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Auckland City Stamps Auction 230


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Lot # Description Estimate My Bids
1**1949 Silver Wedding Pair SG 30/31 unh (2)$75
2C1952 Airmail Cover to NZ with KGVI 50c/8a & 1/-/1r Definitives tied (1)$30
3*(Kathiri) 1942 KGVI Definitives Set SG 1/11 Good Mint Cat £60 (11)$50
4U1920 Pictorials Set SG 24/29 Fine Used Cat £90 (6)$100
5**1990 $1 & $2 Birdpex Overprints Pair SG 620/21 unh (2)$20
6C2003 (3SP) Picture Postcard (Stamps of Aitutaki) with 80c WWF Lorikeet stamp tied to NZ (1)$20
7**1990 WWF The Charnois Set SG 2442/45 unh (4)$10
8**1986 WWF Sealife Set of 4 Strips in a Sheetlet unh (4 Strips)$20
9C1939 Picture Postcard (Camels in the Desert) to NZ with 25c/50c & 1f Definitives tied. Has Lower Hutt receiving cds (1)$30
10C1943 (1MR) Censored WWII Cover to Switzerland Posted at Blida. The cover routing - Alger-London-Lisbon-Paris-Geneva. Has Basel 15 AP 43 receiving cds. On the back with UK & German Censoring (1)$50
11C1952 (FE) Picture Postcard with 1f & 5f Definitives tied to NZ (1)$20
12C1970 (27NO) Cover to NZ with $1 Stamp Centenary Pair tied (1)$20
13**1990 Benguela & Luanda Railway Set & Min Sheet SG 915/18 & MS919 unh (4+M/S)$20
14**2004 WWF Colobus Monkey Block of 4 SG 1717/20 unh (4)$10
15C1944 (15FE) Registered Commercial Censored Airmail Cover with various stamps Posted at Buenos Aires to Sweden. Has German/American Censoring. Interesting from Neutral to Neutral Countries (1)$50
16*1953/62 QE Definitives Set SG 120a/134 Good Mint Cat £85 (15) PHOTO-PLATE 1$75
17C1967 Antarctic Cacheted Base Covers - Almirante Brown & Petrel Covers with cancels and cachets. Minor ageing (2)$40
18U1935 Silver Jubilee Set SG 31/34 Fine Used Cat £110 (4)$150
19*1938/53 KGVI 1d Black & Green SG 39 Good Mint (1)$40
20*1938/53 KGVI 2/6 P13 Black & Deep Carmine SG 45c Good Mint (1) PHOTO-FRONT COVER$25
21*1938/53 KGVI 5/- P13 Black & Yellow-Brown SG 46A Good Mint (1)$40
22**1948 10/- Silver Wedding SG 51 unh Cat £50 (1)$100
23U1949 UPU Set SG 52/55 Fine Used (4)$10
24**1956 QE 10/- View of Ascension SG 69 unh Cat £55 (1)$75
25**1956 QE 2/6 Sooty Tern SG 67 unh (1)$45
26U1963 Bird Definitive Set SG 70/83 Fine Used Cat £55 (14)$80
27U1970 Royal Naval Crests 3rd Min Sheet SG MS134 Fine Used (1)$20
28**2011 WWF Red-billed Tropicbird Set SG 1113/16 unh (4)$15
29**Booklet 1971 44p Complete SG SB2 unh (1)$20
30**1913/14 Roo 3d Olive Die 1 SG 5 with ‘JBC’ Monogram single unh with odd perf tone and has pinholes in the selvedge. Cat A$1000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1$100
31C1917 (OC30) Cover with KGV 1d Red tied by Sydney cancel to London. Has WW1 Liberty Loan Patriotic label tied at top left. Nice Item (1)$50
32C1919 (20AP) Stampless ‘On Active Service’ Cover with black boxed ‘Orderley Room/AAMC DETAIL’ tied by Salisbury cancel to Melbourne. Signed in the bottom left corner - Pte W Jackson. (1)$150
33C1919 (MR25) Printed ‘On Active Service/The Salvation Army with His Majesty’s Australian Forces’ Stampess cancelled ‘Army Post Office/SW2’ Censored to Australia. Signed by Pte W Jackson. Scarce (1) PHOTO-PLATE 4$150
34C1927 (9MY) 1 1/2d Canberra SG 105 4x stamps tied on Registered Plain First Day Cover to NZ (1)$100
35C1934 (11MY) Faith in Australia Goodwill Flight Cover Posted at Sydney to NZ No 150 of 250 covers Signed by C Ulm and returned to Australia. Eustis #379 Cat A$250 (1)$150
36C1934 (4JY) Faith In Australia Printed Flight Cover - Australia to Papua with various stamps Eustis 390 (1)$40
37C1934 (9NO) KLM Air Race Machine ‘UIVER’ Cacheted Cover Posted at Sydney to Holland. The cachet on the back of the cover. The cover has a light vertical fold. (1)$100
38C1935 (23AP) Advertising Cover for ‘SIL ROHU - Quality Firearms,Catridges & Fishing Tackle’ with 2d ‘35 Anzac & KGV 1d Green tied by Sydney machine cancel to USA (1)$25
39U1935 Silver Jubilee Set SG 156/58 Fine Used (3)$40
40C1937 (22MR) Cover to Tasmania with KGV 2d Red tied by ‘Auckland Loose Letter’ cds. Minor creasing (1)$25
41C1938 (28SE) Queensland Philatelic Society 2nd Exhibition, Brisbane Printed Registered Cover with hexagonal ‘Q’land Phil Society’s Exhbn/Brisbane’ cancels to NZ. (1)$50
42C1938 (3AU) Printed ‘Commencement of Thrice Weekly Flying-Boat Airmail Service Australia-England Printed Cover Posted at Sydney. Eustis #825. Minor edge toning (1)$40
43U1940’s On Piece Customs Duty 1/2d tied with GB KGVI 1/2d Green (1)$10
44C1941 (10DE) Censored Cover Posted at Melbourne to USA. Has Scarce Honolulu 1700 Censor plus Australia No 3 Censor. (1)$100
45C1942 (29AP) Advice of Delivery Printed PO Card sent from Sydney to Ashfield. Has 3d KGVI tied by Ashfield cds plus ‘Municipality Of Ashfield’ handstamp. Minor blemishes (1)$50
46C1942 (30SP) Airmail Stampless Cover cancelled by AUS FPO 36 (El Alemain) to Australia. Censored No 447 violet cachet & signed. Scarce (1)$100
47C1942 (OC9) US Patriotic Printed Coloured Cover from APO 501 with Censored & Signed by Colonel CWS. Has 5 1/2d on 5d Sheep Overprint tied by barred cancel to USA. Has ‘Examined By/Theater Censor/SWPA’ cachet. Interesting WWII Cover (1) PHOTO-PLATE 4$100
48C1943 Picture Postcard (GPO Perth) with KGVI 2d Purple tied by Perth cds to NZ. Has boxed ‘5/Passed By Censor/5’ violet handstamp. (1)$25
49C1945 (20NO) Red Cross Cover with NZ KGVI 3d Blue tied by AUST UNIT POSTAL STATION/388 to NZ. Used at Madang. PNG (1)$50
50C1947/48 2x Covers sent from Australia Unclaimed - 1x addressed to Miss Donna Drake, C/- MGM Studios, Culver City, California USA & the other to Miss Leza Holland, C/- Warner Bros Studios, Burlark, California USA. Both have Red Dead Letter Office cancels tieing Return To Sender Dead Letter Office Sydney labels. (2)$50
51C1948 (12JY) Registered OHMS Postmaster-General’s Department Printed Farrer First Day Cover to USA with Block of 4 cancelled (1)$50
52C1948 (31MR) Stampless Cover with ‘Aust Unit Postal Stn/345’ (Okayama,Japan) cds addressed to BCOF Canteen Service, Kure. Endorsed ‘Inter Unit’. Backstamped No 8 Aust Base PO-C. Fine J Force Military Cover (1)$75
53*1948 Arms Set SG 224a/d 5/- to £2 Good Mint Cat £140 (4) PHOTO-PLATE 1$125
54C1954 (14DE) Cover to NZ with Red ‘Post Office/Express/Delivery’ label crossed out and endorsed ‘Service Suspended’. Has various stamps tied. Minor ageing (1)$25
55C1964 (16JY) 50th Anniv First Airmail Commemorative Flight Melbourne-Sydney Printed Cover with Cinderella tied. Eustis #1522 (1)$10
56C1964 (1AU) The Stamp Show/Cycle Express Service Printed Cover Posted at Rockdale Fine (1)$10
57C1969 (16JA) Airmail Cover Stampless endorsed ‘FREE’ cancelled with light ‘AUST FPO/4’ cancel plus violet ‘FORCES MAIL VIETNAM’ handstamp to Chatswood. Fine Vietnam War Cover (1)$50
58C1970 (15FE) Australian Force Vietnam Printed Airmail Cover with $1 Navigator tied by AUST FPO/4 cds (1)$50
59**1971 Christmas Block of 25 White paper SG 498Ewa unh (1)$100
60**1971 Christmas Block of 7 White Paper SG 498Ewa unh (1)$50
61U1976 National Stamp Week/Philas House Appeal cancelled with Sydpex ‘80 cancel numbered Min Sheet Fine Used (1)$10
62C1983 (31MY) Tin Can Mail/Rottnest Island WA cancel on Cover with red ‘Carried On The Tin Can Mail Service’ cachet to NZ (1)$10
63C1985 (15MY) OHMS Registered Office of the Government Statist Cover with Perfined stamps to NZ (1)$10
64C1986 (6JE) Cover with Orange label ‘Carried on 58th Anniv of Re-enactment flight. Take-off Murwillumbah - Retrace final stages of Southern Cross Flight. Signed by Ray Woodhams in RYC. Backstamped Eagle Farm/Qld (1)$20
65**2006 Stampex 2x Booklets celebrating 10th Anniv of SAPHIL - the House of Philately in South Australia unh (2)$20
66**2010 Legends 14th Series Written Word Set in Blocks of 4 SG 3328/39 Fine Used (12)$20
67*1956 Olympic Games Set of 9 labels - Swimming, Hurdler x 3 different colours, Cycling 2x diff colours & Runner 1x All Mint No Gum (9)$10
68**1972 ANPEX Buildings Visit Blue/Yellow Sheetlet of 8 unh (1)$10
69**Cinderella 1989 Australian Duck Stamp $100 Booklet (20x $5 Wetlands Conservation Stamps) unh (1)$100
70**Cinderella 2005 Qantas Airbus 380 $1.80 Local x 4 Min Sheet unh (1)$10
71**Express Delivery Mail-7 Australian Post Office Sheetlet of 10 labels unh (1)$10
72CHutt River 1979 Flowers Set on Printed No 12 Cover (1)$10
73C1948 (7MR) Cover with KGVI 2 1/2d tied by ANARE MACQUARRIE IS cds to NZ (1)$50
74C1951 (8SE) Australian National Antarctic Research Expedition/Heard & MacQuarrie Islands Printed Penguin Cover with 3d KGVI tied by ANARE Heard Is cds to NZ. Minor staining (1)$50
75C1979 Byrd SG 35/36, 1982 Mawson SG 53/54 & 1983 Meeting SG 60 Set of 4 Antarctic Base First Day Covers (12)$25
76C1979/81 Ships Set SG 37/52 Set of Antarctic Base First Day Covers (12)$50
77C1983 Antarctic Wildlife Set on 3x Sterling Silk First Day Covers (3)$20
78C1983 Wildlife Strip SG 55a Set of 4 Antarctic Base First Day Covers (4)$20
79**Cinderella 1987/88 Bicentennial Antarctic Expeedition Mt Minto Ascent Min Sheet unh (1)$10
80*Cinderellas 1963/64 MacQuarrie Is & Davis Relief Expedtion Red/White labels Mint (2)$20
81C1914/18 5x Medical Action in the Field Printed Postcards Unused. All Different. Scarce (5)$100
82**1912/19 KGV 5/- Dull Purple & Blue SG 88 unh (1)$75
83**1921/37 KGV 3d Purple/Pale Yellow SG 120 Corner Plate 2 single unh (1)$20
84**1942 Columbus 3/-,5/- & £1 SG 173,174a,175a unh Cat £63 (3)$100
85**1954/63 QE Definitives Set SG 201/16 unh (16)$150
86**2012 WWF Caribbean Flamingo Strip SG 1616/19 unh (4)$20
87U1933/37 KGV 1r Chocolate & Green SG 12 Fine Used (1)$20
88U1942/45 KGVI Part Set (No 1a3p SG 42 & 3 1/2a SG 46) SG 38/41,43/45,47/50 Very Good to Fine Used. Cat £70 (11)$100
89U1948 Olympic Games Set SG 63/66 Fine Used (4)$24
90U1948 Silver Wedding Pair SG 61/62 Fine Used Cat £52.75 (2)$75
91U1948/49 KGVI Definitives Set SG 51/60a Very Good to Fine Used Cat £95 (11)$150
92U1949 UPU Set SG 67/70 Fine Used (4)$20
93U1950 KGVI Definitives (No 2r on 2/6) SG 71/76 & 78/79 Very Good Used Cat £43 (8)$60
94*1950/55 KGVI Overprints Set SG 71/79 Good Mint Cat £110 (9)$100
95U1953 Coronation Set SG 90/93 Fine Used (4)$20
96U1960 Definitives Set SG 117/27 Fine Used (11)$15
97C1972 (3OC) Registered Long Cover with 20p Overprints Strip of 4 Posted at SALTIGOPALPUR to RAJSHAHI. The Cover has a fold (1)$50
98C1976 (21MY) Uprated 75b Aerogramme with extra adhesives Posted at Chatmohar to NZ. Fine (1)$25
99*1916/19 KGV 3/- Deep Violet SG 191 Good Mint Cat £75 (1)$75
100**1953/61 QE Definitives Set SG 289/301 unh Ca £75 (13)$100
101**1989 Japanese Art by Hiroshige (Birds) Min Sheet Pair SG MS1143 unh Cat £50 (2)$75
102*1938 KGVI 10/- Olive-Green SG 28 Good Mint Cat £48 (1)$50
103*1938 KGVI 5/- Violet SG 27 Good Mint (1)$45
104**1961/63 QE 12 1/2c,25c,50c,R1 Definitives SG 76/79 unh Cat £100 (4)$150
105*1938/52 KGVI 2/6 Black & Scarlet SG 126 Good Mint (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$15
106*1938/52 KGVI 5/- Black & Deep Ultramarine SG 127 Good Mint Cat £48 (1)$50
107*1955/58 QE Definitives Set SG 143/53 Good Mint Cat £100 (12)$80
108C1937 (31MY) Printed Airshow Printed Postcard with Mixed franking of Belgium & French stamps tied. Nice item (1)$50
109C1987 European Environment Year Set SG 2903/05 Set of 3 Silk First Day Covers (3)$20
110*1953/62 QE Definitives Set SG 135/50 Good Mint Cat £130 (16)$100
111*1964 Tokyo Olympic Games Min Sheet SG 33a Good Mint (1)$20
112**1994 Flowers Set in 2x Strips of 5 SG 1025/34 unh (10)$20
113**2009 WWF Red Panda Block of 4 SG 1794/97 unh (4)$10
114C1976 Mineral Decimal Currency Set SG 367/80 on 2x Printed First Day Covers unaddressed (2)$50
115**2011 WWF Rhinoceros Min Sheet SG MS1174 unh (1)$25
116C1930 (12JN) Cover endorsed ‘First Airmail Rio-Hamburg’ sent by German Consul in Rio with Luftpost Berlin C2 boxed red cachet. Backstamped Berlin 23 JU 30. (1)$150
117**1931 Charity Revolution Set SG 490/503 unh. Minor perf tone on a couple of stamps. Cat £129 (14)$125
118**2008 Serra Do Japi Natural Heritage (Birds/Butterfly) Min Sheet SG MS3542 unh (1)$10
119**1963/69 £1 Endurance Ship Definitive SG 15a unh Cat £130 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1$200
120U2003 £2 QEII SG 360 Fine Used (1)$10
121**2003 WWF Blue Whale Set SG 361/64 unh (4)$13
122**2009 WWF Crabeater Seal Set SG 506/09 unh (4)$28
123*1921/27 KGV Definitives Set SG 272/82 Good Mint except for 2c with toning Cat £100 (11)$100
124*1938/52 KGVI 24c SG 312 Wmk Upright Good Mint (1)$25
125*1938/52 KGVI Definitives Set SG 308a/19 Good Mint Cat £110 (12)$100
126C1956 (9JL) OHMS/Post Office Small Cover to NZ with QE 8c & 6c Definitives tied by Registered/British Guiana cds. Backstamped San Francisco & Kawerau receiving cds. (1)$30
127**1968 BIOT Definitive Overprints Set SG 1/15 unh (15)$60
128**2008 WWF Sea Cucumbers Strip SG 392/95 unh (4)$25
129U1907 1/2d Large Canoe SG 1 Fine Used (1)$20
130U1907 2 1/2d Large Canoe SG 3 Fine Used on piece (1)$40
131U1913 KGV Postage Part Set SG 18/20 Fine Used (3)$40
132U1914/23 KGV 1/- SG 23a On Blue Green, Olive back Fine Used (1)$30
133U1914/23 KGV 1d Scarlet SG 25 Very Good Used (1)$10
134U1914/23 KGV 5d Dull Purple & Olive Green SG 30 Very Good Used (1)$45
135U1914/23 KGV Definitives Part Set to 10/- (No 1/2d,3d) Very Good to Fine Used Cat £200 (11)$300
136*1922/31 KGV 2/6 Black & Red/Blue SG 50 Good Mint (1)$10
137U1922/31 KGV Script Wmk Set SG 39/52 Very Good to Fine Used. Cat £375 (15) PHOTO-PLATE 1$500
138U1935 Silver Jubilee Set SG 53/56 Fine Used (4)$60
139C1939 (29AU) Printed Rev B Gina Cover with KGVI 1/2d,1d & 1 !/2d values tied by GIZO cancels 91)$20
140U1939/51 KGVI Definitives Set SG 60/72 Fine Used Cat £50 (13)$75
141U1949 Royal Wedding Pair Fine Used (2)$15
142U1949 UPU Set SG 77/80 Fine Used (4)$10
143U1956/63 QE Definitives Set SG 82/96 Fine Used Cat £60 (17)$90
144U1963/64 QE Definitives Set SG 103/11 Fine Used (9)$30
145U1965 QE Definitives Set SG 112/26 Fine Used (15)$30
146**1965 QE Definitives Set SG 112/26 unh Cat £50 (15)$75
147**1968 $2 Definitive Internal Air Service SG 180 unh (1)$12
148U1968 Definitives Set SG 166/80 Fine Used (15)$25
149UPostage Dues 1940 Set SG D1/8 all tied on pieces Fine Used Cat £130 (8)$175
150**1952 KGVI Definitives Set SG 135/47 unh Cat £50 (12)$75
151**1994 $2 Iguana Min Sheet SG MS867 unh (1)$10
152**2012 WWF Hummingbird Strip SG 1278/81 unh (4)$17
153**2007 15th Anniv Ropotamo Reserve (Eagle/Otter) Min Sheet SG MS4649 unh (1)$10
154**2007 Europa Scouting Pair SG 4622/23 unh (2) PHOTO-PLATE 3$10
155C1939 (24OC) The Chartered Bank of India,Australia & China,Rangoon to BNZ NZ with 2a6p Definitive tied by Rangoon cancel. Minor staining (1)$30
156C1958 (5DE) Airmail Cover to NZ with 1p,20p,50p values tied by RANGOON SORTING cds. Has Pan American World Airways Airmail Etiquette (1)$30
157*Official 1937 KGV 10r Green & Scarlet SG 014 Good Mint with minor perf tone. Scarce. Cat £650 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1$375
158**1995 Atlanta Olympics Set SG 1437/41 unh (5)$20
159**2005 Fish Set SG 2275/79 unh (5)$15
160CKHMER 1974 Airmail with Express label to NZ with 4 stamp on the front & 5 stamps on the back Posted at PHNOM PENH. (1)$30
161CKHMER 1975 Airmail Cover to NZ with 4 stamps Posted at PHNOM PENH, KHMER REPUBLIC. Has boxed Censor on the back (1)$30
162CKHMERE 1975 (20JA) Registered Airmail Long Cover to NZ with various stamps Posted at PHNOM PENH cancels. No backstamps (1)$30
163C1899 (JU30) Postcard (Mount Stephen House) on Canadian Pacific Railway Company Printed Statement of Earnings and Expenses on the reverse. Has QV 1c Green Posted at Montral to London (1)$25
164C1907/08 3x KEVII Printed Coloured Postcards showing Chateau Frontenac Quebec, Mount Stephen House Field BC, Place Viger Hotel Montreal Scenes. All with Canadian Pacific Railway Company Statement of Earnings & Expenses on the back. All addressed to London. (3)$50
165*1937/38 KGVI Definitives Set SG 357/67 Good Mint Cat £180 (11)$100
166C1943 (OC13) Canadian Red Cross Society Printed Cover Censored addressed to ‘The International Red Cross, Geneva, Switzerland’ Has UK & German censoring plus acid wash marking. Scarce WWII Cover (1) PHOTO-PLATE 4$100
167C1949 (JL13) First Flight Cover Vancouver to Sydney with ‘46 Peace 7c,8c,& 10c values tied Eustis #1221 (1)$25
168C1950 (AP18) First International Jetliner Flight Toronto to New York cacheted Cover. Minor perf staining (1)$20
169C1971 (AU31) Formular Aerogramme with 15c Definitive tied by Vancouver cancel. (1)$20
170C1977 (NO18) Long Airmail United Nations Emergency Force Stampless Cover with ‘Canadian Contingent/Postal Detachment/CFPO 5002/EGYPT’ red cachet to Australia (1)$50
171*Cinderella 1948 International Trade Fair roulette label Mint No Gum (1)$10
172*Semi-Official Western Canada Airways Ltd Black/Pink label. Good Mint (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1$25
173C1957 (JL31) Airmail Cover to NZ with 31c Air tied by CRISTOBAL/Canal Zone machine cancel (1)$25
174C1971 (OC18) Picture Postcard (RHMS ELLINIS) with 20c Airmail tied by BALBOA/Canal Zone cancel to NZ (1)$20
175U1855/63 1/- Bright Yellow Green SG 8 Good Used with Close or Cut into Margins Cat £300 (1)$100
176U1863/64 1d Deep Brown-Red SG 18b Good Used with 2 Margins. Cat £350 (1)$100
177Uw1863/64 4d Deep Blue SG 19 Very Good to Fine Used with Good Margins. Cat £130 (1)$100
178U1901 5m German Yacht SG 25/Mi 19 Fine Used with Michael Jaschke-Lantelme 2008 Certificate Cat £700/600 Euros (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1$600
179P1962 Sports/Olympic Games SG 27/29 in Proof Sheets of each value (3)$75
180**1981 Christmas Set & Min Sheet SG 808/MS814 All Imperforate unh (6+M/S)$25
181**1989 Seoul Olympics Set Imperf SG 1335/38 unh (4)$25
182**1999 WWF Birds Set unh (4)$10
183**2007 WWF Genette Set unh (4)$20
184C1906 (JY17) Egyptian Postcard with KEVII 6c tied by COLOMBO cds to NZ. Has violet ‘Forwarding Agent/Skrine & S Co’ handstamp. Minor corner crease (1)$50
185C1911 (12DE) Postcard with KEVII 6c tied by FREEMANTLE/Western Australia Shipmail cancel. Fine item (1)$50
186C1913 (15JA) Picture Postcard (Native Transport,Ceylon) with GB KEVII 1d Red tied by fine ‘COLOMBO PAQUEBOT’ cds to NZ (1)$50
187C1940’s Airmail Cover to England with Perfined KGVI 1r tied on Chartered Bank of India, Australia & China Cover (1)$30
188C1948 (23JU) Uprated KGVI 5c Carmine Postcard with additional 2c & 5c values Posted at Colombo. Has Wellington South/Postmen’s Branch 31 JL 48 receiving cds. Minor perf staining (1)$50
189**1983 1500f Los Angeles Olympics Hurdler Airmail Scott 458a unh (1)$25
190**1992 WWF Ostrich Set unh (4)$30
191C1966 (29MR) Formular Aerogramme with 2x 50e & 10c values tied (1)$20
192C1931 (AP) Experimental Flight Shanghai-Machouli endored Cover with 4c Junk tied. Has 27 AP 31 arrival cds. Very Scarce (1) PHOTO-PLATE 4$150
193C1932 (5OC) Cover to NZ with 25c Definitive tied. Backstamped PUNYU (Canton) (1)$75
194C1932 (7OC) Cover to NZ with 1c,4c,20c Definitives tied. Backstamped PUNYU (Canton) cancel. Roughly opened at top right. Has Chinese writing on the left (1)$75
195C1938 (23FE) Airmail Cover to NZ with 5c,10c(2) & 50c Definitives tied. Backstamped Canton, Victoria/Hong Kong & Sydney (1)$100
196C1938 (3AP) Commercial Cover to USA with 1c on 4c & 2c Pair Posted at Shanghai. No backstamps (1)$30
197C1940’s Registered On Postal Service Airmail Cover with 2x $10 Definitives & $100 Savings Bank tied Posted at CHUNGKING (1)$100
198C1941 (31MY) Cover endorsed ‘Via Siberia’ with $50 Definitive tied by SHANGHAI cds to Freiberg, Germany. Has Berlin German Censoring on the back. (1)$100
199C1947 (30JU) Airmail Cover to NZ with $100/$1,$200/$4,$500/3c plus 2x $1000 Definitive tied by Shanghai cancels. No backstamp (1)$125
200C1947 (4AP) Inflation Period Airmail Cover to NZ with $100 on $1, $500 on 3c, $200 on $4 plus 2x $1000 values Posted at Shanghai. No flap. Scarce. Nice franking (1)$100
201C1948 (25SP) Commercial Long Airmail Cover to USA with $50 on 5c Green x 2, $100 on 2c x 2 Posted at Shanghai to USA. (1)$50
202C1948 (6SP) Inflation Period Airmail Cover with $100,000 & $500,000 x 2 Posted at SUNWUI to NZ. Lightly creasing (1)$100
203C1948 Inflation Period Cover to NZ with $60,000 on $4, $30,000 x 4, $200,000 x 2 Posted at Canton cancels. Nice franking (1)$100
204C1950’s Airmail Cover with Heaven Gate $1000 x3 & $5000 x 2 values tied. Backstamped CANTON. Minor ageing and roughly opened at right (1)$75
205C1958 (12OC) Airmail Cover to NZ with 4f & 20f Definitives Posted at Peking. Minor staining (1)$50
206**1973 Asian-African-Latin American Table Tennis Set (N20) SG 2512/15 unh Cat £57 (4)$40
207C1974 (9OC) Airmail Cover from Peking Hotel with various stamps tied by Peking cds to NZ (1)$50
208C1980 (3MR) Commercial Airmail Cover with 20f Definitive & 50f Rose tied by Peking cds (1)$30
209C1981 (4JU) NZ Molamenqing Expedition Picture Postcard with 60c Adhesive tied to NZ. Signed by Members of the Expedition. Fine Item (1)$100
210**1988 Orchids Set & Min Sheet (T129) SG 3592/MS3596 unh (4+M/S)$30
211**1988 Pere David’s Deer Set Perforated & Imperforate (T132) SG 3590/91 unh (4)$10
212**1989 Year of the Snake (T133) Booklet SG 3597a unh (1)$10
213**1990 11th Asian Games Min Sheet SG MS3701 unh (1)$20
214**1990 Year of the Horse Booklet (T146) SG 3657a unh (1)$20
215**1991 Outlaws of the Marsh (3rd Set) (T167) Set & Min Sheet SG 3778/MS3782 unh (4+M/S)$15
216**1991 Rhododendrons (T162) Set & Min Sheet SG 3735/MS3743 unh (8+M/S)$25
217**1991 Year of the Sheep Booklet (T159) SG 3720a unh (1)$25
218**1992 Dunhuang Cave Murals Set & Min Sheet SG 3811/MS3815 unh (4+M/S)$10
219**1993 1500th Anniv Longman Grottoes Set & Min Sheet SG 3863/MS3867 unh (4+M/S)$10
220**1994 Battle of Chibi Min Sheet SG MS3948 unh (1)$10
221**1994 Marriage of Zhaojun (Han) & Monarch of Xiongnu Pair & Min Sheet SG 3914/MS3916 unh (2+M/S)$10
222**1994 Pagodas Min Sheet SG 3958 unh (1)$10
223**1995 International Stamp Exhibition peking Sweet Osmanthus Min Sheet SG MS4023 unh (1)$10
224**1995 World Table Tennis Championships Mi Sheet SG MS3978 unh (1)$30
225**1996 Centenary Chinese State Postal Service Min Sheet SG MS4079 unh (1)$10
226**1996 View of Pudong Min Sheet SG MS4157 unh (1)$10
227**1997 8th National Games, Shanghai Min Sheet SG MS4226 unh (1)$10
228**1997 Return of Hong Kong to China Set & Min Sheet SG 4201/MS4203 unh plus Min Sheet with PJZ-8 Gold Inscription unh (2+2 M/S)$20
229*(ICHANG) 1894 1ca Bistre, 5ca Venetian Red, 1m Deep Green, 15ca Dull Light Blue, 3m Vermilion SG 1,5/8 Mint with heavy hingeing. The 15ca has a thin. Cat £218 (5)$75
230**1962 Ancient Chinese Art Treasures Set SG 429/34 unh Cat £160 unh (6)$100
231**1962 Ancient Chinese Paintings Set SG 451/54 Fine Unh Cat £480 (4)$300
232**1991 Peacocks Pair & Min Sheet SG 2020/MS2022 unh (2+M/S)$30
233**1990 Abbott’s Booby Bird Min Sheet SG MS307 unh (1)$10
234**1990 Birdpex Min Sheet SG MS315 unh (1)$25
235**1990 NZ 1990 World Stamp Exhibition Bird Min Sheet SG MS310 unh (1)$15
236**2002 WWF Birds Set SG 507/10 unh (4)$15
237**2010 WWF Frigatebird Set & Min Sheet SG 676/MS680 unh (4+M/S)$50
238**1992 WWF Buff Banded Rail Set SG 265/68 unh (4)$8
239**2005 WWF Reef Sharks Set SG 406/09 unh (4)$20
240**1989 750f Olympic Equestrian Games Winners Min Sheet SG MS708 unh (1)$15
241**1994 Plants Set SG 839/47 in a Sheetlet of 9 unh (1)$30
242**2003 Motorcycles 5cy Sheetlet of 4 unh (1)$20
243C1918 (17JL) Commercial Printed Cover (Geo R Crummer/Rarotonga/Cook Islands) with 1 1/2d Makea SG 42 tied by Rarotonga cds to USA (1) PHOTO-PLATE 4$100
244U1920 Pictorials Set SG 70/75 Very Good to Fine Used. Minor perf tone Cat £85 (6)$100
245*1931/32 Arms £5 Indigo Blue SG 98b Good Mint Cat £250 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1$250
246*1931/32 Arms 2/6 to £1 SG 95/98 Good Mint Cat £199 (4)$180
247**1943/54 Arms Set 2/6 to £1 SG 131/34 unh Cat £344 (4) PHOTO-PLATE 1$300
248U1976 Bicentenary of American Revolution Pair & Min Sheet SG 541/MS543 Fine Used (2+M/S)$20
249**1989 WWF Birds Set SG 1222/25 unh (4)$20
250C1990 (7SP) Picture Postcard with 30c & 50c Coral Definitives tied (1)$20
251U2005 Olympic Games Gold Medal Winners Set SG 1476/95 Fine Used Cat £45 (20)$75
252**2007 Wildlife of South Pacific Set SG 1496/1501 unh (6)$10
253**1985 International Stamp Exhibition Min Sheet (Eagles) SG MS3109 unh (1)$10
254*1902/04 KEVII 30pa Mauve & Green SG 51a Good Mint (1)$30
255*1928 Pictorials 4pi to 45pi Part Set SG 127/31 Good Mint Cat £108 (5)$100
256*1938/51 KGVI 18pi SG 160 Good Mint (1)$16
257*1938/51 KGVI 90pi Mauve & Black SG 162 Good Mint (1)$35
258*1938/51 KGVI Definitives Set SG 151/63 Good Mint Cat £250 (19)$200
259C1956 (1AU) OHMS Registered Cover with QE 3m & 35m Definitives tied by Registered/Nicosia Cyprus cds to NZ. Backstamped Registered Limassol,Cyprus & Perth/Western Australia. (1)$30
260**1950 Mounted Warrior Set SG 136/48 unh Cat £200 (13) PHOTO-PLATE 1$300
261**(Libya) 1951 Mounted Warrior Overprinted Sets SG 131/43 unh Cat £250 (13)$300
262**(Libya) 1951 Tripolitania Mounted Warriors Set SG 151/60 unh Cat £110 (10)$125
263**Postage Dues 1950 4m Blue-Green SG D150 & 20m Orange-Yellow SG D153 unh Cat £120 (2)$150
264C1938 (29MR) Advertising Airmail Cover to NZ with 1.50k & 10k values Posted at PRAHA. Backstamped Sydney. Light ageing at top (1)$30
265**1984 Olympic Games Calgary SG 2719, 1988 Seoul SG 2912/14 & 1992 Barcelona SG 3094 unh (5)$15
266C1914 (12MY) Pioneer First Flight Cover Posted at Roskilde. Has Besorgert Med Danmarks & Bornehjaelps/Dagen cachets. Fine Item (1) PHOTO-PLATE 4$200
267C1956 (8OC) Cover to NZ with 2x 40c values Posted at Copenhagen. Has an advertising leaflet added enscribed ‘BEDES/stemplet let/TAK’ (1)$25
268**2009 Prince Henrik SG 1547 unh (1)$8
269*1938/47 KGVI 2/- Slate & Purple SG 106a unh (1)$15
270*1938/47 KGVI 5/- Light Blue & Sepia SG 108 Good Mint (1)$18
271**1992 WWF Galapagos Island Set SG 2134/39 unh (6)$12
272C1998 (4JA) Antarctic Expedtion Cacheted Cover with Penguin cachet (1)$25
273**2005 Folklore Set SG 2827/32 in a Block of 6 unh (6)$25
274C1901 (11SP) Registered Cover with 1p Blue & 2p Orange-Brown Definitives tied by MORABATH cancels to Roumeli-Hissar/Constantinople. Backstamped Galata & Alexandrie cancels. (1) PHOTO-PLATE 4$100
275C1901 (17DE) Long Registered Cover with 3x 2pi Orange-brown stamps tied by MORABATH cancels to Roumeli-Hissar/Constantinople. Backstamped Alexandrie & Galata cancels. The cover has minor staining and a few vertical creases (1)$100
276C1952 (16MR) Airmail Cover to NZ with 7m Air & 2x 30m Definitives all tied by PAQUEBOT/PORT-SAID cancels. (1)$30
277C1974 (11AP) Anno Santo/SS Paulus VI Cathedral Set & 2 Min Sheets on First Day Covers (5)$20
278**1974 Butterflies Set in a Sheetlet of 16 unh (1)$20
279**1980 Concorde Min Sheet unh Scarce (1)$50
280**2005 Churches Set SG 268a/d unh (4)$20
281**2005 Trains Set SG 272a/d unh (4)$20
282*1946/49 KGVI Maps Set SG G1/G8 Good Mint (8)$10
283*1948 KGVI Thin Maps Set SG G9/16 Good Mint Cat £100 (8)$75
284C1956 (30JA) Trans-Antarctic Set tied by SHACKLETON cancels to England. Plain cover (1)$10
285C1957 (27JA) Printed Trans-Antarctic Expedition 1955/58 Cover with Set of 4 values tied by SHACKLETON cancels to England (1)$20
286C1957 (8JA) Plain Cover with Trans-Antarctic Set tied by International Geophysical Year Expedition cds to England (1)$25
287*Graham Land 1944/45 KGVI Overprints Set SG A1/A8 unh (8)$35
288**South Georgia 1944/45 KGVI Overprints Set SG B1/B8 unh (8)$35
289**South Orkneys 1944/45 KGVI Overprints Set SG D1/D8 unh (8)$35
290C1925 (DE4) Registered Iremonger Cover with KGV 6d tied by South Shetlands cds to England. Light ageing on the front. Scarce (1)$150
291C1935 (17JU) Cover with 2 1/2d Silver Jubilee tied by South Georgia cds to Scotland. Fine (1)$50
292C1935 (18NO) Registered Cover with 2x 1d & 4d Silver Jubilee values tied by South Georgia cancels to Scotland (1)$75
293C1935 (25OC) Cover with 1d Silver Jubilee tied by South Georgia cds to Scotland. Fine (1)$25
294C1937 (2NO) Registered Cover with ‘37 Coronation Set tied by South Georgia cancels to England (1)$20
295C1937 (DE29) Registered Cover with Coronation 1d Block of 4 & 2 1/2d values tied by SOUTH GEORGIA cancels to Scotland (1)$30
296C1937 (MY12) Registered Cover to London with 2x Coronation values tied by FOX BAY cancels. (1)$30
297C1938 (MR30) Registered Cover with KGVI 1/2d,2d,2 1/2d Definitives tied by SOUTH GEORGIA cancels to Scotland. (1)$50
298U1938/50 KGVI Definitives Set SG 146/63 Fine Used Cat £225 (18) PHOTO-PLATE 1$250
299C1939 (AP6) Registered Cover with KGVI 1/2d x2 & 4d Definitives tied by SOUTH GEORGIA cancels to Scotland. Fine (1)$50
300*1952 KGVI 2/6,5/-,10/-,£1 Definitives SG 182/85 Good Mint Cat £110 (4)$100
301*1952 KGVI Definitives Set SG 172/85 Good Mint Cat £180 (14)$150
302C1955 (16JE) Registered Cover with QE 1/2d,6d,1/- Definitives tied by Port Stanley cancels to NZ. Backstamped Waipukurau 17 OC 55 (1)$30
303**1991 King Penguins Set SG 633/38 unh (6)$18
304**2001 WWF Southern Sea Lion Set SG 1194/97 unh (4)$25
305**2002 WWF Penguins Set SG 937/40 unh (4)$18
306**2006 WWF Striated Caracara (Birds) Set SG 1062/65 unh (4)$20
307**2009 Cobb’s Wren (Bird) Set & Min Sheet SG 1144/MS1148 unh (4+M/S)$30
308C1934 (19FE) KGV 3d+2d Registered Printed Cover Posted at Suva to England. Light ageing. Scarce (1)$150
309**1935 Silver Jubilee Set SG 242/45 unh (4)$25
310**1938/55 ‘Stamps of Fiji’ Presentation Pack including KGVI Definitives Set to 5/- 16 values unh (16)$50
311**1938/55 KGVI £1 Police Bugler SG 266b unh Cat £55 (1)$80
312**1938/55 KGVI 10/- Paw-paw Tree SG 266a unh (1)$60
313C1951 (1SP) Fiji Airways Printed Inaugural First Flight Cover Suva to Lautoka with KGVI 2d Definitive tied. Fine (1)$75
314C1953 (16AP) Coloured Picture Postcard No 405 Flamboyant Tree, Victoria Parade, Suva. Has KGVI 1 1/2d Definitive tied by Suva cds to NZ (1)$20
315C1954 (25MR) Local Commercial Cover with KGVI 1 1/2d Definitive tied by SUVA machine cancel. Has violet ‘STAMP OUT/TUBERCULOSIS/Buy Health Stamps’ cachet. The cover has a minor fault. Scarce Medical cachet (1) PHOTO-PLATE 4$50
316*1954/59 QE 1/- to £1 Definitives Part Set SG 289/95 Good Mint Cat £85 (7)$65
317*1954/59 QE 8d Carmine-Lake SG 288a Good Mint (1)$18
318**Booklet 1939 KGVI 3/- SG SB3 Exploded Booklet with Panes & Front Cover. The panes have tropical gum toning. Cat £1400 for complete booklet (1)$250
319UTREASURY/FIJI Red Seal on piece. Interesting 1890’s-1900’s Period (1)$20
320C1940 (22NO) WW1 Censored Cover to NZ Posted at KOKKOLA. Has ‘Passed By Censor/No 17’ violet cachet. Scarce Censored Mail to NZ (1)$100
321C1855 (20FE) Entire with Imperf 40c Orange & 20c Blue Posted at BORDEAUX to San Francisco endorsed Per French Ship Auguste & Gustave, Benisse. The ship took 190 days. (includes information and details regarding the cancels and ship) (1) PHOTO-PLATE 4$250
322*1900 5f Merson SG 308 Good Mint Cat £120 (1)$60
323U1917 War Orphans’ Fund 1f + 1f Red SG 375 Very Good Used Cat £550 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1$300
324*1935 Unemployed Intellectuals’ Relief Fund Pair SG 532/33 Good Mint Cat £78 (2)$40
325**1936 100th Flight France/South America Pair SG 553/54 unh Cat £526 (2)$300
326C1939 (12JY) Spanish Internee Cover with 90c Definitive tied by CAMP de GURSSEEN addressed to Paris (1)$75
327U1947 500f 12th UPU Congress SG 1013 Fine Used Cat £75 (1)$50
328C1964 2x Covers to NZ both with stamps. Both have Red ‘MISSENT TO BERMUDA’ cachets (both different). (2)$40
329C1982 (31OC) First Commercial Concorde Flight Printed Cover - Paris to Mexico Fine (1)$25
330C1989 Philexfrance 4th Issue SG 2871/73 Set of 3 Printed First Day Covers & another Cover with the Strip of 3 on a Printed First Day Cover (4)$20
331**2004 Red Cross Fund/Christmas SG 4000 in a Booklet Pane of 10 unh (1)$30
332**2005 Red Cross Fund Christmas SG 4137 ina Booklet Pane of 10 unh (1)$30
333**2005 Titeuf Set SG 4069/71 in a Booklet Pane of 10 unh (1)$30
334**2006 70th Anniv of Spirou SG 4163/65 in a Booklet Pane of 10 unh (1)$35
335**2006 Red Cross/Christmas Pair SG 4236/37 in a Booklet of 10 stamps ie 5x Pairs (1)$30
336**2007 Harry Potter SG 4270/72 in a Booklet of 10 unh (1)$35
337UPostage Dues 1882 20c & 30c Black Perforated SG DD286/287 & 40c Imperf SG DD288 Nice Used Cat £268 (3)$150
338**1981 Centenary Birth of Picasso SG 790 unh (1)$13
339**1983 Fauna Set & Min Sheet SG 849/52 & MS853 unh (4+M/S)$40
340**1984 19th UPU Congress Hamburg Wooden Min Sheet SG MS894 unh (1)$20
341*1938/46 KGVI 10/- Elephant SG 161 Good Mint (1)$40
342**1938/46 KGVI 2/6 Elephant SG 158 unh (1)$30
343*1938/46 KGVI 2d Elephant SG 153 Good Mint (1)$15
344**1938/46 KGVI 4/- Elephant SG 159 unh (1)$60
345**1938/46 KGVI 5/- Elephant SG 160 unh (1)$60
346*1938/46 KGVI Elephant Definitives Set SG 150/61 Good Mint Cat £170 (12)$150
347**1976 WWF Abuko Nature Reserve Min Sheet SG MS360 unh (1)$60
348**2011 WWF Yellow-billed Stork Strip SG 5442/45 unh (4)$10
349C1903 (12NO) 10pf Printed Postcard cancelled with ‘ULM/BARNHOF’ cds to NZ with Wellington 22 DE 03 cds (1)$25
350C1914/18 WW1 Zeppelin b&w Postcard showing the useage of a Search Light from the Zeppelin Gondala. Unused. Very Scarce (1) PHOTO-PLATE 4$100
351C1922 (DE7) Inflation Period Cover bearing Official 10f Orange Michel #35 x40 Posted at Munich to a local address. Fine (1)$100
352C1923 (29NO) Commercial Inflation Period Cover with Michel 224aa x 25 tied Posted at Klein-Wanzleben to Mabdeburg, Buckau. (1)$100
353C1923 (31OC) Inflation Period Cover with last day 10 Million Mark rate incl 12x Michel 304A Posted at Lubech to Leipzig. Scarce (1)$100
354C1923 (7NO) Red Cross Printed Cover to Sweden Posted at KOLN with Approx 3 Million Marks of adhesives tied. A few faults with one stamp missing. (1)$75
355C1930 (19MY) Graf Zeppelin South American Flight Cover with Mixed Franking (German/Brazil) stamps via Rio De Janeiro to Chile with Santiago 1 JU 30 receiving cds. Sieger 57ee Cat $600 Euros. The cover has light ageing (1) PHOTO-PLATE 4$300
356C1933 (29MY) Graf Zeppelin Flight Card with Italian Rome Flight onboard posting. Has German Fredrick the Great/Opening of Reichstaf Set incl 2x 25pf blue values. Backstamped Rome. Scarce (1) PHOTO-PLATE 4$250
357C1934 (20MY) Zeppelin Printed Sepia Postcard on Deutschland ‘Graf Zeppelin’ Flight with red cachet Posted at KONIGSBERG to USA. Fine Card (1)$100
358C1936 (1AU) Registered LZ129 Hindenburg 6th North American Flight with 42pf brown Ribbon Min Sheet plus 50pf+75pf Zeppelin values both tied by BERLIN OLYMPIA cancels to USA with Frankfurt 5 AU 36 transit cancel. Backstamped New York 8/8/1936. Fine Item (1)$500
359C1936 (29JU) Commercial Cover with 3pf stamp tied by SAARBRUCKEN Olympic Games Berlin Pre Publicity cancel to a local address. Scarce (1)$100
360C1936 (4+13AU) Olympic Games Kiel Yachting 6pf+4pf & 15pf+10pf Printed Postcards cancelled by KIEL XI Olympiad cancels. Fine Olympic Cards (2) PHOTO-PLATE 4$100
361C1936 (9AU) Olympic Games 6pf+4pf & 15pf+10pf Printed Olympic Stadium Postcards cancelled with ‘Berlin Olympia Stadion’ special cancels both addressed to Vienna. Fine Olympic Cards (2)$50
362C1936 Berlin Olympic Swimming Pool b&w Printed Postcard with violet cachet. Scarce (1)$100
363C1936 Hindenburg Airship Interior Coloured Postcards 2x different Unused with Zeppelin red cachet (2)$100
364U1936 Olympic Games Min Sheet Pair SG MS613a both cancelled with ‘Berlin Olymisches Dorf/XI Olympiade 1936’ Bell cancels. Both with minor staining. Cat £225 (2)$100
365C1937 (1MY) Hindenburg Deutsland Flight Card with purple cachet. Has KOLN drop cancel 3 MY 37 (1)$75
366C1941 (19SP) Captured Russian 20k Printed Postcard cancelled by Fieldpost cancel & cachet 15663 in violet to Saar. Scarce (1)$150
367C1942 (22JA) Comical Coloured Picture Postcard with Fieldpost Cachet with Leipzig Fair handstamp. Posted at PLAUEN (VOGTL) Fine Item (1)$50
368C1942 (3MY) Censored POW endorsed Cover with Fieldpost cancel to POW Camp No 6 GREAT BRITAIN. Backstamped Base APO CANADA 10 JUL 1942 arrival cancel. Triple Censoring (1)$150
369C1946 2x Censored Covers to FALKLAND ISLANDS both with ‘Military Censorship/Civil Mails’ violet cachets - one posted at KAMPEN 17 SP 46 with light arrival backstamp. The other dated 11 FE 46 with light Port Stanley 5 AP 46 arrival backstamp. Scarce Destination Mail (2)$150
370C1953 (12OC) Airmail Cover to NZ with 2x 50pf Definitives tied by Stuttgart cds (1)$25
371C1953 (14DE) Airmail Cover to NZ with 7x stamps tied by EBELEBEN cancels. No backstamps (1)$30
372U1953 Karl Marx Min Sheet Perforated SG MSE111a Fine Used Cat £400 (2)$300
373U1953 Karl Marx SG MSE111a(b) Imperforate Fine Used Cat £200 (1)$150
374C1953 (25SP) Airmail Cover with 10pf+5pf German National Museum Centenary SG 1077 & 60pf Posthorn SG 1057 tied to USA (1)$50
375U1967 Child Welfare Animals Set SG 1434/37 Fine Used (4)$10
376U1968 Child Welfare Animals Set SG 1454/57 Fine Used (4)$20
377C1958 (7AU) OHMS Long Registered Cover with various stamps tied by Registered Accra/Ghana cancels to NZ. Has ‘General Post Office/Chief Accountant’ cachet at left. Minor staining (1)$30
378C1966 (29JA) Airmail Cover to NZ with Volta River Project values tied by ACCRA cancels. No backstamp (1)$20
379U1889/96 QV 20c Olive-Green SG 25 Very Good Used Cat £100 (1)$100
380*1925/32 KGV 1/- Olive & Black SG 102a Good Mint (1)$15
381**1938/51 KGVI £1 Orange SG 131 unh (1)$60
382U1953/59 QE 5/- Government House Definitive SG 156 Fine Used (1)$25
383*1953/59 QE Definitives Set SG 145/58 Good Mint Cat £180 (14)$150
384U1960/62 £1 Definitive Badge of Regiment SG 173 Fine Used (1)$40
385*1960/62 QE Definitives Set SG 160/73 Good Mint Cat £80 (14)$60
386U1960/62 QE Rocky Lily Definitive SG 172 Fine Used (1)$40
387U1922/27 KGV Definitives SG 27/30 Fine Used (4)$80
388C1941 (14JA) Censored Cover to USA with KGVI 3d Definitive tied by POST OFFICE/FANNING ISLAND cds. Boxed ‘Gilbert and Ellice/Islands Colony/Passed By Censor’ cachet. Minor faults to the cover (1)$75
389C1944 (4OC) Censored Cover with KGVI 1/2d & 1 1/2d values tied by POST OFFICE/FANNING ISLAND cancels. Boxed ‘Gilbert and Ellice/Islands Colony/Passed By Censor/No 1’ handstamp to NZ. Fine Item (1)$100
390U1956 QE Definitives Set SG 64/75 Very Good Used (12)$50
391U1898/02 QV 6d Dull Mauve & Violet SG 30 Good Mint (1)$15
392*1913/21 KGV 5/- Green & Red/Yellow SG 82 Good Mint (1)$30
393*1918/21 KGV 10/- Green & Red on Emerald Green SG 83b Good Mint Cat £50 (1)$50
394*1938/43 KGVI 1/- Black & Olive-Green SG 128 Good Mint (1)$30
395*1938/43 KGVI 10/- Black & Violet SG 132 Good Mint (1)$10
396*1938/43 KGVI 2/- Blue & Violet SG 132 Good Mint Cat £65 (1)$60
397*1938/43 KGVI 5/- Olive-Green & Carmine SG 131 Good Mint Cat £110 (1)$100
398*1938/43 KGVI Definitives Set SG 120a/32 plus extra shades - 1 1/2d Carmine Red, 2d Deep grey, 4d Bright Magenta, 9d Reddish Orange, 1/- Olive Green. Nice lot. Good Mint (18)$50
399*1948 KGVI 5/- & 10/- SG 145/46 Good Mint Cat £67 (2)$60
400U1948 KGVI Definitives Set SG 135/46 Very Good to Fine Used Cat £45 (12)$65
401U1952/54 QE Definitives Set SG 153/64 Fine Used (12)$30
402C1956 (30AU) OHMS Post Office Printed Cover to NZ with QE 1/2d & 6d Definitives tied by ‘Registered/Accra Gold Coast’ cds. Backstamped Kawerau 31 OC 56 cds (1)$30
403C1848 (MY4) Wrapper with Imperf 1d Brown & 2d Blue tied by Oblit ‘8’ cancels to Manchester. Backstamped Manchester. Cat £350+ (1)$150
404C1885 (FE12) Cover to New Plymouth, NZ with QV 6d Dull Green SG 194 tied by CROYDON cds. Backstamped New Plymouth 30 AP 85. Roughly opened at top. SG Cat £380 on Cover (1)$200
405C1902 (14NO) Legal Document relating to Licenses or Royalties relating to Patents. Has QV 6d & 5/- Consular Service Revenue stamps tied (1)$25
406C1911 (SP9) Printed ‘First UK Aerial Post’ Brown Postcard with KEVII 1/2d tied by a special cancel. Minor corner blemish (1)$50
407C1914/18 WW1 Tuck’s Coloured Postcard - “What Are You Doing To Guard/The Homes Of England?’ Unused (1)$25
408C1915 (10OC) Shipmail Cover with KGV 1d Red tied by a good strike “FLEET POST OFFICE’ cds with ‘Passed By Censor/HMS Benbow’ black cachet addressed to ‘Boxing’ Windsor House, Kingsway WC. Scarce (1)$50
409C1915 (SP11) WWI British Forces - Dardanelles On Active Service Stampless Cover cancelled with ‘Field Post Office/160’ cancel plus boxed Red ‘Passed By No 2815 Censor’ cachet plus signature. Located at Sulva, Dardanelles. Has 2x Letters written 7 SP 1915 to England. Very scarce (1)$200
410C1916 (21SP) Postcard with KEVII 1/2d tied by a fine ‘RIPON CAMP/1’ cds to Northumberland (1)$20
411C1920’s Printed ‘LEP Transport & Depository Ltd, Hull’ Cover with GB KGV 2 1/2d tied by red ‘FRANKO’ handstamp. Endorsed ‘Per Steamers Bag’ to Helsingfors. Light creasing (1)$30
412C1928 (24AU) Cover endorsed ‘Special Night Flight to Stockholm’ with GB KGV 2 1/2d & 3d values Posted at London. Has ‘Air Post Office/London-Stockholm/Overnight Service/24-25 August 1928’ handstamp. Has Return Flight (1)$50
413C1937 (13MY) Coronation Plain FDC with Red/Gold Coronation label at left. Also Lundy Island 1/2 Puffin & Atlantic Coast Air Services 1/2d label tied by Lundy Island boxed blue cancel. Nice Cover (1)$50
414C1939 (16AU) Registered Zeppelin Cover with KGV 4x 1/- Brown & KGVI 3d values tied by ‘Registered/WODO. WO’ London cancels to ARICA, CHILE. Has purple Zeppelin cachet. Backstamped Arica/Chile 22 AU 39. Amongst the last Pre WWII postings (1)$100
415*1939/48 KGVI 2/6 Brown SG 476as Overprinted ‘Specimen’ Good Mint Cat £300 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1$200
416*1939/48 KGVI 5/- Red SG 477a Overprinted ‘Specimen’ Good Mint Cat £300 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1$200
417C1940 (4JY) Yellow Advertising envelope for ‘R Patersons Ltd Glasgow/Camp Coffee’ with 2 1/2d 1940 Stamp Centenary Posted at Grays/Essex. Minor blemishes (1)$20
418C1941 (17JN) OHMS/War Office Official Paid label on reused env.Posted at Manchester to Canada to M1 12 Staff Liaison Officer, Censorship, Ottawa, Canada. Has Army Pay Office/Officers Accounts violet cachet. (1) $20
419C1943 (19AP) Stampless POW Cover addressed to ‘Flight Lieut C M Beales, RAF HG, British Prisioner of War, Java Camps’ plus in manuscript - C/- Japanese Red Cross Tokyo. Has White ‘Opened By Examiner 7055’ censor tape. (1) PHOTO-PLATE 4$175
420C1943 (6SP) Commercial Censored Cover with KGVI 6d x 5 plus 1/- values Posted at Leicester to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Has black ‘Via North Atlantic/Air Service’ flight cachet. Has 25 SP 43 arrival backstamp (1)$50
421C1944 (30MR) POW Censored Stampless Cover addressed to Sgt George Thompson 805441, RAF, British Prisioner of War, Zentsuji No 2 JAPAN. Has White Censor Tape ‘Opened by Examiner 7816’. Has violet Japanese cancel. (1)$150
422C1958 (8JA) Uprated QE 6d Registered Printed Envelope to NZ with QE 6d & 2x 1/- additional stamps tied by St John’s Worcester cancels. Backstamped Kawerau. (1)$30
423C1971 Postal Strike London Parcel delivery 6d & 1/- values on 20 Jan 1971 Cover (1)$10
424**1971 Postal Strike values from 1d to 10/- rouletted values in Green depicting the ‘US Pilgrim Tercentenary’ unh (9)$20
425C1984/85 5x Printed FA Cup Semi-Final & Final Covers with special cancel and Match Result (5)$25
426**1987 The Story of P&O £5 Prestige Booklet SG DX8 unh (1)$20
427C1989 (4OC) Castles High Values on Printed Cover postmarked ‘Southend-On-Sea Philatelic Counter’ unaddressed (1)$25
428**1989 £5 The Scots Connection Prestige Booklet unh (1)$20
429**1990 £5 London Life Prestige Booklet SG DX11 unh (1)$25
430**1990 Greetings Smiles Booklet SG 1483/92 unh (1)$20
431**1991 £6 Agatha Christie Prestige Booklet SG DX12 unh (1)$20
432**1992 £6 Wales Prestige Booklet SG DX13 unh (1)$16
433**1993 £6 Beatrix Potter Prestige Booklet SG DX15 unh (1)$20
434**1993 £6 JRR Tokien Prestige Booklet SG DX14 unh (1)$20
435**1994 Northern ireland Prestige Booklet SG DX16 unh (1)$20
436**2001 Cats & Dogs Self-Adhesive Booklet unh (1)$25
437**2001 Unseen & Unheard Prestige Booklet SG DX27 unh (1)$35
438**2003 Fruit & Vegetables Set SG 2348/57 Self Adhesives unh (10)$25
439**2005 Smilers Booklet unh (1)$20
440C2007 Beatles Set & Min Sheet on 2x First Day Covers (2)$20
441**2007 Beetles Set & Min Sheet SG 2689/91 & MS2692 unh (6+M/S)$20
442**2007 British Army Uniforms Prestige Booklet SG DX40 unh (1)$30
443**2007 Machin Making Masterpeace Prestige Booklet SG DX39 unh (1)$30
444**2008 Ian Flemings Casino Royal Prestige Booklet SG DX41 unh (1)$30
445U2008 James Bond Min Sheet SG MS2803 Fine Used (1)$20
446C2009 (17FE) £1.50,£2,£3,£5 Machins SG U2913/U2916 tied on Plain First Day Cover (1)$35
447U2009 Darwin Set SG 2898/2903 Fine Used (6)$18
448**2011 Gerry Anderson ‘Thunderbirds’ Set & Min Sheet SG 3136/41 & MS3142 unh (6+M/S)$20
449**2013 Football Heroes Prestige Booklet SG DY7 unh (1)$50
450**2015 Honeybee Set & Min Sheet SG 3736/MS3742 unh (6+M/S)$35
451**Cinderella 1900 Manchester Philatelic Society 1d War Fund (Boer War) in a Sheet of 12 Fine Unhinged (1)$150
452**Cinderella 1900’s National Telephone Co Ltd 1d Black & 1/- Brown values in Sheets of 12 unhinged. (2)$150
453*Cinderella 1930’s-40’s Duchess of Gloucester (Green), RMS Carolina(Green) & York Minster (Blue) Mint No Gum (3)$10
454*Cinderella 1939 26th Philatelic Congress Liverpool 5x different labels in blackish-brown Mint No Gum (5)$10
455*Cinderella 1940’s ‘GIVE MAY is Red Cross Month’ label on piece (1)$10
456*Cinderella 1950’s 3x Thomas De la Rue stamps in Blue,Black & Red. Odd tone (3)$10
457*Cinderella 1960 Principality Of Thomond Set of 12 values stuck on a Sheet (1)$10
458*Medicine Stamp Duty 1 1/2d Duty Barfoot 121 with minor faults (1)$25
459**Postage Dues 1982 Decimals SG D80/101 unh (12)$20
460C1933 (9SP) Registered Cover Posted at ATHENS Via Berlin 13 Oct on Graf Zeppelin Chicago Flight to Brazil. Fine cachets. Very Scarce. Cat 1000 Euros (1) PHOTO-PLATE 4$500
461C1936 (20JY) Olympic Games 1936 Berlin Torch Relay Special cancel on Cover (1)$100
462C1950 (23NO) Airmail Censored Cover with 2x 200d & 300d tied Posted at Athens addressed to ‘The Secretary, NZ Army Base Records, Wellington NZ’ (1)$30
463**1995 50th Anniv End of WWII in the Pacific Set in a Sheetlet of 6 & Min Sheet SG 2907/12 & MS2913 unh (2)$30
464**2005 Friedrich Von Schiller Set in a Sheetlet of 3 & Min Sheet SG 5076/78 & MS5079 unh (2)$30
465**2000 WWF Papio papio Set unh (4)$10
466**1966 Indepedence Set SG 378/84 unh (7)$50
467C1936 (OC28) QSL HH2B Radio Postcard with 15c tied by Port-Au-Prince cds to NZ (1)$20
468C1970’s Airmail Cover to NZ with 2x stamps tied. No backstamps (1)$20
469**1990 WWF Black-handed Spider Monkeys Set SG 1107/10 unh (4)$10
470**2005 75th Anniv Medical Review Set unh (4)$10
471C1928 (31MR) Graf Zeppelin Cover with 20fl Definitive & 2p Zeppelin values Posted at LEGI. Has Bregen cds. Fine Zeppelin cachet at left. (1)$150
472C1962 (21JL) Registered Cover to NZ with 3x 1ft Mihaly values tied by ‘SZOMBATHELY’ cancels. Backstamped Kawerau 27 SP 62. (1)$30
473**2008 50th Anniv Debecen & Veszprem Zoo’s Min Sheet SG MS5120 unh (1)$20
474U1902/11 KEVII 25r Brownish-Orange & Blue SG 147 Fine Used with a part Calcutta cds. Very Scarce. Cat £1800 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1$2000
475U1902/11 KEVII 2r Carmine SG 139 & 5rs Deep Lilac SG 143 Very Good to Fine Used Cat £79 (2)$100
476*1926/33 KGV 1r,2r,5r,10r,15r SG 214,215w,216,217,218w Good Mint Cat £318 (5)$250
477C1937 (MY) Commercial Airmail Cover to Rawene,NZ by S M MEHNDRU & Co/Importers & Exporters Bombay. Has 9p x 2 & 4a KGV Values tied by KALBADEN cancels on the back. Also Sydney 21 MY 37 & Rawene 26 MY 37 arrival cds. On the front has ‘Collect 11d’ Postage Due cachet. The cover has light vertical folds (1)$25
478C1942 (20OC) Censored Cover with KGVI 3 1/2a Posted at Calcutta to Olten, Switzerland. Multi Censored (1)$75
479C1959 (10JY) Uprated 5np Printed Postcard to NZ with 15np,25np & 2a stamps Posted at MADRAS (1)$20
480C1981 (19AP) Lufthansa First Flight DC10 Flight Cover Delhi-Beijing (1)$20
481UCinderella WWII ‘Madras War Fund/Seal Of Victory’ Red label Used (1)$20
482C1945 Radio QSL Card with 40c Definitive tied to NZ. Minor faults to the card (1)$20
483C1950 (23JN) Uprated 5sn Printed Postcard Registered with 25sn Definitive & 15sn Flag Pair Posted at SEMARANG. Backstamped Upper Symonds Street/Postmen’s Branch 1 JL 50 cds. (1)$30
484C1953 (25NO) Picture Postcard to Hong Kong with 15s & 25s x 4 values Posted at MALANG. Fine (1)$30
485**1989 1000c Flower Min Sheet SG MS1918 unh Cat £60 (1)$90
486*1922 KGV 2d Bright Orange SG 29 Good Mint (1)$20
487*1922 KGV 4d Grey-Green Red Overprint SG 6c Good Mint (1)$50
488*1922 KGV 6d Reddish-Purple SG 39 Good Mint (1)$20
489**1922 KGV Overprints Set SG 1/9 unh Cat £50 (9)$75
490**1922 KGV SG 10,13/15 Part Set Cat £46 (4)$70
491**1940/68 5/- Maroon SG 124c unh (1)$20
492**1980 Europa Set in Plate/Imprint Blocks of 4 with each block signed by the designer unh (8)$25
493**2005 Steam Packet Company 175th Anniv Booklet unh (1)$25
494**2008 90th Anniv Royal Air Force Booklet unh (1)$25
495**2000 WWF Blanford’s Fox Set SG 1482/85 unh (4)$8
496C1938 (25MY) Airmail Cover to NZ with 25c x 3, 1l x 2, 1l25c, 5l x 2 Definitives tied. No backstamps. Nice franking (1)$50
497C1941 (8MY) Registered Airmail Cover with various adhesives Posted at Milan to Berlin. Double Censoring. Scarce WWII Period Cover (1)$100
498C1943 (31JY) POW Mail from Camp No 25 North Africa from Italian POW to Italy. Has Camp censor plus UK/German Censors. Scarce (1)$100
499C1954 (30AU) Airmail Cover to NZ with various stamps Posted at Rome. No backstamps (1)$25
500C1968 (8JA) Registered Airmail Cover to NZ with 4x stamps Posted at LIVORNO. No backstamps (1)$20
501C1974 (16AU) Picture Postcard with 40l stamp tied to Rhodesia. Has T (Tax) Posstag Due cachet. ‘Tax 2c’ in manuscript. Has 2c Due tied by Belmont/Bulawayo cancel. (1)$40
502C1943 (6JA) POW Stampless Cover with ‘Internment & P of W Camp/Jamaica’ violet oval cachet on the back to Buffalo,New York. On the front has ‘Letter in (German)’ cachet plus Censor. Scarce (1)$150
503C1958 (MY31) Registered OHMS/Post & Telegraphs Dept Cover to NZ with QE 1/2d & 6d values tied by KINGSTON. Backstamped Kawerau 24 JL 58 cds (1)$30
504C1974 (DE10) Airmail Cover endorsed ‘2nd Class Air Mail’ with various stamps tied by ANNOTTO BAY cancels. Also has 1974 Christmas TB label at top left (1)$20
505**1984 WWF Boa Snake Set SG 607/10 unh (4)$50
506**2007 Cricket World Cup Min Sheet SG MS1134 unh (1)$25
507C1920 (15AP) Picture Postcard with 2sn Definitive Posted at KYOTO to NZ (1)$25
508C1922 (23AP) Picture Postcard with 3sn & 5sn Definitives tied and Posted at SHIznote to NZ. Has Putaruru 7 JE 22 receiving cds. The postcard with light corner creasing (1)$25
509C1960 (18JU) Japan Broadcasting Corp Wrapper to NZ. Printed Matter Rate with ‘60 10y Radio stamp tied by Tokyo cds. (1)$30
510C1989 Vintage Cars Set SG 462/67 on Printed First Day Cover (1)$10
511**1994 50th Anniv D-Day SG 659/64 in a Sheetlet of 6 unh (1)$8
512**2004 WWF Birds Part II Min Sheet SG MS1162 unh (1)$25
513**2004 WWF Birds Set SG 1158/61 unh (4)$12
514C1961 (5JN) Airmail Registered Cover with QE 30c x4, 30c x 2 & 1/30 Definitives Posted at MBALE/UGANDA cancels. No flap (1)$25
515*East Africa & Uganda 1903/04 KEVII 20r Grey & Stone SG 15s Overprinted ‘Specimen’ with Paper Adhesion at top with part gum. Cat £180 (1)$125
516*East Africa & Uganda 1903/04 KEVII 50r Grey & Red-Brown SG 16s Overprinted ‘Specimen’ with Paper Adhesion at top with part gum. Cat £450 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1$300
517*East Africa & Uganda 1903/04 KEVII Set to 10r SG 1s/14s Overprinted ‘Specimen’ Mint with part gum with part paper adhesion at top. Cat £475 (14) PHOTO-PLATE 1$300
518*East Africa & Uganda 1907/08 KEVII Set SG 34s/42s Overprinted ‘Specimen’ Good Mint Cat £250 (9)$200
519*East Africa & Uganda 1912/21 KGV 100r Purple & Black/Red SG 62s Overprinted ‘Specimen’ Very Scarce Cat £700 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1$700
520*East Africa & Uganda 1912/21 KGV 500r Green & Red/Green SG 63s Overprinted ‘Speimen’ Good Mint. Very Scarce. Cat £1500 (1) PHOTO-FRONT COVER$1500
521*East Africa & Uganda 1912/21 KGV 50r Carmine & Green SG 61s Overprinted ‘Specimen’ Good Mint. Scarce Cat £275 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1$250
522*East Africa & Uganda 1912/21 KGV Definitives Set SG 44s/60s Overprinted ‘Specimen’ plus 25c SG 50as,50bs; 75c SG 52as,5sbs. All Mint. Very Scarce. Cat £1068 (21) PHOTO-PLATE 1$1000
523*East Africa & Uganda 1919 KGV 4c on 6c Scarlet Surcharge SG 64s Overprinted ‘Specimen’ Good Mint Cat £65 (1)$50
524*East Africa & Uganda 1921 KGV Script CA 50r Carmine & Green SG 75s Overprinted ‘Specimen’ Good Mint. Very Scarce. Cat £500 (1)$500
525*East Africa & Uganda 1921 KGV Script CA Definitives SG 65s/74s Overprinted ‘Specimen’ Good Mint Cat £400 (10)$400
526**KUT 1948 Silver Wedding Pair SG 157/58 unh Cat £51 (2)$100
527**1993 Orchids SG N3346/50 Set of 5x Booklets unh (5)$30
528**1994 New Year Dogs SG N3358/62 Set of 5x Booklets unh (5)$30
529**2004 Olympic Games Winners Strip of 4 SG N4465/86 unh (4)$13
530**1945 14a Plane SG 63 unh (1)$25
531**1945 KGVI 12a SG 62 unh (1)$12
532U1948 15r on £1 Silver Wedding SG 75 Fine Used Cat £50 (1)$75
533**1996 Trains of the World Set SG 1286/97 in 2x Sheetlets of 6 plus MS1298 2x Min Sheets unh (4)$30
534P1979 75th Anniv Rotary International Set in Imperforate Proofs unh (6)$25
535**1995 Singapore World Stamp Exhibition Orchids Set in a Sheetlet of 8 unh (1)$30
536**1996 Butterflies Set in a Sheetlet of 9 unh (1)$25
537**1998 International Year of the Ocean Sheetlet of 9 unh (1)$15
538C1920 (25NO) Cover with Imperf Castle Set of 8 Posted at ESCHAN to Vienna. Fine (1)$75
539**2003 10th Anniv Proclamation of Basic Law Pair SG 1346/47 unh (2)$10
540C2003 10th Anniv Proclamation of Basic Law SG 1346/47 First Day Cover (1)$8
541**2003 50th Anniv Macao Grand Prix Min Sheet Pair SG MS1378 unh (2)$40
542**2003 Classical Literature - Outlaws of the Marsh Block of 6 & Min Sheet SG 1339/MS1345 unh (6+M/S)$25
543C2003 Cultural Heritage Buildings Set & Min Sheet on 2x First Day Covers (2)$25
544**2003 Cultural Heritage Buildings Strip off4 & Min Sheet SG 1353/MS1357 unh (4+M/S)$20
545**2003 Flok Tales Strip of 4 & Min Sheet SG 1334/MS1338 unh (4+M/S)$25
546C2003 Folk Tables Set & Min Sheet on 2x First Day Covers (2)$20
547**2003 Pa Kua Martial Art Min Sheet SG MS1375 unh (1)$12
548C2003 Pu Kua Martial Art Min Sheet SG MS1375 on First Day Cover (1)$12
549C2003 Traditional Chinese Medicine Set SG 1348/51 First Day Cover (1)$10
550**2003 Traditional Chinese Medicines Block of 4 & Min Sheet SG 1348/MS1352 unh (4+M/S)$20
551**2003 Traditional Scenes Block of 8 & Min Sheet SG 1358/MS1366 unh (8+M/S)$20
552C2003 Traditional Scenes Set & Min Sheet SG 1358/MS1366 on 2x First Day Covers (2)$20
553C2003 Year of the Goat SG 1332 First Day Cover (1)$10
554**2003 Year of the Goat single & Min Sheet SG 1332/MS1333 unh (1+M/S)$20
555C2004 55th Anniv Peole’s Republic of China Min Sheet SG MS1423 First Day Cover (1)$10
556C2004 People’s Republic of China Garrison Min Sheet SG MS1435 First Day Cover (1)$10
557**2005 East Asian Games Set SG 1481/86 & MS1487 unh (6+M/S)$20
558C1934 (14DE) Airmail Cover with 25c Definitive tied by BATUPAHAT/3 cds to NZ. Has Blue Airmail label endorsed ‘Via Aerial Mail to Australia’ Backstamped Sydney 21 DE 1934. Minor creasing (1) PHOTO-PLATE 4$75
559U1892/99 QV 8c Ultramarine SG 101 perfined ‘B&Co’ Used (1)$10
560**1995 WWF Clouded Leopard Set SG 563/66 unh (4)$8
561**1996 Trains of the World Min Sheet Set of 3 SG MS2551 unh (3)$25
562**1960 Republic Bird Definitives Part Set - 100f,200f,300f on 500f,500f unh Cat £45 (4)$75
563**1961 Airs Set SG 26/28 unh (3)$30
564**1961 President Konate Set SG 21/24 unh (4)$20
565P1972 150f Judo Olympic Games SG 318 Deluxe Proof Sheet (1)$50
566P1979 World Judo Championships Paris SG 693 Deluxe Proof Sheet (1)$50
567P1981 400f Universal Postal Union Day SG 891 Deluxe Proof Sheet (1)$50
568**1996 79th Lions International Convention Min Sheet unh (1)$15
569**1996 History of Trains 2x Sheetlets of 6 & 2x Min Sheets unh (4)$50
570U1914/21 KGV 2/- SG 86 Very Good Used (1)$50
571*1922/26 1/- Indigo & Sepia SG 134 Good Mint (1)$20
572*1922/26 2/6 Bright Magenta & Black SG 136 Good Mint (1)$15
573U1922/26 2/6 Bright Magenta & Black SG 136 Very Good Used (1)$20
574*1926/27 Definitives Part Set 4 1/2d to 3/- SG 164/70 Good Mint Cat £70 (7)$70
575U1938/43 KGVI 1/6 to 10/- Part Definitive Set SG 227/31 Fine Used Cat £45 (5)$60
576*1948/53 KGVI Self-Government Set SG 234/48 Good Mint Cat £90 (21)$75
577U1956/58 QE Definitives 5/-,10/- & £1 SG 280/82 Fine Used Cat £50 (3)$75
578**1973 Definitives Set SG 486/500b unh (16)$40
579**2006 Sting Police Concert/Rainforest Foundation Min Sheet SG MS1489 unh (1)$15
580U1910 KEVII 50c Dull Purple & Black SG 191 Very Good Used (1)$30
581**1990 WWF Kingfisher/Pigeon Set SG 175/78 unh (4)$12
582**2000 WWF The Lynx Set SG 406/09 unh (4)$11
583**(Belarus) 2005 WWF Black Stork Set SG 630/33 unh (4)$12
584**(Belarus) 2010 WWF Green Snaketail Dragonfly Set SG 824/27 unh (4)$20
585**(Cape Verde) 1986 WWF Reptiles Set SG 566/69 unh (4)$70
586**(Libya) 1987 WWF Sand Gazelle Set SG 1920/23 unh (4)$10
587**(Libya) 1997 WWF Desert Cat Set SG 2654/57 unh (4)$10
588**(Rwanda) 1985 WWF Gorillas Set SG 1219/22 unh (4)$75
589**1998 Communications & Transport Set in a Sheetlet of 25 SG 2672/92 unh Cat £47.50 unh (1)$75
590**1998 Football World Cup France Min Sheet SG MS2643 unh (1)$20
591**1998 National Wrestling Champions Min Sheet SG MS2725 unh (1)$25
592**2006 50th Anniv Europa Stamps 6x Sheetlets SG MS3084 unh (6)$50
593**2006 800th Anniv Ancient Coins Set SG 3067/69 in a Sheetlet of 3 unh (1)$15
594**2006 Football World Cup, Germany Min Sheet SG MS3087 unh (1)$20
595**1953/62 QE Definitives 60c,$1.20,$2.40 & $4.80 SG 146/49 unh Cat £62 (4)$100
596*1953/62 QE Definitives Set SG 136a/49 Good Mint Cat £75 (15)$60
597**2006 $6 Moths of the World Min Sheet SG MS1315 unh (1)$15
598C1946 (27AU) Airmail Cover to USA with GB KGVI 6d x 2 & 1/- values tied by ‘British Post Office/Tetuan’ cancels. Has violet ‘OAT’ and ‘North Atlantic/Air Service’ cachet. Backstamped ‘British Post Office/Tangier’ Fine Item (1) PHOTO-PLATE 4$100
599**2004 Birds ‘First Sapoa Joint Stamp Issue’ Min Sheet SG MS982 unh (1)$30
600**2007 Centenary Etosha National Park Min Sheet SG MS1068 unh (1)$25
601*1916/23 KGV 1/2d to 2d with Centre Overprints SG 13/16 Good Mint Cat £70 (4)$70
602U1924/48 10/- Ship Definitive SG 39B Fine Used Cat £100 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1$100
603C1953 (16NO) Long OHMS Cover to Australia with Ship Definitives Set 1/2d to 5/- 13x values tied. SG 26B/38B. The stamps Cat £125 alone. Minor creasing (1) PHOTO-PLATE 5$150
604C1972 (18JA) SHIPMAIL Cover with GB stamps tied by Republic Nauru cancels. Endorsed ‘Posted on Board’ with MV Baron Murray Ship boxed cachet. Also Red ‘NAURU PAQUEBOT’ handstamp to England. Nice Item (1)$50
605C1936 (3OC) Picture Postcard Registered with Zeppelin 10th Hindenburg North American Flight Posted at Enkhuizen with New York 8 OC 36 cds and returned 16 OC 36. Scarce (1) PHOTO-PLATE 5$150
606C1938 (19JA) Airmail Cover to NZ with 71/2c,10c x 2 & 12 1/2c Queen Definitives Posted at DEN HELUER with International Correspondence Cinderella label tied by Sydney cancel on the back (1)$50
607C1941 (17OC) Censored Airmail Cover Posted at Rotterdam to San Francisco with KOLN transit 18 OC 41 cancel. Also violet ‘Per transtlanischen/luchtdienst/LISSABON-NEW YORK’ cachet. German censoring on the back with the KOLN cds. (1)$100
608C1953 (3NO) Airmail Cover to NZ with various stamps incl ‘53 Cultural & Social Relief Fund Set Posted at SCHIEDAM cancels. No backstamp (1)$50
609**2007 Scouting Centenary Pair unh (2)$13
610**2008 Summer Charity Min Sheet SG MS2654 unh (1)$30
611C1973 (22MR) Airmail Cover to NZ with 3 stamps tied by ARUBA cancels. No backstamps (1)$25
612C1978 (13SP) Airmail Cover to NZ with ‘78 Energy Set Posted at CURACAO. No backstamps (1)$20
613**1992 Deer Pair SG 1064/65 unh (2)$30
614**2006 Washington International Philatelic Exhibition Block of 4 SG 1752/55 unh (4)$20
615C1936 (FE) First Airmail Flight Cover Java-Borneo with flight cachet. Has various stamps tied by Mebster cancels (1)$50
616**2000 Dogs of the World Set, 2x Sheetlets of 6 & 2 Min Sheets SG 1466/83 & MS1484 unh (6+4 Sheets)$40
617C1943 (JL29) Sepia Picture Postcard (On The Road HOUAILOU - New Caledonia) with 6c US Airmail tied by US NAVY cds. Has ‘Passed By Naval Censor’ cachet to USA (1)$50
618**1983 Orchids Set SG 690/92 unh (3)$12
619P1984 Orchids Pair SG 736/37 and in Deluxe Proof Sheets of the same (4)$50
620**1986 Orchids Pair SG 789/90 plus in Deluxe Proof Sheets of the same (4)$50
621**1915/16 Roo 2d Grey SG 94 unh (1)$12
622U1932/34 £1 Birds of Paradise Undated SG 203 Fine Used with an indellible ink mark on the back. Cat £55 (1)$50
623**1932/34 1/- Birds of Paradise Undated Airmail SG 199 unh (1)$12
624U1932/34 3 1/2d Birds of Paradise Undated SG 180a Very Good Used (1)$25
625**1932/34 9d Birds of Paradise Undated Airmail SG 198 unh (1)$12
626U1939 5/- Bulolo Airmail SG 223 Very Good Used with light perf staining. Cat £160 (1)$50
627C1941 (10AP) Airmail Censored Cover with Undated Birds of Paradise 1d (2) & 3d values Posted at BULOLO. Has ‘Passed by Censor/TNG No 25’ boxed violet cachet. Backstamped Nelson Creek. (1) PHOTO-PLATE 5$100
628C1941 Airmail Censored Cover to NZ with 1d & 4d Bulolo Airs Posted at BULOLO cancel. Has violet boxed ‘Passed by Censor/TNG No 25’ cachet. Backstamped NELSON CREEK. Minor perf staining (1) PHOTO-PLATE 4$100
629C1907 (13MY) Postcard ‘Post Office, Broken Hill’ b&w Used. Has staining on the back (1)$10
630URevenue 1909/29 Stamp Duty 2/-,3/-,£1 (short cnr) All Perfined with ‘RI/Co/Ld’ (3)$30
631URevenue 1930 Swine Duty 1/- Pale Green Barefoot #8 Used (1)$40
632**1998 Orchids Set in a Sheetlet of 6 unh (1)$20
633*1892/94 Oil Rivers Overprints Set SG 1/6 Mint No Gum Cat £150 (6)$75
634*1894 QV Set SG 45/50 Good Mint Cat £75 (6)$75
635*1953/58 QE Definitives Set SG 69/80 unh Cat £80 (1)$100
636**1986 Halley’s Comet Set in a Strip of 5 SG 64/68 unh (5)$40
637*1902 1d Universal SG 1 Good Mint Cat £300 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1$250
638*1931 Arms 2/6 to £1 Set SG 51/54 Good Mint Cat £140 (4)$125
639C1937 (13MY) Illustrated First Day Cover Registered to Rarotonga (1)$20
640**1996 Orchids/Flowers Set SG 797/800 unh (4)$10
641C1955 (8MR) Registered OHMS/Post Office small envelope stampless with good cds to NZ. Backstamped Kawerau 15 MR 55. Some staining (1)$25
642**1984 Flowers Set SG 319/33 in a Presentation pack unh (1)$20
643**1987 Island Scenes Set SG 405/20 in a Presentation Pack (1)$25
644C1989 (28AP) Bounty Set on Printed First Day Cover Signed incl Varlene Christian (1)$20
645**1995 $1.80 Flower Booklet Overprinted ‘Contract Bridge Tournament ...South Pacific Hotel’ unh (1)$50
646**1998 Reef Fish Set SG 666/677 unh (12)$25
647**2003 $5 Day Lilies Booklet Overprinted ‘Readers and Writers Festival 2003’ unh (1)$100
648C1958 (5MY) Registered OHMS Cover to NZ with QE 10c & 30c Definitives Posted at JESSELTON. Backstamped KAWERAU 3 JE 58. Minor creasing (1)$25
649C1947 (20DE) Airmail Cover to USA with 2x stamps tied by Oslo Christmas cancel. Also with Christmas TB label (1)$20
650**1970 Nature Conservation Year Set SG 644/47 unh (4)$18
651C1985 Antarctic Mountains Set on Printed First Day Cover (1)$10
652**2001 Sport Self Adhesive Pair SG 1406/07 unh (2)$10
653**2008 Centenary Norwegian Ski Federation SG 1673/76 Self Adhesives unh (4)$25
654**1945 KGVI Definitives Part Set 2/- to 20/- SG 153/57 unh Cat £85 (5)$125
655**1948 10/- Silver Wedding SG 162 unh (1)$35
656C1983 Christmas Set Silk First Day Covers (5)$25
657C1934 (29OC) Uprated 8m Printed Postcard with 2m additional stamp Posted at Tel Aviv to Vienna. Has Wien/Flugpost & Wien Telegraphen-Central Station receiving cancels. Minor corner crease (1)$100
658**1966 John F Kennedy 3rd Anniv Death Min Sheet unh (1)$25
659*1938 1/- Jubilee SG 1622 Good Mint (1)$25
660U1939 3d Airmail SG 164 Fine Used (1)$20
661C1954 (15MR) Registered Cover addressed to ‘Passenger MV Shansi, Rabaul New Guinea with 2x 6 1/2d Definitives Posted at Wau. Various backstamps (1)$25
662U1964/65 Birds Set Sg 61/71 Fine Used (11)$15
663**1966/67 Butterflies Set SG 82/92 unh (12)$30
664**1988 WWF Butterflies Set SG 579/82 unh (4)$18
665**1994 Emergency Overprints Set less 21t SG 730/33 & 735/40 unh Cat £191 (10)$250
666**2003 WWF Tree Kangaroo Min Sheet SG MS993 unh (1)$20
667**2003 WWF Tree Kangaroo Set SG 989/92 unh (4)$15
668**2009 WWF Frogs Min Sheet SG MS1302/1303 unh (2)$70
669**2009 WWF Frogs Set SG 1298/1301 unh (4)$50
670U1920 Pictorials Set SG 32/37 Fine Used Cat £110 (6)$125
671**2014 WWF Pacific Green Turtle Strip SG 645/48 unh (4)$20
672C1942 (22NO) Picture Postcard Posted at Lima to Switzerland with American,British & German Censoring (1)$100
673C1989 (24FE) Antarctic Vuelo Base Printed Cover with cachet (1)$20
674C1989 2nd Antarctic Expedition Cacheted Cover on Illustrated Cover (1)$20
675C1990’s Picture Postcard to NZ with 600c Stamp tied (1)$20
676C1991 2nd Peruvian Scientific Expedition Set SG 1758/60 on Printed First day Cover (1)$20
677**2002 Archaeological Sites Min Sheet SG MS2131 unh (1)$40
678**2007 Cats Block of 4 SG 2517/20 unh Cat £46 (4)$80
679C1972 (7FE) Cover to NZ with 10c & 1c Definitives tied. No backstamps (1)$20
680**1990 20c & 90c Ship Booklet Panes Overprinted with ‘NZ1990’ World Stamp Exhibition unh (2)$100
681**2001 Reef Fish Min Sheet SG MS604 with ‘Printed on the Gum Side’ variety plus a normal Min Sheet for comparison. Fine & Ununusal. Unrecorded (1)$400
682**2007 Salt & Pepper Moth Min Sheet SG MS736 unh (1)$20
683**2007 WWF Terns & Noddies Set & Min Sheet SG 724/27 & MS728 unh (4+M/S)$40
684**2009 Royal Navy Visitors Min Sheet SG MS795 unh (1)$30
685**2014 Albatross Min Sheet SG MS899 unh (1)$20
686C1940 (8JY) Official Cover with 24g stamp Posted at GORLICE to KRAKAU with Anti-Churchill label on the back. (1)$75
687C1910 Picture Postcard (Panorama do Porto) to NZ with Dannevirke 30 MY 1910 receiving machine cancel. (1)$50
688C1931 (29JA) Riesenflugzeug DOX (Plane) Sepia Picture Postcard Posted at Lisbon to New York. Backstamped Rio De Janeiro. Various DOX Flight cachets. Cat US$1000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 5$500
689U1949 Portraits Set SG 1021/28 Very Good to Fine Used Cat £56 (8)$50
690U1954 400th Anniv Sao Paulo Set SG 1118/21 Fine Used Cat £49 (4)$50
691CFunchal 1905 (18SP) UPU Picture Postcard (Madeira/Funchal) with 20e tied to Germany with Berlin receiving cds. (1)$30
692**(Guinea) 1948 Pictorial Min Sheet SG MS316a unh with faint toning in the selvedge. Cat £160 (1)$100
693C(INDIA) 1942 (18NO) Italian Internee Cover Posted at GOA and addressed ‘To The International Red Cross Bureau, Geneva, Switzerland. Censor Tape with Octagonal Passed Censor DHG/1 handstamp. Scarce (1) PHOTO-PLATE 5$100
694CLourenco Marques 1900 (16MY) Censored Boer War Cover with 100r King Carlos tied to The Manchester Fire Assurance Company, Capetown. Backstamped Durban/Natal, GPO Capetown/Cape Colony. Has Pink ‘VR Opened Under Martial Law’ censor tape. Minor creasing (1) PHOTO-PLATE 5$150
695CLourenco Marques 1900 (JU11) Long Cover with 100r King Carlos SG 46 tied to Capetown to The Manchester Fire Assurance Company. Backstamped GPO CAPETOWN/CGH. Has ‘VR Opened Under Martial Law’ Pink Censor Tape at left. Also ‘PAQUEBOT’ hanstamp. The cover has 2x vertical creases (1)$100
696**(Maderia) 1993 Contemporary Art - Lourdes Castro Min Sheet SG MA286 unh (1)$25
697**1966 International Co-Operation Year 2x Blocks of 4 with UN 20th Anniv New Currency Overprints in Black & Red unh (8)$60
698**1966 International Co-Operation Year New Currency Block of 4 & Min Sheet unh (4+M/S)$125
699**1966 International Co-Operation Year New Currency Min Sheet with UN 20th Anniv Overprinted in Red unh Cat US$60 (1)$90
700**1966 John F Kennedy New Currcncy 2x Strips of 3 Perforated unh Cat US$60 (6)$90
701**1966 John F Kennedy New Currency 2x Strips of 3 Imperforate unh Cat US$60 (6)$90
702**1966 John F Kennedy Set SG 118/23 in 2x Imperf Strips of 3 unh (6)$20
703**1979 International Year of Child Pair SG 656/57 unh (2)$14
704**2003 Centenary Powered Flight Min Sheet SG MS1134 unh (1)$15
705**2008 Arab Post Day Min Sheet SG MS1215 unh (1)$25
706C1887 (FE11) QV 1d Printed Postcard with Pre-Printing Advertising Posted at Maryborough to Bundaberf. Has Printed Surgeon-Dentist Edmund F Hughes information regarding a one week visit. Fine Item (1) $75
707**Queensland Railways 5c Brisbane Green/Red rouletted stamp in a Sheet of 50 with minor ageing and splitting (50)$25
708*1913/19 £1 Admiral SG 279b Mint with minor gum toning Cat £650 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1$375
709C1971 (15JU) Registered Airmail Cover to NZ with 2 1/2c & 5c Definitives & 25c Bird stamps Posted at KOPJE. Has boxed ‘General Post Office/Salisbury’ violet handstamp. (1)$30
710C1975 (7AP) Formular Aerogramme to NZ with 10c Flower Definitive Posted at BUITBRIDGE cds. (1)$25
711C1955 (5SP) Long OHMS Registered Printed Cover to NZ with ‘55 Discovery Victoria Falls Set in Blocks of 4 Posted at Salisbury. Has Postmaster-General of Rhodesia printed thank you card. Minor perf staining. (1)$50
712C1960’s Long OHMS Please Conserve Soil and Water; We Depend on Them Cover to NZ. Has Federation of Rhodesia/On Postal Service/And Nyasaland violet cachet. The cover with QE 4d value tied. No backstamp (1)$50
713**2005 Scouts Min Sheet SG MS6530a unh (1)$15
714**2008 Europa The Letter Min Sheet SG MS6889 unh (1)$40
715C1860 (MY21) Early Entire Sent from St Petersburg to Rothchilds, Paris. Various markings and cancels (1)$125
716C1895 (2JA) Registered Cpver with 2/6 Palms P12x11 1/2 tied by APIA/SAMOA cds to Bavaria. On the front has ‘Registered/London 1 FE 95’ red datestamp. Backstamped MUERNBERG/2 receiving cds. Fine & Scarce. (1) PHOTO-PLATE 5$500
717C1895 (AP24) Cover to England with 1/- Palms Bisect SG 25a tied by APIA/SAMOA cds. Backstamped San Francisco/Paid All MY 9 1895 cds. The cover has a light vertical fold. SG Cat £350 On Cover (1) PHOTO-PLATE 5$350
718C1909 (10MY) 10pf Yacht Printed Postcard to NZ with message written on the back. Has part Morrinsville/NZ 20 MY 09 bacckstamp.Minor ageing (1)$75
719C1914 (24DE) Picture Postcard with 1d Dom Overprint Posted at Apia and message written by NZ Servicemen. (1)$100
720*1914/24 QV 2/- Blue & 3/- Violet P14 1/2 x 14 SG 127 & 129 Good Mint (2)$25
721*1914/24 QV Long Types P14 2/6,5/-,10/-,£1 SG 123/126 Good Mint Cat £162 (4)$150
722**1932 Arms £10 Blue Cowan Paper unh. Very Scarce (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1$1000
723*1932 Arms £5 Indigo-Blue SG 176 Good Mint. Very Scarce Cat £2500 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1$2000
724**1934/42 Arms 2/6 to £1 SG 189/92 unh Cat