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Auckland City Stamps Public Auction 18


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Lot # Description Estimate My Bids
1*/**/UA DECEASED ESATATE Large Box Lot incl NZ Yearbooks - 1984,1988/1997 & 2005; Various Albums & some hagner pages of World Mint & Used. Nice Range. Ex Trevor Butler Estate (100’s)$250
2*/**/UA DECEASED ESTATE LOT Large Plastic Container incl 3x WWF Albums, Album Bird Stamps, Album German/European Covers, 2x Boxes Mixed World Sets & singles on Card or in Packets. Useful Range. Ex Trevor Butler Estate (100’s)$250
3*/**/UA DECEASED ESTATE LOT Large Plastic Container incl various NZ, Australia & GB Albums/Stockbooks noted NZ 1874 First Sideface Set Used, 1931 Red & Blue Boys Used, 1891 Life Insurance Set Used. NZ & World in Packets and on Card. Lots of useful sets & singles. A great lot for a resller/internet. Ex Trevor Butler Estate (1,000’s)$500
4*/**/UA DECEASED ESTATE LOT Large Plastic Container with Boxes of NZ & World Mint & Used Range noted Pacifics (incl Fiji) Stamps & Covers. Hours of sorting and fun. Ex Trevor Butler Estate (100’s)$200
5UAN OLD BROWN SUITCASE World in Albums & on pages, generally earlier periods incl Lapworth Album of Commonwealth, 3 other World Albums, 2 Tin Can Mail Covers, early Turkey on pages, India on pages, Jordanian & Egyptian Occupation of Palestine on pages etc (many hundreds)$300
6UANCIENT LEATHER SUITCASE with Old Green Triumph Album of World (2000+ stamps), a brief look at the first few pages reveal Australia 1913 10/- Roo Used (short perf, SG Cat £150) plus 5 more small Old World Albums. Case includes key in old leather key ring! (1,000’s)$200
7UAUSTRALIA Box lot of 5 Albums and bundles of pages, majority used 1913/2007, mixed condition. Includes 26x Roos to 2/- various printings, 98x KGV various printings and onward. Some duplication. Small number of early States (100’s)$200
8UBANANA BOX Estate Collection Worldwide early to modern in 11 Stockbooks, 1 Album, 2 WWF Albums. No NZ or Australia (1,000’s)$300
9UBANANA BOX OF HORRORS World Stamps & Covers in boxes, packets,cigarette tins,antique Empire Album picked over, World stamps in ledger book, NZ First Day Covers etc (1,000’s)$150
10UBLACK CASE with World Collections in 4 Albums, other bits and pieces (a few thousands)$150
11*/**/UBOX LOT 10x Stockbooks with Pacific Islands - Fiji,Aitutaki,Niue,New Hebrides,PNG,Nauru,Samoa,Penrhyn Is etc. Mostly Mint. High Catalogue Value (100’s)$350
12UBOX LOT 16x Biscuit tins but sadly only containing stamps. NZ and World, Covers, On & Off paper, all in 2 Large Cartons. Most interesting item is old collection of around 1200 different matchbox labels worldwide, great designs. (quantities in 2 cartons)$200
13*/UBOX LOT 4x World Stamp Albums with 2x MINKUS Large Worldwide Printed Stamp Albums, 1x Scott International Stamp Album Junior Edition, 1x Looseleaf Album with Miscellaneous Range. Mint & Used Range from Worldwide. Odd Covers. A great lot to add and expand (100’s)$500
14*/**/UBOX LOT 8 Albums & 2 Stockbooks with Australia Sevens Seas Album Mint & Used with Useful sets & singles, Australia Album 1930’s-80’s Mint & Used, Great Britain SG Album 1841-1990, Jersey SG Album 1941-1992 Mint/Unhinged Range, Christmas Island 1958-1998 Mostly Unhinged, Nauru Album 1916-1991 Mint/Unhinged, Royalty 1981 2x Albums. A great lot for Circuit Books/Internet Seller. (100’s)$400
15UBOX LOT Archive Box containing World Collection in 6 Stockbooks plus loose album pages, earliest noted 1844 Brazil (100’s)$100
16**BOX LOT Australia 6x Lindner Hingeless Albums 1966/2010 with Range of sets and singles Unhinged (100’s)$500
17UBOX LOT AUSTRALIA Collection in Banana Box with 5 Albums & 3 Filing Boxes (used in packets) with 3x Seven Seas Albums 1913/2011 Mostly Used incl 1928 3d Kooka Min Sheet, 1932 Sydney Harbour Bridge Set etc. Also New Guinea/Papua Range Used with NWPI Overprints incl 1918 5x KGV 1d on 5d Strip of 5 on piece, 1925 Huts Set Used, 1932/34 Birds of Paradise Undated & Airs Undated Sets, Papua Lakatois, 1932 Pictorials Set etc. PNG in Packets. Hours of Fun to sort out. Some Useful Sets. High Catalogue (1,000’s)$1000
18*/**/UBOX LOT China Album Range of unhinged sets 1979-88, USA small collection 1870-1961 Used, New Zealand Collection 1855-1980 in Premier Album (Cat $3000) including 8x FFQ Used, Health 1929-80 mostly used incl 1931 Red & Blue Boys etc (100’s)$500
19*/**/UBOX LOT Collection Balance in Banana Box plus smaller box with Useful NZ Albums noted 1906 6d Christchurch Exhibition unhinged plus Stockbooks with a Range Healths, Definitive Plate Blocks from 1953 QE, 1954 Officials incl 3/- Grey, 1960 Pictorials. Useful High Values. Condition varies. Hours of Fun (100’s)$1000
20CBOX LOT Commercial Mail from around the World Mostly 1960’s-90’s Period. Some Interesting Markings & Frankings (Several 100)$100
21UBOX LOT Estate Accumulation of NZ & World Albums noted 2d Blue Boy Used. Large Carton (100’s)$250
22UBOX LOT Frightening accumulation of small World albums, bundles of Covers, stamps in and out of packets (1,000’s)$125
23UBOX LOT Horrible mess of World all sorts in small boxes, albums, packets and loose. Hours of sorting (1,000’s)$100
24UBOX LOT icnl China 2010 New Year Coin & Banknote Pack, NZ small change coin pack, World Stamp Collection in Warwick Album (1400 stamps), NZ Collection 1865 onward in stockbook, all sorts of other odds and sods. (1,000’s)$200
25UBOX LOT incl 2 Stock Albums of surplus World, New Zealand page of 16x Imperf FFQ 2d to 1/- all Davies 1862-64 Printings Used with faults identified for CP shades Cat $8225 if fine!  Rest of NZ Album used 1874-1980 Cat $1750 simplified includes 1d Red Boy Good Used, three albums of NZ First Day Covers (many hundreds)$750
26BOX LOT Incl folder 65 Telecom Phonecards $5-$20 appear mostly unused, 1993-94 Whitbread Yacht Race phonecard pack, a few hundred NZ First Day Covers around 1946-2016, odd modern GB First Day Covers, bundle of 23 Commemorative RAF and RNZAF Flight Covers incl 15 Pilot signed (quantities)$150
27UBOX LOT incl Old Movaleaf Album of World (1500 stamps), World in several choc boxes, other minor albums (1,000’s)$100
28UBOX LOT Jumble of all sorts incl 17x World Circuit Books from Auckland Philatelic Society, World Albums etc in Large Carton (100’s)$125
29UBOX LOT Large carton with small Wyndham album of World, World in exercise books, albums of covers, stamps on pages etc (quantities)$150
30*/UBOX LOT Messy accumulation with Old Premier Globe Album of World, small National World Album, further stamps & covers in albums,bags,packets,tins. (1,000’s)$100
31UBOX LOT Messy junk lot in large carton with small World Albums and everything else (1,000’s)$100
32UBOX LOT Messy lot with World Collection in manku old Strand Album, 3 Old Photo albums of World (staining), 2 biscuit tins used on paper NZ & World, Covers, Pages etc in large carton (1,000’s)$100
33*/UBOX LOT Modest World Collection in Album (about 1000 stamps) plus modern China packs incl 1999 50th Anniversary in folder, 1998 Jiuzhai Valley sets and 1998 Foshan presentation books, 1997 Panda gold leaf stamp, 1997 10 Yuan Panda 1-ounce silver coin (quantity)$200
34*/**/UBOX LOT Musty old accumulation of purchases from NZ Post Office circa 1975-2010 all still in original mailing envelopes, large carton (almost 10kg)$100
35CBOX LOT New Zealand & Great Britain First Day Covers up to 2019, appear all different, total around 1500 covers so original cost would add up to several thousands (about 1500)$300
36UBOX LOT New Zealand 1873-2004 Range in 4 albums on Pages. Some duplication with mainly decimals some odd predecimals. Miscellaneous Stockbook and some in packets. Plus odd First Day Cover. Good for Circuit Book seller/internet seller (100’s)$250
37*/**/UBOX LOT NEW ZEALAND Earlies to Modern Mint & Used Noted 2nd Sideface Imperf Black Proof Set in Blocks of 4, KEVII Definitives Mint & Used. Some Modern Decimals Unhinged etc (100’s)$250
38UBOX LOT NEW ZEALAND Large Lot 8x Albums & 4 Stockbooks 1855-2014 Mostly Used Comprehensive Range incl 1862 Perforated Full Face Queens Set, 1906 Christchurch Exhibition Set, 1913 Auckland Exhibition 6d, KGV & Officials, Healths Complete, Life Insurance Complete, 1935-2014 Mostly Complete incl Min Sheets (less Health Min Sheets). Also noted Railway Charges values to 5/-, Some bulk in packets. Album of Air Covers. High Catalogue Value (1,000’s)$1000
39*/**/UBOX LOT of New Zealand including Collection in Tasman Album Cat $2600 (not including fiscally used) with 8x Perf FFQ incl 4d Rose, decimal collection in Warwick Album, Collection of small flaws on pages noted 1960 2 1/2d ‘fruit salad’ variety shifts of red,green and brown colours Mint and many small plate varieities (100’s)$500
40*/**/UBOX LOT Pacific Islands 5x Stockbooks & 3x Albums Mint & Used Range - New Hebrides & Vanuatu, Tokelau Island, British Solomons, Papua & New Guinea, Cook Islands, Fiji, Samoa, Tonga. Earlies to Modern.Useful Lot (100’s)$250
41CBOX LOT Papua & New Guinea Extensive Postal History Collection 1950’s-1990’s On Cover in 18x First Day Cover Albums (1300+) incl Relief Covers, Postage Due Covers. Extensive Collection covering Post Offices A-Y with nice markings and frankings. Also 11x Albums Miscellaneous pieces and odd covers. A great Lot to Exhibit and Expand (1300 Covers plus on piece)$2500
42*/UBOX LOT Random assortment incl small Mixed Stockbook with 9 scruffy FFQ’s, several other NZ Stockbooks, 2x Albums Russia sets, Stockbook 1937 Coronation & 1946 Victory Omnibus sets, packs, covers etc in large carton (100’s)$200
43CBOX LOT RUGBY THEMATIC Comprehensive Collection partly mounted in 8x Warwick 55 Albums plus much on album pages with large range of Rugby Related Covers many signed with a range with many signatures. Also some stamps & pieces. Plus a large Foolscap Box with other covers not mounted. Some signatures of earlier All Blacks on card. Other miscellaneous Books etc. A great lot that could be exhibited and written up. A lot to expand. (100’s)$2000
44UBOX LOT Several minor World albums, Covers, stamps in packets but also includes NZ used collection 1873-1982 in 2-volume Premier album with 1882 Sidefaces Set, 1898 Pictorial Set (5/- Mt Cook CTO), 1909 Edward Set, most 1915 Recess, 1935 Picts & Officials sets, Health 1929 U, 1930 VFU, 1931 2d Blue Boy U, 1933 VFU etc. NZ albums Cat $2500 (hundreds)$500
45*/UBOX LOT Small Ancient Rowland Hill Album of World, two other small albums, boxes & bags on/off paper mixed periods, two file boxes of First Day Covers of NZ,GB & others in large carton (1,000’s)$150
46UBOX LOT Stockbook incl some Early World, other minor albums, NZ & World in large bundles of envelopes, biscuit tin of stamps (1,000’s)$150
47UBOX LOT Three shoeboxes of World sorted roughly into country envelopes (1,000’s)$100
48*/**/UBOX LOT Two World Albums Countries J-Z, Australia Album 1913 to Modern (noted 60x KGV to 1/4), Album Commonwealth & Pacifics sets/singles unh/M/U. All four are Warwick 55 albums (100’s)$225
49*/UBOX LOT with 10 Albums & Stockbooks containing USA, Australia, Pacific Islands, Gibraltar, ireland, South Africa, antarctic Territories and Modern NZ (quantities)$200
50*/**/UBOX LOT with 8x Stockbooks with mostly Duplicated New Zealand, Australia Sevens Seas Album Mint & Used Range from Earlies to Modern plus Australia Stockbook Used, Cocos Island Album, Royalty 1977 & 1981 Omnibus Issues. (1,000’s)$200
51*/**/UBOX LOT with 9x Stockbooks & 3x Albums incl Great Britain Mint & Used, Australia Used, Various World Mint & Used etc. Useful Range (1,000’s)$200
52UBOX Lot with old Triumph album of World, 3 other small World albums, album of early France & Territories (1,000’s)$150
53*/**/UBOX LOT with Quantities in Sheets of 1946 Peace Sets from Falkland Island Dependencies,Hong Kong,British Virgin Islands,St Kitts-Nevis,Ascension & NZ Healths 1941,1942,1943,1944 & 1948 Otago Centennials; NZ 1993 Year Book & 2x 2001/2005 Stamp Collector Folder, Other NZ Post Invoices with sets unpacked. Miscellaneous World. (100’s)$300
54*/**/UBOX LOT World 2x Stockbooks & 2x Folders Mint & Used Range Earlies to Modern incl Switzerland, Germany, Hong Kong, USA, Denmark, Netherlands, Great Britain noted 2x 1840 1d Blacks. Mostly Used with some higher values. Clean condition (100’s)$400
55UBOX LOT World Collection in 16 Scruffy Stockbooks (many hundreds in heavy carton)$250
56UBOX LOT World Collection in 4x Albums, tidy lot (5000+ stamps)$250
57UBOX LOT World Collection largely unsorted in country envelopes, plus some in 2 Stockbooks (1,000’s)$100
58UBOX LOT World Old & New, On & Off Paper in 5x Shoeboxes (1,000’s)$100
59*/**/UBOX LOT World Range in 6 Stockbooks & 4 Albums & Loose Album Pages incl USA Earlies to Modern Mostly Used, British West Indies Range in a Stockbook, South Africa, British Commonwealth, World in Album. Some Mint & Used. Useful lot (100’s)$300
60*/UBOX LOTS GERMANY Extensive Collection in 30 Albums Mostly Warwick 55 Albums including a great range of German States, Germany 1982-1945 Third Reich Period, Allied Post WW2, East & West Germany, Berlin to Modern. Mint & Used. Odd Covers. Huge Range & Value. (1,000’s)$2000
61UCIGAR BOX 1900’s Period incl Fiji, Samoa, Australia On & Off Paper. Ex LD Nathan (100’s)$100
62UCIGAR BOX 1900’s Period Mostly from New Zealand On & Off Paper. Ex LD Nathan (100’s)$100
63UCIGAR BOX 1900’s Period On & off Paper from many countries incl European & Asia, Also Australia & NZ. Ex LD Nathan (100’s)$100
64CCRATE LOT Covers and First Day Covers from NZ & World (100’s)$125
65*/UESTATE ACCUMULATIOB in large moving carton, NZ & World, you’ve never seen a bigger box of rubbish (17kg box)$100
66UEUROPE BOX LOT Four Stockbooks earlies to 1960’s neatly packed - Austria,Czechoslovakia,Hungary,Germany (Empire,Republic,Inlation period,East,West). Sometimes heavy duplication especially in 1960’s CTO sets. Big quantities (many thousands)$250
67UEXTREME BOX LOT Huge quantities of bulk used New Zealand over a century sorted in envelopes 1882 1d/2d Sidefaces onward to 1983 in 7 large timber carry cases, sometimes 1000 per envelope (like 1935-38 low values). Includes comprehensive list on 24 pages. Buyer must collect (very many thousands)$250
68UGERMANY 1930’s to Modern incl 3rd Reich Stamps & Covers incl WW2 Military Period (100’s)$150
69UGREAT BRITAIN 2x SG Davo Printed Albums 1841/2010 some earlies but comprehensive QE Range to Modern with many sets. Also filing box with Packs & First Day Covers (100’s)$300
70UGREAT BRITAIN Archive Box with 8x Albums Used Range from QV to Moderns plus some books First Day Covers. (100’s)$700
71CHONG KONG Filing Box 1960’s Commercial Local Mail to 1960’s-80’s First Day Covers. Good Range. Mixed Condition (Approx 200)$150
72UHUGE MESS Two Red Collins Albums of World 3000+ stamps, other World in envelopes, boxes, biscuit tin and loose (1,000’s in large carton)$200
73*/ULARGE CARTON with Br Commonwealth Range of Albums & Stockbooks with Great Britain, Samoa, Niue, Christmas Island etc. Some Covers. Large Range. Heavy Lot (100’s)$900
74*/UMETAL TRUNK Lifetime Collecton including World Albums, NZ in Packets and envelopes Mint & Used, Some Postal History incl Military & Pacific Islands. Noted some Telecom Packs. Hours of Fun to sort out (100’s)$500
75*/**/UNEW ZEALAND 1870 onward in file box, messy accumulation of stamps on cards, in packets etc. Noted 1870 Cover to UK with 6d FFQ, 1967 $2 Pink Imprint Block of 8 unhinged, several old documents etc (100’s)$150
76*/UNEW ZEALAND 5x Albums from 2nd Sidefaces to Modern Mint & Used with a good range of Definitives & Commemoratives. Noted useful higher values (100’s)$200
77UNEW ZEALAND BOX LOT 1855/1984 Tasman album Cat $3000 mostly Used incl 3x FFQ, two small folders of M/S, stamps in cigarette tins, covers, packs, loyalty issues etc (hundreds)$500
78UNEW ZEALAND BOX LOT FFQ onward including Tasman album Cat $2500, sevral other Albums, 11 small albums of First Day Cover, bag kiloware etc. Mixed condition (thousands in large carton)$500
79*/UNEW ZEALAND BOX LOT Green Warwick Album 1862-1980 Cat $4000 incl 8x FFQ, 2d Blue Boy, 1899 Pigeon Post etc. Then a truck load of bulk surplus NZ in 11 Stockbooks, minor alternatives post & cinderella material (thousands, heavy carton)$500
80*/UNEW ZEALAND BOX LOT Tidy album Mint & Used 1862-1969 incl 7x Perf FFQ Used, 1874 Sidefaces 1d to 1/- U, 1898 up to 6d green Kiwi M, 1898 Official 3d & 2/- M, 1906 Christchurch M, 1907 Redrawn 3d & 6d Birds M, 1907 Set U, 1909 Edward Officials Sets M & U, 1915 George Recess sets M & U,1915 Recess Official Set M, 8d Brown Official U and so on. also scores of First Day Covers in file box. ACS Cat $10,000 (hundreds)$2000
81UNEW ZEALAND Box of On & Off Paper Noted 2nd Sidefaces 1/2d,1d,2d values Off Paper in Packets, 1d Universals On & Off Paper, KGVI/QE On Paper with some nice frankings, Modern incl better Commemoratives On Paper. Noted some postmarks (1.4kg)$100
82CNEW ZEALAND First Day Covers 1935-2000 Comprehensive Collection in a good size box with Definitives & Commemoraives incl 1935 Silver Jubilee Set on Individual FDC’s, KGVI/QE Period with Illustrated FDC’s, a few WW2 Patriotic Covers, Some Commemorative Postmark Covers. A great lot to sort and organise. Plenty of value (100’s)$500
83UNEW ZEALAND Large Carton from Earlies to Modern with some loose, some covers. A real mess. Hours of Fun and sorting (1,000’s)$100
84CNEW ZEALAND Postal History Large Box with Commercial, Special Cancels etc. Suit reseller (100’s)$100
85UNZ POSTMARKS Large Collection in 9x Warwick 55 albums on stamp or piece mounted in alphabetical order. Part to good strikes with many different cancels. Some Closed PO’s. Suit reseller. Also some books on Post Offices. (100’s)$500
86*/UPACIFIC ISLANDS 4x Albums Earlies to Modern incl Fiji, Tonga, Cook Islands, New Guinea, Papua, British Solomon Islands, Aitutaki. Mint & Used Range. Good Lot (100’s)$350
87*/**/UPACIFICS 5x Albums & Stockbook with a good range from Christmas island, Norfolk Island, Nauru, Cocos island, Fiji. Mainly modern period with some useful sets (100’s)$250
88*/**PAPUA & NEW GUINEA 4x Albums 1952/1990’s God Range incl some in Packs and odds on Stockcards. (100’s)$250
89CSINGAPORE 1960/2000 7x Covers Albums with 380 First Day Covers. Mixed condition on the earlies but fine from 1970 onwards. Great catalogue value (380)$200
90THEMATICS Dealer stock to clear, around 400 Covers, cards, cancellations in file box. Themes A-M including Agriculture, Animals, Birds, Fish, Flowers, Framas, Lighthouses, Medical, Military etc. Priced up total $2000 (about 400)$300
91THEMATICS Dealer stock to clear, around 500 covers, cards, cancellations in file box. Themes M-T incl Music, Plants, Railway, Religion, Royalty, Scout & Guides, Shipping, Sport, Transport etc. priced up total $2750 (about 500)$400
92UUSA Retired Dealer’s Stock of 5x Albums with a duplicated range from 1850’s to Modern all priced (1,000’s)$200
93UWINE BOX Old Strand Album with 1250 World stamps, dilapidated remains of an even older slim World album, bag of kiloware, cigarette tins (1,000’s)$100
94UWORLD Collection in 2x Empire Albums 1841 onward and 3 Other albums of Foreign Countries (around 3500 stamps)$200
95UWORLD Collection in 4 Invincible Albums Mint & used (around 5000 stamps)$200
96UWORLD Collection of Countries G-Z in 3 Albums (5000+ stamps)$125
97CWORLD COVERS Carton with Middle to Modern Range, some on Album Pages with mainly Commercial. Notes some attractive frankings. Good for Internet Seller (A few 100’s)$250
98CWORLD COVERS Carton with Useful Europe, Pacific Islands etc. Earlies to Modern. Suit Internet Seller (100’s)$250
99CWORLD Covers Large Carton of mainly Commercial Covers with ranges of Switzerland, Germany. Earlies to Modern. Good Range. Suit Internet Seller (1200 approx)$500
100CWORLD COVERS Wine Box with World Range from 1940’s Huge Range and variety (1250)$300
101*/UWORLD Large Carton with a Mixed Range of Albums & Stockbooks incl Great Britain,New Zealand,Japan etc (100’s)$300
102UWORLD Mainly Off Paper with a good range of Europe. Some miscellaneous on Pages/Hagners and in Packets (3kg+)$100
103*/URevenues Collection of earlies mounted on Album Pages mostly Used with a few Mint incl odd multiple. Good Range (147)$250
104U1860’s-2000’s 3x Large Stockbooks with a duplicated range of Australia States & then Commonwealth with a mostly Used range of Definitives & Commemoratives. (100’s)$250
105U1913/1965 KABE Hingeless Album with a good range Sets & singles incl £1 Grey Roo, 1928 3d Kookaburra Min Sheet, 1932 5/- Sydney Harbour Bridge, 1963/64 Navigators Set. Mostly good condition (100’s)$950
106*/U1913/1970’s Collection on Album pages Mint & Used incl Roos to 5/-, KGV range, 1932 Sydney Harbour Bridge Set Mint (5/- has light staining) & 5/- Very Fine Used, 1946 BCOF Set Mint. Clean lot. High Catalogue Value (100’s)$400
107U1913/1980 Collection in Warwick 55 Album Range Definitives & Commemoratives with a bit of duplication. (Several 100)$100
108*/**1913/2001 3x Seven Seas Hingeless Albums Mostly Unhinged with some Predecimals. Also a good Range Decimals with a Face Value of A$850. SG Cat £2100 (1437)$375
109*/**/U1913/2001 4x Lighthouse Hingeless Albums with a range of Definitives & Commemoratives. Some Sets. Useful Range. (100’s)$400
110*/U1913/2005 2x Tasman Printed Albums with a good Range of Sets & singles Mostly Used incl 1913 Roos to 10/- & £1 Grey Used, 1914 6d Kooka Used, 1932 Sydney Harbour Bridge Set Used, 1937 Robes Used, 1963/64 Navigators Set to £1 Used & £2 Mint, then a good Range of Decimals. Also Postage Due & Officials noted 5/- Roo Large OS Used. Odd blemish but overall good condition. (100’s)$750
111**1913/2010 3x DAVO Printed Albums Used to 1979 with Useful Earlies, then Mostly Unhinged to 2005, Some Miniature Sheets incl Exhibition Overprints. Noted 1971 Christmas 2x Blocks of 25 with Cream & White Papers Fine Used. Odd Officials (100’s)$500
112U1913/70’s Collection on Imperial Album pages incl Roos 1st Watermark Set to 2/- Brown incl 4d Orange Yellow shade, 2nd Watermark Set SG 24/30, 3rd Watermark 2d to 10/-, 1923/24 £1 Grey Sg 75, 1931/36 £2 C of A SG 138, Some KGV. Odd Commemoratives & Definitives. Mostly Very Good to Fine Used. Cat £3300 (140)$1750
113*/UAUSTRALIA & STATES 5x Folders with stamps displayed on clear coin pocket pages mostly Used with a Range of States, then 1913/2000 Range. Some Useful High Values. Condition Mixed on earlies. (100’s)$750
114*/U1882/1938 Hagner Page with 1882/86 QV Set to 1/- Used, 1892/03 Definitives Set SG 105/15 Mint, 1897/98 Diamond Jubilee Set SG 116/24 Mint, 1906 Nelson Centenary Set SG 145/51 Mint, 1912/16 KGV Set SG 170/80 Mint, 1916/19 Set SG 181/91 Mint, 1918/20 SG 199/20 Mint, 1920/21 Victory Set SG 201/11 Mint, 1921/24 Definitives Set SG 213/28 Mint, 1938/47 KGVI Set Mint. Mostly Good Condition. Cat £1400 (115)$750
115**1914/2009 Red Cross Sets & singles Used to 2002, the rest unhinged mint incl 1914/15 Sets SG 151/59, 1953 National Disaster Fund Set and On Cover. Fine condition. A Good Thematic Lot. SG £440 (91 stamps)$200
116*/U1920/39 Mint & Used Range Sets & singles incl 1921 Albert 1 5f Mint, 10f Used, 1928 Orval Abbey Restoration Fund Set Mint, a few 1939 Set Mint incl orval Abbey Set. Odd Railway stamps. odd blemish. Cat £325+ (103)$200
117*/UCONGO 1923/1958 Collection of Sets & singles on Printed Album Pages Mint & Used. Good range Cat £970 (300 & 1x M/S)$350
118U1865/1928 Collection on SG Imperial Album Pages incl 1865/1903 QV to 1/-, 1918/22 KGV 2/- & 5/-, 1921 Tercentenary Set SG 68/73, 1924/32 KGV 2/6, 10/- & 12/6 (2). Mostly Good Condition. SG Cat £2250 (62)$1000
119U1863/1926 Collection on SG Imperial Album Pages incl 1860/76 Range, 1889 Definitives Set SG 193/205, 1905/07 72c & 96c SG 249/50, 1913/21 KGV Part Set to 96c. Mostly Good Condition. SG Cat £1500 (101)$750
120U1865/1927 Collection on SG Imperial Album Pages incl 1865 QV 1/- Green SG 4, 1891/01 QV $2 SG 64. Mostly Good Condition. Cat £879 (49)$400
121U1907/1931 Collection on SG Imperial Album Pages incl 1907 Large Canoes 1d,2d,2 1/2d & 6d; 1908 Small Canoe Set Complete SG 8/17, 1914/23 KGV Set (less 2d grey) incl extra 1/2d & 1d shades SG 22/38, 1922/31 KGV Set to 2/6. Mostly Fine Used. Cat £1500 (46) PHOTO-PLATE 1$800
122U1866/1928 Collection on SG Imperial Album Pages incl 1866 1d Green, 6d Rose-Red, 1867/70 4d Lake-Road, 1867 1/- SG 18/19, 1879/80 QV 1d & 2 1/2d SG 24/25, 1904 KEVII Set to 5/-, 1922/28 KGV 5/- SG 101. Good condition. SG Cat £1500 (51)$500
123*/U1851/1970’s Mint & Used Range on Album Pages incl 1851 3c Beaver Imperf Used, 1897 15c & 20c Jubilee Used, 1908 Quebec Set to 10c plus 20c Used. Good Range and condition (100’s)$250
124U1852/1927 Collection on SG Imperial Album Pages incl 1852/57 Imperf 3d Red, 6d Slate Violet, 7 1/2d Yellow Green, 10d Dull Blue & Blue SG 5,9,12,14,15, 1868/90 QV Range 1/2c to 15c, 1897 Jubilee Set to $5 ($1 to $5 with heavier parcel type cancels), 1897/98 & 1898/02 QV Sets, 1903 KEVII Set, 1908 Quebec Set. Condition Mostly Good. SG Cat £14,000+ (176) PHOTO-PLATE 1$5000
125*/U1859/1980 Printed SG Album incl 1859 Definitives to 12 1/2c Used, QV 1868/97 Sets Simplified Used, 1897 Jubilee values to $1 either Mint or Used, 1908 Quebec, 1928/29 Definitives Used, Useful Definitives & Commemoratives Range. Mixed condition on earlies. (100’s)$500
126U1859/1990’s Davo Printed Album Earlies to Modern incl 1859/64 1c,5c,10c & 12 1/2c, 1868/78 & 1870/93 Simplified Sets, 1893 20c & 50c QV, 1897 50c Jubilee, 1897 & 1898 QV Sets, 1903/08 KEVII Set - the 50c heavy used, 1908 Quebec Set, etc Condition varies on the earlies. Cat £2500+ (100’s)$500
127*/U1860’s QV to QE Collection Mint & Used in Folder in coin pocket clear pages incl 1860’s values to 17c Used, 1898 20c & 50c Used, KEVII 50c Used. Comprehensive Range to Modern. Odd Officials & Revenues. (100’s)$500
128U1873/2001 Collection on Printed Album Pages Definitives & Commemoratives Charity lot (841)$100
129**1970/2013 DAVO 4x Hingeless Albums & Slipcases with Sets & Miniature Sheet. Mostly Complete Unhinged. Also 2x extra Stockbooks incl odd booklets (100’s)$500
130*/UREVENUES Collection On Pages incl Tobacco Tax (25), Cigars (16), Cigarettes (57), Snuff (17) plus others incl Telegraph,Thrift Stamp,Postal Note,War Savings,Unemployment etc (158)$250
131U1853/1864 Hagner Page Triangle incl SG 1,2,3,4,8,19 & 20. Mostly Very Good to Fine Used. Cat £2500 (8)$500
132U1853/1904 Collection on SG Imperial Album Pages - a page of Triangle with a range of shades & different printings incl 1861 4d Woodblock SG 14 with a Certificate Cat £2250 mixed condition, 1874/76 Surcharges, 1882/83 Set to 5/-. Mostly in good condition. SG Cat £8800 (90) PHOTO-PLATE 1$2500
133U1900/1926 Collection on SG Imperial Album Pages incl 1902/03 KEVII 1/- Orange SG 7, 1907 KEVII 1/2d on 1d SG 17, 1907/10 KEVII Set to 10/- SG 25/34, 1912/20 KGV Range to 3/-. Good Condition. SG Cat £1132 (30)$500
134U1857/1927 Collection on SG Imperial Album Pages incl 1857 Imperf 1/2d Dull Mauve, 1857/59 Imperfs 1d(2),2d,6d & 10d, 1861/64 Perforated 8d Brown SG 24, 1863/66 4d Rose Carmine SG 52, 5d Yellow Olive, 1872/80 QV Set to 96c. Mostly Very Good Used to Fine Used. SG Cat £3738 (149)$1500
135*/U1878/1929 Early Collection on 3 Old Album Pages. Noted 1878 Large Dragons 1ca Green, 3cs red, 5ca Orange all Used, several 1885 Small Dragons, 1897 Red Revenues 1c on 3c Mint & Used (SG88), 2c on 3c Mint (’2 cents’ on one line SG 93, 2c on 3c Used with faults (’2 cents’ on two lines SG 89), 1904 Postage Dues Overprints 1c-10c Used, 1912 Range up to $1 Used, 1913-33 $10 Mauve & Green Fine Used, Range of local posts, China Expeditionary Force 1901 British Railway Admin 5c on 1/2c Brown (surcharge in green) FU with violet cancellation Railway PO Shanhaikwan SG BR133b. SG Cat £5700 (168 stamps)$2000
136*/U1885/1949 Collection on Album Pages incl 1897 Surcharges used, 1897 Red Revenues 1c/3c Mint & Used, 2c on 3c two line Mint, 1898 Set to $2, 1912 Overprints in various printings. A good range Definitive Set to 1949. Also 1941 Thrift Movement Set & Min Sheet Mint, 1944 War Refugees Relief Fund Min Sheet Mint etc. Mostly good condition (100’s)$2500
137*/U1897/1960’s Mixed Collection in 2 albums, loose pages and packets (100’s)$150
138*/U1910’s/40’s 4x Albums with Regional Issues, Provincial Issues, Japanese Occupation Mint & Used. Interesting Range (Several 100)$750
139*/**1958/1990’s Mint Range of Sets & Min Sheets on Hagner Pages in Lighthouse Album & Slipcase (100’s)$100
140USmall Collection on Album pages (113) and similar lot for Cocos island (90) all different (203)$50
141*/U1892/1931 Collection on SG Imperial Album Pages incl 1892 Federation Set, 1893/1900 Makea/Torea Sets SG 5/10 & 11/20 complete, 1901 1d Brown SG 22, 1913/19 Definitives Set SG 39/46 SG Cat £1700 (69); Aitutaki 1903/27 Nearly Complete Range (No KEVII 1/-) SG Cat £789 (29), Niue 1902/1928 incl QV Postal Fiscals to 10/- SG Cat £800 (38) plus Penrhyn Island 1902/1929 Complete Range of Sets SG Cat £750 (28). Very Good to Fine Used. SG Cat £4050 (164)$2000
142*/**/U1892/1980’s Collection on Album Pages with range sets & singles. Mostly Mint. Useful earlies (Several 100)$200
143*/**/U1892/1990’s 2x Albums & 1x Stockbook with a comprehensive range Mint & Used all priced to sell. Ex Retired dealers stock. Clean lot. High Catalogue Value (100’s)$300
144U1880/1928 Collection on SG Imperial Album Pages incl 1882 Surcharges, 1884/96 Set to 6pi & 18pi, 1903 KEVII 9pi,12pi & 18pi, 1924/28 KGV Script Wmk Set to 45pi (No 12pi), 1928 50th Anniv Set to 45pi. Very Good to Fine Used. SG Cat £1929 (84)$900
145U1874/1927 Collection on SG Imperial Album Pages incl 1874 Set SG 1/3, 1877/79 QV Set to 1/- SG 4/9, 1886/90 QV to 6d, 1907/08 Definitive Set to 1/- & 2/-, 1922/23 KGV Part Set to 5/-. Good Condition. SG Cat £1288 (62)$500
146U1878/1921 Collection on SG Imperial Album Pages incl 1878/79 (Mint No Gum), 4d SG 2 Used & 1/- SG 4, 1891/1902 QV range of shades to 1/-, 1898 2/6 Deep Blue SG 41, 1904/12 KEVII 3/- Green SG 49. Mostly Good Condition. SG Cat £2100 (46)$750
147U1872/1927 Collection on SG Imperial Album pages incl 1872 Overprints Set, 1875 Overprints, Some Pictorials, KEVII to 1/-, 1912/23 KGV Set to £1 SG 125/37, 1922/27 KGV Set to 2/6, Postage Dues 1918 1/2 to 4d. Very Good to Fine Used. SG Cat £2300 (108)$1000
148*/U1903/1922 KEVII & KGV Range On Stockcards & Hagner Pages Mint & Used incl KEVII Set SG 104/13, 1912 KGV Set to 5/-, 1922/27 KGV Script Watermark Set Mint. Some shades etc. Cat £500+ (110)$250
149U1849/1970 Davo Printed Album with a good range from earlies incl 1929 International Air pair, 1936 50f Air. Mostly good condition. High Catalogue Value (100’s)$950
150U1869/1927 Collection on SG Imperial Pages incl 1869/72 Imperf 4d Brown & 6d Blue, 1874/80 Perforated QV to 6d, 1886/93 QV to 1/-, 1898/02 to 6d, 1922/27 KGV values to 4/-. Mostly Good Condition. SG Cat £1194 (54)$600
151*/U1872/1945 Folder Mint & Used Range on Hagner Pages. Some odd states. General issues from Earlies to Third Reich. Useful Territories issues incl various Yacht Part Sets to 2m or 3m. Also odd Covers/Postcards. Condition varies. Useful lot (100’s)$250
152*/U1880/1980 Collection on Album Pages Mint & Used (395) and on stock sheet (129) Total (524)$50
153**BERLIN Lindner Hingeless Album 1975/1990 Virtually Complete Unhinged (100’s)$200
154*/**1946/1973 Collection on Lighthouse Printed Album Pages with a sipcase. Clean lot (100’s)$300
155U1886/1927 Collection on SG Imperial Album Pages incl 1886 QV Set to 6d, 1889 QV Surcharge Set SG 15/21, 1912/24 KGV 4/- & 8/-, 1925/32 2/-,2/6,5/-,10/- & £1. Very Good to Fine Used. Cat £1850 (77)$900
156C1930’s-50’s Range of Covers incl 1935 Registered Cover to Samoa, 1937 NZ Franking with Fanning Island cancel, also some local mail. Mixed Condition. (68)$125
157*/U1876/1928 Mostly Used Range on SG Imperial Pages incl 1883 1/2d & 1d SG 9/10, 1884/91 QV Set SG 11/19a, 1889/94 5/-,10/- & 20/-, 1898/02 QV Part Set to 10/-, 1913/21 KGV 20/- SG 84, 1921/24 KGV 5/- SG 98. Mostly Good Condition. SG Cat £895 (79)$450
158*/U1876/1938 Range Mint & Used on Album Pages incl 1889 1d/6d Used, 1899 5/-,10/-(2) & 20/- Used, KEVII 1904/06 2/6 Used, 1907/13 KEVII 2/6 Used, 1913/21 KGV 2x 10/- Mint, 1928 Set Used. Mostly Good Condition. Cat £1000+ (123)$500
159C1792/1882 Postal History Collection in Blue Folder with a Range of Prestamp Entires, 1840 1d Black & 2d Blue Covers, Range of 1d Brown & 2d Blue Perforated Covers. Condition varies. Interesting Range (64)$1000
160C1794/1840’s Prestamp Collection of Covers with mainly Scottish markings with many types. Additional 1/2d. Mixed condition (55)$200
161*/U1840 Collection in Stockbook incl 1840 1d Black with 4 Margins & red Maltese Cross, 1840 1d Mulready letter sheet unused (SG ME1 Cat £350), 1840 2d Mulready envelope unused (SG ME4 Cat £450), 1847 Embossed 1/- Green cut square with 4 Margins (SG Cat £1000), 1887 9d,10d,1/- Mint, 1897 Set of 7 Diamond Jubilee Cinderellas etc. SG Cat £3200 (several 100)$750
162U1840/1925 Collection on SG Imperial Album Pages with a good range incl 1840 QV 1d Black(2) & 2d Blue (2), 1856/58 P16 1d & 2d, Embossed Set incl 2x 6d, 1855/57 to 1/-, 1862/64 to 1/-, 1867/80 to 2/-, 1867/83 5/- Rose, 1880/83 to 1/-, 1883/84 to 10/-, 1883 Set, 1902 KEVII to 5/-, KGV Range, Odd Dues & Officials plus British Levant range. mainly good condition. SG Cat £23,000 (283)$5000
163*/**/U1840/1990’s 2x Folders with Coin Pocket Pages - Album One cover Queen Victoria from 1840 1d Black 1x Mint (repaired) and 1x Used. also 1840 2d Blue, 1841 1d Brown with Maltese Cross Numbers Used, Comprehensive Range QV to 10/- values noted 1883/84 9d Green with Specimen Overprint Mint No Gum, 1887 Jubilee Mint Set to 1/-, Album Two from KEVII to QE Noted 1935 Silver Jubilee Plain First Day Cover, Good Range of earlies Used. High Catalogue Value (100’s)$1000
164U1840/2005 2x Tasman Printed Albums with some earlies incl 1847 Embossed Set (cut to shape), 1867 QV 5/- Rose Plate 2 Used plus Plate 1 Mint (thinned), 1883 QV 2/6 to £1 Green, 1883 QV & 1887 Jubilee Sets, 1902 KEVII Set to 5/- plus a range Definitives & Commemoratives. Condition mixed on earlies. Useful Lot. High Catalogue Value (100’s)$900
165U1912/1970 (382 stamps) & 1971/86 (234 stamps) Range on Printed Album Pages noted Definitives to £5 value (616)$75
166U1978/2010 3x Warwick 55 Albums with Commemoratives Range with mostly Sets Used (Several 100)$200
167*/UQV to QE Stockbook with Definitives & Commemoratives. Album 1929/1968 with Commemoratives stamps. Also 1953 Coronation Album Mint. Condition varies (100’s)$150
168URevenues Collection in folder - Embossed labels to 10/-, Excise Revenue Mint values to 1/-, Consular Service, Contact Note, Transfer Duty, Foreign Bill, Chancery Court, Jersey Social Security Mint values 98p to £2.44, National & Health Insurance, plus odd Cinderella. Interesting range (175)$250
169U1862/1926 Collection on SG Imperial Album Pages incl 1862 QV values to 24c, 1863/71 Set to 96c (No 18c), 1880 5c/8c Surcharge SG 23, 1891 2c Jubilee, 1903 KEVII Range to $3 (No 2c), 1904/06 KEVII Set to $3, 1912 KGV $10 SG 116. Mostly Very Good to Fine Used. SG Cat £2950 (90)$1500
170U1862/2000 Stockbook Mostly Used Range Sets & singles - QV Range in mixed condition incl 18c Lilac, KEVII $2,$3 & $5, KGV values to $5, KGVI & QE Definitives. Also a good range Commemoratives sets. Condition varies. Odd Cover. Useful lot (100’s)$500
171UHong Kong & Singapore Retired Dealer’s Stock Used with 1x Album & 1x Stockbook. Duplicated range (100’s)$100
172UINDIA & STATES 1854/1927 Collection on SG Imperial Pages incl 1854 1/2a Blue (2),1a Red (2),4d (2), 1902/11 KEVII 10r, Range of Officials plus some Convention & Feudatory States Mint & Used. Condition varies on earlies. SG Cat £2250+ (583)$1000
173*/U1922/1984 Schaubek Album with a mostly Used range of Commemoratives & Definitives. Noted some better Commemorative Sets. (Several 100)$250
174U1922/1999 Collection on Album Pages in Springback Album with a good range Sets & singles. Has useful Commemoratives sets plus good later 1980’s/90’s sets. (100’s)$250
175*/UStates 1850’s/60’s Range of Territories incl Papal Staes,Sicily,Tuscany etc on 2 Pages Mint & Used. Mixed Condition. Needs Inspection. (63)$250
176**Plastic Container with 21x Year Packs from 1988 all unhinged (21)$400
177U1890/1903 Collection on SG Imperial Album Pages incl 1890 4d/5d SG 3, 1890/95 values to 5r, 1895 2 1/2a on 4 1/2a SG 48, 1895 Overprints Set SG 49/63, 1897/03 3r Deep Violet SG 94. Mostly Very Good to Fine Used. SG Cat £2660 (50)$1250
178UEast Africa 1903/1927 Collection on SG Imperial Album Pages incl 1903/04 1r & 2r plus 50r Fiscally used, 1904/07 1r,2r & 4r, 1912/21 KGV 10r,20r & 50r Fiscals, 1922/27 KGV to 10/-. Mostly Good Condition. SG Cat £1500 (75)$750
179U1891/1903 Collection on SG Imperial Album Pages incl 1898 Arms Overprints Set SG 75/79 Cat £20, 1896 Jubilee Set SG 83/88 Cat £110, 1899 4c Overprints Set SG 102/110 Cat £160. No CTO cancels counted. SG Cat £675 (71); North Borneo 1883/1923 Collection incl 1883 8c/2c Surcharges SG 2/3, Some Postage Dues. Some CTO but not counted SG Cat £1615 (100); Sarawak 1871/1928 Range incl 1918 Part Set to $1 (No 8c), 1923 1c/10c Surcharge SG Cat £352 (46). Very Good to Fine Used. SG Cat £2642 (217)$1250
180*/U1892/93 Small Collection On pages incl 1897/1901 2c,8c,24c Used, 1899 4c/8c & 4c/18c Used, 1902/03 values to 25c Mint or Used. Has some Cancelled To order stamps but not counted in the catalogue value. SG Cat £435 (72)$150
181U1874/1905 Collection on SG Imprial Album Pages incl 1874/75 3d & 1/-, 1876/79 Set to 1/- (No 3d), 1884/86 5/- Blue SG 28 Good Used, 1887/1902 Set to 10/- (No 2’6), 1904 KEVII 5/- SG 52. Good to Fine Used. SG Cat £1779 (36)$750
182*/UJapanese Occupation Collection on Album Pages incl on Johore,Kedah,Penang,Straits Settlement,Pahang,Perak & Selangor issues. Nice Range Cat £579 (138)$250
183*/**/UMALAYA/SINGAPORE Mint & Used Collection with a Range Malaysian States incl Straits Settlement, Federated Malay States plus various other States plus Singapore 1948/1998 Mostly Used Sets noted 1948 Silver Wedding Pair. Useful Lot (100’s)$250
184U(States) Collection on SG Imperial album Pages - Johore 1882/1928 incl 1896/99 Set to $1, 1904/10 incl $1,$3,$4,$5 & $10 plus $100 Fiscally Used, 1919 $10 SG 102; Kedah, Kelantan, Negri Sembilan incl 1895/99 SG 5/14, Pahang, Perak, Selangor, Trengganu plus Federated Malay States incl 1900/01 $5 SG 25a. odd faults. Mostly Very Good to Fine Used. SG Cat £5520 (248)$2000
185U1900/34 Collection on Album pages incl 1900/01 $2 & $5 Definitives Used, 1904/22 Definitives Set to $5 Used. Some Fiscal High Values. STC £2700 (118)$500
186*/U1884/1952 Collection Mostly used incl 1891 $1 SG 27, 1896/99 25c SG 47, 1904/10 values to 43 (the 50c,$1,$2,$5 possibly fiscally Used), 1910/19 25c SG 95, 1918/20 incl 2x $10 (possibly fiscals), 1922/41 Set to $5 (the $3,$4 & $5 possibly fiscals), also 1948 Silver Wedding Pair & 1949/55 Definitives Set Used. High Catalogue Value (145)$500
187*/U1912/1957 Collection Mostly Used on album Pages incl 1912/16 Set to 40c Used, 50c & $5 Mint, 1919/21 21c & 25c Used, 1921/22 Range to 41 Used, Odd Fiscals, 1922 Malaya Exhibition incl SG 49/51 Mint, 1937 Sultan Set Used, 1950/55 Definitives to $2 Used, 1948 Silver Wedding Pair Used, 1957 Definitives Set Used. Cat £2172 (121)$750
188*/U1911/15 Set to $25 Used, 1921/28 Set to $1 Used, 1922 Malaya Exhibition Part Set to $2 Mint, 1937 Definitives to $1 Used, 1948 Silver Wedding Pair Used, 1951/55 Definitives Set Used, 1957/63 Definitives incl perf varieties used. Clean lot Cat £2173 (129)$800
189U1948/65 Collection on Album Pages incl 1948 Silver Wedding Pair, 1949/52 definitives Set, 1954/57 QE Definitive Set, 1957 & 1960/62 Definitives Set. Cat £526 (95)$250
190*/U1891/1953 Collection on Album pages mostly used incl 1891 Tiger Set used, 1935/41 Definitives Set to $5 (incl 2x $5), 1949/55 Definitives Set to $2 Used, 1948 Silver Wedding Pair Used. Cat £823 (65)$300
191*/U1891/1965 Mint & Used Range on Album Pages incl 1891 Tigers Used, 1935/41 Definitives Set to $5 incl 2x $5, 1948 Silver Wedding Pair Used, 1950/56 Definitives Set to $2 Used, 1957/62 Definitives Used. Cat £584 (97)$300
192*/U1948/57 Collection on Album Pages incl 1948 Silver Wedding Pair Used, 1949/52 Definitives Set Used, 1954/57 QE definitives Set Used plus $1,$2,$5 Mint, Perlis 1948 Silver Wedding Pair Used & 1951/55 Definitives Set to $1 Used. Cat £545 (96)$250
193*/U1883/1963 Mint & Used Collection on Album Pages incl 1895/99 Definitives to 50c Used, 1900 3c on $1 Used, 3c on $2 Mint, 1935/37 Definitives Set to $5 Used incl 2x $5, 1938/41 Definitives Set to $5 Used, 1950/56 Definitives Set to $5 (No $2) Used, 1948 Silver Wedding Pair Used, 1957/61 Definitives Used. Mainly Good Condition. Cat £1337 (159)$450
194*/U1885/1953 Collection on album Pages incl 1895/99 Set to $1 Used, 1935/41 Definitives Set to $5 Used, 1941 $5 Unissued Definitive Mint, 1949/55 Definitive Set Used, 1948 Silver Wedding Pair Used. Cat £605 (80)$300
195U1867/1923 Collection on Album Pages incl 1867/71 Set to 96c, 1879 7c/32c Used (perfined), 1883/91 QV Set, 1902/03 KEVII Set to 41, 1904/10 Set to 50c, 1912/23 KGV Set to $5 incl shades noted 3x $5. Mostly Good Condition. Cat £1975 (177)$700
196U1867/1927 Collection on SG Imperial Album Pages incl 1867 1 1/2c on 1/2a,3c on 1a,8c on 2a,24c on 8a,32 on 2a SG 1,3,6,8,9, 1867/72 QV to 96c, 1883 2c/4c Rose SG 61, 1884 4c/5c Blue SG 73,8c on 12c Blue SG 74,8c on 12c SG 95, 1902/03 KEVII $5 SG 121, 1904/10 KEVII Range to $5, 1906 Labuan Overprints 2c,3c,4c(2),8c & $1, 1921/23 KGV $100 Fiscally Used Cat £150. Good to Fine Used. SG Cat £3260 (138)$1250
197*/U1906/07 Labuan Overprints Set Mint, 1922 Malaya-Borneo Range of values to $2 Mint plus 1921/37 KGV values to $5 (2x$5) and $25 SG 240b Used, 1936/37 Set to $5 Used. Cat £786 (77)$400
198*/U1910/1955 Collection on album Pages Mint & Used incl 1921/41 $5 SG 44 Mint Cat £550, Postage Dues Set Mint, 1949/55 Definitives Set Used, 1948 Silver Wedding Pair used. Cat £1033 (120)$350
199UMalaysia & States Collection in Printed Album incl Malaysia 1957-1971, Postage Dues 1936/1965 range plus States issues 1949/1960’s with complete Definitives Sets range of all states. Fine condition. Scarce lot. Cat £2963 (100’s)$1000
200U1863/1928 Collection on SG Imperial album Pages incl 1886 5/- Rose SG 30, 1904/14 KEVII to 5/-, 1914/21 KGV o 5/-, 1922 Set to 5/-, 1926 Postage Overprints Set to 1/- plus 5/- & 10/-, 1926 Definitives Part Set to 5/-, Mostly Very Good to Fine used. SG Cat £1428 (113)$750
201*/**/U1920’s-1970 Stockbook Mint & Used Sets and singles. Cat £650 (100’s)$250
202U1858/1928 Collection on SG Imperial Album Pages incl 1858 SG 27/29, 1859 2d SG 39, 1859/61 Imperfs, 1900/05 to 1r, 1910 KEVII 5r. Mostly Good Condition. SG Cat £3300 (161)$1500
203*/U1898/1927 Mostly Used Collection on SG Imperial Album Pages incl Spanish 1907/12 KEVII Set SG 112/23 Complete Used, 1914/31 KGV incl 2’6 & 5/- Seahorses Mint, 1914/26 3p on 2/6 Seahorse Used. Mostly Very Good to Fine Used. Cat £522 (62)$300
204U1857/1909 Collection on SG Imperial Album Pages incl 1857/61 3d Rose (faults), 1874/79 5/- Rose & Carmine SG 39 & 40, 1902/03 £20 Fiscally Used. Condition varies. SG Cat £1190 (50)$400
205*/U1852/1950’s Collection in Springback Album Mint & Used with some Mint Charity Sets. Mixed Condition. High Catalogue Value (A few 100’s)$300
206*/U1860’s-1970 Collection in 3x Albums mostly used. A good range with many useful sets. Cat £1700+ (100’s)$400
207*/U1851/63 Small Range incl Imperf 3d Bright Red & Dull Red SG 1/2 & 6d Yellow SG 3, 1860/63 Range to 17c; Nova Scotia 1851/63 incl 1851/60 Imperfs 1d Red-Brown, 3d Bright Blue, 6d Yellow Green Used; Prince Edward Island incl 1861 6d Yellow Green SG 4 with others Mint & Used. Mostly Good Condition. SG Cat £4665 (42)$2000
208UNEW GUINEA & PAPUA Collection on SG Imperial Album Pages incl NWPI Overprints 5/- Roos SG 92 & 116, 1918 KGV 1d on 5d brown SG 101. Total SG Cat £700 (26), Papua Range incl 1901/05 Lakatois Set to 1/-, 1906 Papua Watermark Vertical Set to 6d, 1907/10 Large Papua to 2/6, 1911/15 Set SG 84/91. Total SG Cat £1093 (62). Very Good to Fine Used. SG Cat £1800 (88)$1000
209*/UStockbook with a Range of NWPI incl KGV/Roos to 5/- Used, Huts Set Mint or Used values to £1, 1932 Pictorials Set mostly Mint, plus Papua New Guinea 1952/2000 Range of Sets Mint & Used. Condition varies on earlies. High Catalogue Value (100’s)$500
210*/U1908/1925 Collection on SG Imperial Album pages incl 1908 Sets SG 1/3 plus 4/9 complete, 1925 Definitive Set SG 43/51. Nearly all Fine Used. SG Cat £643 (38)$375
211U1850/1910 Collection on SG Imperial Album Pages incl Sydney Views noted different printings and shades - 1d(6),2d(12),3d(8) Good to Fine Used some with 4 Margins. also QV Imperf Range values to 6d with shades and printings, 1860/63 8d Orange P12 Sg 150, 1905 20/- Captain Phillip, Officials 1879/85 9d on 10d Brown SG 011. 1897 Charity Pair. Mostly Good Condition. SG cat £14,000 (193) PHOTO-PLATE 2$5000
212U1855/1862 Full Face Queen Small Plate Study of the 2d Value all mounted and anotated on an album page incl Imperfs 2d SG 10 & 36, 2d Blue 2x Plate Proof single in blue, Perforated SG 113,114,115a,133,134a. CP Cat $110 + Proofs. Good Condition (11)$500
213U1855/1882 Full Face Queens & Sideface Specialised Collection on looseleaf album sheets. The Full Face Queens all identified and in year order Noted London Prints SG 2 (2) & SG 3 (with certificate), SG 4 (3), Range SG 8/17, 33/45, P13 1d to 1/- noted SG 68,79,80, Pelure Imperfs SG 81,82,85,86, SG 96, NZ Wmk SG 97/100; Perforated Range 1d to 1/- with a range of shades and odd multiple. (99 Imperfs,101 Perforated), then Range 1st & 2nd Sidefaces. First to 5/- incl 1/- P12 1/2 Inverted Wmk, 2nd Sidefaces Range shades & duplication with some advert stamps. Mostly good condition. High Catalogue. (619) $7500
214U1855/1926 Collection on SG Imperial Album Pages. Comprehensive Range of Full Face Queens - London Prints 2d & 1/- SG 2,3, 1855/58 SG 4,5,6,8,9,10,13,14,16,17, Large Star Watermark 1d to 1/- plus a few roulettes, Pelure paper 2d,6d,1/- & 6d Roulette SG 88, NZ Watermark Set SG 97/100, 1d P13 SG 104a & 1/- P12 1/2 SG 106, 1/- Imperf Roulette SG 104. SG Cat £38,500. The Sidefaces, 1898 Pictorials, Exhibitions, KEVII & KGV Range, Postage Dues, Officials and Life Insurance. Condition varies but many Scarce to Rarer stamps. SG Cat £45,000 (331)$12500
215*/**1855/1966 Lindner Hingeless Album incl 1855 Imperf Full Face Queens - 1d Red,1d Orange (a little oxidised),2d Blue,3d Brown-Lilac,6d Black-Brown,1/- Green All Mint No Gum with 3/4 Margins, 1874 4d Maroon Unhinged, 2d Sideface Set Mint, 1909 KEVII Set Unhinged, 1913 Auckland Exhibition Set Unhinged, 1915 KGV Recess Set Unhinged, 1926 Admirals Unhinged, 1931 Red & Blue Boys Unhinged, Official 1900 6d Large Kiwi Unhinged, QV 5/- Green Official Unhinged, 1935 Officials Unhinged, QV 4/- Orange-Red Unhinged, 1958 2d Stars Pair & single Unhinged. Odd blemish but mostly fine. Cat $28,000 (100’s)$7000
216*/U1855/1979 Collection in Blue Favourite Album with 5x Imperf & 5x Perf FFQ Used, then onward sometimes both Mint & used, Mixed Condition. ACS Cat $3700 simplified 9100’s)$500
217*/**/U1855/1980’s Stockbook Mostly used incl Full Face Queens Imperf (10), Perforated (27) Used mixed condition, First Sidefaces to 5/- (2/- Fiscal), 1898 Pictorials Set to 5/- (5/- Fiscal), 1898 Pictorial Officials Used, 1906 Christchurch Exhibition Set to 3d Used & 6d Mint, KGV 8d Official Used, 1931 Arms Set to £1 Mostly Used, £3.10s Rose Fiscal, QV Long Types to £1 (mostly with parcel cancels), QV 2/6 Brown Counterpart 2x Mint, 1899 Postage Dues to 4d used, 6d to 2/- Mint, Life Insurance 1905 Set Used, Pigeon Post 1899 1/- Special Post & 6d Triangle Mint No Gum. Condition varies. Useful range. High Catalogue value (100’s)$1000
218U1855/1982 Collection mostly used incl 5x FFQ, 1882 Sideface Set, 1898 Pictorial Set, 1931 red & Blue Boys etc. Cat $5000 (hundreds)$700
219*/**/U1855/1983 2x Albums with Collection mounted in hawid mounts incl Imperf Full Face Queens Set Used except for the 1d Orange SG 8 Mint No Gum, FFQ Perforated Set Used, First Sideface Set Used except for the 5/- Mint No Gum, 2nd Sidefaces Mint, 1898 Pictorials Set (5/- Fiscal), 1913 Auckland Exhibition Set Mint No Gum, KGV Recess & Officials Mint, 1931 Red Boy Used, 2d Blue Mint No Gum, Life Insurance 1891 & 1905 Sets Used, Ross Dependency 1957/2018 Sets. Condition varies on earlies. Useful range (100’s)$2000
220*/**/U1855/1990 2x Stockbooks with Range Imperf & Perforated Full Face Queens incl 9x Imperfs 2d to 1/- plus Perforated x26 incl some retouch varieties Used, Second Sidefaces Used, KGV Surface & Officials Specialised Range Used, 1d Dominions Specialised Range Mostly Used, Arms incl 2 x 7/6, 2x£2, 2x£3 & £5 Used, 1899 Postage Dues 5dx2,6d,1/- Used, 2d Stars Error unh. Mostly Good Condition (100’s)$1000
221**1855/1994 NZ 2x Lighthouse Hingeless Albums but with only 1970/1994 Range Mostly Complete unh (100’s)$300
222U1855/1995 2x Lighthouse Hingeless Albums Mostly complete incl Full Face Queens incl SG 3,5,6,14,17,33/45,81,85,86,91,97/100 plus Perforated range, First Sideface Set, 1898 London Prints Set, 1906 Christchurch & Auckland Sets, KEVII & KGV Range, 1926 Admiral Sets, 1899 Postage Dues Set, Officials 1898/07 Sets, QV Long Types, 5/- Vertical Official, 1891/1905 Life Insurance Sets, QV Postal Fiscals to £1, Arms Range with some high values fiscals, 1940 Arms Overprints Set, Antarctica incl 1/2d Victoria Land on piece. High Catalogue Value. Condition varies on earlies but mostly fine condition. Ex Trevor Butler Estate Lot (100’s)$7500
223*/U1855/2000 Comprehensive 5x Folders with clear coin Pockets Noted Full Face Queens, 2d Blue Perf FFQ Cover, 1899 Pigeon Psts, A few Adverts, 1891 Life Insurance Set, 1898 Pictorials to 5/-, 1906 Christchurch Exhibition Set, KGV Range, 1931 2d Blue Boy U, 1935 Pictorials incl 2/- Captain Cook, Odd Revenues incl 1925 Railway Charges, Honey Seals incl 2d HMA Pair Mint (one damaged). Condition varies. Some Useful High Values. High Catalogue Value (100’s)$1500
224U1862/1935 Stockbook incl Perforated Full Face Queens (9), A few Adverts (22), 1898/1900 Pictorials Range to 5/- with some duplication incl shades noted 2 1/2d Wakitipu with a paper crease, 8x 2/- Milford & 1x 5/- Mt Cook (CTO), 1d Universals noted Kumeu Flat cancel, 1935 Pictorials with a good specialised range incl 3/- Mt Egmont Watermark Inverted & Reversed CP L14c Nice Used. Condition varies. Useful Range (100’s)$1000
225*/**1862/1970 Premier Album of Mint or Unhinged in Hawid mounts. Noted Perf Full Face Queens 1d Red, 1d Brown, 2d Blue, 2d orange, 4d yellow. Cat $4150 (400+)$750
226*/**/U1862/2000’s Duplicated Stockbook Mint & Used incl 1898 Pictorials to 5/- Used, Life Insurance 1891 & 1905 Sets incl shades and 2/- 1/- Rose Used, Postage Dues 1899 Set to 2/- Used, Postal Fiscals, 1st Sideface Set to 1/- Used, Arms. Hours of Fun & Sorting. Condition varies. some specialisation (1,000’s)$1000
227U1873/1980 Folder with Hagner Pages Mostly Used incl 1/2d Mt Cook CP F4e, 1d 2nd Sideface flaws & varieties, A few postmarks incl Waima Manuscript cancel, Adverts (13), 3x OPSO Forgeries incl 1/2d Newspaper, 1/2d 2nd Sideface P11 ‘HAIF’ flaw, Arms Types incl 30/-,£2,£3,£4,£5 Postal Used, 1920 Victory Set, etc. Good Condition (Several 100)$750
228U1873/2000 Collection on Printed Album pages with range of Definitives & Commemoratives. Noted Alf E Bowen 1/4d General Grocer Revenue stamp (1488) Also Collection of Alternative Post issues on pages (414) - Total (1902)$200
229U1874 First Sidefaces Specialised Collection annotated on album pages incl 1/2d Newspapers, P12 1/2 1d to 1/- Range of White & Blue Papers, P10x12 1/2 2d to 1/-, 2d P12x12 1/2 CP C2e, P12x11 1/2 6d Blue,1/- & 5/- values with presentation cancels. Also 2/- & 2x 5/- values. Many printings with extra shades. Mostly good condition. CP Cat $15,000 (201)$3000
230*/**1874/2000 Collection in 5 Folders on Clear Coin Pocket Pages with a comprehensive range incl 1899 Postage Dues Set Mint, 1906 Christchurch Exhibition Set Mint, 1913 Auckland Exhibition Set Mint, KGV Black Plate Proof single set, KGV Surface 1/2d,1 1/2d & 3d Black Plate Proof Blocks of 4, 1926 2/- Admiral Official Mint, 1958 2d Stars Error Mint, Decimals Sets & Miniature Sheets. Condition varies on earlies. Hours of Work (100’s)$1250
231*/**1882 QV Long Types Stockbook with a range of values 1d Lilac to £2 Purple sorting into printings. Mixture Mint, Mint No Gum & some with pen cancels. Noted 6d Red brown (3), 8d Green & 1/- Pink (3), 2/6 Counterpart (2). Mixed Condition (102)$1000
232*/U1882/1980 2x Tasman Albums Mint & Used Range plus 2x Albums 1967/1980’s Range. Odd First Day Covers. Condition varies (100’s)$350
233*/**/U1898/1970’s Folder incl 1898 3x 5/- Mt Cooks Mint, 1898 Pictorial Officials to 5/- 2x Sets Mint, 1906 & 1913 Exhibitions Mint, 1926 Admirals Mint, 1899 Postage Due Set Mint, 1891 Life Insurance Set Used (2x 1/- Rose), Some Plate Blocks with KGVI & Life Insurance, Airs. A few covers. Interesting Range (100’s)$2500
234*/**1900 1/2d Mt Cook Specialised Range in Stockbook arranged by CP Catalogue Numbers with singles, blocks including larger multiples. Noted odd re-enty incl F1b Block of 24, F1e Mixed Perfs Block of 28 with re-entries, F2e Mixed Perf Block of 4, F3a Mint, F4e Mixed Perfs Block of 12, F5c Plate 1,2, & 4 Blocks (some blemishes, F5c Vertical Pair partly Imperf. Some Officials incl 1/2d OPSO remainder pair. Condition varies. High Catalogue Value (307)$2000
235*/**/U1901 1d Universals Large Specialised Collection annotated with a large range of printings, shades, blocks, perfins, retouches illustrated etc incl Pirie CP G2b(3) Carmine Lake Used, Pirie P14x11 CP G2d Used, Basted Mills P11 CP G3a Mint, Cowan P14x11 G4c Mint, Dot P11x14 CP G8b Mint, Royle P14x11 CP G10c unh, Royle Mixed Perfs CP G10e Mint. Interested lot. A great lot to expand. CP Cat $10,000+ (100’s)$2500
236*/**1944/1972 Range sets, singles and Miniature Sheets in hawid mounts incl 1953 QE Set (No 6d) Mint, 1960 Pictorials Set Mint plus Officials 1926/1954 incl 1935 Specialised Range to 2/-, odd Life Insurance, Postage Dues incl 1899 10d Mint & Express Delivery 5x different. Odd blemishes (Several 100)$500
237*/**1946/1981 Collection of Definitives & Commemoratives in 3 Albums mainly in Plate Blocks incl 1960 Plates to £1 Geyser noted 8d Plate 1121 & 3/- Sepia Block of 6, 1967 Pictorial Plate Blocks to $1, 1970 Definitive Plates. Noted some flaws. Condition varies (100’s)$750
238C1960 Pictorials Postal History Collection a lot written up on album pages from low to higher values. Also some surplus covers not written up. A great lot to exhibit and expand (100’s)$1000
239**1969 New Zealand and Associated Territories Blue Presentation Booklet containing 1967 & 1968 Decimals, 1967 Arms Line Perf Set, 1967 Lighthouse Decimals Set, a few Predecimal & Decimal Commemoratives, Ross Dependency 1967 Decimals, Niue & Tokelau Decimal Sets. All Unhinged. The Stamps Catalogued over $500 (93)$250
240C1970 Pictorial Large Postal History Collection much written up on Album Pages from low to higher values plus surplus covers. A great lot to exhibit and expand (100’s)$1250
241**1970/1979 Definitive Errors & Varieties Range incl 4c/2 1/2c Moth with the Red Colour partially missing strip, 10c Royal Rosine Colour Omitted, Deep Blue Offset and Guidelines flaw; 1977 10c Queen with Magenta colour shift; 1979 14c/10c Queen with Double Surcharge, one albino error unh. Interesting Range with 18 items (82 stamps)$350
242**1975/81 Stockbook Collection of Definitive Plate Blocks with many Reprints Unhinged. CP Cat $1600 (80 Blocks)$300
243**1977/79 QE 10c & 14c/10c Collection on album pages incl Plate Blocks & Errors incl 10c Misplaced Design, Magenta Colour Shift; 14c/10c Orange Colour Omitted CP Cat $675, Overprint Inverted CP Cat $1000 etc. A good lot to expand (296)$500
244*/**/UAlternative Post Stockbook of Fastways Range of Mint Booklets and a duplicated used range. Nice lot (100’s)$350
245UAlternative Posts with ranges of NZ Mail, Fastways, Postie’s Choice, DX Mail, Pete’s Post. Good Range (700+)$400
246**Errors Collection assembled in 1970s from Campbell Paterson New Varieties Service, frequently fly-speck flaws in positional blocks unh but also 1970 10c Royal red ribbon omitted single and 1970 2c Buttefly yellow offset single (43 blocks & 2 singles)$300
247CHEALTH FIRST DAY COVERS 1935/2000 3x Folders with many Illustrated Covers noted Jones H45.1J (2), H38.1R. Comprehensive Range with some duplication. A few early covers with staining, the rest fine. Suitable to breakdown for an intenet seller (A few 100’s)$750
248*/**/UHEALTHS 1929/2000 3x Folders Mint & Used incl 1931 Red & Blue Boys 2x Sets Mint, 1 Set Used and an extra 2d Blue Boy; Some Blocks & Miniature Sheets Mint & Used. Good Range (100’s)$1000
249CHEALTHS First Day Cover Album 1935/1983 incl Jones H36.1AB, H37.10A, 38.1L Illustrated Covers. Nice lot (51)$200
250CHEALTHS First Day Covers Album incl 1932 Hygeia, 1933 Pathway x2, 1934 Crusader on 26 Oct 1934 Highfield Cover. Mostly Good Condition (124)$500
251CLEGAL DOCUMENTS 1870/1931 Collection of  18 Legal Documents Probate,Partnership,Adminstration,Commission,Settlement,Agreement,Power of Attorney) with an array of QV Revenues to higher values. Also QV Revenues used on some receipts x16. Interesting Revenue Lot & Range of Legal Use (34)$250
252*/**Lighthouse Hingeless Album 2 Volume Set with a Range from 1909 KEVII to 1994 with some specialised KEVII, KGV Mint with some printing & perfs, 1926 Admirals, 1931 Red & Blue Boys, 1931/34 Airs, 1935 Pictorials onwards. Some Officials. Mainly clean lot (100’s)$1500
253CMilitary Folders from mainly 1940’s with interesting Censored Mail to NZ from the Pacifics & Middle East incl 19th Wellington Bn Xmas Card, Censored Cover from Malta, Various J Force Covers plus odd Modern Campaigns. Also a few pages of on piece postmarks Nice Lot (88 Covers)$100
254*/UNEW ZEALAND 1855-1977 Collection Mint & used in 2 Volumes. Noted Imperf 1/- Green FFQ fine used close margins, 2x Perf FFQ, Sidefaces U, 1898 Pictorials Set M (5/- perf toning) both perfs of 6d Green Kiwi M, 1906 Christchurch Exhibition Sets M & U (used 6d with fault), 1909 Edwards M & U, 1913 auckland Exh Set M, 3d Auck U, Dunedin M & U, Healths appear complete M & U incl Red & Blue Boy sets. No Officials or back-of-book. Cat $10,000 (hundreds)$2000
255UNEW ZEALAND 1855/2004 Collection of Used in 4-Volume Davo Hingeless Album, mixed condition poor to fine. Includes 24x FFQ various printings as per Davo Album, noted 1d brown NZ Wmk FU SG 140 Cat $25,000 which we assume is a forgery. Also 1898 5/- Mt Cook London printing VFU (CP E21a Cat $1500) among roughies for the rest of the set. ACS Cat $4250 for FFQ simplified and $5800 for rest ignoring fiscals so toal Cat $10,000 simplified (hundreds)$2000
256**NZ Davo Hingeless Printed Albums Volumes 3,4,5,6 with Unhinged Sets & Miniature Sheets 1986/2012 Not complete but a good range (100’s)$500
257**NZ Lighthouse 3x Hingeless Albums 1978/2011 with Mostly Complete Sets & Miniature Sheets Unhinged (100’s)$500
258CPOSTAL HISTORY 15x Full Face Queen Covers (7x Imperf & x Perforated Covers) incl 1864 2d Imperf on Mourning Cover to Mauku, 1862 Cover with Imperf 6d Black Brown SG 41 to Melbourne, 1864 10d Rate Cover via Marseilles to England, 1866 2x 1d Red Perforated Pair from Tokomairiro to Port Chalmers, 1870 Perforated 2d Blue on Mourning Cover from Motueka to Nelson. Also 23x First Sideface Covers mainly with 1d Lilac Pair or 2d Rose values. Noted Hallensteins Dunedin Correspondence. A few higher rate covers. Also 2x Victoria Covers to NZ. Mixed Condition (41)$1000
259UPOSTAL HISTORY 2nd Sideface Range of Bulls Eye Obliterator cancels Ex Dr Ken McNaught Page of part or unidentifiable cancels on 1d & 2nd Sidefaces. (31 items)$250
260UPOSTAL HISTORY Greymouth Postal District Collection mounted on Album Pages incl Jackson’s Bay A coin, Jacob’s River, Kaniere, Koiterangi, Kokiri, Kotuku, etc On stamp, piece and cover. A good lot to expand (Several 100)$450
261UPOSTMARKS Collection on Stamp/Piece Mostly QV to KGV Period incl Cullensville, Raumai etc. Also a few Covers incl Ravensthorpe Military Camp plus odd Union Bank Covers. (100’s)$300
262**Stockbook Decimals 1967/1996 Duplicated Range Sets & singles (Face Value = $1350) plus On Card & on Hanger Sheets 1938/1980’s noted 1953 QE Definitives, 1954 QE Officials with range of Decimals some in Blocks of 4 (Face Value = $300) mostly unhinged (100’s)$1250
263UWAGE TAX BOOK 1942 to 1956 Complete Book with Social Security stamps dated 1940-53 icnl multiple examples of the 1943 on 1940 Overprints 18x 3d, 2x 4d, 17x 9d, 8x 2/6. Kiwi Cat $1200+ (1 book)$200
264*/UWage Tax Collection on 16 Hagner Pages incl 1931 £4 Grey. Also on piece 8x 1/- 1944/1940 Overprints etc (Several 100)$300
265U1857/1928 Collection on SG Imperial Album Pages with Early Imperfs mostly Reprints but noted 1857/64 5d Brown-Purple SG 5, 1860 6d Orange-Vermilion SG 14, 1862/64 1d Chocolate-Brown SG 16, 1865/70 Definitive Range to 24c, 1910 Part Set to 10c, 1911 Coronation Part Set to 15c, 1920 Surcharges, 1928 Part Set to 30c. Condition varies with the odd heavier cancels. SG Cat £5000+ (130)$2000
266*/U1860/1930’s Collection in Folder with Clear Coin Pocket Pages with Useful Range of Sets & singles plus odd Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island. Condition varies. Useful range. High Catalogue Value (100’s)$350
267*/**1947/1980’s Range in Folder with coin pocket pages with Sets & singles plus odd First Day Covers (100’s)$100
268*/U1947/1990’s Stockbook Mostly Used with Sets & singles. Clean lot (100’s)$150
269*/U1886/1948 Collection on Album Pages. Some CTO stamps from earlies incl 1909/23 Definitives to 24c Used, 1918 Red Cross Set to $2 Mint, 1922 Malaya Exhibition Set to 50c (odd fault) Mint, 1945 BMA Definitives Set Used, 1947 British Protectorate Set Used, 1948 Silver Wedding Used. Condition varies. High Catalogue Value (217)$500
270U1891 BCA Overprints Set to 2/-, 1892/93 4/- on 5/- SG 19, 1896 5/- SG 39 Good Used & 10/- Fiscally Used, 1897/00 Set SG 43/50a Used & £1 Fiscally Used, 1898 Internal Postage Imperf & Perf, 1913/21 KGV values to £1 plus £10 Fiscally Used. Condition varies. Good to Very Good Used. SG Cat £2568 (76)$1000
271U1860/1910 Collection on SG Imperial Album Pages with a good range of Perforated issues with different perfs and printings incl 1880 QV 20/- Rose. Mostly Very Good to Fine used. SG Cat £1750 (112)$750
272U1892/1922 Collection on SG Imperial Album Pages incl 1892/93 Arms Set to £1 (No2/6), £5 Sage Green SG 12 & £10 Brown SG 13, 1892 8d on 1/- SG 17 (short perf at top), 1896 British South Africa Company Set SG 58/64, 1905 Victoria Falls Set SG 94/99, 1909/12 Rhodesia Overprints to 7/6 plus £1, 1910/13 Double Heads Set to 2/- plus 5/-, also £1 Fiscally Used, 1913/19 Admirals values to 5/-, higher values fiscally used. Mostly Good Condition. Interesting Range. SG Cat £5200 (134) PHOTO-PLATE 2$2750
273*/U1871/1963 Collection on album Pages incl 1888/97 values to 25c Used, 1889 1c/3c SG 22 Pair Used, 1918 Definitives Part Set to 41 Used, 1922/23 Definitives Set Used, 1928/29 Definitives to 50c Used, 1934/41 Definitives Part Set to $10 incl $2,$3,$5 Mint, 1945 BMA values to $4 Mint, 1948 Silver Wedding Pair Used, 1950 KGVI Definitives Set Used etc. Mostly good condition Cat £2483 (206)$850
274U1890/1928 Collection on SG Imperial Album Pages incl 1890/92 Set to 48c SG 1/7, 1902 30c/1r & 45c/1r SG 43/44, 1903 Surcharge Set, 1906 KEVII 1r & 2.25r SG 69/70, 1912/16 KGV 45c SG 78, 1917/22 KGV to 75c (No 18c) plus 2.25r. Mostly Good Condition. SG Cat £1560 (62)$750
275*/U1859/1927 Collection on SG Imperial Album Pages Mostly Used incl 1859 6d x 3 shades, 1884/91 QV Set SG 27/34, 1896/97 QV Set to 2/- (4d & 1/- Mint), Range KEVII & KGV. Mostly Good Condition. Cat £600 (77)$300
276USingapore, North Borneo, Sabah & Sarawak Collection on Printed Album Pages incl Singapore 1948/1981 All Used except for the 1969 Founding Min Sheet unh, North Borneo 1954/61 with some sets, Sabah 1964 Definitive Set, Sarawak 1955/1979 Range of Sets. Fine condition. Cat £1374 (100’s)$400
277U(Griqualand West) 1877/1879 Range on SG Imperial Album Pages with a good range of values and overprints. Mostly Good Condition. SG Cat £1320 (44)$600
278U1855/1913 Collection on SG Imperial Album Pages incl 1855 6d Deep Blue, Range QV Imperf & Roulettes, QV 15/- Long Type, 1902/13 Range of Long Types with different perfs, some Officials. Mostly Very Good to Fine Used. SG Cat £2100 (150)$1000
279U1903/12 KEVII Range on SG Imperial Album Pages incl 1903/04 5/-,10/-,£1 SG 18/20, 1904/09 KEVII Set to 5/-, 1912 2/6 & 5/- SG 53/54. Mostly Good Condition. SG Cat £1640 (30)$800
280U1856/1927 Collection on SG Imperial Album Pages incl 1856 Imperf 6d Blue SG 1, 6d Perf SG 2, 1863 1d Lake SG 3/4 with pen cancels, 1922/27 KGV 2/6,5/- & 7/6 SG 109/11. Good to Fine Used. SG Cat £1900 (37)$900
281*/U1861/1927 Collection on SG Imperial Album Pages incl 1861 6d Deep yellow Green SG 2, 1869 4d Yellow & 1/- Indigo & Brown SG 12/14, 1885/93 6d Violet SG 52 Mint. Mainly Good Condition. SG Cat £2950 (80)$1250
282U1920s-1960s Stockbook of bulk FU incl pro Juventute sets, sometimes heavy duplication, SG Cat £2500 (hundreds)$400
283CLindner Album with Mint Range Printed envelopes mounted on album pages. Clean lot (60)$150
284U1917/31 Collection on SG Imperial Album Pages incl 1917/21 GEA Overprints to 5r SG 45/59, 1921 12c,15c,50c GEA SG 63/65, 1922 Giraffe Set to 2r SG 74/84, KGV 1927/31 Part Set to 10/-. Mostly Good Used. SG Cat £1060 (48)$500
285U1853/1911 Collection on SG Imperial Album Pages incl 1853 1d Pale Blue Good Used, 4d Orange 3x Used (1x faults), 1855 4d Blue, 1856/57 1d Pale Brick-Red & 2d Dull Emerald Green, Range of Imperfs & Perforated, Some Pictorials & Postal Fiscals. Mostly Very Good to Fine Used. Odd Fiscals not catalogued. SG Cat £6827 (93)$2500
286*/U1883/1970’s Collection on Hagner pages Mostly Used range incl 1912 High Values 3b & 5b Mint, 10b & 20b Used, 1918 Red Cross incl 2b,3b,5b Used, 1920 Scouts Fund Set Mint, 1926 Coronation Set used ect. Condition varies. Many good sets and singles (Several 100)$500
287*/ULarge Collection in 2x Stockbooks & 1x Folder with Earlies to Modern Mint & Used. Some duplication (100’s)$300
288**/C1999/2011 Complete Range Unhinged of 137 Stamps, Strips and Miniature Sheets (Face Value $310) plus 121 earlier stamps. Mostly Unhinged. Total Face Value $418 plus 45 First Day Covers (258)$200
289U1886/1923 Collection on SG Imperial Album Pages incl 1891 Overprints SG 5/8, 1892 Set to 8d, 1893/95 Surcharges, 1897 Definitives Set complete, 1920 Queen Salote, 1923/23 Surcharges plus odd Officials. Very Good to Fine Used. SG Cat £2000 (65)$1000
290UTrinadad, Tobago, Trinadad & Tobago Collection on SG Imperial Album Pages incl Trinadad 1859 Imperf 4d Grey-Lilac SG 25, 1/- Purple-Slate SG 44, 1896/06 QV Set to 10/- SG 114/23, 1901/06 5/- SG 131, Tobago 1879 QV 1d Rose & 3d Blue SG 1/2, 1882/84 QV 6d Stone SG 19 Good Used. Mostly Good Condition. SG Cat £3200 (105)$1250
291*/U1845/1960’s Album Mostly Used incl 1845 5c Washington Mint No Gum with close margins, Range of earlies in mixed condition incl 1857/61 to 30c, 1893 Columbus Set to 50c, 1894 Set to $1, 1898 Trans-Mississippi Set to 50c etc. Some useful High Values (100’s)$500
292*/U1851/1970 Collection Mint & Used in worn Harris album incl airs,Dues,Expres Delivery,various Revenues, envelope cutouts,Canal Zone,Cuba,US Philippines. (about 1500 stamps)$200
293U1851/1970’s Printed Album Range of Definitives & Commemoratives, Airs plus Back of the Book Range. Useful lot (100’s)$200
294*/**/U1851/2000 2x Minuteman Printed Albums with a good Range Sets & singles. Some earlies but in mixed condition used. A great lot to expand. Noted Airmails, Postage Dues and odd Duck stamps (100’s)$375
295U1870/1994 Collection on Printed Albums Pages. Range of Definitives & Commemoratives. Ex Charity Lot (587)$50
296*1929/1975 Printed Album Complete incl 1934 Surcharges Set, 1935 International Juridical Congress Set, 1936 Catholic Press Exhibition Set, 1949 UPU, 1952 Centenary First Papal States Stamp Min Sheet, 1953 Airs etc. Also Back of the book issues. Clean condition. STC Scott Catalogue US$3930 (1986)  (100’s) $1250
297*/**/U1929/2003 Mint & Used Range on Album Pages in 2x Springback Albums incl 1929 Set Used, 1933 Holy Year Set Used, 1933 Set Mint, 1936 Catholic Press Set Used, 1938 Archaelogical Congress Used, 1949 Set Mint, 1949 UPU Used, 1951 Council Used, 1952 Centenary First Papal States Stamp Min Sheet Used etc. Mostly good condition. High Catalogue Value (100’s)$500
298U1850/1911 Collection on SG Imperial album Pages incl 1850/53 Half Lengths with a Range of Printings & Shades, 1852/54 2d Brown Queen on Throne Range, Good Range of Imperfs & Perforated, 1901 £1 Rose, 1897 2 1/2d Charity. Odd Postage Dues. SG Cat £2780 (211)$1250
299U1854/1913 Collection on SG Imperial Album Pages incl 1854 1d Black, 4d Blue (cut to shape) & 1/- Pale Brown (cut to shape), Range Swans Imperfs & Perfs, different printings. Noted odd forgery. Mostly Very Good to Fine Used. Sg Cat £1432 (74)$500
300UBRITISH COMMONWEALTH - British West Indies Range of Countries on SG Imperial Album Pages - Antigua Cat £689, Bahamas £973, Grenada £835, Jamaica £634, Leeward islands £484, Montserrat £632, Nevis £764, St Christopher £145, St Kitts-Nevis £175, St Lucia £925, Turks & Caicos £161. Good Range QV to KGV. Mostly good condition. SG Cat £6472 (462)$2500
301*/UBritish Commonwealth 5x Albums Mint & Used Range from QV to QE with mostly KGVI/QE Period. Noted 2x KGVI Printed SG Albums. Useful Range (100’s)$350
302*/UBRITISH COMMONWEALTH Collection on Printed Album Pages - Aden 1953/57 Part Set to 20/- Mint (32), Antigua 1953/70 Mint (80), Ascension 1963/71 Mint incl 1963 Birds Set (79), British Honduras 1953/70 Mint (121), British Indian Ocean Territory 1968/70 incl 1968 Overprints & 1968/70 Definitive Sets Mint (33), Brunei 1952/1969 incl 1952 Definitives Set Mint (47), Pitcairn island 1940/67 incl 1940/51 Definitives Set used etc (72) Clean lot (464)$300
303*BRITISH COMMONWEALTH KGVI Period Collection of many Definitive Sets and singles. Cat £6000+ (100’s)$2500
304*BRITISH COMMONWEALTH KGVI/QE Period Comprehensive Range of Definitive Sets from a large range of countries. Cat £7000+ (100’s)$3750
305*BRITISH COMMONWEALTH QE Period Large Range of Definitive Sets. Cat £5000+ (100’s)$2500
306*BRITISH COMMONWEALTH QE Period Large Range of Sets from many countries. Cat £2600+ (100’s)$950
307*/UBRITISH COMMONWEALTH QV to KGVI Collection Mint & Used in Folder of Coin Album clear pages incl Malta,Natal,Ceylon,Cape of Good Hope Triangles with 2x 1d Mint, 19 Used incl 1d+2d Pairs, 4d Woodblock. Condition varies but a nice lot, 4d Triangle on Cover,Barbados, Trinadad & Tobago. Also 2x Stockbooks & 1x Folder with a Miscellaneous Range. High Catalogue Value Well worth Inspection (100’s)$1500
308UBRITISH COMMONWEALTH Range of Countries on SG Imperial Album Pages - Batum Cat £30, Heligoland £137, Ionian Island £203, ireland £720, Brunei £163, Hejaz,Iraq £169, Palestine £319, Br. Somaililand £17, Egypt £238, Sudan £31, Nauru £255, New Guinea £156. Good range and condition. SG Cat £2400+ (388)$1000
309*/UBRITISH COMMONWEALTH SG KGVI Printed Album Mint & Used Range with sets and singles. A good lot to expand (100’s)$200
310*/**/UCHRISTMAS Thematic Range of Sets & Min Sheet Mint & Used from Ex Retired Dealer’s Folders (2). All priced to sell at $2200+ (100’s)$400
311*/**/UElephant Thematic Collection in 2x Albums & 1x Folders with sets and singles Mint & Used incl Gambia 1938 KGVI Set & Northern Rhodesia KGVI Values to 20/-. A great lot to expand (100’s)$400
312UPERFINS Stockbook Great Britain QV to QE Range (460) plus World x 230 incl Australia, Ceylon, Canada, Straits Settlement etc (690)$300
313CPOSTAL HISTORY Small Range of Airmail & Antarctic Covers incl Germany 1931 Polar Zeppelin Flight Cover with 2m Polar Zeppelin on Picture Postcard, USA 50c Small Zeppelin on Graf Zeppelin Century of Progress Flight Cover, 1928 First Zeppelin Flight Postcard USA to Germany, USA 1934 Byrd Antarctic Expedition Cover, etc (21)$500
314*/**Silver Wedding 1948 2x Sets on Hagner Pages - Antigua Mint, Bahamas Mint, Bahrain Mint, British Solomon Islands Unhinged, Cayman Island Mint 10/- gum tone, Fiji Mint, Gibraltar Mint, Sierre Leone Unhinged SG Cat £217 (16)$150
315*/**Stockbook Modern Range Sets & singles incl Australia, PNG, Ireland, Samoa, Faroe island, USA. Some thematic sets. (Several 100)$100
316UWORLD Collection in Old Simplex Album mostly early to perhaps 1930’s (1500 stamps)$100
317*/UWORLD Large Challenge Printed Album Countries A-J Mint & Used with Earlies to 1930’s. Strong in British Commonwealth. Also China 1878 3ca Red & 5ca Orange-yellow Large Dragons Used, 1897 Red Revenues 1c on 3c, 2c on 3c (with one line and two line surcharges) Used etc. Good Range. Hours of Fun (1,000’s)$2500
318*/UWORLD Large Challenge Printed Album Countries I-Z with a good range Earlies to 1930’s. Useful British Commonwealth. Hours of Fun (1,000’s)$1500
319UWORLD Old Strand album with typical early World Collection but noted Great Britain 1840 1d Black with 2 Margins Used, 1867/78 10/- greyish-Green faulty used (SG 128 Cat £3200), 1880 2/- Brown faulty used (SG 121 Cat £4250), many other GB Victorian issues average to poor with high catalogue values. New Zealand section with 6x Perf Full Face Queens, Healths etc. ACs Cat $2000. The Great Britain total SG Cat a ridiculous £13,000 (hundreds)$500
320CWORLD WAR 1 Anotated Album with Stamps & Covers with a Good Range of Covers & Postcards, many stampless from various countries incl NZ Troopship No 48 handstamp on 1916 Postcard, POW & Censored Mail, Indian 1915 IEF Base Office E Cover (90 Covers/Postcards), then Range WW1 Period Stamps incl War Tax issues, odd Cinderellas. Fine Lot to Expand or for Reseller (400 stamps & 90 Covers/Postcards)$500
321*/U1895/1927 Collection on SG Imperial Pages incl 1895 2r Mint, 1896 Definitives Set complete SG 156/74 Used, 1897 2 1/2 on 4a SG 175 Used, 1913 10r Dhow SG 260 Used, 1926/27 Set complete. Mostly good condition. SG Cat £882 (92)$400
322U1888/1896 Small Range - 1888 QV 1/2d,1d,2d,2 1/2d,4d & 1/- SG 1/4,6,10; 1894/96 Set to 4/- SG 20/27 & F1. Most Very Good to Fine Used. SG Cat £700 (15)$500
323CGold Coast 1906 & 1908, Sierre Leone 1908 & Southern Rhodesia 1941 - 4x Picture Postcard all tied to New Zealand (4)$50
324CGreat Britain Album with cards mounted on album pages of Tiverton, Devon. Also some postal history items. Useful lot (108)$100
325CNZ 1906 Christchurch Exhibition - 5x Exhibition Cards - 3x with 1d Exhibition stamps, the other 2 with 1/2d Exhibition Pairs, plus 3 other Postcards - 2 with 1d Exhibition stamps, the other with a 1/2d Pair Nice Lot (8)$200
326CNZ 1913 Auckland Exhibition Collection of 31x Picture Postcards nearly all different in black & white, sepia and coloured. Also 2x Auckland Postcards with 1/2d Exhibition stamps and 1x Cover with 1d Exhibition value tied. A great lot to expand and exhibit (34)$500
327CQSL Cards from a range of countries 1980’s with the condition mixed (some water affected) (Approx 900)$150
328CQSL Cards from Europe, Canada, Australia 1970’s-1990’s (Approxx 900)$250
329CQSL Cards in Shoebox mainly from Japan (Approx 1000)$250
330CWorld Old & Modern Cards Wide Range (Approx 700)$150
331CWorld Old & Modern Range in Shoebox. Good Range (Approx 600-650)$150
332CWorld Old Range in Shoebox (approx 600)$150
333CWorld Old Range in Shoebox. Good Range (approx 700)$200
334CWORLD Old Range of mainly UK & Europe etc Many Used (300)$150
336CWORLD Photocopy Box Large Range World-Wide Earlies to Modern. Approx 2000 Cards (8.6kg)$300
335CWORLD Photocopy Box Large Range World-Wide Earlies to Modern. Approx 2000 Cards (8.7kg)$300
337CWorld War 2 NZ Soldier (Dave Petch 16th Railway Op Company NZE, 2nd NZEF) Photo Album with Egyptian Coloured Leather Cover starting off with Souvenir ‘Serial Waves’ Transport No 12 3rd Echelon (HMS Empress of Japan) with a great range of photos from ship scenes, in camp, Bombay, Egypt etc. Very historical photo gallery from places, people, buildings etc. with much annotated. Has odd WW2 Banknotes. (Several 100)$250
338CWorld-wide Range in Shoebox Mostly Older Cards (Approx 650-700)$200
339C1896 (23JN) Uprated 4c Printed envelope with 2c & 5c Definitives Posted at Lomab De Zamora to Onehunga, New Zealand. Has ‘To Pay/5d/Double Deficient Postage’ cachet plus ‘T’ handstamp. Backstamped Buenos Aires, Auckland & Onehunga cancels. (1)$150
340C1903 (28OC) Picture Postcard with 3c Definitive tied by Buenos Aires cds to Port Chalmers, New Zealand. Has East London/Cape of Good Hope, Wellington, Christchurch & Port Chalmers cancels. Light ageing. (1)$100
341U1922 KGV Overprints Set SG 1/9 Fine Used Cat £475 (9) PHOTO-PLATE 1$400
342U1914 10/- Roo First Watermark SG 14 tied on small piece by ‘Australia/Melbourne VIC/Aerial Mail’ cancel. Good strike on a high value Roo. Only a few known on such a high value stamp (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1$500
343C1941 (30JA) Censored Airmail Commercial Cover to USA with violet ‘California Clipper’ cachet. Has 1d,4d,6d,2/- Roo & 5/- Robes Definitives tied by GPO Sydney/NSW cds. Has endorsed Via New Zealand. White Censor tape and cachet. Small size envelope. (1) PHOTO-PLATE 16$200
344C1944 POW Red Cross Printed Cover for Japanese POW Camps. Addressed to Mr T Parkinson, Bungalow E4, British Civilian Internment Camp, Stanley, Hong Kong. Double Censoring. Fine item (1) PHOTO-PLATE 15$500
345*1969 16th Congress of the UPU Printed Booklet in Blue Folder with 1966 Decimal Set to $4 plus 1968 Famous Australians Set all mounted on pages. Very Scarce Presentation Booklet (1)$100
346**BCOF 1946 Overprints Set SG J1/J7 in Blocks of 6 Unhinged except for the 1/- value in a block of 5 and 1x damaged single. Cat £1140 (42) PHOTO-PLATE 7$500
347CBCOF 1946 Set Complete SG J1/7 tied by AFPO No 30/RAAF JAPAN cancels on Cover unaddressed. SG Cat £275 for the set alone (1) PHOTO-PLATE 15$300
348**Booklet 1927 2/- Canberra SG SB22 Complete with one pane Mint and other pane postmarked with Canberra 9/3/27 first day cancels. The cover has light staining (1)$300
349*Postage Dues 1902 Set 1/2d to 8d SG D1/7, the 4d Inverted Watermark. Good Mint (8)$800
350*Postage Dues 1902/04 All Compound Per 11 1/2 x 11, 12 x 11 - 1/2d,1d,2d,5d,6d,8d,10d,1/- & 2/- SG D22/24 & D27/32 plus 3d & 4d P11 SG D37/38 All Good Mint Cat £875 (11)$900
351U1910 2k Francis Joseph I 80th Birthday SG 237/Mi 175 Fine Used Cat £325 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1$175
352C1934 (2NO) KGV 1/2d Newspaper Wrapper to Christchurch, Barbados with ‘T’ Postage Due cachet. Has 1d bisected added with ‘1/2d’ written in red ink on the stamp and tied by Christchurch cds. Fine & Scarce. SG Cat £2250 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 15$750
353C1903 (4JA) Large Registered Blue Cover to Sydney, Australia with Definitive values 2pf to 2m all tied by LICHTENFELT cancels. Backstamped Edgecliff/NSW FE 11 1903 cancel with various red seals. The cover has been roughly opened. Interesting large franking and a good destination cover (1)$250
354*1883/1904 QV Set SG 21/29b Simplified Set of 8, also 1880 1/2d & 4d SG 19/20, 6d & 1/- SG 10a & 11. Good Mint Cat £240 (12)$200
355*1918/22 KGV 2/-,2/6 & 5/- SG 51b,52,53 Good Mint Cat £140 (3)$100
356C1930 (24MY) Postcard with 200rs Air & 5,000rs Zeppelin Overprint Posted at Rio De Janeiro to USA with Graf Zeppelin green cachet. Fine (1)$100
357C1933 (18OC) Graf Zeppelin Cover with various stamps tied Posted at Rio de Janeiro to Chicago with America/Europa/Brasil Condor blue cachet. Fine item (1)$100
358**1963 £1 Antarctic Map SG 15 in an Imprint Block of 4 unh Cat £192 (4) PHOTO-PLATE 7$250
359U1861/71 QV 2c Brown, 5c Pale Red (both Very Good to Fine Used) and 25c Yellow with a heavy cancel SG 28,29,31. Cat £460 (3)$250
360*1868/71 2c Brown SG 28 Good Mint Cat £170 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1$150
361*1914/23 KGV Definitives Set SG 22s/38s Overprinted ‘Specimen’ plus an extra 5/- shade. Odd value Mint No Gum. Cat £425+ (15)$250
362C1957 (19NO) Lettercard with QE 9d Definitive tied by ‘BARAKOMA AIRFIELD’ Straight Line Handstamp. Also ‘M.V. BLUE LAGOON/New Goergia’ violet ship cachet Fine (1) PHOTO-PLATE 16$100
363U1852/57 Imperf 3d Beaver SG 5 Good to Very Good Used with 4 Close to Good Margins. Close at left and right. Cat £225 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1$150
364*1863/64 1d Deep Brown-Red SG 18b with 2 Margins Mint with large old hinge on the back. Cat £650 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1$400
365U(Mafeking) 1900 1d Pale Blue & Deep Blue Cyclist (Cadet Sergent Major Goodyear) SG 17/18 Very Good Used Cat £700 (2)  PHOTO-PLATE 1 PHOTO-PLATE 16$600
366U(Mafeking) 1900 Range incl SG 1,3,6,7,8,10,11,13. All Very Good to Fine Used. Scarce. Cat £805 (8) PHOTO-PLATE 1$600
367U(VRYBURG) 1899 1/2d Green, 1d Rose & 2 1/2d Blue SG 1,2,4 Very Good to Fine Used. Scarce Cat £605 (3) PHOTO-PLATE 1$500
368U1897/12 Album Page Noted 1897 1c/1ca Salmon Red,2c/2ca Yellow-Green, 1897 2c on 3d Deep Red SG 93, 1900/10 Range to $1. Useful lot (21)$150
369C1935 (18FE) Airmail Cover Per SS President Coolidge originally addressed to NZ but relabelled to England with ‘By Netherland Air Mail’ violet cachet. Endorsed ‘Imperial Air Mail from Singapore/Per SS Rajputana. Has 3c,20c & $1 Definitivies Posted at Shanghai. Interesting Cover (1) PHOTO-PLATE 15$600
370*1950 $2000 Foundation of People’s Republic SG 1434 in a Left-Hand Part Reprint Sheet of 25 Mint No Gum as Issued (25)$50
371C1968 (17OC) Cover to New Zealand with 8f Mao Tse-tung, 8f Raid on the White Tiger Regiment, 10f Mao writing Poems at Desk, 8f Chairman Mao with the people of the World, 8f 41st Anniv People’s Liberation Army, 8f Chairman Mao Goes to Anyuan plus 2f Definitive nearly all tied. W1,33,38,39,60,61 and SG 2343,2371,2383,2388,2402,2403. Cultural Revolution Period Cover to NZ. Very Scarce (1) PHOTO-PLATE 15$300
372C1968 (24OC) Airmail Cover to New Zealand with 5x 10f Mao writing Poems at Desk W39/SG 2383 tied plus 2f Definitive. Scarce Cultural Revolution Period Mail to NZ (1)$250
373**(East China) 1949 Chuteh Mao Troops 270f Red Block of 4 with the entire design Offset on the back. Unlisted (4) PHOTO-PLATE 6$250
374*1893/00 1d Makea P12 x 11 1/2 SG 5 Block of 4 showing the comb heads shifted by 1mm Mint No Gum with a little soiling on the back. Good appearance. Nice variety block (4) PHOTO-PLATE 6$200
375C1923 (5DE) Sydney Hopkins Real Photo Postcard (Coastal Scene with Canoe) to NZ with 1/2d Pictorial tied by Rarotonga cds. Slight staining on the back (1)$50
376**1971 10c/4c Water Lily SG 361 in a Top Left Selvedge Block of 8 all with ‘Double Overprint’ varieties Unhinged. Fine Error Block (8)$1000
377**1979 10c on 1 1/2c Cockle Shell SG 647a Surcharge Inverted variety Unhinged (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1$200
378*1904/12 KEVII 3/- Green SG 49 Good Mint Cat £180 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1$150
379C1880 (SP29) Inwards Cover from London with QV 6d Grey Plate 16 SG 147 tied to Levuka and redirected to Suva, has various manuscript endorsements, endorsed 2 pence to pay. Backstamped Levuka. Well travelled cover with Postage Due redirection. A bit aged. (1) PHOTO-PLATE 15$750
380**1968 9d Bamboo Raft Definitive SG 377 Imperf Pair Unhinged. Scarce (2) PHOTO-PLATE 1$350
381**2006/13 18c on 6c Bird SG F1328a Selvedge Block of 4 with ‘Double Surcharge’ Error Fine Unhinged (4) PHOTO-PLATE 6$300
382**2006/13 20c on 6c Bird SG F1331a Selvedge Block of 4 with Surcharge Inverted Fine Unhinged. Scarce (4) PHOTO-PLATE 6$300
383U1870/71 Imperf 30c Ceres Deep brown SG 176/Mi 42b Very Good Used with 4 Large Margins postmarked with ‘869’ cancel. Cat £550 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1$250
384C1931 (29AU) Printed Graf Zeppelin Postcard to Rio de Janeiro First South American Flight with 2m Zeppelin Posted at Berlin with Red & Green cachets. Has Rio de Janeiro 3 SP 31 cancel. Fine item (1)$100
385U1933 Graf Zeppelin Chicago World Exhibition Flight Set Mi 496/498 & SG 510/512 Nice Used all with ‘Ceremunga’ light handstamps on the back of each stamp. All genuine. Very Scarce. Michel Cat 1000 Euros/ SG Cat £1300 (3) PHOTO-PLATE 1$900
386U1840 QV 1d Black SG 2 with 3 Margins tied on piece by Black Maltese Cross cancel and 2d Blue SG 5 with 4 Margins and a Black Maltese Cross. SG Cat £1350 (2) PHOTO-PLATE 1$250
387C1841 Entire bearing QV 1d Black (Letters BH) with 2 1/2 Margins tied by Black Maltese Cross cancel to Carlisle and has a light receiving JU 22 1841 cancel (1) PHOTO-PLATE 15$100
388C1852/1872 QV 1d Brown 1x Imperf & 11x Perforated Entires in a folder. Noted Commercial Bank of Scotland Mails (12)$100
389C1859/1866 4x Early QV Covers - 1859 Entire ex Baltimore to England & redirected from London to Paris with 2d Blue SG 45 & 6d SG 69 added, 1861 Entire to Holland with 4d SG 66 x 2 plus 1d Red-Brown Posted at London, 1861 Cover to USA with 1/- Green SG 72 Posted from London to Philadelphia and 1866 Entire to Palermo with 6d Lilac SG 85 Posted at Liverpool. Nice lot (4)$400
390U1864/79 QV 1d Red - 1) Plate Number Set No’s 71-224 (No 77) on Pages plus Plate 86 in a Reconstructed Sheet on Pages Used (402)$250
391C1875 (AU6) Cover endorsed ‘via Southampton to Buenos Aires, South America with 1/- Green SG 150 Plate 10 tied by Pontyridd duplex cancel. Backstamped Buenos Aires 7 SE 1875 cds. Nice destination mail. SG Cat £240 on Cover (1) PHOTO-PLATE 16$150
392C1881 (14JY) Registered Cover to Levuka with 6d Grey Plate 17 SG 161 & 2d SG 168 tied by Registered UK cancels, redirected to Suva. No backstamps. Ex Edward Magnus correspondence. The cover has been trimmed on the left with some faults. Scarce (1)$300
393U1883/84 QV 10/- Blue SG 183 Very Good Used with ‘105’ Obliterator cancel. Cat £375 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1$400
394U1884 QV £1 Brown-Lilac Three Imperial Crowns Watermark SG 185 Good to Very Good Used. Very Scarce Cat £3000 (1) PHOTO-FRONT COVER$1250
395U1887/92 QV £1 Green SG 212 Very Good to Fine Used Cat £800 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1$600
396U1887/92 QV £1 Green SG 212 Very Good Used with a blue diagonal registration line at top left. Cat £800 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1$500
397C1897 (JU14) Shipwreck Cover Posted at Detroit/Michigan USA to Lodon. Has violet boxed ‘Damaged By Immersion/By Sea Water’ handstamp with London 25 JU 97 arrival cds. Wreck of St Paul Ship. Backstamped Edinburgh with GB Found Open & Officially sealed label tied. Very Scarce Shipmail Cover (1) PHOTO-PLATE 16$250
398U1900 (7AP) 5d Jubilee Die 2 SG 207a Block of 8 tied by Lombard St BO/EC cancels x 8 strikes. Rare Multiple. Worth Premium (8)$200
399U1902/10 KEVII £1 Dull Blue-Green SG 266 Good to Very Good Used postmarked ‘Guernsey’ cancel. Cat £825 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1$500
400U1929 UPU Congress Set SG 434/38 Nice Used - the £1 Black has a scissor cut at left and repatched with a hinge. SG Cat £550 (4) PHOTO-PLATE 1$150
401C1936 (17AP) Long Airmail Cover to New Zealand with 5/- & 10/- Pair Seahorses plus KGV 3d & 1/- values tied by fancy ‘London Airmail’ cancels. Backstamped Airmail/Sydney cancel. The cover roughly opened at right and has some creasing and small tear at base. The cover addressed to The General manager, Tramways & Electricity Departments, Wellington City Corporation, Wellington. (1)$100
402C1944 KGVI 3d Violet POW Printed Postcard to Osaka, Japan. Has double ceensoring. Scarce (1) PHOTO-PLATE 15$400
403*/URevenue Medicine Hagner Page incl Long Medicine Stamp Duty 3d (2), 6d & 1/- Red/Black issues. Also KGV 1 1/2d & 3d Additional Medicine Duty stamps Nice Lot (7)$100
404*/U1896 Olympic Games Set SG 110/121 Very Good to Fine Used except for 2l & 5l values which are Mint. Very Scarce Cat £1100 (12) PHOTO-PLATE 1$900
405C1898 (13OC) Cover with 10c Bird (Arms) of Guatemala tied to USA. Has Meriden/Conn receiving backstamp. Light fold (1)$100
406U1876/77 28c/30c Mauve SG 21 with ‘GKON’ of ‘HONGKONG’ damaged at foot variety Very Good Used with Obliterator ‘B62’ cancel. Cat £1100 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1$1000
407U(Japanese Occupation) 1945 5y on 5s Claret SG J3 Fine Used. Cat £150 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1$125
408C1924 2x Mt Everest Expedition 1924 Postcards both with blue ‘Mt Everest Expedition’ cinderellas tied by red cachet. One to Glasgow with Calcutta/British Empire Exhibition 1924 machine cancel. The card has minor ageing.  The other card Posted at DARJEELING with overinked cancels to London with hinge remnants on the card. (2) PHOTO-PLATE 16$50
409U(Sicily) 1859 1/2g Orange SG 1b Nice Used with close to good margins. Cat £1300 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1$400
410*1921/29 Definitives 1/-,2/-,3/-,5/- & 10/- SG 102/06 Good Mint Cat £110 (5)$75
411**1952 500y Irises Bridge SG 670 Fine Unhinged Scarce (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1$100
412*British East Africa Company 1895 1/2a on 3a SG 31 Good Mint Centred left. Cat £600 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 2$500
413UEast Africa & Uganda 1903/04 20r Grey & Stone SG 15 Very Good Used. Centred left. Cat £1900. Scarce (1) PHOTO-PLATE 2$1250
414UEast Africa & Uganda 1903/04 3r Grey-Green & Black SG 11 Fine Used Cat £300 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1$250
415UEast Africa & Uganda 1903/04 4r Grey & Emerald Green SG 12 Very Good to Fine Used. Cat £325 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 1$275
416*/U1884 3d Sg 7 Used, 1886 1d,1 1/2d,4 1/2d Rose SG 21,22 & 25 Mint (1d value with light staining), 1895 Set to 2/- SG 50/55, 1895 4d & 6d SG 58/59 Mint. SG Cat £915 (12)$450
417*1922 10c Malaya-Borneo Exhibition SG 253g with ‘Third I in Exhibition Missing’ Good Mint Cat £850 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 2$500
418U1957 6c Tapping Rubber SG 1w Watermark Inverted Fine Used Cat £750 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 2$400
419C1908 (27JA) Registered Small Cover with 2x QV 1d on 2 1/2d Pairs plus 1/4d Red-Brown Pair GPO Registration cancels. Also oval Registered/Malta cds. Backstamped Registered/London, New York Reg, Westfield/Mass cancels. (1) PHOTO-PLATE 16$150
420U1859 QV 2d Blue SG 39 tied on small piece and tied with ‘Paid’ cancel. Has 4 close margins. Cat £900 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 2$400
421C1890 (10AU) Uprated QV 8c Printed envelope with additional 16c QV Brown SG 109 cancelled by ‘B53’ cancels to Galveston, Texas USA. Has Registered/Mauritius red handstamp. Also Registered/London handstamp. Backstamped New York Reg cancel. (1) PHOTO-PLATE 16$150
422C1931 (JU29) First Flight Cover with KGV 1/2d & 6d Pair from Ontserrat to Castries, St Lucia. Has ‘First Airmail/Montserrat’ handstamp in black. Minor ageing. Scarce (1) PHOTO-PLATE 15 PHOTO-PLATE 16$250
423*1919 Caribou Set SG 130/41 with the 15c in the Prussian Blue shade SG 139a Good Mint Cat £300 (12)$250
424*1902 1d Universal SG 1 Mint Good appearance with 1 spot and heavily hinged. SG Cat £300 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 2$250
425C1953 (2JN) Long Cover with Ball Bay Set of values to 2/- tied by Rare ‘Coronation Day’ cancels 5x strikes. The cover has a sellotape stain at the base. Very few covers known with this special Coronation Day cancel (1)$150
426P1964 5d View Imperf Proof single in issued colour on Printed Harrison & Sons Ltd Card. Also coloured photo of the same design. Has an endorsement below the proof. Fine and interesting (2) PHOTO-PLATE 14$300
427P1966 Centenary Melanesian Mission 25c St Barnabas’ Chapel Imperf Proof in issued colour plus similar design with a 8d Black Photographic Proof both stuck to a Harrison & Sons Ltd Card. Fine Proof Items (5) PHOTO-PLATE 14$500
428P1974 14c Chichester Imperforate Proof single of a preliminary unaccepted design in Bank of Finland Security Printing House folder dated 29/11/73. The value ‘14c’ in hollow italics and in the issued stamp the value is solid and vertical. Rare Norfolk Island Proof (1)$1250
429**1980 50c Douglas DC3 Gutter Pair with a Major Perforation Error Shift downwards Unhinged. Has a light tone (2) PHOTO-PLATE 2$300
430*Postage Due 1960 6d on 7 1/2d SG D1 Mint No Gum. Cat £850 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 2$200
431C1930 (28AU) Cover with KGV 1 1/2d Recess tied by a fair strike ‘NZ Postal Agency’ cds SG Z2. Backstamped Christchurch 28 AU 30 cds. Scarce (1) PHOTO-PLATE 15$200
432P2000 Joint Satellite issue First Day Cover colour copy of the design with pencil notes re position, signed by stamp artist Dave Gunson, ex artist archives, issued FDC blank signed by the artist (2)$200
433P2000 Pen & Ink composite drawing for the Joint Pitcairn/USA Recovery issue. Great Space them, Unique and signed by stamp artist Dave Gunson (1)$500
434P2000 Satellite issue US joint issue Miniature Sheet - the Original pen & pencil working drawing done in a preliminary design stage, unique piece of stamp design signed by the stamp artist, Dave Gunson. Ex Designer Archives (1)$1000
435P2000 Satellite issue US Joint issue Miniature Sheet, original working design pen & pencil sketch, signed by Dave Gunson, working drawing, and different design, Unique Ex Archives (1)$1000
436P2000 Satellite Miniature Sheet for Stamp World Expo Black & White sketch & proof signed by stamp artist Dave Gunson. Ex Archives, working files, pencil annotations etc. Unique (1)$500
437POriginal Artwork copies of Captain Arthur Jones with a black & white drawing and colour artist impression, signed by Dave Gunson stamp artist. Ex Archives (1)$200
438POriginal Artwork copies of Gerald De Leo issue with a black & white drawing and colour artist impression, signed by Dave Gunson stamp artist. Ex Archives (1)$200
439POriginal Artworkcopies of Admiral Sir Fair Fax Moresby with a black & white drawing and a colour artist impression, signed by Dave Gunson artist. Ex Archives (1)$200
440POrignal Artwork of James Russell McCoy with a black & white drawing plus a colour artist impression signed by Dave Gunson (1)$200
441U1900 Patriotic Charity Pair SG 263/64 Both Very Good Used. Scarce Cat £395 (2) PHOTO-PLATE 2$300
442C1909 (AP27) Cover with QV 2d Posted at Toowoomba to Pittsworth. Has ‘Chamberlain’s Cough Remedy/Chas Lindenburg Storekeeper Pittsworth’ Black & White Cinderella intied. Has Pittsworth backstamp. The cover has bbeen roughly opened with light ageing (1)$150
443*1898/08 Arms Definitives 1/2d,2 1/2d,6d & 1/- values Overprinted with diagonal ‘Specimen’ overprint Mint. Minor perf staining on 2 values (4) PHOTO-PLATE 2$100
444*/U1910/13 Double Heads P13 1/2 1/2d Yellow Green, 2 1/2d Ultramarine, 8d Black & Purple SG 182,184,185 Mint plus 1d Bright Carmine SG 183 Fine Used. Cat £455 (4) PHOTO-PLATE 2$300
445*1913/19 7/6 Admiral P14 Die 3 SG 255p Good Mint Cat £1000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 2$1000
446P1935 Pictorials Composite RJ Collins Essay Sheets depicting 9 values with values from 1/2d to 3/- in Black. Fine Item (1) PHOTO-PLATE 14$150
447*/**1945 KGVI BMA Overprints Set SG 126/45 All Good Mint with the $2,$3,$4,$5 & $10 values are Unhinged. Cat £550 (20) PHOTO-PLATE 2$400
448*Revenue 1900 1d Platypus SG F36d with ‘Double Overprint’ Error Good Mint. Cat £325 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 2$250
449*Revenue 1900 QV £1 Green & Yellow SG F39 Good Mint Ca £275 (1)$200
450URevenue 1900 QV £1 Green & Yellow SG F39 postamrked ‘Hobart NO 30 1900’ Very Good Used. Cat £225 (1)$200
451U(BANGKOK) 1882/85 Small lot - SG 5,6,14,15,19,20,21 (2) & 22. Very Good to Fine Used. SG Cat £1115 (9) PHOTO-PLATE 2$500
452C1910 1d Printed Postcard H&G #2 (The Palace and Chapel, Nukualofa) in black view Unused with ‘Nukualofa’ violet cachet, applied at PO? (1)$125
453C1942 (17SP) Stampless On Active Service Cover sent by ‘A Morey’ serving with the Tongan Defence Force to NZ. Has ‘Tonga/OHMS/Defence Force’ violet backstamp censored with Nukualofa cds. Cover roughly opened at top with a fold. Very Scarce (1) PHOTO-PLATE 16$250
454P2000 Expo Satellite issue Miniature Sheet, Original pen & pencil sketch of design with comments, signed by the Stamp Artist Dave Gunson, with issue Miniature Sheet also signed. Great theme. Unique (2)$300
455C2000 Space Set, original artwork for Stamp Designers archive, two Mockups of First Day Covers in colour both signed, overlays etc plus 2 First Day Covers issued finals both signed. Great Thematic Set Space. Unique artwork (4)$750
456C1920’s Cover with GB 1/2d KEVII tied by Type 3 cancel addressed to London. SG Cat £300 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 16$200
457*Newspaper & Periodicals 1865 10c Green P12 SG N76/Scott PR2 Mint No Gum as issued. SG Cat £300/Scott US$300 (1)$200
458*Newspaper & Periodicals 1865 5c Deep Blue P12 SG N75 Mint No Gum with a tiny thin Cat £750 & 25c Orange red P12 issued Mint No Gum SG N77 Cat £400 (2)$450
459U1866 QV Imperf 10c Blue SG 12 Fine Used with 4 Margins, Perforated 10c Blue SG 14 Good Used with trimmed left and top margins. SG Cat £1070 (2) PHOTO-PLATE 1$750
460P1980 Christmas Set Imperf on House of Questa Proof Cards. Fine items (3)$250
461U1948 500l Blue Air (Raphael) SG 138 Fine Used Cat £700 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 2$500
462U1951 300l 800th Decree of Gratian SG 173 Fine Used Cat £300 (1)$200
463U1/- Blue Green No Watermark SG 17/CP A6c(2) Nice Used with no faults. Very Scarce SG Cat £1800/CP Cat $4000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$1500
464U1/- Blue-Green No Watermark SG 17/CP A6ca on VM Paper with 4 Close Margins lightly aged with a thin. CP Cat $1250 with faults. Scarce variety (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$750
465*1/- Deep Green Large Star Watermark SG 46/CP A6d(7) Has 4 Close to Good Margins Mint No Gum. A fine example of this scarcer shade. SG Cat £2750/CP Cat $7500 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3 PHOTO-PLATE 16$2250
466U1/- Deep Green Pelure Paper No Watermark SG 86/CP A6f Very Good Used with 4 Close to Good Margins. SG Ca £1100/CP Cat $2500 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$1000
467U1/- Deep Green Pelure Paper SG 86/CP A6f(1) Fine 4 Margins Fine Used. Fine item. SG Cat £1100/CP Cat $2500 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$1000
468*1/- Deep Yellow Green Large Star Watermark SG 45/CP A6d(4) Has 3 Margins Mint No Gum. Has a very minor surface blemish at bottom left. SG Cat £1600/CP Cat $4000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$1000
469*1/- Dull Yellow Green Large Star Watermark SG 45/CP A6d(4) Fine 4 Close to Good Margins. Good Colour. SG Cat £2500/CP Cat $4000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$2500
470U1/- Green No Watermark on Blue Paper SG 6/CP A6b with No marginsVery Good Used postmarked by Perkins Bacon Obliterator ‘11’ with no faults. SG Cat £3750/CP Cat $12,000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$1000
471U1/- Green SG 56/CP A6d(z) Very Good to Fine Used showing roulettes on the left hand side. Minor ageing. SG Cat £900/CP Cat $2250 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$400
472*1/- Yellow Green NZ Watermark SG 100/CP A6h(2) with 4 Fine Margins Mint. SG Cat £2250/CP Cat $6000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$2500
473*1d Bright Orange-Vermilion SG 33/CP A1e(1) Has 4 Close Margins Mint No Gum. SG Cat £1000/CP Cat $2000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 2$750
474U1d Brown, 2d Orange & 6d Blue All Provisional Imperfs All Very Good Used. The 1d Brown has 3 Margins, the other 2 with 4 Margins. The 1d Brown has a Odenweller 2017 Certificate CP A1q(u). Nice lot. Very Scarce. The 1d Brown Catalogued $3000 (3) PHOTO-PLATE 3$1500
475*1d Carmine-Vermilion NZ Watermark SG 97/CP A1j with 4 Close to Good Margins. Mint No Gum. SG Cat £950/CP Cat $2500 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 2$1000
476U1d Deep Carmine Red SG 1/CP A1a Watermark Large Star Fine Used with 2 Margins. Has a very minor tear at base. Also indellible ink marking on the back. Otherwise a good example of New Zealand’s First Stamp. SG cat £20,000/CP Cat $40,000 (1) PHOTO-FRONT COVER$4000
477*1d Dull Orange No Watermark HM Paper SG 8/CP A1d(1) Fine Bright Colour with 3 Close to Good Margins. Close at top left. SG Cat £4000/CP Cat $8500 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 2$3000
478U1d Dull Orange No Watermark SG 8/CP A1d Pair with 3 Good Margins postmarked by Obliterator ‘15’ (Nelson) cancel. Nice multiple. SG Cat £1600/CP Cat $4000 (2) PHOTO-PLATE 2$2000
479*1d Dull Orange No Watermark SG 8/CP A1d(1) Horizontal Paper with 3 Close Margins Mint No Gum. Nice colour. Odenweller 2016 Certificate. SG Cat £4000/CP Cat $8500 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 2$2000
480U1d Dull Orange SG 8/CP A1d Pair tied by smudged Obliterator ‘18’ (Port Chalmers). Has 2/3 Close to good margins. Minor oxidisation. Interesting Item. SG Cat £1600/CP Cat $4000 (2) PHOTO-PLATE 2$400
481U2d Blue 5x examples Very Good to Fine Used SG 36/39 ideal for research, shades, two have tiny faults. CP Cat $1250 for the cheapest (5)$425
482U2d Blue Imperf Vertical Pair Provisionals Good to Very Good used with 2/3 Margins. Scarce (2) PHOTO-PLATE 2$300
483*2d Blue Large Star Watermark SG 36/CP A2d(3) with 4 Close to Good Margins, nearly touching at bottom left. Mint No Gum. Fine colour. Scarce value. SG Cat £850/CP Cat $2000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 2$1000
484*2d Blue SG 36/CP A2d(3) Large Star Watermark. Fine 4 Large Margins. Mint No Gum. SG Cat £850/CP Cat $2000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 2$1250
485U2d Deep Greenish Blue Large Star Watermark SG 2/CP A2a Fine Used with 4 close to good margins postmarked with Obliterator ‘18’ cancel. SG Cat £700/CP Cat $2000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 2$500
486U2d Deep Greenish Blue SG 2/CP A2a Fine Used with 4 Good to Large Margins postmarked with Obliterator ‘10’ cancel. Fine Item. SG Cat £700/CP Cat $2000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 2$750
487U2d Greenish Blue SG 2 Large Star Watermark tied by Perkins Bacon ‘16’ Obliterator cancel with 4 small even margins on piece Fine Used. Fine Original piece SG Cat £700/CP Cat $2000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 8$1500
488U2d Pale Blue SG 9/CP A2c(2) Vertical Strip of 3 with 4 Close to Good Margins, odd ragged postmarked with Oblit ‘10’ cancels. The bottom stamp has a horizontal crease. Scarce Multiple. Has BPA 1960 Certificate SG Cat £540/CP Cat $1050 (3) PHOTO-PLATE 8$450
489U2d Ultramarine Watermark Large Star SG 37/CP A2d(5) Nice Used with 4 Close to Good Margins. Good colour. Very Scarce shade. CP Cat $2000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 2$750
490U3d Lilac Accidental Imperf SG 117a/CP A3d(T) Fine 4 Margins postmarked with a nearly complete ‘DUNEDIN MR 20 67’ CP Cat $1250 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 2$500
491U6d Black-Brown SG 85/CP A5d Horizontal Pair just touching on the right hand stamp at the bottom right corner. Has Retouch R16/3 flaw. Fine Multiple Used SG Cat £600+/CP Cat $2550 (2) PHOTO-PLATE 2$750
492U6d Chestnut SG 15/CP A5a(12) Fine Used with 3 Good Margins postmarked by light Oblit ‘15’ cancel. SG Cat £600/CP Cat $1500 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 2$400
493*6d Grey Black Large Star Watermark SG 41/CP A5b(2) 4 Close Margins. Fine Mint No Gum. Fine Colour. Very Scarce. SG Cat £2000/CP Cat $5000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 2$3000
494*6d Red Brown Large Star Watermark SG 43/CP A5b(5) Mint with 4 Close to Goods Margins. Fine item. SG Cat £1600/CP Cat $4000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 2$2000
495U6d Red Brown Roulette 7 SG 55/CP A5b(v) with roulettes on 3 sides. Fine Used. Odenweller 2006 Certificate. SG Cat £475/CP Cat $1500 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 2$500
496PProofs 2d Black Hausberg Folder of Part Blocks & Panes mostly identified all the positions of the blocks/panes. Some light ageing (263)$250
497U1/- Yellow Green Perforated SG 125 postmarked ‘5/OTAHUHU/A’ Maori War Period cancel. Missing letters ‘OT’ (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$100
498U1d Red Perforated postmarked with ‘COBDEN’ Obliterator cancel. RPSNZ Vol 7 notes that this cancel was supplied in Feb 1866. Greymouth District PO Open 1865-1890. Fine & Rate Obliterator (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$500
499U1d Red SG 110 with ‘0’ (Orari) Manuscript cancel plus a light Obliterator cancel (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$150
500U4d Rose SG 119 postmarked with part ‘PORT WAIKATO FEB 5 1866’ early type cds. (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$375
501U4d Rose SG 119 with part ‘(Gw)aves  ?/10/66 Manuscript cancel plus a light Obliterator cancel. (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$250
502U6d Brown Imperf Large Star Watermark SG 42 postmarked with Part ‘L1 DE 4 1863’ cancel. The stamp has 3 Margins with a thin on the back (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$200
503U6d Pale Blue Perforated SG 136 with ‘W’ (Waitepeka) cancel plus a light Obliterator cancel. Scarce (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$250
504U6d Red Brown Perforated SG 122 with ‘ASH’ (Ashburton) Manuscript cancel plus a light obliterator cancel. Scarce (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$200
505U1/- Deep Green SG 123/CP A6m(7) Good Used postmarked with an overinked ‘0’ (Otago) Obliterator cancel. Has minor blunt perfs at the bottom. SG Cat £350/CP Cat $1250 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$250
506U1/- Green P12 1/2 - 10x examples with some shades and ideal for stock or research. Good to Fine Used. SG 124/25 CP Cat $3500 (10)$750
507U1/- Olive Green P13 SG 79/CP A6e(3) Fine Used. Nice shade. SG Cat £425/CP Cat $1000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$400
508*1873 1d Brown No Watermark SG 137/CP A1r Fine Mint with gum. Very Scarce SG Cat £1300/CP Cat $4000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$2000
509U1d Brown P10x12 1/2 - 5x examples with shades Good to Very Good Used. CP Cat $875 (5)$275
510U1d Brown P10x12 1/2 An Irregular piece with paper on the back with one row of 2 Strips of 5 plus a Pair added at the left hand side of the piece. The stamps have Obliterator ‘1’ in diamond cancels (Auckland) plus a 2 line diagonal manuscript cancel. Fine Multiple Piece. SG Cat £660/CP Cat $1500+ (12)$600
511U1d Brown P10xP10xP10xP12 1/2 CP A1p(y) Nice Used with one short perf on the right. CP Cat $550 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$250
512U1d Brown SG 128a/CP A1p(z) P12 1/2 with one side reperfed P10 Very Good Used. Scarce SG Cat £200/CP Cat $500 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$250
513*1d Carmine Vermilion P13 SG 69/CP A1f(2) Mint with a portion of the right hand stamp. Minor blemish otherwise fine and scarce. SG Cat £3250/CP Cat $6500 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$2500
514*1d Red (Carmine Vermilion) SG 110 Mint No Gum. SG Cat £225/CP Cat $550 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$150 
515*1d Reddish Brown P10x12 1/2 SG 128/CP A1p(1) Mint No Gum. Centred to top otherwise good condition. SG Cat £375/CP Cat $850 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$375
516*1d Vermilion P13 SG 68/CP A1f(3) Mint centred to top. Has Odenweller 2015 Certificate. SG Cat £3250/CP Cat $6500 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$2500
517U2d Blue P12 1/2 - 10x examples with some shades and varieties. Mostly Good to Very Good Used. CP Cat $750 as the cheapest variety. Condition mixed SG 113/115 (10)$200
518U2d Orange - Another 10x examples Good to Fine Used in good condition, some shades, unsorted. CP Cat $800 for the cheapest. (10)$300
519U2d Orange No Watermark SG 138/CP A2t(y) with part T H SAUNDERS watermark with the letters of a full ‘S’ and part ‘R’. Good condition. Very Scarce. CP Cat $2500 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$2000
520U2d Orange NZ Watermark SG 141/CP A2v Good Used. SG Cat £350/CP Cat $1000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$250
521U2d Orange Vermilion CP A2t(y) with T H Saunders part watermark showing clear ‘UN’ letters. Fine and Scarce example with the clear watermark. CP Cat $2500 (1)$1800
522U2d Orange x 10 examples SG 133/134 Mostly Very Good Used Unsorted with some shades. CP Cat $800 for the cheapest (10)$300
523*2d Pale Blue P13 SG 72a/CP A2e(4) Nice Mint example centred to bottom with good colour. Mint No Gum. SG Cat £800/CP Cat $4000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$1000
524U2d Vermilion SG 142a with ‘I’ of ‘INVICTA’ Watermark. Also with R17/10 retouch. Fine Used CP Cat $2000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$800
525U3d Lilac P12 1/2 - 9x examples Good to Very Good Used with shades, ideal for research, generally sound. Also 3d Mauve Fine Used. CP Cat $1000 for the cheapest (10)$400
526U4d Bright Orange Yellow SG 139/CP A4c Good Used with heavyish barred ‘C’ Obliterator cancel. SG Cat £850/CP Cat $2500 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$250
527*4d Bright Orange-Yellow SG 139/CP A4c Mint with gum SG Cat £225/CP Cat $600 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$300
528*4d Bright Orange-Yellow SG 139a/CP A4c(z) showing a Portion of TH SAUNDERS letters (Part ‘SA’) Good Mint. Cat £450/CP Cat $1000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$600
529*4d Orange Yellow SG 139 Mint with light gum ageing (1)$500
530U4d Yellow SG 120 with Imperf on 3 sides (Top & Bottom plus right hand side) postmarked by 2 strikes ‘Christchurch’ part cancels. The margins are good to large. Rare unlisted variety (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$2500
531U6d Black Brown P13 Pelure Paper SG 93/CP A5d(y) Nice Used SG Cat £400/CP Cat $1000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$400
532U6d Blue Accidental Imperf single with good margins. There is a small proportion of the left hand stamp at top left. The stamp cancelled with a ‘WAITAPU 6 March ?’ (NN) Manuscript cancel with a light obliterator cancel over the top. Fine Item (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$500
533U6d Blue P12 1/2 - 10x examples Mostly Very Good Used with some shades, ideal for research. Mixed condition. CP Cat $2000 for the cheapest shade (10)$500
534U6d Pale Blue SG 136 Fine Used with corner presentation cancel. (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$250
535*6d Pale Blue SG 136 Mint with ‘Specimen’ diagonal 15x2mm violet handstamp (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$400
536U6d Red Brown P12 1/2 SG 122/122a - 10c examples ideal for research, mixed condition CP Cat $900 (10)$200
537U6d Red Brown SG 77 P13 x Imperf single with Imperf Margins at left and right. The right hand margin showing a portion of the next stamp. Ex Hackmey & Kruger. Has Odenweller Certificate (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$750
538UForgeries 2d Blue & 1/- Green (repaired top left corner) both crude designs Used (2) PHOTO-PLATE 3$100
539UPerforated Set (No 1d Red & 4d Rose) but includes a 3d Mauve Mostly Very Good to Fine Used. SG Cat $1800 (10)$500
540*1/2d Newspaper CP B3a z+y Horizontal Strip of 6 with 5 stamps with Letters Watermark ‘EALAND’ and one without watermark. Nice Strip lightly hinged and one perf tone (6)$150
541U1d Lilac & 2d Rose Large Star Watermark SG 178/79 - CP C1d & C2c Fine Used CP Cat $1100 (2) PHOTO-PLATE 3$500
542*/**1d to 5/- Set Complete Fine Mint - the 1/2d Lilac Unhinged. ACS Cat $4125 (8) PHOTO-PLATE 3$2000
543U2/- Rose SG 185/CP C7a Fine Used with part Napier 1881 cds. Centred right. ACS Cat $750 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$375
544*1/- Deep Red-Brown P12x11 1/2 SG 213/CP D10d Good Mint CP Cat $550 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 4$275
545*2 1/2d Blue P10x11 CP D4h(z) with Vertical Double Perforations variety Mint mostly No Gum. Nice variety. CP Cat $450 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$250
546U2d Lilac Die 3 P12 1/2 SG 215/CP D3d Fine Used dated FE 12 91. Fine & Very Scarce. SG Cat £650/CP Cat $1100 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 3$750
547*3d Yellow & 1/- Red-Brown Both P12x11 1/2 with ‘Specimen’ Violet Diagonal 15x2mm Overprint both with gum, the 1/- with slight paper adhesion. Also minor toning. Good appearance (2) PHOTO-PLATE 3$200
548**5d Grey P11 SG 242/CP D7f Fine Unhinged ACS Cat $350 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 4$250
549*/**5d Grey P12x11 1/2 SG 200/CP D7a Vertical Strip of 3, the top stamp Mint, the bottom 2 stamps unhinged. Has a minor gum bend. CP Cat $1150 (3) PHOTO-PLATE 8$500
550*/UForgeries - 1/2d,1d,2d,2 1/2d values Mint, 1d & 2d Used, 1898 5d & 8d Pictorials Used, 1d Universals x 2 Used, 1d Dominion Used. All with OPSO Forged Overprints. Interesting range on a stockcard (11) PHOTO-PLATE 4$250
551*OPSO Overprints on 1/2d,1d,2d,5d,6d (Mint No Gum) plus 1/2d Newspaper Mint with light perf staining. Interesting range (6) PHOTO-PLATE 4$1250
552U1/- Chestnut 2nd Setting in brown 4x different examples and 3rd Setting in Mauve 4x examples. CP Cat $1480 (8)$500
553U1/- Red brown CP DA10e(1) ‘Try Beecham’s Tooth Past’ Sepia Advert. The stamp fiscally used (1) PHOTO-PLATE 4$100
554U1d Rose 1st Setting Red/Red-Brown CP DA2j on 2 Album Pages - 27x examples with 3x Pairs CP Cat $540+ (27)$250
555U1d Rose 2nd Setting in Green CP DA2j(5) 6x Good examples incl a pair plus 5x with faults. CP Cat $420 for the good examples (11)$200
556U1d Rose 2nd/3rd Setting CP DA2J(3) 108x examples laid out on reconstruction pages. CP Cat $1300 (108)$500
557U1d Rose 3rd Setting in Red to Red-Brown on Album Pages 52x exampless in reconstruction. CP Cat $624 (52)$250
558U1d Rose Blue Advert CP DA2j(6) 4x good examples, 2 with faults CP Cat $480 for the good examples. All different (6)$250
559U1d Rose Mauve Advert CP DA2j(4) Reconstruction Pages with 100x good examples all laid out incl the odd pair. CP Cat $1200 (100)$500
560U2 1/2d Blue CP DA4e 2nd/3rd Setting in Purple-Red on Reconstruction Pages 190x good examples. CP Cat $2280 (190)$750
561*2 1/2d P10 2nd/3rd Setting in Mauve CP DA4e(4) with ‘S Myers’ Advert Mint. CP Cat $520 for unhinged (1)$150
562U2 1/2d P12x11 1/2 CP DA4c with Sunlight Soap Advert. CP $500 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 4$250
563U2d Lilac 2nd Setting in Brown on Reconstructed Album Pages with 35 good examples CP Cat $525 (35)$200
564U2d Lilac 2nd Setting in Green CP DA3g(6) 6x good examples and 3 with faults. All different. CP Cat $240 for good examples (9)$100
565U2d Lilac 2nd/3rd Setting in Red Brown Reconstructed Pages with 100 good examples all different. CP $1200 (100)$500
566U3d Yellow 2nd Setting in Brown 3x different CP Cat $195 (3)$100
567U3d Yellow 3rd Setting in Mauve CP DA5d(4) 4x examples CP $260 (4)$125
568*4d P10 CP DA6e(1) 2nd Setting in Brown ‘Beecham Pills Great Colonial demand’ Advert Good Mint CP Cat $500 for unhinged (1) PHOTO-PLATE 4$200
569U5d Grey CP DA7d(z) Mixed Perf 10 and 12 1/2 with ‘For Hosiery & Gloves/W Strange & Co ChCh’ advert Fine Used. RPSNZ 2017 Certificate. CP Cat $1000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 4$500
570U5d Olive 3rd Setting in Mauve CP DA7d(1) 20x good examples mostly all different. CP Cat $2400 (20)$800
571U6d Brown 2nd/3rd Setting in Brown or Red/Mauve 55x good examples with 1x Poneke advert slightly doubled CP Cat $2750 (55)$900
572U8d Blue 3rd Setting In purple 20x good examples mostly different. CP Cat $3300 (20)$1000
573*/**8d Blue CP DA9c Block of 4 (2x Unhinged) with Lochhead’s Wertheim Sewing Machines/Sunlight Soap/Ladies use Sunlight Soap For Washing The Hair/Flag Brand Sauce Adverts. One stamp has black mark on the top right stamp. The rest fine. CP Cat $1350 (4) PHOTO-PLATE 6$500
574**1/- Kea/Kaka SG 065 Top Selvedge Block of 6 Unhinged. Has light gum creasing on the back otherwise a fine multiple. ACS Cat $4800 (6) PHOTO-PLATE 8$1250
575U5/- Mt Cook SG 067 with Top Selvedge tied on piece by Wellington ? SE 11 cds. ACS Cat $500 for the stamp alone (1) PHOTO-PLATE 4$250
576*OPSO Overprints on 1/2d Mt Cook, 3d Huias P11, 4d Terraces, 5d Otira P11 (Mint No Gum) & 8d Canoe P11 All Mint. The 1/2d part gum with minor perf staining. Interesting lot (5) PHOTO-PLATE 4$900
577**2 1/2d Wakatipu P11 No Watrmark SG 260/CP E8b(3) Block of 8 Fine Unhinged. CP Cat $1400 (8)$500
578*2 1/2d Wakatipu P11 SG 308w/CP E8c(y) Good Mint CP Cat $550 (1)$250
579*2/- Milford P11 SG 316w/CP E20d(y) Watermark Inverted. Good Mint. SG Cat £450/CP Cat $1750 for unhinged (1) PHOTO-PLATE 4$450
580**5d Otira P11 No Watermark SG 263/CP E13b Block of 4 with a light hinge on one stamp, the rest unhinged. CP Cat $1150 (4) PHOTO-PLATE 6$400
581U9d Terraces P14 SG 326w/CPE17d(z) Watermark Inverted Fine Used  Scarce CP Cat $800 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 4$400
582*1/2 Mt Cook Cowan P14 CP F4b(z)/SG 302ba Horizontal Pair, Imperf Vertically Good Mint CP Cat $800 (2) PHOTO-PLATE 4$400
583U1/2d Mt Cook CP F5d Block of 4 with Vertical Pairs Very Good to Fine Used postmarked Wellington Registered 7 JL 09. Has RPSNZ 2016 Certificate. CP Cat $3000 (4) PHOTO-PLATE 6$1500
584*/**1/2d Mt Cook CP F5d Top Selvedge Block of 16 with the top 5 rows perforated by one P14x15 machine and the 3 lower rows have been perforated with a different P14x15 machine. Fine Block with the top 2 stamps Mint, the rest Fine Unhinged. Has RPSNZ 1990 Certificate. CP Cat $5000+ (16) PHOTO-PLATE 12$1500
585**1/2d Mt Cook Dickie Trial Block of 20 with a bottom Selvedge Unhinged with 2x Black Vertical Lines Unhinged. One stamp has a light tone. Cat $500+ (20) PHOTO-PLATE 14$150
586*1/2d Mt Cook P14x12 3/4-13 1/4 Imperf Pair CP F5b(z) in Deep Yellow Green shade Good Mint CP Cat $750 (2) PHOTO-PLATE 4$400
587U1/2d Mt Cook P14x15 CP F5c(w) Top Selvedge Plate Arrow Pair with Double Perforations variety Fine Used (2) PHOTO-PLATE 7$150
588U1d Terraces CP E3a(4) Deep Crimson-Lake shade Fine Used Scarce CP Cat $600 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 4$300
589*1d Terraces SG 274ac/CP E3a(y) Horizontal Pair, Imperf Vertically Mint with minor gum blemishes. CP Cat $1100 (2) PHOTO-PLATE 4$500
590U1d Terraces SG 274w/CP E3a(w) Watermark Inverted CP $750 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 4$375
591**4d Taupo & 6d Red Kiwi P11 in Selvedge Pairs Unhinged. ACS Cat $480 (4)$250
592U4d Taupo P14 SG 322y/CP E12c(T) Watermark Inverted & Reversed Fine Used CP Cat $500 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 4$250
593*OPSO Overprints on 1/2d Mt Cook & also on a 1d Universal Mint (2) PHOTO-PLATE 4$300
594*/**OFFICIAL 1d Redrawn SG 070/CP G011a Block of 4 with 3 stamps Unhinged. The stamps centred to the right. ACS Cat $1400 (4) PHOTO-PLATE 6$250
595*Pirie CP G2e(y) P11x14, reperfed P11 vertically Mint with a bottom selvedge. Has a light gum crease. CP $1500 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 4$500
596*/**Slot Machine CP GS1a Reserve Plate (with a gum tone), Dot Plate unhinged, GS3a Mint, GS4a Mint, GS4b Mint with BPA 1963 Certificate. Nice lot CP Cat $1975 (5)$900
597U1d Claret SG 371a Used with later type cancel. Good appearance but a little soiled on the back with slight faults. ACS Cat $60,000 (1) PHOTO-FRONT COVER$9500
598USet 1/2d to 6d SG 370/73 Fine Used with ‘Wellington Registered 26 JE 12’ mostly complete cancels. ACS Cat $850 (4) PHOTO-PLATE 4$400
599P3d Huias Black Imperf Proof Block of 16 from the Bottom Selvedge on thick unwatermarked paper. Has minor ageing at the bottom of the margin. Fine Proof Block (16) PHOTO-PLATE 14$500
600*6d Red Kiwi P14x13, 13 1/2 SG 380/CP E15b Good Mint. CP Cat $1200 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 4$250
601*Set 3d,6d,1/- plus 1d Universal Redrawn. All Good Mint ACS Cat $700 (4)$300
602UDLR Unsurfaced SG 407/CP J3a Fine Used CP Cat $450 (1)$200
603*Litho CP J5a Fine Grossly Misplaced single Mint No Gum Scarce (1) PHOTO-PLATE 4$100
604U1/2d Bronze Green CP H1a(4) Very Good Used. Scarce CP Cat $300 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 4$150
605*3d Brown 2 Perf pair SG 401a/CP H3e Good Mint. CP Cat $700 (2) PHOTO-PLATE 7$250
606U4d Ochre-Yellow CP H7d(3) Nice Used. Very Scarce. CP Cat $1700 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 4$875
607*/**5d Deep Red Brown SG 402a/CP H5d(2) 2 Perf Block of 4 lightly hinged at top. CP Cat $400 (2 Pairs)$200
608U8d Pictorial Paper CP H7e(2) Deep Bright Blue shade Fine Used. Unpriced in CP (1) PHOTO-PLATE 4$250
609*Booklet 2/- Booklet complete advertising panes and selvedges exploded for viewing, but no stamps. Great Display Items. Rare (8)$400
610U8d Deep Bright Blue P14x13 1/2 SG 076b Block of 9 Very Good Used. Scarce Multiple. CP Cat $540+ (9) PHOTO-PLATE 8$300
611*1/2d to 6d Set SG 412/15 Mint with slight faults on the 3d & 6d values. ACS Cat $1000 (4)$250
612P1 1/2d Grey Imperf single with ‘Colour/Print’ Overprint Mint No Gum. Scarce (1)$100
613P2d Blackish Violet Imperf single with ‘Colour/Print’ Overprint. Mint No Gum. Scarce (1)$100
614U2d Violet Imperf single with ‘Colour/Print’ Overprint. Has blue diagonal crayon line. Scarce (1)$100
615P3d Deep Chocolate Imperf single with ‘Colour/Print’ Overprint. Mint No Gum. Scarce (1)$100
616P4d Orange Imperf single with ‘Colour/Print’ Overprint. Has diagonal blue crayon line. Scarce (1) PHOTO-PLATE 4$100
617*4d Purple Plate 44 Block of 4 showing missing strike of comb perfs, upper stamps Imperf sides and base, lower stamps Imperf top and P14x14 1/2 other sides. SG 422ha/CP K5g(z) Mit hinged at top and light crease showing on back of lower stamps. Rarity. CP Cat $8000 (4)$4500
618*4d Violet Plate 20 P14x13 1/2 Block of 4 CP K5d(w) with R1/6 flaw. Good Mint CP Cat $300 (4) PHOTO-PLATE 9$150
619*4d Violet Plate 44 Vertical Pair with the upper stamp Imperf on both sides and the lower stamp Imperf at top. SG 422ha/CP K5g(z) Good Mint. Very Scarce. CP Cat $4000 (2) PHOTO-PLATE 7$2000
620*5d Blue Imperf Pair SG 424a/CP K7a(y) Good Mint CP Cat $1600 (2) PHOTO-PLATE 4$500
621*/**5d Pale Ultramarine SG 424db/CP K7c(1) Left-Hand Selevedge Block of 4 with 2 Perf Pairs. One lightly hinged, the other unhinged. CP $675 (2 Pairs) PHOTO-PLATE 6$250
622*/**6d Carmine P14x13 1/2 2x Plate Blocks both without the left hand selvedge - Plate No 23 Block with the bottom right stamp with a short corner, Plate 38 Block with the left hand stamp with a thin. CP Cat $2650 as Plate Blocks of 4 (8) PHOTO-PLATE 8$150
623*/**6d Carmine Pictorial Paper SG 434/434a - CP K8d/K8d(z) Block of 4 with the Watermark stamps Mint, the No Watermark Unhinged. Nice Multiple. CP Cat $800 (4) PHOTO-PLATE 6$250
624P7 1/2d Red Brown Imperf single with ‘Colour Print’ Overprint. Has diagonal blue crayon line. Scarce (1)$100
625U3d Brown SG 0100d/CP K04a(z) Double Print Error Fine Used. RPSNZ 2016 Certificate. CP Cat $3000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 4$1000
626*1/2d Green Cowan P14 single with Misplaced Perforations through the bottom of the neck of the design Mint. Bottom portion of the stamp Imperf. Nice variety (1) PHOTO-PLATE 4$250
627U1/2d Green SG 446(w)/CP K13f(w) Watermark Inverted Fine Used CP Cat $350 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 4$200
628*/**1d Field Marshal in a Slot Machine Coil Joined Strip of 10 with 9 stamps Unhinged. The gum a bit aged. Good Appearance. (10)$250
629PMaster Die Proof of the 2nd Die Undenominated (170x125mm) on glazed thick card. Fine KGV Proof Item (1) PHOTO-PLATE 14$750
630**1/2d Green DLR CP K013a single with Misplaced ‘OFFICIAL’ Overprint to the base. It shows the ‘O’ at top. Interesting variety (1) PHOTO-PLATE 4$150
631*2d Yellow CP K018a(y) Plate 31 R10/18 State (a) Mint. Very Scarce. CP Cat $2000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 4$500
632**2d Whare P14x15 SG 0123c/CP L04c in a Bottom Selvedge Block of 8 Fine Unhinged. CP Cat $800 (8)$300
633C1935 (1JA) Illustrated First Day Cover (Maori Maiden) with 2 1/2d Mt Cook & 1 1/2d Brown Posted at Wellington to St Helena. Has JY 21 35 St Helena arrival cds. Minor age. Good Destination (1)$50
634*/**2d Whare P14x13 1/2 SG 580 in a Top Selvedge Corner Block of 6 with Striking Corner Paper Fold Error resulting on 2 stamps full or partly Imperf on the top row of perfs. The block is lightly hinged on the selvedge. Exhibition Item (6) PHOTO-PLATE 7$750
635U2d Whare SG 580aw/CP L4f(z) Watermark Inverted with 1943 cds. Very Scarce CP Cat $1000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 4$500
636U2d Whare Vertical Imperf Pair cancelled by light part Field PO Military cancel. Has RPSNZ Certificate noting that there are no records of imperforate sheets known.  Sell as is (2) PHOTO-PLATE 6$500
637*3/- Mt Egmont SG 590aw/CP L14d(z) Watermark Inverted Good Mint CP Cat $360 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 4$150
638U4d Mitre Peak P14 SG 583c/CP L7c Selvedge Block of 4 Fine Used with an indistinct cancel. CP Cat $1200 (4) PHOTO-PLATE 9$500
639**5d Swordfish CP L8f(5)(x) Rare Cobalt Blue in a Block of 4 showing a Double Print, One Albino variety Fine Unhinged. CP Cat $9000 (4) PHOTO-PLATE 6$5000
1938 KGVI
640**1/- Red/Brown Plate 1 Upright Watermark CP M13a Block of 4 with Brown ‘Vignette’ Shifted Upwards. Nice shift. One stamp lightly hinged, the other 3 Unhinged (4) PHOTO-PLATE 7$400
641**Booklet 1938 2/3 Complete SG B19/CP W6c with all the panes Inverted Watermarks. The cover has light ageing. Very Scarce. CP Cat $1425 (1)$350
642**Coil Start Strip 8d Violet dated 26 MAY 1949 together with 15 stamps unhinged. Minor perf staining. (15)$300
643C1 1/2d Chocolate on Illustrated First Day Cover 26 JL 38 Jones D38.3FB(a) Has a light vertical crease. ACS Cat $300 (1)$150
644UOfficial 2 1/2d Treaty SG 0145 Plate A1 Selvedge Block of 12 Fine Used (12)$100
645**1958 2d Stars Error SG 763b Block of 4 Fine Unhinged. ACS Cat $1200 (4) PHOTO-PLATE 6$600
646**1958 2d Stars Error SG 763b Plate 13 Block of 6 Unhinged. Has faint perf toning on the top 3 stamps. CP Cat $4000 (6) PHOTO-PLATE 7$1250
647U1958 2d Stars Error SG 763b Very Fine Used ACS Cat $350 (1)$200
648**1/- Timber in a Top Right Corner Block of 8 with Partial Double Perfs on the top row of each stamp unhinged. Also has a Brown Doctor Blade flaw on the top selvedge. Hinged on the selvedge. Nice Block (8) PHOTO-PLATE 13$575
649**1/- Timber in a Top Selvedge Block of 4 showing Complete Comb Head doubled both Vertically & Horizontally on the top 2 stamps. Also has an extra partial perf on the top selvedge. Hinged on the selvedge. Fine Variety Block (4) PHOTO-PLATE 9$500
650U1/2d Manuka SG 781a/CP 01a(z) with Pale Blue Colour Omitted Fine Used with BPA 2013 Certificate CP Cat $400 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 4$250
651**1/6 Tiki Pale Green & Orange CP 014a(z) Selvedge Block of 4 Fine Unhinged CP Cat $1800 (4) PHOTO-PLATE 7$1200
652P1965 3d Anzac Fine Pencil Drawing 26x17cm depicting ‘The Landing of the Anzacs’ unadopted design. (1)$375
653P1965 3d Anzac Fine Pencil Drawing on Tracing Paper 26.5ch x 17.5cm depicting Anzac Cove, Soldier’s Hat & Rifle and a Grave Cross endosed RIP. Fine unadopted design (1)$375
654*/**1965 4d Anzac CP S94a(x) in a Bottom Right Corner Block of 6 with a Vertical Double Row of Perforation starting at the base up to half of the bottom row of each stamp.  Also has an extra horizontal row of perforations at the base of the block. One stamp is lightly hinged, the rest unhinged. Nice Variety Block (6) PHOTO-PLATE 7$520
655**2 1/2d Titoki SG 784c/CP 04a(y) Transitional Top Selvedge Strip of 4 with the top stamp Missing Green Colour, the 2nd stamp with a partial missing green. The 3rd & 4th stamps are normal. Nice variety Unhinged (4) PHOTO-PLATE 12$350
656**2d Kaka Beak ‘Nearly Missing Black’ colour unhinged similar to SG 783a/CP 03a(z) CP Cat $1200 for complete missing colour (1) PHOTO-PLATE 4$300
657**4d Puarangi Chalky Paper SG 786d/CP 06b Fine Unhinged. Very Scarce. CP Cat $2000 (1) PHOTO-PLATE 4$1000
658**1967 3c Puarangi Right Hand Selvedge Block of 10 with ‘Grossly Misplaced Design Error. The perforations cut through part of the design. Fine Unhinged. Nice Error Block (10) PHOTO-PLATE 6$500
659**1968 $2 Multi Geyser SG 879 in a Complete Sheet of 100 Fine Unhinged. ACS Cat $4500 (100)$1500
660**1969 18c Captain Cook (Solander) Top Selvedge Block of 6 with a good Vertical Double Line Green Doctor Blade flaw Unhinged. Has two hinges on the top selvedge (6)$250
661*COIL 8c Flag Pair No 19 Pair with vertical bold blue printing line in gutter Mint. Fine & Interesting variety (2) PHOTO-PLATE 4$100