTAL HISTORY 1898/1928 Range Covers/Postcards incl 1898 1d Taupo on Local Cover, 1899 Picture Postcard to England with 1/2d & 1d values, 1d Universal 4x Picture Postcards 3x to England, 1x to Tonga, 4x Covers incl 1x First Day Cover, 1910 Tonga Dr Sheldon’s Advertising Postcard Used in NZ, 1926 Cover to France with 2x 1d Dunedin Exhibition & 1/2d KGV values, 2x 1d Dominion Covers one postmarked at Otekaieke Closed PO, 1928 1d FM on The Cawthron Institute Nelson Printed Cover. Mostly good condition (16)$250
5300CPOSTAL HISTORY 1935/1970’s Range of Covers incl 1d FM tied by Rotorua/Silver Jubilee machine cancel, 1935 Pictorial Covers noted ‘42 Scott Bros Advertising Cover, ‘43 Wigram Air Force cancel on RNZAF Cover, ‘43 Waiouru MC machine cancel on Cover, ‘48 Trentham MC Cover, 1955 Formular Aerogramme with 8d QE to USA, 1964 4 1/2d Meter Cover with Late Fee label, Range Special Cancels & Air Force/Military Camps 1950’s/70’s. Mostly Fine (27)$100
5301CPOSTAL HISTORY 1936/1974 Range of Covers includes 1940 KGVI 2d/1d Lettercard uprated with ‘40 Centennial values Posted at Centennial Exhibition, 4x Airmail Lettercards 1940’s 3x with stamps to Flight Sgt NZ APO London, 1952 6d+1/- NAC Metered Cover to England, 1995 Airmail Cover to England with 3/- Queen, 1959 Airmail Cover to Glasgow with 3/- Postage Due cachet. Has GB Dues untied on back, 1963 Airmail Cover to England with 1/9 Bistre, 1965 Registered Airmail Cover to England with 3/- Multi. (13)$100
5302CPOSTAL HISTORY 1937/1985 Range Covers incl 1937/38 to UK (3), 1945 Airmail Cover to USA with 1/3 Arms, 1945 Airmail Cover to USA with 2/- Captain Cook Pair, 1947 Real Photo Postcard with 1d Peace, 1950’s Range KGVI Covers to England incl Registered (8), 1950’s High Commissioner OHMS Cover to NZ, 1961 Airmail Registered Cover to London (22)$150
5303CPOSTAL HISTORY 1949/1960 Collection of 20 Covers Airmail to England with many different combinations of stamps and rates, mixed condition. Noted Arms 2/6 Brown single on Good Cover, KGVI 1/3 single, 1/3 Pair, 9d Pair, 5d Pair, 1/3 Arms plus QE 8d Red, various QE 1/9 rate combinations, 1957 Pair 8d Lamb Export plus 3d Health, QE 1/- plus pair 3d Nelson with 6d Deficient Postage handstamp etc. (20)$200
5304CPOSTAL HISTORY 1962/1969 Collection of 16x Covers Airmail to England with many different combinations of 1960-67 Pictorials and various rates, mixed condition. Noted single 1/9 Bistre Plane on Cover, 3/- Sepia Tongariro plus 6d, 1/3 Trout plus 2x 3d, 1/- Log plus 9d Flag, 3x 8d Rata, 28c Glacier single etc (16 Covers)$100
5305CPOSTAL HISTORY Airmail Covers 1931/1973 Range of Flight Covers noted 1931 Christmas Airmail Flight to England with ‘31 Set, 1932 3x Flight Covers with 5d Airmails, 1934 Haast to Hokitika Flight, 1936/38 Range of Flights incl Overseas x15 incl 4x Empire Rate Covers, 1940 x3 Flight Covers, 1947 First Airship in Maoriland Cover to USA, 1959 Wellington Airport Opening Printed Cover, 1973 Air NZ Inaugural Flight Cover Auckland to Los Angeles signed. Odd staining to the earlier ones (26)$300
5306CPOSTAL HISTORY AIRMAIL FIRST FLIGHT COVERS - 23x 1930’s with different flights mostly with the 5d Airmail stamp, 1x 1934 Trans-Tasman Flight with 7d Brown Airmail, 1935 East Coast Airways Ltd with 3d Brown Airmail & ‘35 Airmail Set on Jubilee Airmail Printed Cover. Some staining to most covers (26)$250
5307CPOSTAL HISTORY Airmail Flight Covers Range 1931/1979 incl 1931(1), 1932(2), 1934 noted 7d Trans-Tasman 12x Manilla Covers & 3x Blue Covers, 1935 Airmail Cover to Hong Kong, ’35 East Coast Airways Ltd Cover, 1936 Airmail 5x Covers, 1937 Flight Cover to England, 1938 Empire Flight Cover to England, 1954 Flight Cover Auckland to Wanganui & New Plymouth to Wanganui & 1955 Christchurch to Hamilton etc. Odd toning to a few of the earlier covers. (42)$500
5308CPOSTAL HISTORY AIRMAILS Range of First Flight Covers all different - 1931(3), 1932(8) incl Auckland-North Auckland Flights, 1934 Trans-Tasman Flight 7d Trans-Tasman & 3d Brown Sirs on Printed Blue Airmail Cover, 1936 Union Airways Printed Covers (6), 1937 Union Airways Printed Covers x14 plus 3x plain covers & 1944 Invercargill to Dunedin. Odd toning (36)$300
5309CPOSTAL HISTORY Collection of NZ Marine Post Office Covers 1928-1936 period incl RMS Aorangi, Tahiti, 2x Niagara, 2x Maunganui, 2x Monowai, 2x Makura to USA, Canada or England, various Packet Boat cancels. Plus several MPO datestamps on piece. Also 1934 Packet Boat Cover to USA with fine Auckland Loose Letter datestamp (from FD Roosevelt Collection with Harmers cachet on reverse), 1931 Australia Cover to USA per RMS Mangonui with Posted in Overseas Box Sydney cancellation, 1955 Auckland Packet Boat datestamp on cover to Melbourne. Tidy lot (13 Covers, 6 pieces)$750
5310CPOSTAL HISTORY First Sideface Covers addressed to Douglas McLean MP London with 6d Rate (16), 1/- Rate (2) & 1/6d Rate (1) mostly with the 6d Blue stamps. The covers posted at Napier but one at Port Ahuriri and another at Wellington. Mixed Condition. Also 1891 Cover from UK to NZ with violet boxed ‘Not Known By/Letter Carriers/Wellington NZ’ also to Douglas McLean. (21)$500
5311CPOSTAL HISTORY LIFE INSURANCE 1960’s-80’s Range of Covers & Mail Tags includes 1967 Mail Tag with 1/- Cape Brett, 1967 Mail Tag with 1d, 6d, 1/-(2), 1967 Mail Tag with 4d Strip of 4, 1967 Mail Tag with ‘67 10c & 2c(2) Overprints, 1975 Mail Tag with 10c & 1c Overprints. Also 1963 2 1/2d Cape Campbell First Day Cover. Has 1970/80’s Range of Unclaimed Govt Life Department Covers with various cachets x10. Interesting range (29)$150
5312CPOSTAL HISTORY OFFICIAL LONG COVERS 1900/1960’s Range incl 2x OPSO/Treasury Printed Covers, 1950’s Mainly QE Range noting different combinations to USA, Northern Ireland, London, Egypt with 1/- & 9d QE Officials, 2x 9d QE Officials, 4x 1/- plus 2d QE Officials, 4x 1 1/2d Brown QE Officials. A few odd faults. Interesting Range (19)$250
5313CPOSTAL HISTORY OFFICIALS 1936/1960’s Range 3x 1935/KGVI Covers plus mainly QE Range with Covers, odd Aerogramme & Mail Tag noted 1955 On Valuation Department Window env with 1/- Violet Posted at Auckland East with AR cachet, OHMS Mail Tag with QE 1/- & 9d Pairs Posted at Epsom, Dept of Agriculture Mail Tag with 3x 4d Blue & 3d Red tied to Hamilton. Also 2x 2 1/2d Olive & 3/- Grey on Plain First Day Covers. Interesting range of QE values on cover (26)$200
5314CPOSTAL HISTORY OFFICIALS QE Range of Small Covers with different values incl 9d Carmine on 1963 OHMS Postcard, 1959 9d Carmine Block of 4 on OHMS Reg Cover to Canada, 1965 6d/1 1/2d & 1/- on OHMS Cover to USA, 1965 NZ Post Office Cover with 6d/1 1/2d & 3/- Grey tied by Auckland cds on Boric Cover. Nice Range of values (37)$250
5315CPOSTAL STATIONERY 1927/1964 Education Department Postcard Range incl KGV 1/2d Samuel AX.1a(g) x5 Mint, KGVI 1d Green AX.6a Used, 2d on 1d Green AX.13a(2), AX13b, 2d Orange AX.14a + AX.14b, QE 2d Green 2x Mint, 9x Used, 2 1/2d on 2d AX.18b 2x Mint, 2 1/2d Green plus 1/2d AX.21a 4x Mint, 2x Used. Mostly fine (31)$250
5316CPOSTAL STATIONERY Mainly KGVI 1/2d Orange Brown & 1d Green Newspaper Wrapper, 1d Red Lettercard, 1d Red, 2d Orange, 2d on 1d Orange, 3d on 2d Orange envelopes Mint; Also QE Range Postcards, Envelopes, Registered Covers, Lettercards Mostly Used (32)$100
5317CPOSTAL STATIONERY QV to QE Range - Postcards incl 1897 1 1/2d Carmine Samuel AA.8a Mint & Used, 1900 1d Boer War uprated to England AA10b(p) Used, 1d Universal Joseph Ward Samuel AM.1a Used with faults, Stirling & Co 10th Anniv First Man on the Moon AW.9a 2x Mint & 3x Specimen Cards; Lettercards QV 1 1/2d Mint & Used, 1d on 1 1/2d Mint & Used; Newspaper Wrappers FA.2a & FA.4a & FD.2a Mint & Folded, Envelopes 2d Pictorial Mint, KEVII 1d Used, KGV 1d 2x with uprated with additional 1/2d to USA. Condition varies (38)$200
5318UPOSTMARKS Album Cancels with the letter ‘A’ in Warwick 55 Album noted A&P Show, Abbotsford, Aberfeldie, Adam’s Flat, Addington (large range), Addington MC, Addington Saleyard, Adelaide Road. Good range on stamp, piece and cover. Ex Keith Richards (Several 100)$100
5319*/URevenues Hagner Page - 1890 Railway Newspaper Stamps Range 1/2d to 4d Mint No Gum (6), Used 1/2d to 6d (10); Railway Charges 2d (Napier), 3d, 6d (4, incl Pal North & Invercargill), 1/- (4 incl Hamilton), 1/6, 2/-, 2/6 (2) Some faults Cat $760 (31)$100
5320UREVENUES QV to Arms Range On & Off Piece Interesting Range with Useful values. Punched & Unpunched (100’s)$100
5321*/**/UStockbook Officials Range Mint incl 1/2d 1900 Pictorial Block of 6 Unhinged, 3d 1898 Pictorial Block of 4 Unhinged, KGVI Range of Blocks & singles to 2/- Unhinged. Also Used incl 1898 1/- Block of 4, 6d Red Kiwi Strip of 3 and 2/- Milford. Also Revenues Fine Paid QV Die 1, QV 2/-, 3/-, 5/- Unpunched, KGV to 3/- mostly unpunched, 1935 Pictorials 2d to 3/- Perfined, KGVI 2d, 4d, 3/- Unpunched. Useful Range. High Catalogue Value (Several 100)$1000
5322CTELEGRAM/TELEGRAPH Bundle of Telegrams, Forms, Receipts, envelopes etc 1922/1970s noted 1934 & 1935 Christmas & New Year Printed Pictorial Telegrams & envelopes. Interesting lot (88)$100
5323U1857/1928 Collection on Printed Album Pages with some early Imperfs (some Reprints) but noted 1857/64 5d Brown-Purple SG 5, 1860 6d Orange-Vermilion SG 14, 1862/64 1d Chocolate-Brown SG 16, 1865/70 Set to 24c, 1910 Part Set to 10c, 1911 Coronation Set to 15c, 1920 Surcharges, 1928 Part Set to 30c. Condition varies with odd heavier cancels. SG Cat £5000 (130)$1250
5324**1947/2010 Seven Seas Printed Hingeless Albums Set of 2 Albums with Sets & singles Unhinged (358 & 7 Min Sheets)$150
5325C1951/52 Correspondence of 60 Covers addressed to Qantas, Lae with a range of small to larger covers, some OHMS with various Australian stamps used. Condition varies (60)$100
5326*/**1940s-1980s Stockbook Sets & Miniature Sheets. Good Range (100’s)$350
5327**1940/2010 Seven Seas Hingeless Album with a nearly Complete Sets & Min Sheets Range Unhinged (100’s)$300
5328UCollection 1853-1970’s plus Colonies on Album Pages. STC $3750 (Several 100)$300
5329*/U1927/1963 Springback Album Mint & Used Collection on Album Pages. Good Range (100’s)$250
5330*/U1877/80’s Samoan Express Range of 72x Forgeries & 49x Reprints/Remainders on 3 looseleaf sheets plus 3d Deep Scarlet SG 2 Mint & 9d Orange Brown SG 20 Mint No Gum as Genuine.  Odd faults to a few of the forgeries/reprints. (123)$250
5331*/U1863/1946 Collection on Album pages Mostly Mint but a few Used incl 1875 Set SG 3/7 Mint, 1888/97 Brooke Definitives Set mostly Mint SG 8/21, 1899 Surcharges Set SG 32/35 Mint, 1899 Definitives Set Mint or Used SG 36/47, 1918 Definitives Set SG 50/61 Mint. Clean Lot STC £1800 (154)$850
5332U1856/1927 Collection on Printed Album Pages incl 1856 Imperf 6d Blue SG 1, 6d SG 2, 1863 1d Lake SG 3/4 with pen cancels, 1922/27 KGV 2/6, 5/- & 7/6 SG 109/11 Good to Fine Used SG Cat £1900 (37)$600
5333*/U1861/27 Collection on Printed Album Pages incl 1861 6d Deep Yellow Green SG 2, 1869 4d yellow & 1/- Indigo & Brown SG 12/14, 1885/93 6d Violet SG 52 Mint. Mainly Good Condition SG Cat £2950 (80)$850
5334U1855/2000’s Lighthouse Printed 2 Albums with slipcases with a good Range of Sets & singles Fine Used (100’s)$200
5335**/C1999/2011 Complete Unhinged with 137 Stamps & Min. Sheets (Face Value = $310) plus 121 earlier stamps mostly unhinged. Total Face Value of $418 plus 45 First Day Covers (258)$150
5336U1851/1938 Collection on Old Album Pages mostly Used, often with faults on some earlies. SG Cat £5800 ignoring the cheaper stamps (355)$500
5337*/**/U1851/1984 Collection in Liberty Printed Album with a Mint & Used Range (100’s)$150
5338**Davo Hingeless Album Set of 5 Albums with slipcases with a good range from 1920’s to modern incl 1922/25 Set to $5, 1938 Presidents Set etc Also Airs & Min Sheets Unhinged (100’s)$1000
5339UUSA Collection on Album Pages Earlies to Modern. Charity lot (715)$50
5340C1937 Coronation First Day Covers 62x on Plain Covers incl Hong Kong (62)$150
5341*British Commonwealth QE Mint Range on Album Pages noted Pacific Islands & Australia 1963/64 Navigators Set. Also USA 1933 50c Small Zeppelin Mint (100’s)$300
5342*/UBRITISH EMPIRE Album 1940’s backward, a few revenues, NZ section back to 1862 with 3x FFQ (1250)$150
5343CPacific Islands Album 1935/1969 Range of First Day Covers & Fronts from many Islands incl Pitcairn 1949 UPU & 1940/51 Definitives etc (100+)$200
5344*/**/UPACIFIC ISLANDS Collection Earlies to Modern mainly Mint on Hagner Pages includes Penrhyn Island, Tokelau Islands, Niue, Aitutaki, Cook Islands with some sets and miniature sheets. Clean lot (Several 100’s)$250
5345UPACIFIC ISLANDS Mostly Used on Album Pages incl Papua & PNG Useful Range Charity Lot (900)$100
5346CPACIFIC ISLANDS Range of Covers with Tonga 3x 1942 Tin Can Mail, 1944 Jubilee Illustrated FDC, 1953 Pictorials FDC and other FDC’s to 1961. The Fiji FDC’s range 1938/1972, noted 1968 Cover signed by the designer (38)$150
5347CPRESTAMP Entires - 1830 Rio Jeneiro to London, 1841 Philadelphia to London 2x Entires & 1x Outer Wrapper all with Paid handstamp, 1843 Waldensia, Jamaica to London (5 Covers) PHOTO-PLATE 13$250
5348UWORLD 2x Albums with a Good Range of Countries Earlies to Modern Charity Lot (100’s)$100
5349*/**/UWORLD 32 Page Stockbook incl Fiji, Russia, Canada, Japan, Germany, Netherlands Mint & Used Earlies to Modern (100’s)$200
5350*/UWORLD Collection in Old Triumph Album 1850’s onward Mint & Used. Wide range Foreign, Commonwealth, Pacifics etc. Noted USA 1901 Pan-Am Exposition Set of 6 Mint mixed condition (SG Cat £500 Set). Useful pickings, hours of entertainment. (approx 2250)$400
5351*/UWORLD Old Collection 1860’s onward in SG Improved Album (304 pages) most countries represented, odd revenues, cutouts etc. NZ section noted 2x 6d Imperf FFQ. (about 8000 stamps)$400
5352UWORLD PERFINS Collection in Stockbook noted China (22), Hong Kong (14), Great Britain (350), Australia (20), Japan (318), Ceylon (30), USA (66) Earlies to Modern (820)$300
5353CWORLD POSTAL HISTORY 1873/1903’s Small Collection with Mixed World Postcards & Covers, all sorts, noted a couple of Packet Boat items (72)$50
5354CWORLD POSTAL HISTORY Miscellaneous Lot - 2x 1902 Boer War Uprated GB Registed Covers from Orange Free State and the other cancelled with British Army Post Office Bloemfontein, 1897 Uprated Gibraltar Cover to England with 2x 5c & 20c QV values (faults), Australia KGV 1 1/2d Long Commercial Printed Cover cancelled with British Empire Exhibition Machine cancels. Plus NZ 1947 5d Coupon Response. Mixed Condition (9)$100
5355CWORLD POSTAL HISTORY Old Postcards World Range with many to New Zealand noted Postcards from Straits Settlement, France, China, India, Austria, Sierre Leone, Monaco, Portuguese, Malta. Some NZ Cards with Closed PO’s. Mixed Condition. Suit Internet Seller (162)$250
5356CWORLD POSTAL HISTORY Old World Postcard Lot mainly to NZ from Argentina, Chile, Canal Zone, Malta, Norway, Transvaal, Danish West Indies, Indo China, Jamaica, Hong Kong, Straits Settlement. Noted WW1 Military Cards. Also Paquebot cachet. Odd NZ. Mixed Condition. Suit internet seller (173)$250
5357UWORLD Range incl USA, GB, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Europe Earlies to Modern. Charity Lot (4500)$200
5358*/UWORLD Tidy Collection in Simplex Album with 200 pages stuffed full with Eurpe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, everything. Noted 6 pages of China (Approx 6000)$200
5359CGREAT BRITAIN 1910s-20s Real Photo Military Cards with Soldiers, Also on Horseback, Camp Scenes. Historical (12)$300
5360CGREAT BRITAIN Album of Old Picture Postcards on ‘Paintings on Great Britain’ Interesting Range. Nice lot (300)$300
5361CNZ 1920’s-30’s Tanner Bros Real Photo Postcards All Different Scenes from Wellington (11) noted Oriental Bay, Featherston St, Lambton Quay, Days Bay Beach, Courtenay Place; Auckland (7) noted Queen Street, Wellesley St, The Waterfront, Grafton Bridge, Albert Park; Palmerston North (4) & Dunedin (1). Many with Street Scenes. Interesting lot. Photos by SC Smith, Winkleman. (23)$250
5362CNZ Ashburton Range of Postcards incl Railway Related noted Railway Station & Post Office, Ashburton b&w, Railway Station Ashburton, Christchurch Dunedin Express M&M Coloured, The Two Bridges, Ashburton River b&w, South Express passing through Ashburton b&w, The Southern Express, Ashburton sepia card, Ashburton Railway Station & Post Office M&M, Overhead Bridge & Post Office Ashburton. Odd blemishes (9)$100
5363CNZ Canterbury Area - Lyttelton related many Railway related incl Wharves & Shipping, Lyttelton real photo, Railway Yards, Lyttelton b&w, Lyttelton Tunnel, Heathcote coloured card, Shipping in Lyttelton Harbour b&w, Lyttelton.The Ferry Wharf real photo, Railway Yards, Lyttelton real photo, Ferry Wharf, Lyttelton showing TSS Maori coloured card. Odd faults Interesting lot (19)$125
5364CNZ Canterbury Related incl Waimakariri Coloured Card, Railway Station, Christchurch b&w, The Railway Station, Christchurch Coloured, The Christchurch Express passing through Warrington b&w, Papanui Railway Station b&w, Rangiora Railway Station real photo trimmed card. Odd faults (11)$100
5365CNZ DUNEDIN Early Range of Postcards Mostly Railway Related noted Real Photo ‘The Railway Station Dunedin FGR 5710’, Real Photo Hillside Workshops, Dunedin M&M 6467, Main Platform Dunedin Railway Station Sepia Brown Card, Real Photo ‘New Railway Incline Dunedin’ M&M 1911, Real Photo Railway Workshops Hillside, Port Chalmers, Railway Station, Wharves & Otago Heads M&M 1170, Real Photo ‘Railway Station Dunedin A670’, mail Platform - New Railway Station Dunedin b&w Odd faults. Nice lot (32)$250
5366CNZ DUNEDIN PROVINCE Related Postcards Range mainly Railway related incl Main Street Owaka b&w, Puketerakai, Otago Real Photo, Kelso from Wooded Hill, Castle Hill Mine, Kaitangata b&w, Mihiwaka Tunnel 1907 Real Photo, Lawrence-Roxburgh Railway Works with the late Mr Seddon b&w, Railway Bridge, Balclutha b&w, Waronui Coal/View of Electric, Steam & Hauling Plant, Dunedin-Christchurch Express at Warrington Coloured Card. Odd blemish. Interesting lot (31)$250
5367CNZ Main Trunk Railway - Trucking Logs Coloured Card & Camof Workers b&w; Tramway Teremakau b&w & Opening of the Siberia Bush Tramway Northern Wairoa Coloured Card; Logging in NZ Bush plus one other (6)$50
5368CNZ MARLBOROUGH Area - Picton Postcards many Railway Related incl Wharf Picton b&w, Queen Charlotte Sound.From Picton Wharf b&w, Picton FGR Real Photo, Railway Station Picton FGR Real Photo with a crease, Picton Viaduct showing Mabel Island Real Photo, Picton Viaduct FGR Real Photo, Also Blenheim Railway Station M&M Coloured, Govt Railway Station, Blenheim b&w, Also Seddon b&w. Odd faults. Good Range (27)$250
5369CNZ Nelson & District Cards many Railway related incl. Pikomana, Haven Road Nelson greenish card, Nelson The port, Horseshoe Bend, Real Photo Haven Road Nelson, The Port Road Nelson sepia card, Nelson from above the Railway Station real photo. Odd faults (11)$100
5370CNZ Postcard Collection on Waterfalls with Range of Old Postcards from around the country on Waterfalls incl odd real photo. Noted 1911 Posted at Matarae Flag Station Card with Loose Letter handstamp. Interesting lot (150)$250
5371CNZ South Canterbury with many Railway related incl Railway Station Te Muka/Traffic Bridge Te Muka M&M Sepia Card, Railway Station Waimate b&w, Railway Station Te Muka Purple-brown Card, Studholme Junction M&M b&w Odd blemishes. Nice lot (11)$150
5372CNZ Southland - Bluff Related Range of Postcards many Railway Related noted Railway Station Bluff M&M Coloured, The Railway Station Bluff.The most Southern Railway Station in the World b&w, Real photo ‘Post Office & Railway Station.The Bluff FGR1240, Approach to Wharf, Bluff b&w, View of the Bluff NZ as seen from steamer leaving M&M, Main Street Bluff M&M Coloured, Shipping, Bluff M&M Coloured, Wharf Bluff b&w, Bluff from Wharf Real Photo, Wharf & Shipping Bluff b&w, Railway yard & Wharf from PO Tower Bluff b&w, Gore St from Wharf Bluff real photo. Odd fault. Nice lot (26)$250
5373CNZ Southland Related - Gore Range of Postcards many Railway related incl GPO & new Railway Station Gore M&M, Gore looking South, Railway Station in foreground from Clock Tower M&M, Main St Gore Real Photo, Railway Station & Post Office Gore b&w, Railway Station Gore real photo, Gore from the Railway Station b&w. odd blemish Nice lot (13)$125
5374CNZ Southland Related Range incl Bridge Street Mataura 1911, Most Southerly Gas Lamp Post in the World Invercargill b&w, Railway Station, Invercargill (Arrival of Express) M&M x 2 different scenes, Otautau from Hill M&M. Mainly Railway related. Odd blemish (7)$50
5375CNZ Timaru Related with some Railway Cards incl The Harbour, Timaru real photo, Caroline Bay Timaru Range, The Harbour Timaru b&w, Railway Station Timaru real photo, The Express from the North Passing Caroline Bay real photo, Caroline Bay & Express Timaru real photo. odd faults (17)$100
5376CNZ West Coast - Greymouth Range many Railway related incl Loading Coal, Greymouth, Greymouth & Entrance West Coast b&w, Grey River, showing new Docks in Course of Construction sepia card, Cobden from Greymouth b&w, Tiphead Greymouth M&M, Mawhera Quay, Greymouth FGR Real Photo x3 different scenes, The Viaduct & Grey Gorge real photo, Greymouth-Christchurch Express Grey Gorge real photo. Odd blemish. Nice lot (19)$150
5377CNZ West Coast Related many Railway related noted Rolleston Bridge, Approach to Otira Tunnel Coloured Card, Electric Railway at Otira showing Mt Rolleston real photo, The Power Station & Township at Otira real photo, The Otira Railway Station Coloured Card, Shipping Coal Westport b&w, Broken River Railway Station & Viaduct b&w, Railway Station, Cape Foulwind b&w, Railway Station Hokitika Coloured Card. Odd faults Nice Lot (18)$200
5378CQSL Radio Cards Shoebox most or all Japan generally 1970s-80s period. Mixed condition (400 approx)$100
5379CWORLD Modern to Older Range of Postcards with World-wide Range (Approx 9kgs)$250
5380CWORLD Modern to Older Range of World Wide Postcards. Huge Lot (Approx 9kg)$250
5381CWORLD Old Album with a lot of Great Britain noted some real photos with some interesting scenes of Cardiff, Isle of Man and other places 1906 period. Also other cards from Germany, USA, Canal Zone, Gibraltar, France, Japan. Mostly fine (196)$300
5382CWORLD Postcards & Some Greeting Cards Shoebox incl some early 20th C Postcard Booklets, (French war damage) some later larger format World cards, some USA souvenir folders (WW2 era). Mixed Condition (200 approx)$100
5383CWORLD QSL Cards in Shoebox with many from Japan (1000 approx)$100
5384CWORLD QSL Radio Cards from Europe, Canada, Australia 1970s-90s (900 Approx)$150
5385CWORLD QSL Radio Cards from many countries with some affected by water damage. Condition mixed (900 approx)$100
5386CWORLD Shoebox Mixed World Mostly 1940s-70s incl some NZ. Also some earlier souvenir scenic booklets (Middle East). Condition mixed (300 approx)$150
5387CWORLD Shoebox with GB, Europe, noted a few NZ & Australia. World mainly 1920s-70s period. Also a few scenic view folders. Mixed condition (300 approx)$150
5388**1925 10q Red Definitive SG 196a Block of 6 with Grossly Misplaced Perforations Error Fine Unhinged (6)$150
5389U1922 KGV Overprints Set SG 1/9 Fine Used Cat £475 (9) PHOTO-PLATE 1$300
5390U1915/27 Roo £1 Light Brown & pale Blue SG 44 (BW52D) Good Used Cat £1600/A$2500 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1$850
5391*1932 5/- Sydney Harbour Bridge SG 143 Good Mint Cat £425 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1$375
5392C1937 (1OC) 2x Illustrated 150th Anniversary First Day Cover both Registered showing Map/Kangaroo/Emu/Sydney Cover - One in Blue/Red & the other Purple Brown/Green. The latter uncancelled. Both to NZ (2)$50
5393UNewspaper 1858/59 (1k 05) Blue Type 1 with 4 close to good margins. Fine Used Cat £650 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1$400
5394U1862 QV 6d Grey P11 1/2, 12 SG 11 Very Good Used Cat £500 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1$200
5395U1861/71 QV 2c Brown SG 28, 5c Pale Red SG 29 both Very Good to Fine Used and 25c Yellow SG 31 with heavy cancel. SG Cat £460 (3) PHOTO-PLATE 1$200
5396**1954/63 QE Definitives Set SG 331/45 Unhinged Cat £110 (15)$100
5397*/**/U1907 Large Canoes 1/2d, 1d, 2d SG 1, 2, 3 Fine Used, 1908 Small Canoes 1/2d Mint & Used, 2d Used & 2 1/2d Mint, 1937 Coronation Set Mint, 1939 KGVI Definitives Set SG 60/72 Unhinged, 1946 Peace Pair Unhinged Cat £169 (25)$100
5398U(VRYBURG) 1899 1/2d Green, 1d Rose & 2 1/2d Blue SG 1, 2, 4 All Very Good to Fine Used. Very Scarce Cat £605 (3) PHOTO-PLATE 1$400
5399C1901 (DE) Picture Postcard (Shipping) with Ceylon QV 6c SG 259 tied by ‘Loose Ship Letter’ straight line cachet used at Adelaide addressed to Toowoomba, Queensland. Has LARGS BAY/SA DE 23 01 Squared cancel with a Postage Due cachet. Backstamped TOOWOOMBA DE 29 01/214 cancel. Endorsed at the top - By next mail - s/s Rome. The postcard has clipped corners on 3 sides and lightly aged. (1) PHOTO-PLATE 13$150
5400*Telegraphs 1892 40c, 60c, 80c Imperf Proofs in issued colours. Yvert Cat 1200 Euros (3) PHOTO-PLATE 9$400
5401C1903 (7MY) Shangahi Picture Postcard with 2c Junk Pair Posted at Shanghai to Manilla, Philippines. Has Victoria/Hong Kong 12 MY 03 transit and Manilla MY 17 03 receiving cancels. Fine Card (1) PHOTO-PLATE 13$125
5402C1905 (SP18) Picture Postcard with 1/2c Pair, 1c, 2c Definitives tied. Has SHANGHAI BPO cancel to Wien with 21 OC 05. The postcard has minor ageing and edge faults at base (1) PHOTO-PLATE 13$150
5403**1913/33 7c Violet Junk First Peking Printing SG 295 in a Top Selvedge Block of 6 Fine Unhinged. Has a minor tone in the top right selvedge otherwise fine. Cat £150 (6) PHOTO-PLATE 9$100
5404**1963 The Landscape of Hwang-Shun 50f Three Fairy Isles of Penghai (S320) SG 2139 Fine Unhinged Cat £160 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1$100
5405**1967 25th Publication of ‘Talks at the Yanan Forum on Literature & Art 8f (W21 & W22) SG 2359/60 Fine Unhinged Cat £925 (2) PHOTO-PLATE 1$500
5406**1967 Long Live Chairman Mao Set (W2) SG 2354/58 & 2367/69 Fine Unhinged. Very Scarce. Cat £2250 (8) PHOTO-PLATE 1$1250
5407**1967/68 Poems of Chairman Mao 8f Beidaihe (W49) SG 2378 Fine Unhinged. Scarce. Cat £900 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1$500
5408**1967/68 Poems of Chairman Mao 8f Yellow Crane Pavilion (W50) SG 2377 Fine Unhinged Cat £1000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1 PHOTO-PLATE 14$500
5409**1968 Chairman Mao Anti-American Declaration 8f (W54) SG 2396 Fine Unhinged Cat £375 (1)$250
5410**1968 Revolutionary Literature & Art 8f Shajiabang (W32) SG 2393 Fine Unhinged. Scarce Cat £300 (1)$200
5411**1968 Revolutionary Literature & Art Set (W7) SG 2387/95 Fine Unhinged. Very Scarce Cat £1500 (9) PHOTO-PLATE 1$1250
5412**1981 Year of the Cock Booklet SG SB12 Fine Cat £325 (1)$200
5413**1979 Death Centenary Captain Cook Min Sheet SG MS632 7x Imperf Colour Separations from the Printer some with printer’s manuscript markings. Captain Cook Thematic Lot (7) PHOTO-PLATE 12$500
5414U1873/95 1c SG10, 3c SG 14, 4c SG 18, 5c SG 19, 10c SG 24; 1900/03 1c SG 39, 2c SG 40, 5c SG 41, 10c SG 42; 1902 Surcharges 2c/3c SG 43 & 8c/10c SG 44 Very Good to Fine Used Cat £429 (11)$250
5415C1911 (12AP) Registered OHMS Long Cover to USA with KEVII 5d+1/2d Definitives tied by SUVA REGISTERED double-lined cancel. Registered hanstamp with violet ‘Fiji Official GP Paid’ handstamp. Backstamped Seattle Wash Reg Div & Minneapoles, Minn Registered. The cover has minor ageing and creasing (1)$150
5416C1922 (25SP) Registered Iremonger Cover with KGV 1/4d, 1/2d, 1d, 2d, 2 1/2d Definitives tied by ‘RABI’ straight line cancels. Has Suva registered printed label. Backstamped Suva/Registered & Registered/Liverpool 29 OC 22 cancels. Fine Item (1) PHOTO-PLATE 13$200
5417C1931 (MY1) Long Printed ‘American Consular Service’ Cover addressed to ‘The Honorable, The Secretary of State, Washington, DC USA’ with KGV 1 1/2d Scarlet & 3d Blue both tied by ‘Honolulu/Hawaii’ Shipmail cancel. Has violet ‘PAQUEBOT’ handstamp. No backstamp. Has Red Official Seal on the back. Minor creasing (1)$100
5418C1942 YMCA/On Active Service Printed Cover with violet ‘NZEF/Field/Post Office’ cachet used in Fiji addressed to Pte H A Bright 7033, RNZAF, Tauranga NZ’ Has Censor No 34 cachet signed by CWH Tripp. Backstamped with a fine TAURANGA AIR FORCE 8 OC 42 cds. (1)$75
5419*REPUBLIC OF KARELIA 1922 Arms Definitives Set SG 1/15 Fine & Clean Cat £500 (15) PHOTO-PLATE 1$350
5420U1930 1f50 & 3f50 Purple Sinking Fund SG 480 Fine Used Cat £120 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1$100
5421C1923 4x Large Commercial Covers addressed to Ernst Dunnerstrum C/- Maoriland Dairy & Produce Co PO Box 185 Wanganui NZ with 3x Registered. The covers dates 14/1/23, 28/2/23, 29/6/23, 30/10/23. Posted at Leipzig with interesting useage of different postal rates with large frankings from earlier in the year to later in the year. There are odd missing stamps on the first cover. The covers have some staining. Very Scarce Inflation Period Covers to NZ (Overseas Useage) (4)$100
5422C1934 (DE25) Christmas Island/Central Pacific Ocean Printed Cover with Cocoanut PlantationsLtd 10c/10c Mail Boat Service local label tied to USA. Also 2x 15c Oceanic Settlements tied by Papeete cancel. No backstamp. This island was discovered by Captain James Cook on Christmas Dat in 1777. This cover posted on Christmas Day! (1) PHOTO-PLATE 13$150
5423C1945 (5JN) Registered Cover with KGVI 1d, 2d, 3d tied by double-lined ‘Post Office Tarawa/Gilbert & Ellice Islands Colony’ cancel. Boxed ‘Passed By Censor No 5’ black handstamp. Addressed locally. Minor ageing. Short period of use (1) PHOTO-PLATE 13$150
5424C1952 (10JA) Long Cover to England with KGVI 2d Definitives Pair tied by POST OFFICE/FANNING ISLAND cds. No backstamp. Minor gum ageing from the stamps (1)$75
5425C1956 (12NO) Registered Cover to England with QE 2d, 3d, 5d, 1/- & 2/- Block of 4 all tied by FANNING ISLAND/Gilbert & Ellice Island cancels. Also at top left with CHRISTMAS ISLAND/Gilbert & Ellice Islands 21 NO 56 cancel. Backstamped HONOLULU/HAWAII NO 22 1956 cancel. (1)$125
5426C1956 (29JU) Registered Long Cover with KGVI 5d & 2x 1 1/2d Definitives tied by FANNING ISLAND/Gilbert & Ellice Islands cancel. Black boxed Registered cachet. Backstamped Vancouver BC/1956 cancel. (1)$100
5427C1957 (10FE) Long Airmail Registered Cover to England with QE 3d, 5d, 2/- & 5/-(2) Definitives tied by FANNING ISLAND/Gilbert & Ellice Islands cds. Backstamped HONOLULU/Hawaii FE 25 1957 violet cancel. (1)$100
5428U1847/54 Embossed 10d Brown SG 57 Nice Used with 4 Clear Margins. Very Scarce Cat £1500 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1$1000
5429U1847/54 Embossed 6d Purple SG 60 Good Used with 2 Margins and a minor tear, 10d SG 57 Good Used with a small cut at top, 1/- SG 55 with 4 Margins Good Used with a minor horizontal crease. Cat £3500 (3) PHOTO-PLATE 1$400
5430*1867/80 QV 2/- Brown SG 121 Mint with light gum ageing. Good colour. Very Scarce. Cat £30, 000 (1) PHOTO-FRONT COVER$9500
5431*1867/83 QV £5 Orange SG 133s with ‘Specimen’ Type 9 Overprint Good Mint Cat £3000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1$4000
5432*1867/83 QV 5/- Rose Plate 2 SG 127s Overprinted SPECIMEN Mint No Gum Cat £1750 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1$650
5433P1867/83 QV Telegraph £5 Gold Colour Trial Overprinted ‘Specimen’ Mint Only 42 examples recorded by Horsey. Cat £4250+ (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1$3750
5434*1873/80 QV 4d Sage-Green SG 153 Good Mint Cat £1400 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1$650
5435*1880/83 QV 2 1/2d Blue Plate 23 SG 157 Fine Mint Cat £450 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1$300
5436*1880/83 QV 6d on 6d Lilac SG 162 Very Fine Mint Cat £675 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1$400
5437*1883/84 QV 2/6 Lilac SG 178s Overprinted ‘Specimen’ Mint Hinged Cat £425 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1$250
5438U1887/92 QV £1 Green SG 212 Good to Very Good Used. Has a light blue registration line at top left corner Cat £800 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1$400
5439*1902/10 KEVII £1 Green SG 266s Overprinted ‘Specimen’ Mint No Gum Cat £1400 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1$600
5440*1902/10 KEVII 10/- Ultramarine SG 265s Overprinted ‘Specimen’ Mint No Gum. Cat £500 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1$200
5441*1902/10 KEVII 5/- Bright Carmine SG 263s Overprinted ‘Specimen’ Mint No Gum Cat £400 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1$150
5442*1934 KGV Seahorses Re-engraved Set SG 450/52 Nice Mint Cat £575 (3) PHOTO-PLATE 2$500
5443C1936 (23OC) Long Airmail Urgent Printed Cover to ‘Editor The Press Christchurch NZ’ with KGV 3d, 1/- & 5/- Seahorse tied by LONDON Air Mail violet cancel from Fleet Street, London. The cover has minor creasing and ageing. High Value Franking Cover (1) PHOTO-PLATE 18$150
5444*Government Parcels 1887/90 QV 1 1/2d Dull Purple & Pale Green SG 065s Overprinted ‘Specimen’ Good Mint Cat £250 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 2$150
5445*Government Parcels 1891/1900 QV 2d Grey-Green & Carmine SG 070s Overprint ‘Specimen’ Fine Mint Cat £300 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 2$200
5446UTelegraph 1876 QV £1 Brown-Lilac SG T17 Good Used Scarce Cat £950 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 2$375
5447*/UTelegraph 1876 QV 1/2d Orange SG T1 Mint No Gum, 1d Red Brown Plate 3 Mint No Gum, 3d Carmine SG T3 Plate 1 & 2 (minor thin) both Mint No Gum, 3d Carmine SG T4 Plate 3 Mint, 4d Sage Green SG T5 Mint with a slight thin & 1/- Deep Green SG T8 Plate 4 Used Cat £613 (7)$200
5448*1896 Olympic Games 1d Blue & 2d Bistre SG 118/19 Good Mint Cat £400 (2) PHOTO-PLATE 2$200
5449*1938/52 KGVI $10 Green & Violet SG 161 Fine Mint Cat £700 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 2$200
5450C1910 (27JN) Cover endorsed ‘Via Siberia’ to Scotland with 1sn(6) & 2sn(2) values tied on the back by ‘LIADYANG’ cancels. Also with Edinburgh JY 14 10 receiving cancel. On the front has a violet ‘CHANGGHUN.S/IJPO 28/6/10’ transit cancel. The cover has lightly aged at top (1) PHOTO-PLATE 13$50
5451C1948 (1DE) Airmail Cover with 5x 1948 20c Silver Wedding values tied by KAMPALA/UGANDA cancels to NZ. Has ‘To Pay 7d/Double Deficient Postage’ violet cachet with 1d & 3d Pair 3rd Type NZ Postage Dues tied by Auckland Postage Due 17 OC 48 cancels. (1) PHOTO-PLATE 13$75
5452*British East Africa 1890/95 4a Grey SG 10 Imperf single Mint No Gum. SG Cat £1200 as a Pair (1) PHOTO-PLATE 2$250
5453*British East Africa 1890/95 Definitives Part Set (N0 8a Grey & 1r Grey) SG 4/12, 14, 16/19 plus SG 11a. Also 1895 SG 29/30 All Good Mint Cat £280 (16)$200
5454UBritish East Africa 1890/95 Definitives Set SG 1/15 Good to Fine Used Cat £650 (15) PHOTO-PLATE 2$500
5455UBritish East Africa 1891 Mombasa Provisionals ‘1 Anna on 4a Brown’ SG 26 Fine Used. Very Scarce Cat £2000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 2$2000
5456UBritish East Africa 1891 Mombasa Provisionals ‘1/2 Anna’ on 2d Vermilion SG 23 Good Used with heavyish cancel. Minor blunt perfs at top. Very Scarce. Cat £1100 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 2$500
5457UBritish East Africa 1895 4 1/2a Brown Purple SG 39b Fine Used. Very Scarce Cat £1000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 2$900
5458*British East Africa 1897 Zanzibar Overprints - 1/2a, 1a (both red & black overprints), 2a, 4 1/2a All Mint plus 7 1/2a Mint No Gum. SG 80/83 & 85. Cat £440 (6) PHOTO-PLATE 2$300
5459UBritish East Africa 1897 Zanzibar Overprints 1a, 2a, 4 1/2a, 5a, 7 1/2a all Good to Fine Used. The 2a, 4 1/2a, 5a all on piece. Cat £250 (5) PHOTO-PLATE 2$200
5460UEast Africa & Uganda 1903/04 KEVII 20r Grey & Stone SG 15 Very Good Used. Very Scarce Cat £1900 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 2$1500
5461*East Africa & Uganda 1921 KGV Definitives Set to 5r SG 65/74 Good Mint Cat £425 (10) PHOTO-PLATE 2$375
5462UPostage Dues 1937 1c Scarlet, 8c Yellow & 10c Brown SG D1, 3, 4 Very Good Used Scarce Cat £500 (3) PHOTO-PLATE 2$300
5463UPostage Dues 1925 Imperf Set SG D1/10 Complete Fine Used Ca £190 (10)$150
5464*1916/23 KGV Seahorses 2/6 Pale Brown SG 25, 5/- Bright Carmine SG 22 & 10/- Pale Blue SG 23 Good Mint Cat £430 (3) PHOTO-PLATE 2$300
5465C1943 (20AP) Registered Censored WW2 Cover with ‘Suspended Mail’ with violet cachet with the cover held for two years. Has additional cancel dated 16 MR 45 and forwarded. There are 5c, 25c, 30c & 20f Bird Definitives tied. Octagonal DDA/8 NZ Octagonal Censor. Fine Suspended WW2 Mail Cover (1) PHOTO-PLATE 13$300
5466**1935 £2 Bright Violet Bulolo Airmail SG 204 Fine Unhinged Cat £350 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 2$350
5467CPostal Stationery 1890’s 2 Mark Printed Parcel Card Mint. Has a light vertical crease. Very Scarce (1) PHOTO-PLATE 18$300
5468C1911 (24AP) Registered Cover to Paris, France with KEVII 1/2d to 1/- Set of 7 values tied by PORT VILA cancels. Backstamped Paris Registered cancel. SG Cat £520 On Cover (1) PHOTO-PLATE 13$400
5469C1912 (10FE) Registered Cover to Paris with KEVII 2d, 2 1/2d, 5d, 6d & 1/- values tied by PORT VILA cancels. Backstamped Registered Sydney & Paris Distribution cancels. Has light staining on several values (1)$250
5470C1843 (20MY) Entire endorsed at GUNDEROO/ACT to England. Has unframed Red  Crown ‘Paid Ship Letter/Sydney’ cancel. The entire rate ‘8’ in black. On the back has ‘SHIP LETTER’ black handstamp, Black 6 NO 1843 transit cancel and ROMSEY NO 7 1845 receiving cds. (1) PHOTO-PLATE 13$150
5471*/**1927/28 2/- Admiral SG 48 Mint, 1931 2d/1 1/2d Captain Cook SG 50 Unhinged, 1931 Arms Cowan Paper Set SG 51/54 Mint Cat £160 (6)$100
5472**1979 International Year of the Child Min Sheets SG MS283 All Imperf Fine Unhinged. Very Scarce (4) PHOTO-PLATE 12$250
5473C1940 (20JE) Censored WW2 Period Cover with Australian 1d QM Pair tied by 2x strikes Norfolk Island cds. Has violet boxed ‘Passed by/Censor 3/Norfolk Island’ cachet to Nowra/NSW. No backstamps. Has very minor edge toning. Scarce (1) PHOTO-PLATE 13$250
5474P1978 Christmas Set SG 215/17 of 3 IMPERF PROOFS stuck on Harrison & Sons Ltd Presentation Cards. Fine & Very Scarce (3) PHOTO-PLATE 13$500
5475P1979 Rowland Hill Set SG 225/27 IMPERF Set of Proofs on Harrison & Sons Ltd Presentation Cards. Fine & Scarce (3) PHOTO-PLATE 13$500
5476C1946 (6NOV) Registered Airmail Cover to England with KGVI £1 Purple & Black/Red SG 143 tied by light cancel. The Registration label No 419 is blank. No backstamp. Fine (1) PHOTO-PLATE 13$150
5477C(TAHITI) 1893 (10OC) Cover to USA with Tahitian 10c SG 11(2) & 5c SG 10 French Colonies Commerce Overprints tied. Two stamps have faults. Has Seattle, Wash NO 16 93 cancel at left. Also various US backstamps. Cover redirected (1)$100
5478C1935 (22JE) Long OHMS Commercial Cover with 2d Bright Mauve Perf OS SG 040 tied by Port Moresby cancel. Has light ‘Government Storekeeper/Territory of Papua’ black cachet. No backstamps. The covers has light creasing (1)$75
5479C1923 Stampless Cover endorsed ‘Packet Boat’ & ‘Posted at Pitcairn Is/No Stamps available’ in red addressed to Mr Gerald D Bliss, Crristobal, CZ. Has Lyttelton NZ 29 JA 23 transit cds. Also a Crossed Out Postage Due cachet. Includes a 3 page letter from Ada M Christian. Very Scarce (2) PHOTO-PLATE 13$2500
5480CQV Postal Note 1/- Green Complete with counterfoil and Overprinted with two SPECIMEN cachets - one small in red and the other large diagonal in violet. Fine & Very Scarce (1)$100
5481*/U1930 Airships 40k & 80k SG 574/75 Good Mint, 1933 Stratosphere Balloons Set SG 634/36 Fine Used, 1934 Zeppelins SG 662/66 Fine Used Cat £312 (10)$200
5482C1915 (22FE) Long OHMS/NZ Post and Telegraph Dept Printed Cover to England with KEVII 2d Mauve & 1d Dominion NZ Overprints Posted at Apia. Manuscript R 270 Registered marking. Has ‘Passed by Censor’ black straight-line handstamp. Backstamped Registered Liverpool & Ramsgate cancels. Has a minor vertical crease (1)$200
5483*1948 1d Definitive SG 2w Watermark Inverted Good Mint Scarce Cat £275 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 2$250
5484*/**1886/88 1d King George I SG 1b in a Top Left Corner Block of 25 with plate marking in the selvedge mostly unhinged. Has surface faults on one stamp and trimmed perfs on another stamp. Minor ageing on several stamps. Scarce Multiple (25) PHOTO-PLATE 12$500
5485C1943 National Patriotic Fund Board Stampless Cover endorsed ‘On Active Service’ with blue ‘NZEF/Field/Post Office’ cachet used at Tonga to NZ. Has violet Censor No 101 with the manuscript GM Barton. Fine (1)$100
5486U1861/62 90c Washington Scott #72 Very Good Used centred right Cat US$600 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 2$300
5487U1898 $1 Cattle Trans-Mississippi Scott #292 Good Used Cat US$725 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 2$300
5488*Newspapers & Periodicals 1875 5c Dull Blue Scott PR5/SG N79 Mint No Gum and ageing on the back Scott Cat US$225/SG Cat £225 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 9$125
5489**1972 Birds Set in full sheets of 100 Unhinged SG 1516/21 Cat £720 (600)$100
5490U1/- Bronze Green Large Star Watermark SG 45/CP A6d(5) Fine Used with 4 Margins. Scarce shade. CP Cat $1500 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 2$600
5491U1/- Deep Green Pelure Paper No Watermark Roulette 7 SG 89/CP A6f(z) Very Good Used with roulettes on 3 sides. Has Odenweller Certificate. SG Cat £1800/CP Cat $4500 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 2$1500
5492U1/- Dull Green Large Star Watermark Roulette 7 SG 56/CP A6d(z) with Roulettes on 2 sides Very Good Used. Has a large tear at top. SG Cat £375/CP Cat $2250 (1)$200
5493U1/- Green on Blue Paper No Watermark SG 6/CP A6b Fine Used with 4 Close to Good Margins cancelled by a light ‘1’ cancel. Has Odenweller 2016 Certificate. SG Cat £3750/CP Cat $11,000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 2$3000
5494U1/- Olive Green Large Star Watermark CP A6d(6) Fine Used with 4 Good to Large Margins. Scarce shade. CP Cat $1500 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 2$600
5495U1/- Yellow Green London Print Large Star Watermark SG 3/CP A6a Very Good to Fine Used with 4 Close Margins. Very Scarce SG Cat £5500/CP Cat $15, 000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 2$3750
5496U1d Carmine Vermilion NZ Watermark Roulette 7 SG 101/CP A1j(y) Very Good Used with roulettes on the base cancelled with Obliterator ‘1’. Has 2+ Margins with thin spots at top. Has Odenweller 2017 Certificate. SG Cat £3000/CP Cat $7500 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 2$1000
5497U1d Orange No Watermark Pair SG 8/CP A1d(1) Horizontal Pair Very Good to Fine Used postmarked with Obliterator ‘10’ (Wellington) cancel. The left hand stamp with 3 Margins, the right hand stamp 4 Margins touching at base. SG Cat £1500/CP Cat $4000 (2) PHOTO-PLATE 2$850
5498U1d Orange on Blue No Watermark SG 4/CP A1c(y) showing the letters ‘N’ and part ‘D’ of the London Papermaker’s Watermark. Has 3 Margins and slight oxidisation. Scarce CP Cat $8000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 2$1000
5499U2d Blue No Watermark SG 10/CP A2c(3) Pair Used cancelled by Obliterator ‘7’ (Wellington) cancels. The left hand stamp with 4 Margins, the right hand one with 3 Margins. SG Cat £360/CP Cat $750 (2) PHOTO-PLATE 2$250
5500C2d Blue No Watermark SG 5/CP A2b tied on part early wrapper by light ‘10’ Percons Bacon Obliterator to Sydney. Backstamped Wellington MY 21 1856 & part Ship Letter/Sydney JU 27 1856 cancels. The stamp has 4 close to good margins. (1) PHOTO-PLATE 14$500
5501U2d Blue on Blue Paper No Watermark SG 5/CP A2b(1) Very Good to Fine Used with 3 Close Margins SG Cat £300/CP Cat $1000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 2$300
5502*2d Blue on Large Star Watermark SG 36/CP A2d(3) Mint No Gum with 4 Close to Good Margins. SG £850/CP Cat $2000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 2$750
5503U2d Deep Blue Y Roulette SG 67e/CP A2d(v) Nice Used postmarked with Obliterator ‘15’ Has roulettes on all 4 sides. Very Scarce. SG Cat £2000/CP Cat $5000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 2$2000
5504U2d Deep Ultramarine SG 8a/CP A2c(1) No Watermark A Fine 4 Margin example with a light cancel. Has RPSNZ 2020 Certificate. SG Cat £1000/CP Cat $2500 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 2$1000
5505U2d Dull Deep Blue No Watermark SG 96/CP A2h Fine Used with 4 Close Margins. SG Cat £800/CP Cat $2500 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 2$600
5506*2d Pale Blue No Watermark SG 9/CP A2c(2) Mint No Gum with 4 clear margins.Very Scarce. SG Cat £1500/CP Cat $3000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 2$1500
5507C2d Pale Blue SG 9 tied on a FRONT by light ‘10’ (Wellington) Obliterator cancel addressed to Wanganui. Also the stamp is lightly tied by nearly a full PETRE 30 OC 1860 unframed cds. Fine stamp with 3 Margins (1) PHOTO-PLATE 14$150
5508U2d Pale Ultramarine Pelure Paper SG 83/CP A2f(2) Fine Used with 4 Close Margins. SG Cat £800 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 2$750
5509*6d Brown No Watermark SG 13/CP A5a(4) Mint with 3 Close Margins. Has a slight thin on the top margin. SG Cat £3500/CP Cat $6000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 2$1000
5510U6d Brown Watermark Large Star Roulette 7 SG 54/CP A5b(x) Very Good to Fine Used with roulettes on all 4 sides. SG Cat £600/CP Cat $1500 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$500
5511U1/- Green Imperf SG 45 postmarked with Obliterator ‘2’ (Russell) cancel. Has 3 Close Margins. Nice Item (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$250
5512U1d Brown SG 132 Horizontal Pair with a fair strike ‘WANGAREI MAY 3 73’ slightly overinked cancel. One stamp has a perf fault (2) PHOTO-PLATE 3$100
5513U1/- Deep Green No Watermark P13 Pelure Paper SG 94/CP A6f(w) Very Good Used postmarked by Obliterator ‘Dunedin’ cancel. SG Cat £2000/CP Cat $6000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$1500
5514U1/- Deep Green P13 Pelure Paper No Watermark SG 94/CP A6f(w) Fine Used with part ‘Dunedin’ Obliterator cancel. Has a repaired tear at the lower left with a BPA London Certificate. SG Cat £2000/CP Cat $6000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$900
5515U1/- Olive Green P13 Large Star Watermark SG 78/CP A6e Fine Used. Scarce shade. SG Cat £425/CP Cat $1100 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$400
5516U1/- Yellow Green P13 Large Star Watermark SG 80/CP A6e(4) Very Good Used SG Cat £400/CP Cat $1000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$400
5517*1d Brown P10x12 1/2 Large Star Watermark SG 128/CP A1p Mint with gum. Nice colour. Scarce. SG Cat £375/CP Cat $850 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$300
5518U1d Carmine Vermilion P13 NZ Watermark SG 104a/CP A1j(v) Very Good Used Very Scarce SG Cat £5500/CP Cat $15000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$4000
5519*1d Orange Vermilion P13 Large Star Watermark SG 68/CP A1f(1) Good Mint with Odenweller 2016 Certificate. Very Scarce. SG Cat £3250/CP Cat $6500 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$2000
5520U1d to 1/- Simplified Set ACS 7/17 Very Good to Fine Used ACS Cat $1900 (11)$750
5521*2d Pale Orange Large Star Wtermark SG 133/CP A2s(1) with violet ‘SPECIMEN’ handstamp (14 1/2 x 2 1/2mm) Mint No Gum. Centred right (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$250
5522*4d Rose SG 119/CP A6a Good Mint. Nice Colour. Has Odenweller 2016 Certificate. SG Cat £3250/CP Cat $8000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$3000
5523U6d Blue SG 135/CP A5k(2) Horizontal Strip of 3 Fine Used CP Cat $600 (3) PHOTO-PLATE 3$250
5524**1/- Green P12x11 1/2 SG 184/CP C6c Unhinged CP Cat $1600 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$800
5525U1d Lilac Large Star Watermark SG 175/CP C1d Nice Used CP Cat $1000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$500
5526U1d Lilac Large Star Watermark SG 178/CP C1d Pair Very Good to Fine Used postmarked ‘Wellington 27 NO 75’ CP Cat $2000 (2) PHOTO-PLATE 3$750
5527U1d Lilac postmarked with ‘010’ (Green island) Obliterator cancel. Has an unidentified manuscript cancel. Interesting cancel (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$50
5528U2/- Rose SG 185 Very Good to Fine Used ACS Cat $750 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$400
5529*5/- Grey SG 186 Fine Mint ACS Cat $1100 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$550
5530U5/- Grey SG 186 Very Good Used ACS Cat $800 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$300
5531**5/- Grey SG 186/CP C8a Horizontal Pair Unhinged. Fine Item CP Cat $7500 (2) PHOTO-FRONT COVER$5000
5532**1d Rose P10 SG 218 in a Bottom Selvedge Block of 32 Unhinged with light gum creasing on a few stamps. One stamp has a slight fault. ACS Cat $1550 (32) PHOTO-PLATE 12$300
5533U2 1/2d Blue Mixed Perfs P12 1/2x10x10x10 SG 220b/CP DA4e(z) with 2nd/3rd Setting in Mauve with ‘To Heal and Strenghen The Lungs/Bonningtons Irish Moss’ Advert. CP Cat $1000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$500
5534*2d Lilac with OPSO Remainder Mint No Gum (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$150
5535U4d Green P12x11 1/2 SG 190/CP D6a single postmarked with part ‘Christchurch ? ?O 82’ part duplex cancel. Used in 1882. Very Scarce (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$250
5536*5d Grey P12x11 1/2 SG 200/CP D7a Block of 4 Nice Mint CP Cat $1000 (4) PHOTO-PLATE 9$300
5537P5d Imperf Plate Proof singles on Unwatermarked Paper - All singles in Grey, Grey Black & Mauve (the latter with large margins). Fine lot (3) PHOTO-PLATE 3$250
5538*/**6d Brown Die 2 P11 SG 243/CP D8m in a Block of 4 with the top two stamps lightly hinged, the bottom two unhinged. CP Cat $1400 (4) PHOTO-PLATE 9$500
5539*OPSO 5d Grey P12x11 1/2 SG 014/CP DP7a with Magenta OPSO Overprint Mint. Remainder example (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$250
5540U5d Grey Mixed Perfs 10 & 12 1/2 SG 223ab/CP DA7d(z) postmarked with full ‘Marine PO 5 OC 95’ coin cds and Lochhead for Wertheim Sewing Machines 3rd Setting advert in Mauve. Very Scarce. CP Cat $1000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$500
5541**1/- Kea/Kaka SG 065, 1/2d Mt Cook SG 059 & 1d Universal SG 060 All in Corner Blocks of 4 Unhinged. All blocks with minor gum ageing on a couple of stamps of each block. ACS Cat $3580 (12) PHOTO-PLATE 9$500
5542U5/- Mt Cook Upright Watermark SG 067a/CP E021f Very Good Used postmarked ‘Dunedin 3 JE 12’ Very Scarce CP Cat $2000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$1500
5543U5d Otira OPSO SG 020/CP EP13b with Magenta OPSO Overprint Very Good to Fine Used. SG Cat £1100/CP Cat $2500 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$800
5544P1/2d Mt Cook Purple Brown Imperf Plate Proof Bottom Corner Selvedge Block of 60 (12x5) from Plate No 4 with Re-entry R8/16 No Gum with minor ageing. Scarce Plate Proof Multiple (60)$500
5545*/**1/2d Purple Brown SG 246/CP E1a(1) A Complete Sheet of 120 with some perf separation and hingeing on the back reinforcing the sheet. Has 91x Fine Unhinged. SG Cat £1020/CP Cat $3165 (120)$375
5546**1/2d Purple-Slate SG 246b/CP E1a(2) A Complete Sheet of 120 Unhinged with some light staining on 20 stamps. SG Cat £1020/CP Cat $3600 (120)$300
5547U1/2d to 5/- Simplified Set All Very Good to Fine Used ACS Cat $900 (14) PHOTO-PLATE 3$450
5548**1d Taupo SG 247/CP E2a(1) Complete Sheet of 80 Unhinged with slight perf splitting. SG Cat £480/CP Cat $2000 (80)$200
5549**1d Taupo SG 247d/CP E2a(2) Complete Sheet of 80 with minor perf splitting unhinged. Scarce SG Cat £520/CP Cat $2000$200
5550U2/- Milford P11 Watermark SG 316w/CP E20d(y) Centred to top Very Good to Fine Used CP Cat $450 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$225
5551P3d Huias Imperf Plate Proof Pair with trimmed margins at top (2) PHOTO-PLATE 3$100
5552*/**6d Green Kiwi P11 No Watermark SG 264/CP E14b(1) Deep green in a Block of 4 - 3x Mint, 1x Unhinged. Has a minor gum crease. CP Cat $1350 (4) PHOTO-PLATE 9$500
5553**1/2d Green Mt Cook P14 with Violet OPSO Overprint SG 016/CP FP3b Horizontal Pair Unhinged. Remainder Pair with light perf staining (2) PHOTO-PLATE 3$200
5554*/**1/2d Green Mt Cook P14x15 CP F05c Block of 4 with corner presentation cancels on each stamp. The block is lightly hinged at top (4) PHOTO-PLATE 10$100
5555**1/2d Mt Cook SG 059 in a Top Selvedge Block of 32 Unhinged. Has a Plate Arrow marking at top. Fine Block ACS Cat $1440+ (32)$500
5556**1 1/2d Boer War P11 CP E4a(z) Bottom Left Corner single with ‘Double Perforations’ Error Fine Unhinged CP Cat $600 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 9$250
5557*1/2d Green Mt Cook Basted Mills Mixed Perfs CP F2e in a bottom selvedge Block of 4 Good Mint CP Cat $500 (4) PHOTO-PLATE 9$250
5558**1/2d Green Mt Cook Cowan P11 unwatermarked SG 293/CP F3a Unhinged CP Cat $1100 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$500
5559**1/2d Green Mt Cook CP F5b(z) Bottom Selvedge Imperforate Strip of 4 with a plate green arrow unhinged. Has a light vertical crease vertically and also horizontally in the bottom selvedge. CP Cat $1500 (4) PHOTO-PLATE 9$500
5560*/**1/2d Green Mt Cook CP F5d(z) Block of 4 P14x15 with two different comb heads vertical pairs and the upper stamps doubly perforated. There is some perf separation and reinforcement vertically. Has RPSNZ 2017 Certificate. CP Cat $3500 (4) PHOTO-PLATE 9$1000
5561*/**1/2d Green Mt Cook CP F6b(z) Imperforate Block of 4 in Deep Yellow Green lightly hinged on the top pair. Fine Imperf Block. CP Cat $1500 (4) PHOTO-PLATE 9$750
5562**1/2d Green Mt Cook Mixed Perfs CP F4e(1) Right-hand Selevedge Block of 12 Unhinged with heavy gum ageing due to the NZ Post repatching. Has a selvedge marking at right. One stamp has a light tone. CP Cat $1320 (12) PHOTO-PLATE 10$400
5563*/**1/2d Green Mt Cook P11x14 CP F4c(1) Block of 4 lightly hinged on 3 stamps, one stamp unhinged. CP Cat $260 (4)$100
5564**1/2d Green Mt Cook P14 in a Top Vertical Selvedge Block of 8 Unhinged from Plate 3 with R4/13 re-entry. CP Cat $480 (8)$200
5565**1/2d Green Mt Cook P14x13, 13 1/2 CP F5b(2) Deep Yellow Green shade in a Block of 20 Fine Unhinged. CP Cat $600 (20)$250
5566**1/2d Green Mt Cook P14x15 CP F5c Corner Plate 4 Block of 4 unhinged with light guming toning on the top 2 stamps and in the left hand selvedge. CP Cat $2000 (4)$300
5567**1/2d Green Mt Cook P14x15 CP F5c in a Top Corner Plate 2 Block of Unhinged. Very light gum crease. Scarce CP Cat $2000 (4) PHOTO-PLATE 11$1000
5568**1/2d Green Mt Cook P14x15 CP F5c Plate 1 Top Left Corner Block of 4 Unhinged but has a thin in the selvedge at top left with a hinge. CP Cat $2000 (4) PHOTO-PLATE 11$500
5569**1/2d Green Mt Cook P14x15 CP F5c(x) Block of 4 with R7/24 flaw on the bottom right stamp unhinged. CP Cat $265+ (4) PHOTO-PLATE 12$100
5570*/**1/2d Green Mt Cook P14x15 CP F5c(z) Vertical Pair with Imperf on the top stamp on both sides and one the base. Hinged on the top stamp. CP Cat $850+ (2) PHOTO-PLATE 9$400
5571*/**1/2d Green Mt Cook Pirie Mixed Perfs CP F1e in a Bottom Selvedge Block of 8 with Hand-scratched No 4. The block has one stamp lightly hinged but with some staining on the block. Has RPSNZ 2017 Certificate CP Cat $3000 (8)$500
5572*/**1/2d Green Mt Cook Pirie Mixed Perfs in a Bottom Selvedge Block of 28 showing Mixed Perfs on Rows 2, 3, 4 & 5. Also shows Re-entries R4/4, R5/6, R10/4, R10/6 from Plate 1. Some values Unhinged, the rest Mint. CP Cat $3660+ (28)$1000
5573*/**1/2d Green Mt Cook Pirie P14x11 CP F1c Bottom Selvedge Block of 4 with Hand-scratched ‘3’ Hinged on one stamp, the others unhinged. Has a minor tone on the bottom selvedge. RPSNZ 2017 Certificate. Very Scarce CP Cat $2500 (4) PHOTO-PLATE 11$1000
5574*1/2d Green Mt Cook SG 302a/CP F4b(z) Top Selvedge Block of 4 Imperf Vertically Good Mint. SG Cat £600/CP Cat $1600 (4) PHOTO-PLATE 11$500
5575*1/2d Mt Cook Cowan No Watermark P11 SG 293/CP F3a Nice Mint CP Cat $500 (1)$200
5576*/**/U1/2d Mt Cook Cowan Watermarked Mixed Perfs SG 306/CP F4e in a Block of 4 - one stamp lightly hinged and 3x Unhinged. Also 1x Fine Used. CP Cat $530 (5) PHOTO-BACK COVER$200
5577**1/2d Mt Cook P14x15 CP F5c Plate 1 & 2 Blocks of 4 Unhinged CP Cat $4000 (8)$600
5578*4d Lake Taupo CP E12e(z) Bottom Selvedge Mixed Perfs Pair x Imperf Vertically Mint with minor gum ageing. Very Scarce. CP Cat $3500 (2) PHOTO-PLATE 3$750
5579**4d Taupo P11 Cowan Watermarked SG 310/CP E12b in a Complete Sheet of 80 Unhinged. Has light toning on 7 stamps. There is a slight vignette (blue) colour shift from the stamps at the top and those towards the bottom. SG Cat £480/CP Cat $3200 (80)$300
5580**4d Taupo P11 No Watermark SG 262/CP E12a in a Complete Sheet of 80 with Re-entries R1/3 & R8/10 Unhinged SG Cat £480/CP Cat $3200 (80)$500
5581**6d Red Kiwi Compound Perf P14x11x14x14 SG 335/CP E14h Fine Unhinged CP Cat $2000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$1000
5582*6d Red Kiwi Compound Perf P14x11x14x14 SG 335/CP E14h Good Mint CP Cat $1000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$500
5583*6d Red Kiwi P11 SG 265a/CP E14c(x) Imperf Vertically Horizontal Pair Mint with some hingeing CP Cat $1500 (2) PHOTO-PLATE 3$400
5584U6d Red Kiwi Watermark Upright SG 312ab/CP E14f Very Good Used postmarked by part WELLINGTON 3 MY 03 cancel. The stamp has light ageing. Very Scarce SG Cat £2000/CP Cat $3500 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$1250
5585U1d Universal 2x Blocks of 4 postmarked ‘NUKUALOFA/TONGA’ one block dated 06/05/1905 & the other 02/06/1906. Also a Block of 9 also postmarked ‘NUKUALOFA/TONGA’ 19/11/1906. One stamps has a corner fault. (3 Items) PHOTO-PLATE 10$75
5586*Pirie P11 SG 278a/CP G2a(x) Horizontal Pair Imperf Vertically. Mint with several hingeing. Fine Colour. CP Cat $1100 (2) PHOTO-PLATE 4$300
5587PProof 1d Imperf Left-hand Selvedge Block of 12 with plate arrow in Red Brown on thick paper. Minor creasing. Ex Midas. Very Scarce (12) PHOTO-PLATE 12$600
5588*/**Royle P14 Trial R1 Block of 4 lightly hinged on the top 2 stamps. CP Cat $750 (4) PHOTO-PLATE 11$300
5589PWaterlow Imperf Green Coloured Die Proof with the 2nd stamp tete-beche on thin white wove paper. Very Scarce (4) PHOTO-PLATE 4$650
5590*1d Claret SG 371a A Good Mint example centred to top. Fine Colour. Rare ACS Cat $30, 000 (1) PHOTO-FRONT COVER$20000
5591U6d Annexation SG 373 Fine CTO example ACS Cat $600 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 4$300
5592**Dickie Trial (with two vertical black lines) in a Left-hand Corner Selvedge Block of 60 Unhinged with the odd light gum toning on several stamps. Has light creasing in the selvedge (60)$500
5593U3d Chestnut P14x13 1/2 SG 074a/CP H03c Pair Very Good to Fine Used CP Cat $800 (2)$400
5594*6d Carmine P14x14 1/2 SG 075 Vertical Pair with Misplaced ‘OFFICIAL’ Overprint. Fine Error (2) PHOTO-PLATE 10$500
5595**1/2d to 6d Set SG 412/15 Fine Unhinged ACS Cat $2000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$1000
5596U1/2d to 6d Set SG 412/15 Very Good to Fine Used ACS Cat $1500 (4) PHOTO-PLATE 4$750
5597U1 1/2d Grey Pictorial Paper SG 431c/CP K1f Fine CTO example CP Cat $400 (Pair) PHOTO-PLATE 10$150
5598U2 1/2d Slate Blue Two Perf Pair SG 419b/CP K3c(2) Fine Used with faint corner crease. CP Cat $800 (Pair) PHOTO-PLATE 10$250
5599U4d Violet Two Perf Pair SG 422f/CP K5f(1) Fine CTO example CP Cat $500 (Pair) PHOTO-PLATE 10$200
5600U4d Yellow Two Perf Pair SG 421d/CP K5c Fine CTO example CP Cat $600 (Pair) PHOTO-PLATE 10$250
5601U7 1/2d Red Brown Two Perf Pair SG 426b/CP K9c Fine CTO CP Cat $500 (2) PHOTO-PLATE 10$200
5602U8d Indigo Blue Two Perf Pair SG 427b/CP K10c Fine CTO example CP Cat $500 (Pair) PHOTO-PLATE 10$200
5603U3d Chocolate Brown Two Perf Pair SG 0100c Good to Very Good Used CP Cat $500 (Pair) PHOTO-PLATE 10$200
5604U8d Brown SG 0103 Very Fine Used ACS Cat $400 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 4$200
5605**1/2d to 3d Set plus the local issue. Also similar set with the local official Unhinged. ACS Cat $365 (12)$200
5606PBooklet 1d Field Marshal Black Imperf Corner Part Sheet of 3 Booklet Panes on unwatermarked paper. Has an endorsement 13/7/27 at top left. Fine Exhibition item (1)$400
1923 MAP
5607C1923 (1OC) Wrapper endorsed ‘New Zealand Stamp Collector/Posted 1st day of 1d Postage, 1/10/23’ with 1d Map tied by Christchurch First Day cancel. Has lightly aged. Scarce ACS Cat $400 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 14$200
5608**1/2d to 4d Set in Top Selvedge Corner Blocks of 4 all with R2/2 flaws Unhinged CP Cat $776+ (12)$375
5609**2/- & 3/- Admirals Right-hand Selvedge Pairs SG 469/70 Unhinged. The 2/- Blue the left hand stamp with a gum surface faults and a light crease, the other stamp fine. The 3/- Pair fine. ACS Cat $1700 (4) PHOTO-PLATE 4$750
5610C1931 (9NO) Christmas Airmail NZ, Australia-London cacheted Karachi-London Cover with 3d, 4d, 7d Airmails & KGV 2d Surface Posted at HIGHFIELD cancels. The cover postmarked one day before the first day of issue. Fine & Scarce (1) PHOTO-PLATE 14$400
5611U3d Brown P14x15 SG 548a/CP V1b Vertical Pair Very Good Used with 2 overstruck cancels. Scarce CP Cat $2000 (2) PHOTO-PLATE 10$1000
1938 KGVI
5612**COILS 1d Green Lightning No 1 Printed Coil with yellow leader with two stamps plus End Roll leader dated 25 JAN 1951 with 3 extra stamps. Nice Pair of Items (2) PHOTO-PLATE 4$500
5613**Officials 1/2d to 8d Joined FF’s SG 0141a/0149a All in Vertical pairs except for the 2 1/2d value which is in a Strip of 3. All Fine Unhinged Cat £545 (8 items)$300
5614P1956 Southland Centenary James Berry Large Unadopted Prelimenary Drawings of 2 Designs showing Sheep & Lamb plus Sealions & Dusky Sound. Also with smaller designs on the side. Plus a smaller drawing with various designs for this issue. Fine Items (2)$1000
5615*/U1958 2d Stars Error SG 763b Fine Mint & Fine Used examples ACS Cat $550 (2) PHOTO-PLATE 4$250
5616**Officials 1954/63 Set plus Provisionals in Plate Blocks of 4 SG 0159/0169 plus an extra 2d & 3d Plate Blocks in White Paper Unhinged ACS Cat $420 as Blocks of 4 (52)$100
5617**1962 3d Telegraph CP S88a(z) Bottom Vertical Strip of 4 with Partial Missing Brown Error on 2 of the 4 stamps Unhinged (4) PHOTO-PLATE 12$300
5618P1965 Anzac James Berry Unadopted Large Prelimenary Pencil Drawing with a Rifle/Hat/Cross reading ‘Fallen Hero’, Poppies and with ‘Remembrance’ with the Year 1914-1964 on Drawing Paper (1)$500
5619**4d Puarangi SG 786 Left-hand Selvedge Strip of 5 with the middle stamp partly showing the BUFF colour omitted Unhinged (5) PHOTO-PLATE 4$250
5620**5d Mountain Daisy SG 787a/CP O7a(z) Yellow Colour Omitted Fine Unhinged CP Cat $1000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 4$500
5621**1967 20c Taniwha CP OD13a(z) Top left selvedge Strip of 5 with the Missing BUFF Colour 90% on the 2nd stamp in the strip, Complete Missing on the 3rd stamp of the strip and 10% on the 4th stamp. Fine Unhinged. Great Variety Strip Unhinged. (5) PHOTO-PLATE 12$3000
5622P1967 4c Royal Society James Berry Prelimenary Large Pencil Drawing on Drawing Paper (1)$400
5623P1967 8c Royal Society James Berry Large Prelimenary Pencil Drawing Unadopted Design on Drawing Paper (1)$400
5624**1968 $2 Multi Geyser SG 879 in a Complete Sheet of 100 Fine Unhinged ACS Cat $4500 (100)$1000
5625**1969 4c Captain Cook CP S122a(y) Block of 4 Imperf Fine Unhinged CP Cat $1800 (4) PHOTO-PLATE 10$1000
5626P1969 Corso James Berry Unadopted Prelimenary Large Pencil Drawing on Drawing Paper (1)$400
5627P1969 Law Society James Berry Prelimenary Large Pencil Drawing of the 10c Value on Drawing Paper denoting 3c (1)$400
5628**7 1/2c Trout Imperf Pair Fine Unhinged (2) PHOTO-PLATE 4$200
5629**10c Royal (No Watermark) Vertical Pair with the bottom stamps with Missing Light Blue Colour Omitted CP P12b(v) Unhinged CP Cat $1000 (2) PHOTO-PLATE 10$500
5630**10c Royal (No Watermark) Vertical Strip of 6 with the top stamp Missing Silver Omitted Error Unhinged (6) PHOTO-PLATE 12$250
5631C18c Maori Club SG 1019a/CP P14b(x) Black Colour Omitted Error plus a normal example tied by Shirley North cancel on Cover. Fine & Very Scarce. CP Cat $800 Used. Rare on Cover (1) PHOTO-PLATE 14$500
5632P1970 Expo James Berry Large Unadopted Prelimenary Pencil Drawings of 2 Designs (18c & 7c) one showing a World Map on Drawing Paper. Nice Item (1)$500
5633**20c Taniwha (No Watermark) CP P15b(w) Top Left-hand Vertical Corner Pair with Black Colour Offset on both Fine Unhinged CP Cat $1000 (2) PHOTO-PLATE 10$650
5634**25c Hauraki Gulf CP P17b(z) Block of 10 with Mauve Colour Offset Error Unhinged CP Cat $2500 (10)$1000
5635**3c Moth SG 918aw/CP P5a(y) Inverted Watermark in a nearly Complete Sheet of 196 stamps (missing 4 stamps from the bottom right corner) & 15c Maori Fish Hook SG 926w/CP P13a(z) Watermark Sideways in a Part Sheet of 50 stamps. All Unhinged CP Cat $5980 (246)$500
5636**4c Puriri Moth (No Watermark) Top Value Block of 4 with Corner Paper Fold resulting in Missing Part Design in the top corner of the top right stamp Unhinged (4) PHOTO-PLATE 10$250
5637**4c Puriri Moth (No Watermark) with Missing Light Green, Purple Brown, Blue & Yellow Colour Erros CP P6c (y, x, w, v) All Fine Unhinged. CP Cat $2000 (4)$500
5638**50c Able Tasman Missing Right-hand Light Green Headland SG 932a/CP P19a(z) in a Part Block of 29 Unhinged. CP Cat $1450 (29)$250
5639C1975 18c Forest Parks Missing Dark Blue Error CP SS19a(z) tied on Registered Cover with additional 4c Puriri Moth tied by St Heliers 18 SP 75 cancel. Fine Error Cover (1) PHOTO-PLATE 14$250
5640**1975 18c Forest Parks with Dark Blue Colour Omitted Error CP SS19a(z) Fine Unhinged CP Cat $500 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 10$250
5641**1975 8c Rose CP PA8a Right Hand Vertical Selevedge Complete Strip of 10 with Partial Missing Yellow Colour on the first 6 stamps Unhinged. Fine Error Strip (10) PHOTO-PLATE 12$1000
5642**1976 8c Rose CP PA8a (x) Complete Yellow Offset Error Complete on the first stamp and 50% on the second stamp in a Left-hand Selvedge Strip of 3 Unhinged. Nice Variety/Error Item (3) PHOTO-PLATE 4$500
5643**1976 8c Rose CP PA8b(x) Green & Red Offset Error Unhinged CP Cat $1000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 4$500
5644**1977 10c Queen CP PA10a(z) Left-hand Top Corner Selvedge Block of 8 Imperf with Orange Colour Shift Unhinged. Fine Error Block (8) PHOTO-PLATE 11$2000
5645**1979 10c Queen CP PA10b(z) Blue Colour (Frame) Omitted Error in a Block of 4 Fine Unhinged. CP Cat $6000 (4) PHOTO-PLATE 11$3000
5646**1979 4c on 8c Rose Provisional CP PA30a(v) Red, Green & Black Offset Error in a Block of 4 with the top two stamps complete and half offset on the bottom 2 stamps. Fine Error Block. CP Cat $3750+ (4) PHOTO-BACK COVER$1500
5647**1986 30c Music Complete Sheet of 100 CP S341(z) (y) An Error Sheet with the top 2 Rows Imperf (10x Pairs) on top with the first 2 stamps also of each row Imperf Vertically. The other parts of the sheet are Grossly Misperfed. Unhinged CP Cat $13, 000 (100)$3000
5648**1988 40c Kiwi CP PC15c(z) Yellow Colour Omitted Fine Unhinged with top selvedge. CP Cat $550 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 4$275
5649**1988 80c Penguin CP PC20a in a Part Bottom Sheet of 60 with a Major Perforation Error between Rows 6 & 7 resulting in Imperf at base of the Row 6 stamps and the Vertical and Horizontal Perforation on Row 7 partly through the design of some of the stamps. Great variety Block Unhinged (60)$2000
5650U1990 40c Heritage (Legend of Rangi & Papa) CP SH31a(z) Fine Used CP Cat $500 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 4$250
5651**1991 $1 Round Kiwi CP PC28b(y) A Part Sheet/Blocl of 12 with a ‘Double Paper Reel Join’ affecting the middle 6 stamps of the block. The Only Recorded examples Fine Unhinged. Unprice in CP. A Major Error Block. Fine Kiwi/Bird Thematic Error. Rare (12) PHOTO-PLATE 14$2000
5652**1991 40c Chatham Islands CP S421a(z) Left-hand Selvedge Block of 4 with Double Perforations Error Unhinged CP Cat $450 (4) PHOTO-PLATE 12$200
5653**1996 40c Horizontal Strip of 6 on Air Ambulance Paper IMPERFORATE CP PE19a/24a(z) Fine Unhinged (6)$500
5654**2000 Scenic Reflections $1.20 Rainbow Mountain CP SS141a(z) Top Selvedge Vertical Pair with Major Perforation Error Unhinged CP Cat $1500 (2) PHOTO-BACK COVER$750
5655**2000’s Pete’s Post $4, $4.50, $9, $15 & $20 Fish Booklets All Imperforate. Fine & Scarce (5)$500
5656**2000’s Pete’s Post $4, $4.50, $9, $15 & $20 Glenbrook Vintage Railway Booklets All Completely Imperforate Fine & Scarce (5) PHOTO-PLATE 12$500
5657**2001 $1.10 Queen Mother Sheetlet of 25 with a Major Perforation Error resulting in the top 5 stamps of the sheetlet without the country name ‘NEW ZEALAND’ and the balance of the sheetlet of 20 stamps with the Error CP S686a(z) where the ‘NEW ZEALAND’ is at the top of each stamps where the normal stamps have the words ‘NEW ZEALAND’ at the bottom. The only recorded examples of this Error. Possibly Unique (1x Sheetlet of 25) PHOTO-PLATE 14$30000
5658**2001 $4 Scenic Booklet CP W66c (Yc) Completely Imperforate Fine Unhinged Very Scarce CP Cat $2500 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 12$1000
5659**2002 $9 Curio Bay, Catlins Booklet CP W88a with Die cuts Grossly Misplaced 5mm to the left. Rare Error Booklet Variety Unhinged. Unlisted in CP (1) PHOTO-BACK COVER$1250
5660**2004 $2 Peter Snell CP S918a(z) with Inverted Laminate Error Fine Unhinged CP Cat $4000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 4$2000
5661**2020 NZ Post Uncut Imperf Large Sheet No 1 containing 3x Imperf Min Sheets of the Lighthouse, Kupe & Year of the Rat Issues plus 9x Maritime Imperf Min Sheets Unhinged (All proceeds from the sale of this lot will go to the organisers for the future 2023 Internation Exhibition) (1)$1000
5662**2020 NZ Post Uncut Imperf Large Sheet No 2 containing 3x Imperf Min Sheets of the Lighthouse, Kupe & Year of the Rat Issues plus 9x Maritime Imperf Sheets Unhinged (All proceeds raised will go towards the future 2023 International Exhibition) (1)$1000
5663**1967 2 1/2d Adoration SG 880/CP SC8a in a Complete Sheet of 50 (with slight perf splitting in the middle of the sheet). Has a corner ‘Sheet Fold’ on the bottom right corner stamp which causes a perforation error resulting in a partial IMPERF stamp on 75% of the bottom perforations and 50% on the right hand vertical perforations unhinged. Fine Christmas Variety Block (50)$250
5664**1970 3c Window Strip of 4 with Grossly Misplaced Perforations Error - An unusual Error with the bottom 70% of the design at top, with an extra row of perforations, then the top 30% of the design at base. Unusual & Nice Error Strip Unhinged (4) PHOTO-PLATE 4$750